NWA Newsround: 24th July 2022

Another week, another NWA Newsround with your King of Real Rasslin!

NWA Newsround: 24th July 2022

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul here, back again with a brand-new NWA Newsround! 

After last week’s action, this week sees the culmination of the Race to the Chase tournament, as we will find out who will be facing the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch, at NWA 74! 

With NWA 74 now just a month away, this will surely be the time that NWA starts ramping up their efforts to fill out the card ahead of the big two-night spectacular. 

So, let’s get into it shall we? 

Triple Threat Match: Max the Impaler v Ella Envy v Taya Valkyrie 

I like this new direction where they begin with a match right at the start of the show. 

Envy tries to talk trash to her opponents and gets socked in the mouth for her troubles. They then throw her into the ropes and shoulder tackle her to the mat. Taya and Max then throw Envy between themselves. Apparently, Envy asked for this match as she is a “top tier talent”, she may regret this... 

After beating the snot out of envy for about two minutes, Taya and Max focus on each other, and Taya gets the best of the opening exchange, but Envy breaks up the pin, gaining a German suplex for her troubles. Max then hits a large clothesline on Taya, then beats her in the corner. After a suplex, Max goes for the pin, which is again broken up by Envy. 

Max grabs Envy, who screams like a banshee, and throws her out of the ring, then turns their attention to Taya. The two duke it out in the middle, and Taya hits a spinebuster on Max, then mounts them and delivers strikes to the back of the head. Taya grabs the arms then stomps down on the back of the head. 

Envy comes in and hits a codebreaker, but as she turns around, Max is behind her, so she screams and leaves the ring. Max stalks her around the ring as Envy tries to crawl away, but she is caught by Max, who throws her into the side of the ring, then picks her up on the shoulders, and tries to ram her into the ring post. Envy counters it though and shoves Max into the post, then gets a draping DDT for her troubles from Taya. 

Max is back in the ring already, and goes after Taya, spearing her in the corner, then a second spear as she comes out of the corner. Max picks up Envy, who is outside the ring, and throws her back in. Max hits Welcome to the Wastelands, and picks up the win.

Winner: Max the Impaler 

Decent match, but it was mostly be remembered for Ella Envy’s screaming... 

Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, and Austin Idol introduce this week’s action as La Rebelión are set to take on the OGK, and of course the Race to the Chase final, but they quickly throw it to Kyle Davis who has Max the Impaler with him. 

Kyle tries to ask Max about her match and Kamille, but Max takes his pocket square and the microphone cover, growls, puts the pocket square in the microphone cover, and Kyle gingerly puts down the microphone as Max continues to growl.  

At this point, the “Sinister Minister”, Father James Mitchell comes out, and after some gesturing, Max leaves with him. It seems that he has recruited Max the Impaler as we go to the opening intro. 

After the opening, we go straight into our next match. 

The OGK v La Rebelión 

Tim Storm seems to have joined commentary, and La Rebelión are accompanied by Lucha libre legend and father of Bestia 666, Damien 666. 

Taven and Mecha Wolf start as they jostle for position. Taven with a takedown to Mecha Wolf as he tags in Bennett who goes to work on the arm of Mecha Wolf. Taven is tagged in again and continues to work the arm, before hitting a dropkick. Damien distracts Taven giving Mecha Wolf the opportunity to hit him from behind. La Rebelión taker control briefly, but Bennett, who is tagged in, turns things back in OGK’s favour. 

As Taven is tagged in, they whip Bestia into the ropes but he ducks the forearm from Taven then flies through the ropes onto Bennett, then Taven follows suit, and then of course so does Mecha Wolf. 

The two teams trade blows outside the ring as the referee tries to get them back in, but both teams end up on the ground trying to beat the count, as they all get back in at eight. 

Some fact paced blows end with all four men down on the mat again, but this time La Rebelión get to their feet first and deliver a big combination of blows to Taven. Mecha Wolf head up top as Bestia sets Taven up in a neckbreaker, and Mecha Wolf hits a huge top rope body splash on Taven, which they the Nail in the Coffin, but Bennet breaks up the pin.  

