NWA Newsround: 7th August 2022

Paul is back with a new NWA Newsround

NWA Newsround: 7th August 2022

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, coming at you once again with a brand-new NWA Newsround! 

Now full disclosure, I missed last week as it was my wedding anniversary (four years tied down, I know!) and as a result the wife and I were, shall we say, a little worse for wear... 

So as ever, when we miss a week, we will start with a brief roundup of last week’s happenings 

26th July 2022

The show started with Kyle Davis interviewing Marti Belle, Paola Blaze and The Pope and they discuss the empowerment movement in professional wrestling 

Kenzie Paige defeated Kaci Lennox 

May Valentine had a backstage interview with The Miserably Faithful. Father James Mitchell says that Kamille’s day of reckoning is coming courtesy of Max the Impaler. 

We get a video recap of Billy Corgan’s appearance on The Jackie Mah Madhouse Show on K103 FM! Corgan talks about his recent drama with Nick Aldis heading into NWA 74. He claims that Aldis sense of entitlement cost him his spot in the main event and he’s trying to protect the credibility of the NWA. 

Madusa and Allysin Kay informs us that the NWA Women’s TV Championship is coming soon 

NWA World Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Taya Valkyrie def. KiLynn King 

NWA World Tag Team Championship: The Commonwealth Connection (Harry Smith and Doug Williams) (c) defeated Dirty Sexy Boys (JTG and Dirty Dango) 

NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille (c) defeated Chelsea Green (with Matt Cardona) 

30th July 2022

Cyon & Jordan Clearwater w/Austin Idol def.  Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus. 

Legursky & Mercurio had interviews with The Beautiful People, Taryn Terrell and Natalia Markova. Legursky offers to bring The Beautiful People to Olive Garden. 

Bradley Pierce def. Brett Buffshay. 

Marti Belle def. Paola Blaze vs. Missa Kate vs. Rylee. 

The Miserably Faithful w/Father James Mitchell & Judais def. The Ill Begotten w/Jeremiah Plunkett 

So now we’re fully caught up, let's get on to this week's NWA Powerrr! 

The show begins with Kyle Davis talking to the OGK. 

Kyle says it’s a pleasure to have them at the podium. 

Taven: Kyle, I would love to tell you that we're going to walk into that locker room, smack the compact out of the Melvins that wear makeup back there, drag them out here in front of this NWA crowd, and show them that messing with the OGK is the biggest mistake they've ever made in their careers! but Mike’s right, that's not what we're here for, that's not what we came here for. Since day one my goal here was to make all the keyboard Melvin warriors feel real stupid when I write my name in the history books once again, because we want to be the first ever team to win Ring of Honor, New Japan, and NWA tag team titles! So, La Rebelión, Melvins we will get our revenge on you, but that's gotta be down the road. That's gotta be after we get our shots at the NWA tag team titles! 

Bennett: Kyle, let me defuse the situation a little bit by asking you a question; Do you know why we do this, why we wrestle? 

Kyle: I mean I thought it was just because you guys love the competition and being in front of these fans? 

Bennett: Oh, it's almost like you know us! We do it for the competition we, do it because when we were little kids there was something in our bones, and in our soul, and at the very meaning of who we are that said we are competitive by nature! So, La Rebelión, listen to me when I tell you this. I understand why you did what you did to me and Matt. I don't like it, I'm not happy about it, but I understand it, and truthfully that's probably something me and Taven would have done a few years ago. But the truth is we are competitive, and we are competitive because we have a goal, and moments like that only serve as a distraction to the main goal, the main focus, the main destiny, and that is to become the NWA world tag team champions! 

At this point, predictably, out comes La Rebelión. 

Bestia speaks in Spanish before Mecha Wolf takes over. 

Mecha Wolf:  You guys have some nerve coming to the wolves' den and calling out the baddest tag team in this company! You know why Matthew? You know why Mike? I'm going to tell you why!  

