NWA Newsround: 8th May 2022

After a few weeks off, Paul returns with a new NWA Newsround!

NWA Newsround: 8th May 2022

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back with a brand-new NWA Newsround! 

As you will all be aware, I took a short break from the reviews to fully prepare for the “For the Love of Wrestling” convention in Liverpool, and what a crazy weekend it was! (You can see some of what we got up to on our YouTube page!) Also, I had to miss last weekend due to a family emergency, but I am now back and eager to dive into the world of NWA once more! 

So, what's been going on while I’ve been away? Not much it seems. No title changes have taken place despite #DEMBOYS taking on La Rebelion for the Tag Team Titles, and Pope was unsuccessful in cashing in his Champions Series title shot against the current NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Matt Cardona. 

Everything seems to have been ticking along nicely, so let's see what's been going on in this week's NWA Powerrr! 

We start off with May Valentine and Aron Stevens in an empty arena, and it seems Aron Stevens has an announcement to make. 

He first says it means the world to him to make this announcement with the backdrop of an NWA ring, and he says he is pretty much done. He has travelled the world and spilt his blood in this very ring, and that the NWA was a place for him to find who he was again. It’s been a wonderful place, but he is done, this is goodbye. 

May bursts into tears and Aron tries to console her by saying that May is a beautiful woman, but she is prettier when she smiles. He discusses their time together backstage, and that no matter who she interviews, she’s the star. Aron says he wasn’t aware she felt that way, and he says if she feels that way, maybe she should go with him. She says she’s from Brazil, so maybe they could go to Brazil together? 

After a moments silence, Aron says something in Portuguese, and they begin excitedly talking, and then she says she wasn’t brave enough to tell him before. However, Aron says he has no room for anyone else to go with him, as he plans to write a lengthy indictment against our century and there's only room for one. He says she’s ok but this is a solo venture, and that she shouldn’t cry as it’s not very becoming on camera. 

What the hell have I missed?! 

Joe Galli is on commentary with Velvet Sky and he boss, Billy Corgan. They briefly discuss Aron Stevens announcement, before informing of the upcoming matches today. 

We take a brief look at La Rebelion’s successful title defence last week against the Briscoes, which they did with some shenanigans (shocker!) 

There’s going to be repercussions there. 

Mike Bennett v Nick Aldis 

This is apparently a rematch from some years ago when Bennett had a shot at the World Title. 

Bennett tries to take a quick advantage but Nick was wise to it and dodged. The referee calls for the bell, and the match begins. 

Nick instantly with a Michinoku Driver for a two count, as Bennett goes outside. Nick throws him back in, and is on top of the match. 

Nick is in complete control, and plants Bennett with a suplex for another two count. Nick puts Bennett on the top rope and tries for a Superplex, but Bennett fights him off with headbutts, then locks in an arm hold, forcing Nick to drop to the mat, Bennett then whips Nick’s injured arm into the ropes. 

Bennett is on top now, continuing to target the left arm, hitting a baseball slide to Nick’s arm with him outside the ring. Nick counters a spear attempt and goes for a Suplex, which Bennett reverses into a Brainbuster for two! 

They trade blows in the centre, with Nick coming out on top and starting a flurry of offense, but the arm injury is slowing him down. Bennett trips Nick and goes for the injured arm again, locking it up and putting Nick in a vulnerable position. Nick tries to power out, and does so, with Bennett on his back, he runs into the corner back first. 

Nick again tries to strike, but Bennett counters and hits a spear! 1.. 2.. No! Nick kicks out! 

Bennett with a rolling forearm, attempts the piledriver, but Nick counters and tries for the Cloverleaf, but can’t because of the injury to his arm. Bennett continues to target the arm, but eventually, Nick fights through the pain and locks in the Kings Lynn Cloverleaf for the win! 

Winner: Nick Aldis 

Decent opening match, and if you like Nick Aldis, check out our YouTube channel for our sit-down interview with the man himself! 

Backstage we go with May Valentine, and she is with the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Matt Cardona. 

She asks him his thoughts on Nick Aldis’ open declaration on becoming champion again. 

Cardona says Nick Aldis had his opportunity and he lost. He’s not the bad guy, but he is the champion. Nick could have faced Trevor, but he’s smart and knew if he faced him, he would get all the buzz and social media followers. But he lost, and everyone knows it's his company now, he’s the star, and he’s the champion. He knows so many people in the business that deserve the shot more than him. 

May says that Nick is on a roll, and Cardona says he’s on a roll too, he’s the champion, and doesn’t care what the fans think. He’s the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, and Nick Aldis can get to the back of the line. He then says “We’re done” and storms off. 