Bennett hits a Death Valley Driver on Bestia, as Taven follows up with a Shining Wizard. They go for the pin, but Damien distracts the referee, so they deliver double superkicks to Damien 666. 

Mecha Wolf tries to fight them off as Bestia gets to his feet, and the two teams throw blows at each other, to the point where the referee throws the match out as Damien comes in and low blows Bennett, then spits mist in the face of Taven.

Double Disqualification 

Looks like a brand-new feud between these two teams is about to kick off, and I can't wait to see more! 

Backstage, May Valentine is with Taryn Terrell and Natalia Markova. May says she understands they have breaking news?

Markova says yes, she does. Unfortunately, she is not medically cleared for her #1 contendership match as she suffered a concussion against Taya Valkyrie (Taryn keeps cutting in). She says it isn’t fair because she can always fight, as she is the best in the company. Taryn says she’s close but we all know she isn't the best. Markova says Taryn isn't on her level, and she deserves the title, but she will respect the doctor’s advice, and wait for a little bit. Taryn ends it by saying “The Doctor said no”. 

May wishes her the best and hopes she heals quickly. 

After a break, May is with Austin Idol and Cyon, and asks how their working relationship is now that they are reunited?

Austin says their relationship is perfect, and if Cyon listens to him, and does exactly what he asks him to do, he promises he will be the next NWA National Heavyweight Champion. Austin says he doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. 

Cyon says for half his life, he hated Austin, and hated watching him on TV, knowing what he knew. When he came to the NWA, he realised he needed to become a champion, and become better than Austin. He says he is all in. 

Magic Jake Dumas v Eric Jackson 

The match begins and Dumas immediately dropkicks Jackson to the mat, then throws him between the corners, hitting a Russian leg sweep. Dumas is all over Jackson, hitting a swinging side slam, then goes back to his cigarette and asks his assistant Christi, for a lighter.  

While distracted by his assistant, Jackson takes control, but after a monkey flip attempt, Dumas catches Jackson and gets him up in a torture rack, then shouts “Abracadaver” hitting his finisher, the swinging neckbreaker, for the win.

Winner: Magic Jake Dumas 

After the match, Dumas continues to beat down Jackson, and as Christi hands Dumas a playing card, he swipes it across the eyes of Jackson! 

Quick character-building match from Dumas and Jackson here. Dumas looks like he is going to be a big player in the NWA as time goes on, and Jackson certainly has potential. 

Kyle Davis is backstage with Billy Corgan, and asks him about the Race to the Chase and what the thought process was?

Billy says he has to deal with constant politicking behind the scenes, and he always goes back to what he knows; prove it in the ring. 

He likes to see two competitors in the ring, and the better man wins, creating a #1 contender. He says that despite this, he has the right to dismiss a #1 contendership at any time. Being #1 contender means you represent the company at all times and doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.  

He references Matt Cardona relinquishing the title, and that it isn’t easy to do that. He promised the Cardona family things, which he is happy with. It’s not a perfect world, he is not a perfect world, and they are doing their best to rebuild this company. 

NWA has more momentum than it has had in 30 years, and that is to do with champions, tournaments, and men and women competing at the highest level for the top prizes in all combat sports. 

What he promised the Cardona’s, he meant it, stands behind it and he doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about it. 

Wow Billy!!! 

After another break, May is backstage with Odinson and Colby Corino. 

May asks Odinson if he thinks he has any chance against the NWA World Television Champion? 

Odinson says yes, he thinks he has more than one chance of beating Tyrus. 

May then asks Colby what his fixation is with Kerry Morton?

Colby says she is asking some dumb questions, and she should ask Kerry why he is obsessed with him? He sends his dad out to hurt him, and take money out of his family's mouth? 

May says it’s because she is asking him a different question, and thanks them both. 