For 287 days we held down that a=tag team division in the NWA! We represented in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Puerto Rico, all over America, all while you were sitting at home growing your gut, taking care of your children, that's what we were doing! Representing this company, representing this tag team division! So, I think it's hilarious that you come out here and talk about tag team titles! If you want a shot at the titles, you're gonna have to go through us! 

Taven: You know you're the reason why we're here. You guys are the reason why we're here; we came here to fight you guys for those NWA tag team titles, but oh my goodness, it looks like you guys dropped the ball didn’t you? And you (pointing at Bestia) you are really lucky that daddy's not here to save you... 

At this point a fight breaks out as they fight around ringside. Bestia’s father, Damien 666, comes out shortly after and spits mist in the eyes of the OGK, leaving them down on the floor. La Rebelión win this battle it seems. 

Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and Tim Storm introduce us to this week's matches, as we will see Cyon take on Rodney Mack in a #1 Contenders match for the National Heavyweight Title, and in the main event, Tyrus will defend his NWA World Television Title against Odinson of The End. 

After the credits, we get straight into our first match. 

Rodney Mack (w/ Aron Stevens) v Cyon (w/ Austin Idol) - NWA National Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Match 

With two big powerhouses going at each other, this was going to be a hard-hitting match, and Mack proved this from the beginning as he had Cyon on the backfoot. Cyon though, with his “father” Austin Idol by his side, began to reassert himself, albeit slowly as Mack continued to muscle him around the ring. 

After a missed corner splash, Cyon turned the tables and began to lay down a beating on Mack. Cyon hit a big suplex on Mack, following up with a head crank on the mat and punching Mack in the face. 

Again, Cyon keeps on top of Mack, using the ropes as a weapon, then hitting a DDT for a one count. Cyon ties Mack up in a cravat, and continue the assault as Mack gets to his feet. Cyon is all over Mack, as Stevens looks concerned at ringside.  

Mack gets some offence in and hiptosses Cyon across the ring, whipping him into the corner, but Cyon reverses. Mack gets his boot up, and attempts a roll up on Cyon, but Cyon sits on his shoulders, and uses Mack’s own knee pad as leverage to secure the pin. 

Winner: Cyon 

A decent opening contest if a little basic. Cyon’s push continues while the experienced older hand in Rodney Mack continues to be stunted in his pursuit of championship gold. 

Jax Dane could find he has a very difficult challenge in Cyon, especially with Austin Idol on his side. 

We now head backstage to everyone's favourite interviewer, May Valentine. 

May: Joining me at this time is the NWA World Womens Champion, Kamille, and also her husband Thom Latimer. Guys, NWA 74 is coming up, I'd love to know your thoughts on it. 

Kamille:  My thoughts on NWA 74? I mean it's a two-night event so that's exciting for the fans, exciting for me, but also, I know that I'm going to have to work two nights. Why you may ask? The first night I have to defend my title, and then Billy Corgan loves making me do a whole bunch of work, so when I retain the first night, I'm going to have to face the winner of the Burke Invitational the second night, so you know what? Just more matches under my belt, more wins for me, no biggie. 

May: How do you feel Thom? 

Thom: I mean you know I'm excited whatever gets tossed at me May, I'm gonna destroy it and kick it out of the field. last time we were there, I jumped over a 20-foot ladder, so hey, you know I'll do whatever I need to do to be able to pull out that victory. 

After a short ad break, May is back with another guest backstage. 

May: Please welcome NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch. 

Trevor, you are going to be facing Pope on next week's episode of NWA Powerrr,  and rumours are that you asked for this match? 

Murdoch: I did ask for this match. 

May: Why is that? 

Murdoch: That's between me and the Pope. 

May: Can you tell me more? 

Murdoch: Tell you more? What's important is we need to be focusing NWA 74 in St. Louis, Missouri, at the Chase Park Plaza. I will be there as the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion. That's what's important. 

May: Ok, if you're so focused on NWA 74 why are you facing Pope? 

Murdoch: Again May, that's between me and the Pope. 

May: Ok, I respect that. Thank you so much, Trevor, for your time. 

