NWA Newsround: 4th July 2022

Paul is back with all the action from last week's NWA!

NWA Newsround: 4th July 2022

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back to give you all the info in another NWA Newsround! 

With this being a continuation of the special “Knox Out” tapings, we will surely get to see some great stuff in this week's Powerrr, plus the action over on NWA USA. 

With a women's tag team match, a Junior Heavyweight exhibition match, and an NWA World Tag Team Title rematch, this should be a great week of action. 

So, lets dive in, shall we? 

Kyle Davis introduces the week’s show and asks the fans to welcome former NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Matt Cardona, to the ring. 

Kyle says it’s been a few weeks since Alwayz Ready and him having to relinquish the title due to injury, and asks how his recovery is going? Cardona snatches the mic away from Kyle and says “Let’s flip the script” and welcomes everyone to Powerrr, calling Kyle Davis his guest, saying he has a couple of questions for him. 

He asks at the Alwayz Ready PPV, who made Matt Cardona submit? Kyle says no one. Cardona says who pinned Matt Cardona? Kyle again says no one and Cardona shouts “Exactly! I AM THE REAL WORLD CHAMPION!” 

Kyle says he makes a good point, but asks him his thoughts on Trevor Murdoch winning the title making his own reign forgettable. 

Cardona laughs and says he knows Trevor is watching and asks him to keep his title warm, enjoy the summer with his title, show it to the family, take it to the barbeque, and enjoy some cheeseburgers, because in a few months he’s coming back for the title he never lost. 

Kyle asks about the fact that with Chelsea in action tonight, and with Mike Knox and VSK tearing through the ranks, the Cardona’s are well represented even though he is injured. 

Cardona says he might be injured but the Cardona’s are stronger than ever. He puts each member over and talks up their ability, saying that Mike Knox should be in the title picture. 

Cardona takes the mic and says he has a message for Billy Corgan, saying he better be a man of his word, as he is trusting him. When he comes back, he better get what is owed to him, which is a shot at his World Title. 

As ever our commentary team of Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, and Tim Storm introduce the show to us, informing us that we will see a Lucha Rules rematch for the NWA World Tag Team Titles between the new champions of Doug Williams and Harry Smith, taking on the former champions, La Rébelion. 

We then go to the ring for the first match of the night. 

Jennacide & Missa Kate v Max the Impaler & Chelsea Green 

A fan at ringside has a whiteboard and has written on it “Max & The Mess”. Love it. 

The match begins and already Max and Chelsea aren't on the same page. Missa Kate and Cheslea start off, with Kate initially in control, tagging Jennacide in to continue the domination. 

Kate and Jennacide are using quick tags, but Chelsea rakes the eyes of Kate and sends her into the corner with Max, who delivers a big headbutt to Kate. Chelsea and Max argue a little, resulting in a roll up attempt from Kate. 

Max then uses Chelsea as a weapon, throwing her at Kate, then proceeds to ragdoll Kate.  

Kate creates a little separation, and gets the tag eventually, and Jennacide takes the fight to Chelsea, landing a huge pump kick, followed by an Air Raid Stunner for a two count. Max drags Chelsea to their corner and tags themselves in, and the two big behemoths square off. 

After a few moments between them, Kate tags herself in, but Max sees it coming and takes Kate out before hitting Welcome to the Wasteland for the win. 

Winners: Max the Impaler & Chelsea Green 

Over the last few months of reviewing NWA, I really try not to criticise them too much, but this was a pretty poor opening match in my opinion. It was slow and lethargic, and you could tell that the crowd weren’t that into it. Fingers crossed for better action as we continue. 

May Valentine is backstage with Rodney Mack, and says he seems revitalise din the NWA, and besides his wife, Jazz, what keeps him motivated? 

Mack says sometimes you go through rough times in life, and sometimes you just want to call somebody and talk things out, he thinks he’s found that person. He’s on a mission to destroy all competition in the NWA, and he’s feeling really good about himself. May asks who it is, and he says we will find out very soon. 

Please be Teddy Long!

Gustavo Aguilar v Sal the Pal v PJ Hawx 

Aguilar dances, Sal sits on the mat, and PJ wonders what the f**k is going on. Great start. 

The action begins and PJ is on top, controlling Aguilar while Sal sits and watches. Sal shoves PJ into Aguilar and then targets Aguilar himself, but PJ comes back in. Aguilar takes out both men from the top rope, then runs right into Sal who bites the top of his head. 

Sal with some vicious stomps and kicks to Aguilar, then sits down to celebrate, opening himself up to a roll up from PJ for two. After some more back and forth, Aguilar nearly wraps it up with a sliced bread, but Sal breaks up the pin and then takes him out.  

Sal is biting the ropes and rocking back and forth. PJ shrugs and after a suplex, PJ locks in the Hawx Clutch for the win. 

Winner: PJ Hawx 

After Danny Deals gives us the hard sell on some NWA merch, May Valentine is backstage with La Rébelion. She says that they are here to discuss a very important matter. 

Bestia speaks in Spanish, which unfortunately I do not understand. Fortunately, my iPhone’s translation function did; 

“Quite important, because we are angry and upset because the way they won is not the right one, and everyone realised.” 

Thanks iPhone! 