Race to the Chase Tournament Final: Mike Knox v Brian Myers v Thom Latimer v Nick Aldis 

It’s main event time! And we could see this match at times break off into a 2 v 2 match as Knox and Myers take on Aldis and Latimer. 

Knox and Myers immediately target Aldis, throwing him out of the ring, leaving Latimer to fend them both off. He gets some shots in, but the numbers game is too much and he ends up fighting for his life very quickly. 

After some quick dropkicks, Latimer is grounded and the two Cardona family members go after him. Latimer dodges a clothesline which almost causes Myers to hit Knox, but he stops himself, and Aldis comes back in and the two Brits double team the Cardona’s. 

With Knox and Myers outside, Latimer and Aldis go at it, until Myers pulls Aldis out of the ring, and as he gives chase, Knox throws him into the ring post. 

Once again, Knox and Myers beat down Latimer, with Knox and Myers taking turns slamming him to the mat. Each time Latimer tries to fight back, he is quickly shut down. They hang Latimer on the middle rope as Knox hits a leg lariat to the back of the neck. 

Latimer is getting pummelled badly by Knox and Myers as they send him to the outside. Aldis then tries to get back in and ends up taking a double suplex from Knox and Myers. Now Aldis is taking the beating that Latimer was taking, as he is beaten down in the corner. Aldis tries to fight back, but again is shut down by Knox and Myers as Latimer tries to get back into the match. Knox has Aldis up on the shoulders as Myers is on the top rope, but they take too long and Aldis escapes, pushing Knox into Myers, then hits an Olympic slam on Knox.  

Aldis goes after Myers on the top, but ends up being powerbombed by Knox, taking Myers with him. Latimer gets in some offence on Knox, hitting some hard shots in the corner, before hitting a swinging back drop for a two count. 

Knox and Myers are back on top again quickly and flatten Latimer, but Aldis comes back and goes after Myers, whipping him into the corner. Myers hits a back elbow and goes up top for a missile dropkick, but Aldis caches it and transitions into the Kings Lynn Cloverleaf. Knox boots him in the face to break the hold, and he and Myers try a double team, but it ends with Knox flattening Myers. Knox and Latimer take each other out and Aldis steals the pin on Myers!

Winner and #1 Contender, Nick Aldis 

So, Nick Aldis is your #1 Contender!... 

… Except he’s not, as just a few days later, on Busted Open Radio, Billy Corgan stripped him of the #1 Contendership and awarded it to the NWA World Television Champion, Tyrus, making the entire “Race to the Chase” tournament completely pointless. 

At this point we don’t know whether this is a storyline or a real issue, so stick with us as we try to find out more. 

Anyway, back to business now, as we head over to NWA USA! 

As seems to be the norm now, NWA USA kicks off straight away with in ring action! 

Caprice Coleman v Joe Alonzo 

Great to see Coleman in action, I think people forget he is more than just a commentator for ROH. 

After a feeling out period, Coleman takes control and has Alonzo under control with several takedowns, but after a pin attempt, Alonzo hangs Coleman on the ropes then kicks him to the outside. 

Alonzo back drops Coleman on the apron, the back in the ring goes for a pin but only gets a one count. Coleman fights out of a ground headlock but after a few shots Alonzo pokes the eyes then scoop slams Coleman for a two count. 

Coleman fires back but Alonzo with some stiff chops. He whips Coleman into the corner, but he reverses it and chops Alonzo on the way down from the corner. Coleman builds some momentum and hits a leg lariat, then a spinning leg drop for a two count. 

Coleman calls for the Holy Trinity, but Alonzo battles out, and after a bit of back-and-forth Alonzo hits a Cross Rhodes. Coleman reaches the ropes, so the resulting pin only gets a two count. 

Alonzo goes for a second Cross Rhodes, but Coleman rolls him up for two, Coleman goes for a monkey flip but Alonzo lands it and goes up top. Coleman hits the leap of faith dropkick, then puts Alonzo away with the Holy Trinity.