Trevor Murdoch, the International Man of Mystery... 

Anyone else think this looks like our Aussie Thunda King & Real Rasslin Champion, Hev?!

Team War: The ILL Begotten (Rush Freeman, Alex Taylor & Jeremiah Plunkett) v The Miserably Faithful (Gaagz the Gymp, Sal the Pal, & Judais) 

Team War matches are an interesting concept. For those unfamiliar, here is a recap of the rules; 

  • The match begins with one member from each team; teammates wait ringside 
  • Eliminations happen via pinfall, submission, or by being thrown over the top rope. 
  • Once an elimination occurs, the next team member must enter the ring immediately. 
  • The team with the final participant wins. 

Rush Freeman and Sal the Pal start this match, and after some back and forth, Sal eliminates Freeman by pinfall. Plunkett enters the ring next, as Sal rocks back and forth saying “we won”.  

Despite Sal’s best efforts, including a springboard stunner, Plunkett eliminates him with a big DDT. Gaagz enters next, and gets thrown around the ring by Plunkett, until Gaagz fires up and strikes back, but is shut down by a big knee from Plunkett. 

Plunkett is in control but Gaagz is able to rally and eventually eliminates Plunkett with the Gaagz Reflex.  

Alex Taylor comes in and stomps down Gaagz, and within two minutes Gaagz is eliminated after going over the top rope. 

Judais comes in now, and quite frankly, Taylor had no chance against the massive Judais. Within two minutes, Judais puts away Taylor and seals the win for the Miserably Faithful. 

Winners: The Miserably Faithful 

We now go to a “Heart 2 Heart” segment with May Valentine and Aron Stevens interviewing Colby Corino. 

May starts by asking him about his childhood and if his dad was nice, with Colby saying it was great as he got to travel all around the world. May and Aron then spend the rest of the interview segment trying to get Colby to say bad things about Tyrus, and Colby slips a couple of times, but eventually reiterates that he is not interested in going after Tyrus, as he wants the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship. Their last question is “If he could go anywhere in the world, where would he go?”  

Colby replies “As far away from Aron Stevens as possible.” 

After that segment, I think I may join him... 

After a break where we hear all about the upcoming NWA 74 PPV, it’s back to May Valentine for another backstage interview with Homicide and Caprice Coleman. 

May starts by asking Homicide why he decided to face PJ Hawx for the title? 

Homicide says that PJ deserved it and he is a future legend, and he is a fighting champion. He says he’s hearing that Luke Hawx is angry, and he says he doesn’t want to go there, and to focus on his son who is the future of the business. He tells Luke to stop drinking the Gatorade, or he will break his bones. 

Turning to Caprice, May asks about his big announcement? 

Caprice says he’s going to be on the go home show before NWA 74, and he is honoured to be called upon to do so. He says he is the man with the style, the grace, the shape, and the face that will be in the place and wants us all to be there too because with him there is just that much higher, because he has the rookie body, the veteran mind, the silver tongue, he is the ageless one, and he’ going to be there. He ends the segment by saying to Homicide “When you finish with the kids, give the man a chance.” 

Coleman wants the Junior Heavyweight gold! 

NWA World Television Championship Match: Tyrus ( c ) v Odinson 

Main event time as Tyrus defends his title under the traditional 6:05 time limit rules. 

Odinson is an imposing competitor, but taking on Tyrus is a different kettle of fish. Tyrus is accompanied to the ring by BLK Jeez, who states that Tyrus is the longest reigning TV Champion of all time (and it’s true, Tyrus won the title on August 6th, 2021). 

Odinson lands the first blows, that seem to rock Tyrus, but he soon shrugs him off and takes control, tossing Odinson across the ring and splashing him in the corner. 

Tyrus has full control of the match, with Odinson down on the mat he grabs the shoulder. Odinson fights to his feet but is unable to break free initially. On the second attempt he gets free and bites Tyrus’ face, then takes him down with an uppercut. 

