NWA Powerrr: Bytesize 14th December 2021

It's the last NWA Powerrr before Christmas, and Paul is here with all the action.

NWA Powerrr: Bytesize 14th December 2021

What's up guys and girls! It's "The Belt Guy" Paul, back again with another slice of NWA Powerrr action for you all to enjoy!

This week sees the debut of Dirty Dango, as well as the Powerrr debuts of both Mike Knox and Matt Cardona. There's a lot of stuff to get through today, so let's go!

Talky Time with Trevor Murdoch.

As the show opens, May Valentine is with the NWA World's Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch.

May asks how Trevor feels about Mike Knox being in NWA?

Trevor says that since he's been here, he's been nothing but trouble. Locking him in a cage, beating him with a chair and putting Pope in hospital. Trevor says that Mike Knox needs to be careful or he is going to end up on the bad end of an ass whooping if he keeps going after the wrong people.

May then asks Trevor about Matt Cardona?

Trevor says it seems to be Matt's MO, he shows up in companies randomly and positions himself at the top. Trevor is stood waiting, and challenges not just Cardona, but anyone to come at him direct instead of blindsiding him. Trevor says he is going to make Cardona respect his name

Talky Time with Strictly Business

After the usual introductions from Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky, Joe throws it over to Kyle Davis at the interviewers' booth

Kyle is with Strictly Business. He says that Adonis and Kamille had successful defences at Hard Times 2, but Thom Latimer didn't have the best luck. Thom cuts him off and takes the mic, telling Kyle to shut up. Latimer says that Nick got lucky, and it's not over. He doesn’t get to just walk away, back to his mansion with his redneck wife and snot nosed kid. The day this is over is the day he runs to the store, picks up a newspaper and reads “Nick Aldis is Dead”.


MORE Talky Time with Judais & Father James Mitchell

Promo heavy start to Powerrr this week!

"The Sinister Minister" wants to discuss a conspiracy. He says that Judias was robbed at Hard Times 2. Mitchell says we should ask the referee why he didn’t call it down the middle, and why he didn't disqualify Adonis when he applied the Master Lock as it is "Clearly an illegal choke hold" (Yeah alright then James...)

Mitchell insinuates that the referee was bribed and that the NWA Board of Directors, Chris Adonis, and Strictly Business all got away with it, but Judais will win the National Heavyweight Title...

At this point, a deranged looking Sal Rinauro comes out. Long story short, he wants to join Mitchell and Judais as he has lived in Darkness. Mitchell says Sal's problem is he is too stupid to know when he has been beaten, and tells Sal no. Rinauro is visibly upset, so Danny Deals comes out to console him.

Strange segment...

Doing the Dango with the Dirty Boys!

Finally some in ring action!

It's Aron Stevens and Kratos against the debuting team of JTG & Dirty Dango, the Dirty Sexy Boys!

Safe to say it doesn't start well for them though, as Stevens is dominant throughout the opening exchanges, but Dango gets a brief advantage with a dropkick. JTG is tagged in and they hit a double elbow drop to Stevens. DSB with a short spell of control here, until Kratos hits Dango from behind, allowing Stevens to get back on top. A double team move from the former champions allows Kratos to get into the match, and boy is he dominant!  Some corner elbows from Kratos. before grounding Dango with a headlock. Dango gets free but essentially walks right into a Powerslam from Kratos.

Somehow, Dango gets a hot tag to JTG, and he comes in and clears house, impressively picking up Kratos and hitting a Midnight slam! At this point, Stevens takes a mic and berates the referee while the match continues. This distracts JTG long enough for Kratos to hit him with a hard forearm to the back of the head, followed by a deadlift suplex for the win.

Stevens still has the mic and says: "To the critics of Aron, he has now been set free, and he has never been better." He also demands the crowd show their appreciation for Kratos before they leave the ring area.

Winners: Aron Stevens and Kratos

It was an ok match, and in terms of character development it opens doors for Stevens, but I would have liked to have seen a bit more from JTG and Dango. Fingers crossed we see more from them in time.

Talky Time with May and... Kratos?!

After a short break, May Valentine is with Kratos of all people (I've literally never seen him cut a solo promo).

May says that there is something weird going on with Aron Stevens.