Winner: Caprice Coleman 

Joe Alonzo looks the part, and could have a big future in NWA and beyond, but Caprice Coleman was the stand out here and rightly picked up the win. 

Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, and Tim Storm introduce us to the action, where they inform us in this episode, we will see Kerry Morton take on Colby Corino, and Jamie Stanley will take on Mercurio. 

After the opening intro, Kyle Davis is with Caprice Coleman, and he says after that hard fought victory he can still do it, and there's a reason they call him the ageless one.

Caprice says; “The Rookie Body, the veteran mind, the silver tongue is what makes me the ageless one and I proved over and over again at 45 years old I can do what I want, when I want, and whenever I want. Matter of fact you watch your job too, because I’m the most versatile man in this sport today, and everybody watching it knows that is true. And if you don't believe me, keep watching, as I'll make sure you know that the man with the style, the grace, the shape, and this beautiful face, shows you this over and over again. sooner or later, I'll prove to the world that everyone, except me, submits to father time!” 

Big words from Coleman, but he can definitely back it up! 

Backstage we go as May Valentine is backstage with Ricky Morton and Luke Hawx. May asks Ricky what his sons' chances are against Colby Corino? 

Ricky says this is something he has trained for all his life, coming from a wrestling family. In this business you have to be at the right place, at the right time, and he thinks this is the right place and time for Kerry (although he said Coby...)

May asks Luke Hawx why he asked to be in this segment with Ricky? 

Luke says Ricky knows why. When he came out there, he didn’t check on him or his son, he left him laying at his feet, and he would never have done that to him or Kerry. 

Ricky says he doesn’t know what his problem is, and Luje cuts in saying he may not have been in the business 87 years like him, but he’s a 20-year veteran, and has been around the block. It's not just about him, it's about the Hawx family, the number one family in professional wrestling. 

Ricky says if it got that way and you think that, there's nothing he can do about it, but with all those people in the ring he doesn’t know whose got his back. He says this is the wrestling business, you have to be ready at all times, but if he did something to disrespect him, he’s sorry, and let’s get it out of the way.  

Ricky Morton offers the handshake, but Luke Hawx just walks off. Luke is picking fights with everyone at the moment... 

Jamie Stanley v Mercurio  

I honestly don’t get all the fuss about Jamie Stanley. I’ve not really seen enough of him to have a big opinion either way, so I will be following this match closely. 

As it begins, they talk trash to each other, and Stanley grabs the hair, which Mercurio doesn’t like, so he socks Stanley in the mouth. Stanley though doesn’t like his face being touched and so they begin throwing shots. Mercurio eventually comes out on top with a knee strike. 

Mercurio has the momentum, beating Staley in the corner with hard chops and forearms. With Stanley on the ground, he pulls a comb out and starts combing his hair. Stanley gets up and slaps him, saying “You don’t touch America’s jawline!” and this results in a hard closed fist to the jaw for a two count. 

These two are doing a lot of trash talking, but Mercurio is backing it up more at the moment, with Stanley on the backfoot. Stanley does manage to get some offence in, but spends too long posing to the crowd, so as he charges at Mercurio in the corner, he dodges it and Stanley collides with the post. Mercurio then hits his finisher, the Last Romance, which looks like a twisting Killswitch, for the win.

Winner: Mercurio 

Fairly basic match here, mostly for character building it seems. There really wasn’t too much to judge either man on, but they both have the gift of the gab if nothing else.  

After a quick recap of the women’s triple threat match on Powerrr and subsequent appearance of Father James Mitchell, we head backstage to May Valentine once again who is with Odinson. 

May asks him if he thinks he has any chance against a man as dominant, smart and incredible as Tyrus. 

Odinson says he is confused why she keeps asking him this? What does she want to know? Can he beat him in the ring? Yes he can.

May asks if The End is still a team? Odinson says she should be more concerned with him and not other things that don’t concern her or Tyrus? 

