NWA Newsround 4th April 2022

Slightly delayed due to all the Wrestlemania excitement, but Paul is here once more with all the NWA news!

NWA Newsround 4th April 2022

What's up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin, Paul, back once again with another brand-new NWA Newsround! 

There are some big developments happening within the confines of NWA right now, but with some overspill into Impact Wrestling it seems between the Aldis family and the Cardona family. This week we get a World Tag Team Championship match between the Champions, La Rebelion, and The End! 

But that’s not all as we are sure to see some great action from NWA USA as well! So, without further delay, let’s dive in! 

Kyle Davis is with Matt Cardona, asking about his team being in action tonight. He says he has all the faith in the world in them, they are the greatest tag team in the world, and he is the greatest singles competitor in the world, but he says after the Crockett Cup that nearly wasn’t the case as Tim Storm got involved. Cardona goes on a long rant about Storm and how he can never be champion again.  

Cardona says though that if Storm faces him, and beats him, he will get that waived, because Billy and him are tight, as he knows he is best for business. Cardona says Nick beat Storm, and he beat Nick, and he will beat everyone as he is the Real World’s Champion. 

Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, and Tim Storm introduce us to this episode, running down the match card as ever. When they finish discussing the upcoming matches, Galli talks to Storm about Cardona’s challenge and how he never backs down from a fight. 

Storm says Cardona might want to consider why in a sport where people retire young, how an “old man” can still go. He says this old man is going to kick your ass! 

Madi v NWA World Women’s Champion, Kamille 

The two women circle each other to begin, with Madi playing some mind games with the champion. They lock up and Kamille quickly takes Madi down with a headlock takedown. Kamille whips Madi’s arm down with a wristlock and tries to control, but Madi counters and takes Kamille down to the mat, locking in a headlock. Kamille though gets to her feet and turns the tide, locking Madi in a waistlock. Madi uses the ropes to free herself then hits a flatliner for a one count. 

Madi uses a variation of an Elbow stretch to wear down Kamille, throwing her arms into the mat. Madi then stretches Kamille over the ropes, then starts chopping Kamille in the chest while still tied in the ropes. Kamille grabs her and pulls her over her head, and ties Madi in the ropes to return the favour! 

Kamille goes for a big boot, but Madi avoids it and pulls her down by her hair, laying in some stomps, getting a near fall, and then locking in a head hook submission. Kamille again fights out, and after exchanging strikes hits a back suplex, Madi pops back up though, so Kamille drops her again, then throws her into the corner for stomps, before hitting a spinning neckbreaker for a two count. 

Madi rakes the eyes, then knees Kamille in the face, hitting a reverse DDT, then her Reality Check scissor kick for a very close near fall! 

Kamille avoids a second Reality Check, and hits Madi with a spear for the win! 

Winner: Kamille 

Very impressive performance from Madi, she gave Kamille everything she could handle and could be a major player here in NWA. Props to Kamille for pulling out the win. Judging by Madi’s actions though, I think a Kamille face turn is coming. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. 

May Valentine is backstage with Pope, and asks how he is and about his Champions Series title shot? 

Pope says he feels just like everybody else felt, it's something he doesn’t agree with. He isn't cool with, but sometimes a referee gets the call wrong, and heavy is the head that wears the crown. But soon that crown will be lifted, and a new story will be told. 

May asks about Trevor Murdoch and his comments recently, and his future. Pope says he sympathises and understands where he’s coming from. When it comes to he and Trevor, they are emotional beings that wear their feelings on their shoulders. But he says to Trevor that he doesn’t want him to forget where he comes from, what's in his future, who stood with him, and who stands with him. 

Rodney Mack v Magic Jake Dumas 

Dumas begs off from the start as he wants to light his cigarette, and blows the smoke into Rodney’s face, but Mack takes it and puts it out on his tongue, then trashes the cigarette (Say no to smoking, Kids!) 

Dumas tries to get his hat again as he has another cigarette in it, but it's just a ruse to land a cheap shot on Mack. Dumas then begins to lay in some chops to Mack, but he doesn’t look bothered by them, and quickly drops Dumas with a punch. Mack then whips him into the ropes and hits a back elbow. Big back body drop out of the corner to Dumas, who bails from the ring, but Mack gives chase, and again Dumas hits a cheap shot. Dumas tries to whip Mack into the steps, but Mack reverses and Dumas hits them instead, with Mack then ramming his head into them. Mack uses the ringpost to cause more damage to Dumas, who keeps running out of the ring, but each time Mack is there to meet him. 

