NWA Powerrr Bytesize 11th August 2021

A day late (Thanks FITE TV!) But nevertheless Paul is back with this weeks NWA round up!

NWA Powerrr Bytesize 11th August 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin”, Paul, back with another bytesized NWA review!

This week wraps up the Champions Series, as Team Kamille and Idol faces off against Team Pope and Velvet Sky in the finals! Well, it will now that we can actually watch it, as FITE TV messed up the scheduling so the show is a day late!

It seems though that there will only be three matches to determine the winners in tonight’s finals, as the Mystery Man is MIA, Kratos is injured, and so is Kenzie Paige.

But before we get to that, Nick Aldis, being the benevolent champion that he is, treated us all to some Extra Powerrr last week, as we got a full show direct to YouTube. Now, full disclosure, I only found out about this a day or so ago, so instead of a full review, here are the bullet points from Extra Powerrr:

  • NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis defeated Odinson following distraction from Strictly Business in a non-title match.
  • Tim Storm defeated Jordan Clearwater.
  • Heart 2 Heart with May Valentine with guests Thom Latimer and Kamille – They talk about their upcoming wedding, Stevens and Kratos, and their ongoing battle against Billy Corgan. Latimer was pretty rude to May throughout this, and I can’t tell if it’s great heel work or just him, which I guess is the point…
  • Velvet Sky and Austin Idol talk about what they would do if they won the title shots. Austin Idol annoys Velvet Sky by not shutting up. I can relate to that…
  • Tyrus defeats Pope in his seventh TV Title defence to become the NEW NWA World Television Champion.

So, with that out of the way, lets move on to this week’s episode!

The show begins with the losing team captains having their say. Taryn Terrell interrupts Aron Stevens and says they may have lost, but they lost better than any other team. Melina has nothing to say, and Nick Aldis says it may be the Champions Series, but he has another name for it: The Corgan Conspiracy Series.


The captains of the final teams are then asked their thoughts going into these final matches. Kamille says she chose the best team possible, while Pope says they may not be in control of who fights who tonight, but he has no doubt that his team will come out on top.

The announced matches are:

Thom Latimer v Trevor Murdoch

Jax Dane v Mims

Sal Rinauro v Colby Corino

And we are reminded that the prize for the winning team is each member of the team gets a title shot of their choice, anytime, anywhere.

Champions Series Final – Match One: Thom Latimer v Trevor Murdoch

The match begins with both men trading blows for some time, before Murdoch hits a big boot, knocking Latimer down. Murdoch follows this up by clotheslining him out of the ring. Both men then brawl outside, and Murdoch lawn darts Latimer into the ring steps. This doesn’t keep him down long though, as he slams Murdoch’s head into the hardest part of the ring.

Latimer then snaps Murdoch into the ropes and follows up with a powerbomb for a two count. Latimer then mounts Murdoch and delivers some punches and dominates for a spell.

Latimer hits a neckbreaker and continues to dominate, and an attempted fight back from Murdoch is shut down by a spinning heel kick. Latimer follows this up with a gut wrench suplex, gaining a two count.

Latimer seems to be in full control, which makes it all the more obvious what happened next. Murdoch dodged a splash in the corner, then hit a bulldog to take the win for Team Pope!

Winner: Trevor Murdoch (Team Pope)

That puts Team Pope five points up! Next up, Jax Dane v Mims!

Champions Series Final – Match Two: Jax Dane v Mims

A clash of two big heavyweights here, and it starts with them tussling back and forth with the collar and elbow tie up. Dane seems to have the upper hand and takes Mims down with a shoulder tackle, but Mims clearly thinks “Anything you can do, I can do better” as he answers this with a flying shoulder tackle off the top rope.

Mims hits Dane with a suplex, but before he is able to capitalise any further, Dane hits a big belly to belly suplex on him, followed by a clothesline. With Mims on the mat, Dane begins stomping on Mims Limbs (Ha! Poetry…) and is on top for a decent amount of time. Mims fights back though and hits another top rope shoulder tackle, followed by a clothesline, then a big slam for a two count.

Dane once again takes over though and hits another belly-to-belly suplex after catching Mims from an attempted splash in the corner. With Mims in the corner, Dane goes to follow up, but Mims catches him by surprise and pins him with a roll up! Team Kamille wins and the scores are level!

Winner: Mims (Team Kamille)

Mims has all the potential in the world and getting a win over a former NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion will do him the world of good. Dane was impressive as well though and does not look weak in defeat here.

After an ad for the upcoming double PPV weekend (which this guy is really looking forward to!), we go to Kyle Davis at the interviewer’s booth, where he is joined by Nick Aldis and Chris Adonis.

Nick once again states it’s the Corgan Conspiracy Series, and that he already built a championship team in Strictly Business. Regarding losing in the first round of the Champions Series, Nick says even a Michelin star chef needs good ingredients, and aside from Crimson, he was handed a team of nobodies. He says it you want high quality, look no further than Chris Adonis. He then goes on to say that the worst person on his team was Jeremiah Plunkett (Hang on! He’s the only one that won ANY points for the team!)