No DQ Tag Team Match – The Rude Dudes v The Fixers 

Rudo and Legursky start off, although it’s a no DQ match so Jamie Stanley quickly gets involved. Jay Bradley comes in and throws Stanley halfway across the ring. The Fixers then dominate their opponents, with Jamie Stanley having his face rammed into Legursky’s arm pit. 

Fixers are in complete control until Stanley causes them to clash, and the Rude Dudes take over. Rudo with some hard shots, but as they go for synchronised bulldogs, the Fixers get free, but end up taking some shots ending with Stanley hitting a crossbody off the ropes. 

The Fixers regain control again briefly, but again clash with each other and the Rude Dudes are again on top. However, Rudo tries something big but ends up taking a military press for his troubles.  

With Stanley in the corner, Legursky charges in with a cannonball senton. Legursky with a clubbing blow to the back of Stanley, continuing the assault and tagging in Bradley. They hit a Fixer Sandwich, followed by a backbreaker across the knee then an elbow for a two count. 

Stanley fights back, but has trouble moving Bradley, who pulls him into Legursky. Bradley tags Legursky in, and they hit a double team move with the pin broken up at two. Rudo takes Legursky outside as Bradley rolls up Stanley, but as Staley kicks out, he sends Bradley out of the ring and into Legursky! Rudo then tries a big moonsault, but the Fixers catch him and ram him into the ring post. 

Stanley goes after Legursky, but Bradley blindsides him and flattens Stanley. With Stanley back in the ring, they hit a double powerbomb then a knee drop/splash combo for the win. 

Winners: The Fixers 

Another decent match, though it was more like a Tornado Tag Team Match than a No DQ. Nevertheless, a good win for the popular Fixers sees them move up the tag team rankings towards those NWA World Tag Team Titles. 

A recap of last week’s NWA USA sees Jax Dane retain his National Championship, and reminds us to watch this week's episode. 

Back to the action though, and Pope is joining Kyle Davis at the Interviewer's podium. 

Kyle says the fans are behind him, but unfortunately did not successfully cash in his title opportunity. 

Pope says normally he would be amped up out here, as he loves being stood with him and his little microphone. 

People have been asking Pope what he will do next, and he says his past is not indicative of his future. We will have ups and downs, highs and lows, but the one thing Pope is gonna do is what he has always done, and that is keep on keepin’ on! 

Where does Pope go from here? He says if you are in the business, your main goal is to get to the top of the NWA. The view has not changed, and before Pope lets his detractors or enemies win, he will get up and fight again! 

Loved the passion in this promo! Pope is a top-quality promo guy, and when he talks like this, despite his overuse of the word “Daddy” in my opinion, it’s hard not to get hyped with him! 

Idolmania Slam Challenge – Big Strong Mims v Tyrus 

Oh, this is still going on then... 

So, if Mims can slam Tyrus, he gets a Television Title shot. 

Out comes the whole of Idolmania Sports Management, along with the TV Champion, Tyrus. Who apparently insists he can't be slammed. (There is one guy continually booing in a monotone voice which is boring through my skull...) So, here we go. 

Attempt One: Mims tries to slam him, but Tyrus blocks it. 

Attempt Two: Mims tries to rush it, but Tyrus hits an axhandle, then tries to attack him, but Mims quickly avoids and slams Tyrus! 

The rest of Idolmania swamp the ring but Mims clears the ring of all of them! Mims is going to get a shot at the NWA Television Championship! 

Idolmania are threatening to attack Mims again, but eventually walk off, with Austin Idol claiming he cheated. Tyrus claims Mims pulled his hair (he’s bald...) and that he will never be TV Champion. 

I really hope Mims beats him for the title, as he is lined up to be on out podcast in just a few days' time, and that would be awesome! 

We get an ad for PowerrrTrip 2, which has already taken place, and is filmed for Powerrr. 

Backstage we go with May Valentine again, who has Matt Taven and Jennacide, who has a new look which I have to say looks way better than her previous facepaint. 

Apparently, they both have announcements for us. 

Matt Taven goes first and informs us that he has told Billy Corgan that he wants to succeed in NWA, and he wants the NWA World Title, so next week Taven takes on Judais as he begins his journey towards a shot at the ten pounds of gold. 

Jennacide says she has also spoken to NWA management and asked for something real, and next week she takes on KiLynn King and Chelsea Green for the number one contendership to the NWA World Women’s Title. May wishes them both luck. 

It’s Billy Corgan’s turn for an announcement now. Corgan says something Cardona said earlier that has been bugging him about how no one deserves to face him for the title, and how he might bring in a big outside name to face him, and that’s fine. But he said something that really stuck with him, the NWA may change because of him, but until it does it is still his show. The NWA is about wrestling, so next week we will have a six-man tag team match where the Cardona’s will face off with Harry Smith, Doug Williams and Nick Aldis! 