Mack is laying into Dumas with several strikes in the corner, with the referee pulling him off of him. While the referee is distracted, Dumas grabs his other cigarette and hat, and when the referee grabs the hat off of him, he blows the tobacco into Mack’s eyes, then rolls him up with a handful of tights for the cheap win. 

Winner: Magic Jake Dumas 

Not a particularly great match, but it served a purpose. Dumas gets a win over a bigger name and looks like a proper heel in doing so. Not really anything more I can say about this one. 

No messing around this week it seems. After a short ad break, we’re going straight into the next match! 

The Ill Begotten (Jeremiah Plunkett & Rush Freeman) v The Cardonas (Mike Knox & VSK) 

Knox and Plunkett start off, with Knox in control early on. Plunkett avoids the cheap shit in the corner and hits first, then the fight begins. Knox takes control and tags VSK in, as they whip Plunkett into the corner, and follow with a couple of splashes then an uppercut off the top.  

VSK is in control now, taunting Plunkett as he tries to get to his feet. Plunkett fights his way up, but VSK lands a neckbreaker for a two count. Knox tries to get in but the referee didn’t see the tag, so he gets out and tags in correctly. 

Knox with some heavy blows to Plunkett, followed by a vertical suplex for a two count. VSK tags back in and is suplexed onto Plunkett, followed by a moonsault/leg drop combo for a two count. VSK continues the assault, but misses a third knee drop, and Plunkett is able to tag in Rush Freeman, who cleans house, taking Knox down with a massive lariat. 

VSK gets a cheap shot though, and the Cardonas hit their double team finish for the win. 

Winners: The Cardonas 

Another win for the Cardonas, as they continue to build up heat. 

I may be biased seeing as we interviewed Jeremiah Plunkett once, but I really want to see him start to pick up some wins. I could see him being a good Television Champion, so I would love to see him build towards that. 

Kyle Davis is with Chris Adonis now, and he asks him about Thom Latimer, and the news that Strictly Business is over and done with. He says that Adonis doesn’t look surprised about this? 

Adonis says with all due respect to Latimer, he’s better as a solo act. Kyle states he has been a National Champion, and what can the fans expect from him now? 

Adonis says he’s once again going for the National Heavyweight Title, then walks off. Thrilling stuff. 

After a Fandu Belts break, May Valentine is with Cyon, and it seems Cyon asked for this time. 

He says in this sport, when you are defeated, you can either accept it and move on, or use it as motivation, learn from it and grow from it. When he lifted Tyrus onto his shoulders against his will and put him through a table and still kicking out at two plays over and over in his mind, teaching him one of life’s greatest lessons; how to use motivation in defeated physically and mentally. He accepts Tyrus’ challenge, he will slam him, they will have their rematch, and he will take the NWA Television Title from him. 

Taryn Terrell then interrupts. May asks what she wants? 

Taryn says she knows what she promised NWA but who thought Jennacide was going to leave? She doesn’t need her anyway, so she can go back to the factory and get rewired. 

When May asks about Paola, Taryn ums and ahhs, then say Paola went shopping. Taryn then makes a quick excuse and leaves. 

I don’t think I can emphasise enough just how much I dislike her... 

Nick Aldis v Deonte Marshall 

Aldis immediately on top, taking Marshall down with several blows. Marshall tries for a crossbody but Aldis catches him and slams him to the mat. 

Aldis charges Marshall in the corner but Marshall hits a back elbow, but the crossbody attempt is once again caught and Aldis transitions into a piledriver. 

Aldis locks in the Kings Lynn Cloverleaf, and Marshall taps out in record time. 

Winner: Nick Aldis 

Wrong place, wrong time for Marshall. Aldis is pissed after what happened at the PPV, so Kyle Davis asks him what's next? 

Aldis says he and Cardona have unfinished business, which doesn’t end until Cardona is in a hospital bed, and he is the Real World’s Champion. 

Short and sweet from the National Treasure, and why not? His actions more than spoke for themselves. 