Kratos says yes, there is, but in 1963, Bronx zoo had an exhibit marked most dangerous animal in the world, but inside it was a mirror. Kratos says everything was taken away from him, and life gave him nothing in return, so he became the most dangerous and most feared.

With Aron, he has pushed him and tried to bring it out of him, and what he's seeing now, he likes it. He says that he and Aron might not share the same interests, but what matters is winning. They are coming back for the Tag Team Titles. Aron might be a little insane, but intensity and insanity is a formula for success. At this point, Aron Stevens walks past in his big white coat, winks at the camera, then walks off. Kratos says "See what I mean?" as the segment ends.

Back to ringside, and Father James Mitchell is back (or perhaps he never left...?). He says it's Christmas and he’s feeling charitable, and far be it from him to destroy another mans dream. He calls out Sal Rinauro, and says if Sal wants to join them, he’s giving him a chance with a loyalty test.

Mitchell says he is going to ask Sal to perform a few tasks:

1. Bark/beg like a dog. Sal does it happily.

2. Bow down to Judais and kiss his boots. Sal does it happily.

3. Take a chokeslam from Judais. Sal does it happily.

Sal is dragged out of the ring, and Mitchell says he has been all over the world, and is something of a connoisseur, and that the best wine is Romanian Blood. He tells Sal if he wants to prove his loyalty, he has one final test; drink a glass of blood. Sal does it, despite almost gagging, and finishes the glass looking more deranged than ever before. Sal has lost it.

Heart 2 Heart with May and Melina.

It's time for May's monthly talk show segment, and this month it's Melina's turn.

May says she didn’t get the win over Kamille, and wants to know how she feels?

Melina says this is not her first loss, she thrives on losses, as they provide an opportunity to get better.

Its not the end, she keeps going, and she knows she will get another opportunity for the title. Wrestling makes her feel alive. Despite what everyone thinks she’s proud of Kamille and admires her. In the ring, she hates her and that's how it should be.

May asks Melina what will it take to bring her down? Melina says the loss doesn’t hurt her, and one of these days she's going to get the win, she’s not going to stop going after Kamille, and is already working toward her next title shot

May asks how she plans to get this? Melina says she has ideas to get another title shot, but doesn’t expand further. May wraps it up by thanking Melina for joining her and calling her a "Living Legend".

Talky Time with The End

Kyle Davis asks Parrow and Odinson what's next for them?

Parrow grabs the mic and wonders what the future holds? All of a sudden, the past, present and future is there in NWA, and they are the present. They demanded a rematch after the Hard Times match, and ask La Rebelion if they lost, or did La Rebelion survive? NWA has different plans, but so do they, and they have teamed up with someone to further their cause; Jax Dane.

Jax says that everybody takes the opportunity to upgrade their team when they can and that’s what The End have done. He says the great thing about himself, is that he has his Champions Series Golden Ticket for a title match any time he wants. Jax says that The End have added a grown man to their team.

Parrow ends it by saying "NWA, Size Matters!"

Ok then...

Hex does indeed mark the spot!

Kiera Hogan and Mickie James are now set to take on Allysin Kay and Marti Belle for the NWA World's Women's Tag Team Championships.

After some initial back and forth, Belle takes control of the match, but Kiera attempts to turn the table with a dropkick. She tags Mickie in, who takes control. Kay tries to fight back, but Mickie reasserts herself. Kiera is tagged in and goes for a top rope crossbody, gaining a two count. Kay hits a Spinebuster, followed by a relentless double team attack on Kiera in the corner.

Belle comes in and hits a suplex on Kiera, followed by stomps in the corner by The Hex. Mickie tries to break it up, but the referee stops her. Belle hits Kiera with a knee strike, getting a two count as Mickie breaks it up.

Kiera fights out of a headlock but is dragged by Kay back to her corner. Mickie is distracted as Kiera fights out, but Marti knocks her down, but after a double clothesline, Kiera manages to tag Mickie in, who cleans house, gaining a two count off of a neckbreaker. Mickie follows up with a Mick Kick, then a head scissors. Mickie tags in Kiera, and tells her to head up top, They both go up top, but The Hex stop them, knock Mickie out of the ring, and hit Hex Marks The Spot on Kiera for the three count.