Chris Adonis takes over now and say that he hadn’t even heard of Plunkett until now. They started in NWA at the same time, and what has Plunkett done? He sits in the back talking to the road crew and eating donuts, while he joined Strictly Business and is a two-time National Heavyweight Champion.

At this point, Jeremiah Plunkett comes out and says that for the most successful men on the roster, they’re miserable. People like him wait their whole lives to get a shot in the NWA, and while sure, he talks to people in the back, and like a donut or two (they even have pizza back there!) its also how he makes good friends.in fact, he met Nick’s old roommate backstage today, who doesn’t have much time for him, and has said if they want to squash this beef of theirs, he will tag with Plunkett. He brings out Shawn Daivari.

Daivari comes out and says that around 15 years ago, he met a young rookie named Brutus Magnus, and while those in the higher ups didn’t see anything in him, he did. And although he loves making money, in 22 years he has never had a shot at a World Heavyweight Title. Daivari challenges them to a tag team match, and says if they win, then Nick owes him a future World Title match.

Nick tries to back down, but Daivari says “Hey, don’t be a little bitch about it, this is Strictly Business”

With that, we head to the ring, this match is happening right now!

Nick Aldis & Chris Adonis v Jeremiah Plunkett & Shawn Daivari

The match starts off fast with a lot of back-and-forth offence from both sides. Daivari begins to dominate and hits two suplexes on his opponents. Some quick tags sees Plunkett come in, but he gets shut down with a scoop slam by Aldis.

Aldis then works Plunkett into his corner and the two on one assault begins. After being worn down in the corner, Aldis attempts to get Plunkett up for a powerslam, but Plunkett gets free and tags in Daivari.

Daivari cleans house for a spell, and is on fire, and after a series of impact moves tags Plunkett back in. Plunkett goes for Aldis in the corner, who hits him with an elbow, but Plunkett is able to shake that off and hit a nice DDT for a two count.

Outside the ring Adonis and Daivari are brawling as Plunkett goes to the top rope to attempt a missile dropkick, but Aldis catches him and locks in the Kings Lynn Cloverleaf, and with no help coming from Daivari who is in the Masterlock outside the ring, Plunkett is left with no choice but to tap out.

Winners: NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis and NWA National Heavyweight Champion, Chris Adonis.

A final ad break for another NWA related ad, and then we head back to the ring for the final match of the Champions Series, Sal Rinauro of Team Kamille versus Colby Corino of Team Pope, winner takes all!

Champions Series Final – Match Three: Sal Rinauro v Colby Corino

This one has feelings attached as Corino has been targeting Rinauro for some time, injuring his shoulder, and it’s evident that Rinauro is all business from the off as he slaps Corino across the face before the bell is even rung!

We then go into the two of them chopping the shit out of each other and trading blows, this is a fight!

Rinauro gets Corino into the corner and starts delivering punches, but Corino slips out and hangs Rinauro up in the ropes. They end up outside and Corino throws Rinauro into the ring steps and rolls back into the ring. Miraculously, Rinauro makes it in at the count of nine, but Corino instantly targets his injured shoulder. With a submission lock in place, Corino looks in control, but Rinauro fights his way out, only to be hit with a Samoan drop, followed by a clothesline, before Corino once again targets the shoulder.

Rinauro ends up on the top rope, and counters a superplex attempt, dropping to the mat and then hitting a flurry of strikes to Corino. He’s not done there though, as he then hits a stunner, followed by a bulldog into the ring post, which was pretty impressive. Sal then hit a clothesline, gaining a two count from the resulting pin attempt.

Corino attempted to fight back with a spear, but Rinauro avoided this and hit a huge brainbuster! It looked like it was over, but Corino got his shoulder up just before the three.

At this point, Latimer slid a chair into the ring, instructing Rinauro to use it, but as it was in full view of the referee, he picked up the chair and took it out of the ring. This was all the distraction Corino needed as he pulled some brass knuckles out of his tights, lamped Rinauro with them, then hit a sort of roll up suplex for the three count and the win!

Winner: Colby Corino (Team Pope)

Winners of the Champions Series: Da Pope, Velvet Sky, Trevor Murdoch, Jennacide, Jax Dane, The Masked Man & Colby Corino!

So, there you have it! Team Pope are the inaugural winners of the NWA Champions Series, and each person will receive a guaranteed title shot of their choosing at any time.

Given that Pope has now lost his TV Title, it seems obvious to me he will target the World Title, but then Trevor Murdoch could also go for it. Jax Dane will likely go for the Tag Team Titles with Crimson, and obviously Jennacide will take on Kamille for the Women’s Title, but as for Colby Corino and the Masked Man? I have to believe it’s the TV/National Heavyweight Titles for them.

Overall, this was a fun way of building towards some good matches in the future, and with NWA73 right around the corner, not to mention EmPowerrr, we will have a whole lot more to look forward to very soon.

That’s all from me, thanks for reading, and I will see you tomorrow for NXTUK!