Odinson has the momentum now, and hits another flying uppercut to Tyrus, then heads up top again, but BLK Jeez interferes. Odinson kicks him off, and hits another uppercut, but can’t follow up quickly enough for the pin, gaining a two count. 

Odinson lines Tyrus up, hits yet another uppercut, then goes for crossbody, but Tyrus swats him out of the air, hits the Heart Punch, and this one is over in 4:03. 

With that the show ends, or so we think, as we are then shown a bonus match from Alwayz Ready, where Taya Valkyrie defeated Natalia Markova in a competitive match. 

Another good showing from NWA Powerrr, things seem to be ticking along nicely to NWA 74, so let's see what happened on NWA USA this week. 

We jump straight into the action as Magic Jake Dumas is set to take on Brett Buffshay and ThrillBilly Silas. Apparently, it was supposed to be a tag team match, but Jax Dane has “no-showed”. 

Magic Jake Dumas v Brett Buffshay & ThrillBilly Silas 

Initially, the numbers game is not working in Dumas’ favour, as he can’t get a foothold in the match, but soon a mistake from Buffshay opens the door to Dumas taking control. 

Dumas hits a swinging slam for a two count, as Buffshay desperately tries to get to his corner. Dumas takes him down and has a war of words with Silas, leading to a roll up for two from Buffshay. He pays for this with a delayed vertical suplex. 

Dumas asks his manager, Christi if she is ready to go home, as he tries to hit a torture rack, Buffshay sends him into the corner, and Silas hits a big boot, then a scoop slam for two. 

Silas looks to be in control, as Pollo del Mar and Christi Jaynes get into it outside. Silas gets involved and drags Pollo under the ring. Buffshay hits a crossbody on Dumas as Christi distracts the referee, Dumas pokes Buffshay in the eyes, hits the Abracadaver, and seals the win. 

Winner: Magic Jake Dumas 

Dumas finishes the match by swiping a playing card across the eyes of Buffshay, Silas and Pollo del Mar re-emerge from under the ring, looking a little dishevelled. 

We go to the commentary team who inform us that in this episode we will see PJ Hawx challenge Homicide for the Junior Heavyweight Championship, and Jamie Stanley taking on KC Roxx. 

After the credits, Kyle Davis is at the podium with Chris Silvio Esq. 

Kyle asks why Jax Dane was not in the match, and Silvio says it is because he has fulfilled his contractual obligations. He follows this by saying that Dane requires two fortnights notice if he is to be in a match, and as he only got one, he isn't here, and the Dane Event is cancelled. 

Mercurio comes out at this point, and after saying that Silvio is an Italian name, much like Mercurio, Silvio says he has done his research, and Mercurio is here on an expired visa. Mercurio says he has got it all wrong, as he uses Mastercard... 

Mercurio says he doesn’t know what Silvio is talking about, and he’s offended because he doesn’t know how to say his name, and tells him he has to say it while rolling the R. 

Silvio mocks him, and Mercurio says he doesn’t like the way he is talking to him, and is making him make an ugly face, and no one makes him make an ugly face. 

Silvio backs off as Kyle ends the segment... Wow... 

Jamie Stanley v KC Roxx (w/ Aron Stevens) 

If you’ll remember, last time out I was not that impressed with Jamie Stanley. Let's hope he looks better this week. 

Stanley offers Roxx the first punch, but quickly turns around and takes Roxx down. Joe Galli wonders if he is trying to find out what happened to that flight to Brazil he said he was taking after Alwayz Ready? 

Meanwhile in the ring, Roxx has got himself back into the match with a series of pin attempts, and while the referees back is turned, Stevens slaps the taste out of Stanley’s mouth, and Roxx is able to roll him up for the win! 

Winner: KC Roxx 

A quick match, difficult to really have any sort of opinion on that. But I will say, I don’t think Aron Stevens is as retired as he is making out... 

Now we go backstage to May Valentine who is with the Cardona Family. 

May: Please welcome Mike Knox, VSK, and Brian Myers. now Mike, you’re going to be facing Bully Ray at NWA 74, what do you think your chances of winning are? 

