NWA Newsround 6th March 2022

The Road to the Crockett Cup continues with this week's newsround courtesy of your Real Rasslin King, Paul.

NWA Newsround 6th March 2022

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back again with a brand-new NWA Newsround! 

We are less than two weeks away from the Crockett Cup Pay-Per-View weekend, and as such NWA is gathering pace going into it with the continuation of its special “PowerrrTrip” shows. Last week we saw Kamille successfully defend her World Women’s Title against Taryn Terrell, and tonight sees another Championship defence as “The Masterpiece” Chris Adonis defends his NWA National Heavyweight Championship against Anthony Mayweather, who as we all know was formerly known as Crimson. 

Also, The Fixers take on the OGK, as well as Pope making his in ring return from injury as he takes on the man who put him on the shelf, Mike Knox. 

Add to that the action from the NWA USA season finale and we have a cracker of a newsround for you! 

So, let’s not delay any longer, let’s get right into it! 

The show begins with Joe Galli in the ring as he introduces the show and tells us the evenings match card. But he’s not alone, as the Fixers are in the ring with him. He introduces them and asks them about their match tonight against the OGK in a No Disqualification match? 

Jay Bradley tells OGK that their time is up (their time is now?), and that they should go and pack up just like ROH did. They say that they are living up to their name by fixing Professional Wrestling. 

As the match is about to get started, the main NWA Powerrr theme comes on and the owner of NWA, Billy Corgan, makes his way out to the ring to address the crowd. 

Billy says he’s revved up, and he wants to reward the fans for supporting the NWA and Professional Wrestling through a dark period in the world. He loves wrestling, and puts over that the Crockett Cup is going to be a great show. But he wants to reward the fans, and so he has decided that tonight’s No Disqualification match is off, and that the Fixers v OGK is the start of the NWA Crockett Cup! Tonight's match is the start of round one, and as a result, it will be contested under the regular rules! 

The Fixers are unhappy about this as the referee begins taking weapons off of them that they had hidden on them, including for some very bizarre reason a barbie doll that Bradley had in his trunks...Creepy... 

Crockett Cup Round One: The Fixers v OGK 

The Fixers try to get the jump on Bennett and Taven but they are unsuccessful as OGK take control. OGK hit a double team move and Bennett gets a two count. Legursky tries to turn the tides but earns a Superkick/Enziguiri combo for his troubles. After some more double team offense, Legursky is able to take control by slamming Bennett onto Taven, followed by a series of big moves culminating in Bennett being sandwiched between them in the middle of the ring. 

At this point the Fixers take control and dominate their opponents, using some heavy shots to keep their faster opponents grounded. Taven gets lawn darted directly into Bennett and the Fixers are way on top. 

Bennett really needs the tag, and creates an opening for himself with a European uppercut, giving him time to make the hot tag to Taven. Taven comes in and cleans house, following up with a Suicide dive onto Bradley outside the ring before gaining a two count on Legursky with a Shining Wizard. He gets another two count after a sunset bomb, then hits a spear on Bradley. 

Unfortunately for OGK though, this is where it fell apart, as the Fixers were able to plant Bennett with a double powerbomb, before taking out Taven with a double team brainbuster for the three count and the win. 

Winners and advancing to Round Two of the Crockett Cup: The Fixers 

Pretty good opening match this. The announcement of this being the first round of the Crockett Cup made it really exciting, and truth be told, I had the OGK as one of my favourites to win, but the Fixers have proven to be bracket busters early on. 

Following the match, we get a recap of the injury to Pope and his subsequent battle back before the next match. 

Mike Knox v Da Pope  

Pope absolutely flies out of the blocks and lays down a serious beating to Knox, clearly seeking revenge on him for their previous meeting. 

Pope hits some hard chops, and Knox rolls to the outside, but Pope gives chase and throws him into the railings before hitting him with a bottle of water handed to him by a fan. Pope throws Knox back into the ring and lands three successive corner splashes. Knox gets a shot in with a crossbody, but Pope is quickly back on top with mounted punches, then a clothesline over the ropes.  

Outside, Pope considers using a chair to inflict more damage, but his hesitancy costs him as Knox takes control and delivers a big boot. From here, Knox is in control, as he takes Pope out with a leg lariat, and a sidewalk slam, but Pope kicks out at one. 