La Rebelion v The End – NWA World Tag Team Championship Match 

I’m not quite sure how The End get a title match given they were knocked out of the Crockett Cup so early on, but never mind. 

#DEMBOYS, the Briscoe Brothers are on commentary for this match! This should be fun! 

Galli asks why they wanted to be on commentary? They basically say they want to see how this match goes as they are on the hunt for gold. 

The End stare down the Briscoes as they come out, and Jay see he sees them, they then talk up the abilities of La Rebelion as they come out for this match. The End jump La Rebelion before the match officially starts, with Odinson Death Valley Driving Parrow onto Bestia. Parrow calls for the bell as he pins Bestia, but only gets a two count. 

Parrow is tossing Bestia around as the Briscoes say there is a lot of beef in the ring. Vertical suplex to Bestia from Parrow earns a two count, so Parrow tags in Odinson who continues the assault. 

Bestia tries to fight out, but Odinson comes back with a European uppercut to a corner mounted Bestia, then tosses him off the top rope before tagging Parrow back in. Parrow, as ever, uses his physicality to continue to cause damage to Bestia. Culminating in an overhead slam as he catches the crossbody from Bestia. 

After a two count, Parrow tags Odinson back in, who hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Bestia, followed by some stomps as he tags Parrow back in. Big senton from Parrow, but Mecha Wolf breaks up the pin. Being quickly chased out. 

Parrow tries a chokeslam, and Bestia briefly fights back until Parrow’s second attempt lands. Parrow then attempts to powerbomb Bestia to the outside, but Bestia botches the evident attempt to use a head scissors to drag Parrow over with him. Parrow heads outside and the two trade blows. 

Bestia gets back into the ring and tries to get to his corner, but Parrow stops him by blocking it off. Mecha Wolf clubs him in the back and Bestia hits a Koji Cutter, giving him the opportunity to tag in Mecha Wolf, who cleans house on Odinson and Parrow. 

With Parrow in the corner, Mecha Wolf suplexes Bestia into him, and they then double team Odinson for a two count, which is broken up by Parrow. 

Bestia drags Odinson to his corner and tags in Mecha Wolf, but they end up eating an uppercut and dropkick from Odinson. Parrow is back in and gets Parrow up for another Death Valley Driver on to Mecha Wolf, but Bestia dropkicks the back of his knees, causing him to be essentially squashed by Parrow. 

Bestia takes out Odinson outside with a suicide dive, with Mecha Wolf on the top rope, Parrow goes up also, clubbing him in the back. 

Mecha Wolf though fights back, biting Parrow in the head, then delivering an enziguiri. Mecha Wolf hits the 450 splash for the win! 

Winners and Still NWA World Tag Team Champions, La Rebelion 

La Rebelion and the Briscoes stare each other down, with the Briscoes saying they want the belts, and anywhere they go it's their house as the show ends. 

Decent match to end the show, some good action between the two teams, with the champions looking like the underdogs due to the sheer difference in size and strength between them. Ultimately though, La Rebelion were always going to retain as they build to an eventual title match against #DEMBOYS. 

So, with Powerrr over with, let’s switch our attention now to... 

We begin NWA USA with May Valentine interviewing Kerry Morton, and asks him if he has the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship in his sights, seeing as his father Ricky, once held the same title. 

Kerry says he does, as the title holds a lot of lineage, including some of the greats of the business who went on to make high milestone, which he hopes he will do too. The NWA stands for honour and dignity. He says he is absolutely ready for it. 

Joe Galli and Velvet Sky are our commentary team this week, as they run down the card and introduce the first match of the show 

Caprice Coleman v Alex Taylor 

Before the match can begin, Danny Deals takes the mic from Kyle Davis. He talks up Alex Taylor before he enters the ring. 

Coleman strikes first with a single leg takedown, grounding Taylor and keeping him under control. Taylor gets a foot on the ropes to force the break. Taylor with a headlock but Coleman soon gets out and hits a dropkick, following up with a back elbow, body slam and a big leg drop for a two count. 

Taylor manages to turn the tide and hits a slingshot senton, then follows up with strikes to Coleman. Taylor with a cheap shot but the referee stops him, so Taylor hits a snap suplex. Taylor dumps Coleman to the outside, and Danny Deals attacks Coleman right in front of the referee, who ejects him from ringside. 