Mecha Wolf agrees and says the NWA World Tag Team Titles in the hands of La Rébelion, meant prestige, greatness and meant they were the greatest tag team championships in all of professional wrestling. But in the hands of the Commonwealth Connection, they’re just belts, because they cheated. Mecha Wolf says something about Harry Smith being in the ring for 45 seconds when the 1-2-3 was counted (I have no idea of the point he is trying to make). 

Mecha Wolf says they went to management, and said if they’re going to wrestle their way, they want to do things their own way, and so they are having a Lucha Rules match, and they will show them why they dominated the tag team division for 284 days. 

Sorry I caught you napping May...

Anthony Andrews v Rodney Mack 

Andrews apparently claims since he hasn’t been pinned, he is undefeated. 

Mack comes out and, sadly, his new friend is not TeddyLong.

The man in his corner appears to be Aron Stevens, who now has his manager’s license (so much for his swan song eh?). 

Mack and Andrews lock up in the centre and seem evenly matched. Andrews takes charge of the match until he whips Mack into the corner and he responds with a back elbow. 

Mack in control now as he bullies Andrews around the ring, then landing a big spinebuster.  

Mack is on top of Andrews and pummelling him, and after the referee enforces the break, Mack lands some corner punches before Andrews is able to land some blows. 

Stevens looks pretty calm at ringside, as Andrews continues to land hard shots on Mack. Stevens gets animated suddenly and this fires Mack up, as he gets to his feet and takes out Andrews with several blows before a powerslam for a two count. 

Andrews gets Mack on his shoulders, but Mack gets free and locks in the Euthaniser, forcing Andrews to tap out. 

Winner: Rodney Mack 

Stevens stares down Andrews as he leaves the ring, but soon switches his attention to Mack. 

An expected win for Mack here, but I am intrigued by Aron Stevens. Just what is he up to? 

Another fairly slow match, which keeps pace with this show. It’s been a fairly slow one this week it seems. Hopefully the main event delivers. 

A quick recap of Luke Hawx winning his match last week is shown, emphasising a good win and encouraging us all to watch NWA USA (we will, right after Powerrr, I promise!). 

La Rébelion v Commonwealth Connection – Lucha Rules NWA World Tag Team Championship match. 

This should be a pretty interesting match, and La Rébelion prove it by hitting suicide dives before the match even officially begun! 

They throw Williams into the ring and take him out before switching their attention to Harry, stomping him down to gain the advantage. 

Williams comes in and with his experience begins to take control of the match, locking Bestia into an arm submission before tagging in Smith, who lands a huge couple of headbutts. 

Smith slams Bestia to the mat, then tags Williams in, who continues the assault on Bestia, and taking a kick to the head for his troubles from Mecha Wolf. It doesn’t help though, as Williams is right back on top, tagging in Smith, who hits a huge delayed vertical suplex on Bestia. Mecha Wolf tries to break up the pin but Smith sees and avoids it. He tags in Williams, and an assisted flying head scissors takes Smith down. 

A couple of clotheslines take Williams down, and La Rébelion look to land the Mark of the Beast finisher, but Williams gets free, so they take him out with a double superkick. Mecha Wolf with a suicide dive through the ropes to Williams, but in the ring Bestia tries to take out Smith, but it ends with Smith powerslamming him through the mat for the three count. 

Whilst I am happy to see these two retain, it was another fairly slow match. This whole show lacked energy. Whether that was because the fans were suffering a bit of burnout or another reason I couldn’t say. 

For me, a rare off day for Powerrr, maybe NWA USA will be different. Let’s find out, shall we? 

 NWA USA starts with May Valentine backstage with Gaagz the Gymp, who she is so please to say has agreed to give her his first ever interview. 

Gaagz leans on her shoulder as she asks if he is a happy person on the inside? Gaagz stares all around as May then asks what makes him happy? He taps the horns on his mask then undoes the zip on his mask, poking his tongue out at May, then slinks away as May speaks in Portuguese out of shock. 

Thrilling start! 

Our commentary team introduce us once again, as they inform us that AJ Cazana will take on Magic Jake Dumas, and the Hex take on the newly crowned NWA Women’s World Tag Team Champions Pretty Empowered. 

But first we head to the ring as Kyle Davis introduces BLK Jeez. 

Jeez is dressed to compete, and has his “boss” Austin Idol with him (see last week’s review for more on the boss thing). 

Jeez complains about the crowd chants while Kyle asks about some news that he hears he has for them. Kyle thought he was just getting Jeez but Idol is there too, who says it’s a bonus he is here. Idol goes on a rant about how great he is (I’m only paraphrasing slightly) as Kyle asks Jeez to tell them his thoughts so that he doesn’t have to listen to Austin Idol. 

Jeez says ever since he has been here in the NWA, he’s seen success, he walked in with a plan, and as soon as the squad linked up, the TV Title came their way, and they’re killing it every week. 

He calls the crowd Knoxville nitwits, and tells them to understand what they are looking at right now is money. The crowd starts chanting things at Jeez and he asks Kyle if he is going to let them talk to him like that? Kyle says he doesn’t control them and maybe if he were nicer to them, they wouldn’t chant things he didn’t want to hear (I genuinely can’t make out what they’re chanting).