After a ground headlock, Pope gets to his feet but is quickly taken down with a crossbody followed be a Uranage slam for a two count. Following a leg drop, Pope gets a flurry on offense in, but is quickly stopped in his tracks by a huge lariat from Knox. 

Knox then rips the turnbuckle pad off the corner ropes, but the momentary distraction gives Pope the opportunity to get back into it, as he hits some kicks followed by an Enziguiri. At this point, Pope grabs some tape and starts taping up his fist, then takes Knox down with a DDT, followed by three hard punches and three elbow drops. 

Pope seems like he is in control, but as Pope charges in for the Elijah Express, he runs straight into a big boot. Knox then throws him into the corner, and as Pope slumps to the mat, Knox hits a hip attack, whipping Pope’s head back and giving him the win. 

Winner: Mike Knox 

Pretty good match this. Pope was in top form, and looked on course for the win, but Knox used some dastardly tactics to stop Pope in his tracks and pick up the win. It’ll be interesting to see where Pope goes from here. 

We get an ad break now where NWA promotes the Crockett Cup, the new Fandu Belts replica NWA World Title, and NWA USA, before heading back to the commentary team as they run down next week's show; Austin Idol’s team taking on Cyon, Ill Begotten and Mims, as well as the “I Quit” match between Nick Aldis and Thom Latimer, as well as Trevor Murdoch defending the NWA World Title against Matt Cardona. We then move on to the next match. 

Chris Adonis v Anthony Mayweather for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship  

Adonis comes out full of his usual smugness, whilst Mayweather looks cool, calm, and collected. 

They begin with a standard collar and elbow tie up, with Adonis taking quick control with a couple of scoop slams, then some standard offense to control the pace. Mayweather though quickly fights back and takes down Adonis with a series of arm drags, followed by a scoop slam of his own.  

Adonis tries to call a time out, but Mayweather continues to advance, and as they end up outside, Mayweather sends him into the guardrails. Adonis tries to avoid a series of chops from Mayweather but is unsuccessful as he lays in some hard forearm blows. 

Mayweather tries to charge Adonis in the corner, but Adonis slips free and Mayweather ends up in the corner, followed by a hard shot to the back of the head, followed by a neckbreaker. Adonis keeps control of the match until both men take each other down with a clothesline. 

The match enters the final stretch as both men look to secure the win, Mayweather gets in a series of strong moves starting with a Polish Hammer, then a spinebuster and an elbow drop for a two count. Adonis responds by raking the eyes of Mayweather as he gets to his feet, attempting a Masterlock, but Mayweather is still able to free himself, so Adonis takes him down with a spinebuster, then goes for the Masterlock again. 

But Mayweather was not to be denied, he slipped free of the Masterlock and then rolled up Adonis for the three count! We have a NEW NWA National Heavyweight Champion! 

This match ended Powerrr this week and it was a great way to end the show with Mayweather finally getting some form of redemption after what has been a tough few months for him in ring wise. Adonis didn’t do a huge amount with the National Title but was still a credible champion and a win for Mayweather here gives him a big boost as he heads into what I’m sure will be the conclusion of his feud with Jax Dane. 

Overall, another really good episode of Powerrr this week, every match delivered on the build-up it had and pushed the story forward going into the Crockett Cup. Next week’s Powerrr will be the final “PowerrrTrip” show, and the card for that one looks truly stacked, I can’t wait for that one. 

But for now, let's head back to GPB Studios as we take in all the action from... 

NWA USA begins with the usual introduction from the commentary team before they throw it over to Kyle Davis at the interviewer’s podium. Kyle has May Valentine with him, who is making her in ring debut tonight against Natalia Markova, and asks how she is feeling ahead of the match? 

May says that she didn’t ask for this match, she begged Tim Storm not to make the match, and cried that she is not ready. But Natalia Markova has come into NWA and disrespected everybody and so she needs to be put in her place. She says that Tim Storm told her in NWA, they settle their differences in the ring. Kyle asks if she has any training or is going into this blind, and May says she has a little bit of training, but she’s not paid to wrestle. Kyle says that May could easily just lie down and let Markova pin her, but May says she gives her all in everything that she does, and if Tim Storm wants to put her in the match, then so be it. 

May says she has watched the best in Professional Wrestling while with NWA, and she has been learning and inspired. She ends the segment by saying she is up for the challenge. 

Natalia Markova v May Valentine 

After a short break, the match begins and the two circle each other. May ducks a couple of shots, before she is back into the corner by her hair. May takes exception to this and tells Markova to never touch her hair again. Markova responds by shoving her to the mat. 