I’m not a big fan of six-man matches, but putting three top British talents in the ring against the Cardona’s? I can get excited about that! 

Back to commentary, and Angelina Love (who recently signed with NWA) is on commentary for this next match.  

Kenzie Paige v Mickie James 

I had the pleasure of meeting Mickie James at FTLOW, and she is just as awesome in person as she is on TV. I can see Kenzie having a tough time in this one! 

They start with a handshake, and the match begins. Mickie with the early advantage, but Kenzie quickly reverses. The two women continue to trade holds, looking for an opening. 

Mickie takes Kenzie to the mat and continues to control the pace of the match, getting a two count with an innovative pin. Mickie again takes Kenzie down and has her grounded. 

Kenzie tries to fight back but takes a shoulder block, but she sidesteps a dropkick from Mickie and takes control, getting a two count from an Oklahoma Roll. Kenzie ends up in a sunset flip pin for a two, and the two women continues to trade holds. 

Micki with a hard shot to Kenzie, followed by a pump kick to the face for a two count. Mickie then goes for a suplex, but Kenzie counters with a roll up, and the two roll around the ring, with Mickie getting the eventual two count. 

Kenzie goes for a Superkick, but Mickie avoids it, then gets a single leg crab on Kenzie. Kenzie tries to get to the ropes, but Mickie drags her back and locks in a full Boston crab. Kenzie does get to the ropes, then manages to hit a Superkick for a two count. Kenzie is stomping Mickie, then throws her into the corner, following up with a Suplex for a two count! 

Kenzie locks Mickie in a cravat hold, but Mickie won’t give in, gets to her feet and fights free. Kenzie with a back elbow, Mick then follows with one of her own then a head scissors off the top rope! 

Mickie is on top and hits a big neckbreaker to Kenzie for a two count. 

Kenzie slowly gets to her feet, and Mickie goes for the Mickie DDT, but Kenzie counters with a big kick to the head for a very close two count! 

Kenzie goes for a full nelson, but Mickie drops to the mat and rolls her up for two. Mickie then hits a flapjack on Kenzie before heading up top. 

Mickie hits a seated senton, but doesn’t go for the pin. Kenzie hits a clothesline for a two, then tries for the full nelson again, but Mickie counters once more and hits the Mickie DDT for the win! 

Winner: Mickie James 

I’m never disappointed watching Mickie James wrestle, she’s one of the best in my opinion, and she proved that here in this match, as she made Kenzie Paige look like a star. Really good match from the two of them. 

That closes NWA Powerrr, and it was a decent episode this week. With the recent PowerrrTrip tapings there could be some really interesting stuff coming up, as we head into the next NWA PPV, Alwayz Ready. 

For now, it’s time to head back in as we review NWA USA! 

NWA USA kicks off with May Valentine standing backstage with Kamille and Thom Latimer. 

May says that Kamille has been vocal about not being impressed by the state of the women's division, but in her opinion, there are many top competitors. 

Kamille says she doesn't care about what May or the fans think, Billy Corgan has tried to think of anybody who could take the title from her, but no one can, and she thinks everyone is starting to realise that, that no one can beat the one-time champ. 

May then says to Thom that he shocked the world last week when he stated his intention to go after the National Championship. 

Thom starts to speak, but Kamille cuts in and says she told him a long time ago that he is the one for this, he needs to be shot to the top, now they are focused and have a game plan, once he is National Champion it will only be a matter of time until he is the World’s Champion. 

Joe Galli and Velvet Sky introduce is to this week's NWA USA. Kenzie Paige takes on Natalia Markova in the opener, and Ricky Morton takes on Wrecking Ball Legursky in the main event. 

Natalia Markova v Kenzie Paige 

Double duty for Kenzie this week! 

Markova instantly on top of Kenzie with a Thesz Press, Kenzie rolls on top and lays in some shots, as they get to their feet, Kenzie continues the offensive, and takes Markova down with a clothesline for two. 

Markova counters a Saito Suplex into a facebuster, then follows up with kicks to the face. Kenzie catches the last one, but Markova takes her down with a neckbreaker for two. 

Markova with a headlock applied on the ground, Kenzie frees herself with a stunner, then lays into Markova with some stiff shots, followed by a sunset flip, then a roundhouse kick for two. 

The two trade forearms, Markova with a kick to the head takes control, culminating in a Jazz Stinger for two. Massive knee to the face of Kenzie from Markova, who gets a two count. 