She asks him what he sprays in his mouth? He says it is to make sure he enters the Gates of Valhalla shiny and chrome. And that’s all she needs to know. 

I have to say, I have also wondered why May asked that question twice in a row essentially. Anyone can beat anyone else on their day, so of course Odinson has a chance. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. 

After another break, we go back to May once again, as this time she is with Chris Silvio Esq, and the NWA National Heavyweight Champion, “The Dane Event” Jax Dane. 

May says she assumes Silvio is here on a legal matter again? Silvio objects due to speculation, and May says “sustained”. 

Silvio says Dane has already defended the National Title on NWA USA, and that means the NWA wasted the title shot on a nobody like Eric Jackson, and he says he is so sorry to the fans of NWA that we won’t see Dane defend the title anymore this season.  

May asks Dane who he would prefer to defend the title against next out of Cyon and Rodney Mack? Dane says it doesn’t matter if it’s Cyon or Rodney Mack, he is the “Dane Event”, the current National Champion, former World Champion, Tag Team Champion, and North American Champion.

He says it doesn’t matter if it’s Mack, Cyon or even Jesus himself, they stand no chance. He is living the dream, he has the most prestigious title in the NWA on his shoulder, and do you know why? Because it’s his title. 

Kerry Morton v Colby Corino 

This should be an interesting match, but I am already predicting a Kerry Morton win. Corino is on a hot streak, but with Morton set to face Homicide for the Junior Heavyweight Title at NWA 74, he needs some big wins to look a credible threat. 

The match begins as they circle, but Morton tells the referee to check Corino’s trunks. Corino backs off, but the referee pats him down and finds a weapon, and takes a piece of steel from him. 

The first lock up ends in a stalemate, but the second give Morton the advantage as he takes Corino down. Corino gets to the ropes and Morton backs off. 

Morton gets a waistlock, but again Corino gets to the ropes, but Morton pulls him away and hits a German suplex, followed by an uppercut in the corner. He lifts Corino to the top rope and goes for a suplex, but he waits too long and Corino counters into a Stundog Millionaire. 

Corino takes too long baiting the crowd after this and is hit by a discus clothesline from Morton for a two count. 

Morton appears to be in control, but after running the ropes, Corino hits a huge spear and the momentum switches to him. 

Corino hits a corner clothesline then goes for a bulldog. Morton appears to counter it, but a brilliant move Corino counters that into a headlock takedown. Again, Corino baits the crowd instead of going after Morton, and again Morton uses the time to get a few shots in. 

Corino throws him out of the ring, then tries to throw him into the apron, but Morton blocks it and throws Corino into it instead. With Corino back in the ring, he heads up top, but Corino seizes the opportunity with an avalanche arm drag, then follows up with a knee strike in the corner. The resulting pin gets a two count as Corino tries to use the ropes for leverage. 

Corino hits a scoop slam, then heads up top, baiting the crowd once more, and hits a big senton. Morton somehow rolls him up for a two count, then hits a powerslam, but doesn’t immediately follow up with the pin so only gets a two count. 

Morton hits a neckbreaker, then pumps up for the finish, picking up Corino and hitting a rolling senton. Morton calls for his finish, dropping the kneepad, but Corino sees it coming and counters with a backbreaker. 

Corino goes for the Sunsetter, but Morton tries a roll up, Corino escapes, but Morton gets him in a second roll up and takes the win!

Winner: Kerry Morton 

And that folks, is why I am the King of Real Rasslin, with top tier predicting ability like that!  

This was a good match. Morton is developing well and Corino is every inch the Junior Heavyweight star he deserves to be. Both men have quality pedigree when it comes to their fathers and it’s clear to see the influence both have had on their careers. 

With that, NWA’s week of action comes to a close, and this was a pretty good week, aside from the #1 contender shenanigans for the World Title. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything continues to develop as we get closer to NWA 74. 

That’s all from me this week, thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!