At this point, while Markova is distracted, Kamille comes and wipes her out with a spear, causing the DQ. 

Winner: Natalia Markova by DQ 

Tim Storm isn’t happy with this and has a heated conversation with Kamille as we go to a break. Once back from the break, which gave us some hype for the upcoming title match at the Crockett Cup, it transpires that we now have another match, as Natalia Markova will now take on the NWA World Women’s Champion, Kamille! 

Natalia Markova v Kamille 

Kamille is wrestling in her regular clothing it seems. 

The match begins with Markova surprisingly in control, but this doesn’t last as soon Kamille asserts her dominance and hits several big moves including a gutwrench suplex. She sends Markova into the middle turnbuckle, then delivers a snapmare/neck kick combo for a two count. 

Kamille is all over Markova and hits her with a steamroller. With Markova down, she lines up a spear, but Markova dodges it and Kamille collides with the ring post. 

At this point, before Markova can muster any kind of comeback, Kenzie Paige comes out from the back and attacks her, causing another DQ. 

Winner: Natalia Markova by DQ 

As the two women brawl, Co-managing Director Madusa comes out and calls Kenzie Paige over. She whispers something in her ear, and Kenzie looks devastated. Joe Galli says he can lip read and tells us that Madusa has just suspended Kenzie Paige. 

Tim Storm is not happy about this and says that it is the wrong decision, and the camera cuts away to an ad break before anything more goes down. 

Interesting opening. Seems like Markova has some serious heat within NWA right now. 

After the ad break, May Valentine is back in her more comfortable position backstage as she talks with her favourite person to talk to, Colby Corino. Naturally, the Fixers are with him. 

Colby says that everyone seems to call him the new Austin Aries (literally haven’t heard a SINGLE person call him that but ok...) but Colby says that he is better than Austin Aries, and he will show him that the next time they share the ring. 

May asks Colby if the Fixers will be accompanying him at the Crockett Cup, and Jay Bradley simply says that they have an understanding. 

Interesting stuff right there I’m sure you’ll agree... But now it is time for the main event! 

Ricky Morton v Austin Aries 

The commentary team tell us that this is a match that could main event any show. Personally, I don’t agree, I can't imagine this being a Wrestlemania worthy match for example, but hey maybe I’m wrong. Ricky Morton is a legend for sure. 

As Morton comes to the ring, accompanied by his son Kerry, a picture-in-picture promo for Ricky Morton is shown. Morton says we’re back in the NWA, and tonight he is stepping in the ring with Austin Aries. He says he has everything to gain, and nothing to lose, so he tells Aries to show him what he’s got. 

The match begins and Morton surprises Aries with an armdrag takedown. Aries gets to his feet and the two circle each other before Aries grabs a headlock into a takedown on Morton for a one count. Aries slams Morton to the mat, then claps his ears. Morton comes back with a knee lift which sends Aries outside. He runs into Kerry Morton, and after the two briefly argue, Aries piefaces Kerry. 

Morton brings Aries back into the ring by slingshotting him over the ropes. And Aries begs him off and apologises before kicking Morton in the gut. He whips Morton into the ropes, and attempts to clothesline him, but Morton ducks it and on the rebound hits a Sunset flip bomb for the two count. Aries rolls out of the ring to try to recover, but Kerry Morton throws him back in. 

Aries hits an atomic drop then a discus fivearm, before dropkicking Morton in the corner. Aries sets up for the brainbuster but Morton gets him in a small package for a two count. He then gets another two count on Aries with a backslide, but Aries transitions into the Last Chancery. Aries breaks the hold and argues with Kerry Morton as he gets on the apron, and while he is distracted, Morton attempts a roll up, but Aries rolls through and secures the win with a roll up of his own. 

Winner: Austin Aries 

If I’m being brutally honest, this was not main event worthy. The match dragged and the action was quite limited. Obviously, Ricky Morton being an older worker it has to be somewhat limited, but for me the momentum was never there for this one. 

This match ended the show and this season of NWA USA, as well as this review. 

Overall, PowerrrTrip was fantastic, but NWA USA lacked any real energy this week. Next week we see the final part of PowerrrTrip, as well as an episode of PowerrrSurge to take us into the Crockett Cup Pay-Per-View. 

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you back here next week for another NWA Newsround!