Markova heads up top, but Kenzie quickly throws her down, and hits a Superkick, but Markova kicks out of the pin just before the three! 

Kenzie charges Markova in the corner who avoids it and goes for the Beautiful Disaster, but Kenzie dodges it and tries a roll up into a sleeper but Markova rolls through and gets the pin! 

Winner: Natalia Markova 

Decent match, Kenzie is a solid talent, and Markova is a heat machine. She was somewhat lucky to get the win here. This story isn't over. 

May Valentine is with Kerry Morton backstage and asks if he is worried about his dad's match with Legursky tonight, who weighs 390lbs. 

Kerry says yes, he is worried. When you grow up in this business with a best friend such as his father, you grow a bond, and you see him travel the world busting his ass to earn a living just to feed them, and they come back to the NWA to wrestle a 390lb man. 

This is a big deal, not just for him but for his father having the courage to step in the ring with him. But he doesn’t want his dad to do it, and he would gladly take his place. 

Kyle Davis is ringside at the Interviewer’s Podium with BLK Jeez. He says he has a long-storied history with the NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion, Homicide, and asks his thoughts on his reign so far? 

Jeez starts by saying he appreciate the love and respect that the Nashville crowd is showing him (they boo loudly), and continues by saying there was a time he idolised Homicide, was mentored by him, and he learned a lot, but he always wondered if he could beat Homicide, and what would he do to make that happen? 

Jeez says he knows his strengths and weaknesses; he appreciates him and respects everything he has done. But his time is ticking, and Jeez’s time is now. Kyle asks if he is challenging Homicide? 

Jeez says it's time for a new Junior Heavyweight Champion, and is name is BLK Jeez. 

I can’t see Jeez beating Homicide. 

60 seconds with Jax Dane 

Who is Jax Dane? Well let’s start with the current NWA National Champion. And then let’s just throw in there, we might as well, the former World Champion, the former World Tag Team Champion, the former North American Champion, the King of Bakewell, Tennessee, I could go on for days but we don’t have time, we got sixty seconds. 

Fast cars, hot chicks, protein shakes, push ups, easy weights, that’s Jax Dane. A winner, a champion, everything you wish your husband was, baby. That’s who Jax Dane is, that’s who Jax Dane will always be, forever, today, tomorrow, the NWA, is now the Dane event. The Dane Event of the evening. 

Joe Galli informs us next week we will see a match to determine the number one contender to the World Women’s Title as Jennacide, KiLynn King and Chelsea Green face off for the chance to take on Kamiile. 

But for now, its main event time, and Ricky Morton has to go through Wrecking Ball Legursky if he wants to get his hands on Colby Corino. 

Wrecking Ball Legursky v Ricky Morton 

Legursky comes out first, followed by the legendary Rock and Roll Express member, Ricky Morton. 

Legursky shouts “FIXERS” as ever, while the crowd chants “Rock and Roll”. 

They lock up and Legursky is quickly in control, using his superior size and strength to great effect. 

Joe Galli and Velvet Sky explain to us that neither man's tag team partner is out here as they do not hold valid manager’s licences. Legursky taunts Morton and receives a poke to the eye for his troubles, and Ricky Morton gets a brief flurry of offense in before Legursky shuts him down once again. 

Legursky with some hard blows to Morton, bullying him around the ring, and whipping him into the corner. Legursky locks on a bear hug, and Morton fights out by ripping at Legursky’s ears. Legursky with another hard blow to the back of Morton, then a body slam. 

Legursky sets him up for a headbutt, and hits it. Morton clambers to his feet straight into another bear hug. At this point Kerry Morton comes out, and as Legursky sets up for a powerbomb, Kerry drags his dad out of the ring. Legursky charges at Kerry, who moves and Legursky collides with the ring post. Jay Bradley comes out and blindsides Kerry Morton, then throws Ricky back into the ring. Legursky gets back in and charges a corner prone Ricky Morton, who moves out of the way. Morton tries to leapfrog Legursky, but he is caught by the Wrecking Ball and powerbombed to the mat for the win. 

Winner: Wrecking Ball Legursky 

The show closes with the Fixers celebrating while Kerry checks on his dad. 

Ricky Morton is indeed a legend, there is no doubt. A 41-time Tag Team Champion with various promotions over the years as part of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, and as well as several singles titles in a hugely impressive career, but I feel like at this stage he should be utilised more in a mentoring role for his son and other talented up and comers than in matches with people like Legursky. The match was slow and not particularly good, but I suppose fans of Morton and the Fixers would have enjoyed it. 

That brings to an end this week’s NWA Newsround. Overall, a decent showing from NWA this week, as the build-up to Alwayz Ready continues. Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back next week with the next NWA Newsround!