Taylor tries to keep the advantage but Coleman turns the tide in his favour. Back in the ring Taylor begs off, but Coleman sees through it and lays in a barrage of punches. Coleman hits a springboard spinning heel kick, followed by a spinning leg drop for a two count. 

Coleman goes for the Holy Trinity, but Taylor counters with a Falcon Arrow. Taylor heads to the top rope, but Coleman recovers and brings him down with a head scissors. Coleman then hits a trio of suplexes he calls the Holy Trinity for the win. 

Winner: Caprice Coleman 

Decent match. Coleman has been a good competitor for years but has mostly been a commentator in the last few years, so it’s great to see him back in the ring. He’s definitely still got it. 

May Valentine is backstage with AJ Cazana, and wants to know his thoughts ahead of his main event match with Mims later in the show? 

Cazana says he has wrestled Mims before, and he knows he is big strong, and has something most people don’t, but he’s not the legacy like he is, and when everything is said and done, he can take him to the limit and deliver the last blow to put him on the mat. 

Natalia Markova v Riley 

Riley is a 20-year-old debutant it seems, and it's her birthday. Her gift? A beating from Natalia Markova. 

Markova dominates, not giving Riley even a moment to get any offense in with a barrage of strikes, hold and grinding her head into the ropes. With Riley hung on the middle rope, Markova uses the Broncobuster, then continues throwing her around the ring. Riley dodges the Beautiful Disaster kick and gets a series of roll ups, but to no avail. 

Markova with the Beautiful Disaster, then a double underhook DDT for the win. 

Winner: Natalia Markova 

Nothing special here. Standard enhancement match for Markova. 

In the latest sixty second segment, Kenzie Paige tells us her life has revolved around wrestling, training with the best and from an early age everyone knew she would be a star. 

She eats, sleeps and breathes wrestling. She is proud to be part of the NWA, and plans to win gold. She wants everyone to remember her and think of her when they think of NWA. 

Earlier today during a routine camera test, several NWA stars were caught in an unguarded moment discussing a match to determine a number one contender for Jax Dane’s National Heavyweight Title. 

Its BLK Jeez and the Fixers discussing it. Jeez says the match with Marshe was BS, but he has their backs. He says NWA loves tag wrestling, so he proposes the Fixers v Marshe Rockett and a partner of his choice. No Tyrus, no Clearwater, and no Jeez. 

After some initial reluctance, the Fixers accept. I wonder who Marshe’s partner will be? 

Next week, Colby Corino and Ariya Daivari will be in action, as well as the Fixers. 

AJ Cazana v Mims 

Chants for Mims early on as he jostles for position with Cazana, who gets him in a waistlock, but Mims quickly reverses it and slams him down to the mat. Mims keeps Cazana grounded until he wriggles free and gets a hammerlock on Mims, delivering knees to the ribs of Mims. 

Both back up to their feet now, and Mims with a side headlock. Cazana sends him into the ropes but Mims takes him down with a shoulder tackle, shortly followed by a body slam. Mims tries a splash in the corner, but Cazana with a back elbow takes control. 

Cazana sends Mims into the corner, but Mims vaults over him and delivers a headbutt. Mims hits a spinebuster variation for a two count. 

Mims goes after Cazana, who rakes his eyes to again take control of the match. Cazana goes for a pin after some ground punches but only gets a one count. Cazana with a body slam then an elbow drop for two. 

Cazana has Mims grounded with a headlock, as Mims tries to rally the crowd. Cazana with some blows to the exposed chest of Mims a she then cinches in the headlock deeper. Mims gets to his feet and fights off Cazana, going for a sunset flip off the ropes for two before Cazana takes Mims out with a big kick. 

The two men then trade blows, but again Cazana seems to be on top with a corner splash into a nig clothesline for a two count. More blows from Cazana as he locks Mims in a headlock once more. 

Mims again starts fighting back, and eventually gets on a roll, finishing the comeback spot with a clothesline. 

Cazana with a handful of hair clubs Mims in the chest, sending him to the mat as Cazana continues to target his back. Cazana locks in a Camel Clutch. Mims tires to power out but the damage to the back is too much. Kyle Davis announces that there is only one minute left so Cazana steps up the pace and locks in the Camel Clutch again, Mims begins to fade and nearly taps but he is saved by the bell as the time limit expires.