Myers: What?! that was a disrespectful question! 

VSK: I don't think you should be asking Knox what his chances are. Bully Ray, what do you think your chances are? Let's be real. 

May: Mike, would you like to say something? 

Knox: (laughs) Bully, my chances seem very, very, well. I'm no longer under your boot, I'm no longer under your control. You have absolutely no idea what I plan to do. No idea. We'll see what happens at NWA 74. 

Big words from the Cardona Family there... 

Main event next, but before that, May Valentine is backstage with Ricky Morton. 

May: Ricky I really want to understand why you decided to face Wrecking Ball Legursky on NWA Powerrr? 

Morton: Everybody else does too because sometimes people think I’m a little senile, I done lost my mind, I done got crazy, but I grew up in the NWA, and I know the best wrestlers in the world are here at the NWA.  

Besides that, he's been telling everybody how old I am, about my mullet, how he’s gonna jerk it off my head, but you see understand one thing Wrecking Ball, I’ve been through that, I have done that before. If you think that I'm scared of you, I'm not, and I'm stepping into that ring to wrestle you to prove a point. Not only to myself, but everybody else here in NWA! I'm ready for you, come on and get you some! 

May: Ricky, I think that you still got it, so I wish you the best of luck. 

I think Morton will be leaving the ring on a stretcher that day... 

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: Homicide ( c ) v PJ Hawx 

Main event time, and this should be a really good match! PJ came up short at Alwayz Ready, will he rectify that in this match? 

The match begins and the two lock up, Homicide takes control with a wrist lock but PJ reverses it. Homicide grabs the ankle and goes to the mat, but PJ breaks free. 

They lock up again and PJ takes Homicide to the mat and has a loose headlock on. Homicide whips him into the ropes and hits an elbow to take PJ down, followed by a scoop slam for a one count. 

Homicide has PJ grounded with a leg scissors, then as PJ gets to is feet Homicide hits a suplex for a two count. Homicide throws PJ into the corner then hits a palm strike. PJ reverses an Irish whip into the corner and hits a belly to belly on Homicide for a one count. 

Homicide is on the apron, and PJ grabs him and hits a neckbreaker through the ropes for a two count. PJ has a ground wristlock applied, but Homicide gets free briefly, before ending up back in it. PJ is trying to keep Homicide grounded and gets a two count from a bridge pin attempt, but Homicide gets a roll up for a one count, then hits the Three Amigos (shout out to my Idol, Eddie Guerrero). 

Homicide tries to turn PJ over for a Boston Crab rather than complete the Three Amigos, but PJ fights out and runs into a back elbow from Homicide. PJ is seated on the top rope, and Homicide throws him down, then locks in the Camel Clutch, rolling through for a two count. 

PJ takes a Firemans carry, but quickly comes back and rolls through into a Hawx Clutch! Homicide nearly taps, but he just makes it to the ropes. PJ puts Homicide on the top rope, and goes up, looking for a high impact move, but Homicide catches PJ in the throat, then lands a huge top rope DDT for a two count! 

Homicide hits a neckbreaker for another two count. Homicide tries to lift PJ, but he reverses it and hits a suplex. PJ gets a two count. PJ tries to get Homicide in position for something, but Homicide goes for the Cop Killa, however PJ gets out of it and clubs Homicide in the back before going for a flying kick. Homicide blocks it, and traps PJ in a single leg crab, but he makes it to the ropes. 

PJ hits the flying kick and gets a close near fall, and is clearly getting frustrated. He tries a leg lariat in the corner, but Homicide avoids it, and with PJ on the top rope, Homicide hits an Avalanche Koji Cutter for the win. 

Right at the end there it looked like Homicide hit something of a low blow, but I don’t think it was intentional. Either way this was a good match that I fully enjoyed. 

Overall, this was a pretty good week of NWA action, and with NWA 74 just weeks away they need to keep this momentum going. 

That’s all from me, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week for more NWA action!