NWA Newsround: 27th March 2022

It's time to see the fallout from the Crockett Cup! Join Paul as he runs down all this weeks action from the NWA

NWA Newsround: 27th March 2022

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back with a brand-new NWA Newsround! 

After the fantastic two-day Crockett Cup Pay-Per-View which gave us some fantastic action, NWA is back with brand-new episodes of Powerrr and NWA USA which are sure to get the pulses racing! 

There is an awful lot of fallout to come from the Crockett Cup, so let’s not waste any more time and get straight into the action! 

As usual the commentary team of Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, and Tim Storm introduce us to the show with a short round up of the Crockett Cup, as well as a roundup of what's to come, before handing over to Kyle Davis, who brings out Matt Cardona and the Cardona family. 

Kyle first congratulates Cardona on retaining the title, albeit in contentious circumstances, and asks his thoughts on his defence? 

Cardona says Mike Knox, VSK and the NWA World Heavyweight Champion are still here. Cardona says it was almost a Nashville screwjob, and calls out Time Storm, Mickie James, Doug Williams & Harry Smith, and Jeff Jarrett, for trying to take the title from him, but says he is always ready and he is still the champion. 

Cardona says he did not tap out, he was trying to get some crowd participation going. He would never quit, he’s not like Trevor Murdoch. Speaking of Trevor, he’s the guy that beat Nick Aldis, but Aldis wanted to wait until he was champion and steal his buzz. He says he doesn’t blame Aldis, but he won’t get another shot at his title. This is his title, his podium, his ring, his family and the NWA is his! They are here to save the NWA and soon everyone will thank them as they are the saviours of this company. 

After a shot ad for NWA All Access (A steal at just $49.99) Kyle Davis is with Jeff Jarrett backstage in an interview that took place immediately after the PPV. 

Kyle asks him his thoughts on the main event. 

Jarrett says the first job he had in wrestling was the concession stand, setting up the ring, and refereeing. He says his dad told him that it is the hardest, but most important job in the industry. He took that to heart, and tonight he put everything he had into it. He called it as he saw it, and when he felt the low blow, it dropped him to his knees, and the next thing he knows he turns around and sees Mickie James. He says there are no replays in professional wrestling, he’s out there doing the best he can, and was raised on NWA, he partnered with the NWA, it's in his blood. The last thing he wanted to do was taint the title match. He did his best, the match went down the way it did, and maybe he’ll get a chance to redeem himself, but Matt Cardona is the World Heavyweight Champion. 

OGK V the Briscoes 

This match always delivered in Ring of Honor, and I’m sure it’ll be no different here! 

Jay and Taven start the match, with Jay taking instant control. Taven fights back and drops Jay with a drop kick. Bennett comes in as he and Taven attempt a double team, But Jay stops it and heads outside, only for Mark to follow. Jay and Bennett back in the ring and Jay tags in Mark, who hits a nice suplex on Bennett for a two count. Some quick tags from the Briscoes keep OGK well under control.  

Mark gets caught in OGK’s corner, and Taven is tagged in as they double team Mark, ending with a missile dropkick and a two count from Taven. Jay tags in and the Briscoes are back in control. Jay throws a chair into the ring, and Mark uses it for an assisted tope suicida. 

Back in the ring Jay tries a neckbreaker on Taven but he counters and tags in Bennett. Double team from OGK put Jay down on the mat, and Bennett picks him up for the brainbuster and a two count. Jay fights his way out of the corner and tags in Mark, who takes the fight to the OGK, nailing Taven with an enziguri. Bennett whips him into the corner, but it only serves to give mark the opportunity for a flying kick on a corner bound Taven, then takes Bennett out with a suplex. 

Bennett is on the top rope, and Mark hits a sit out double arm bomb for a two count. Mark tags in Jay, who goes for the Jay Driller, but Bennett slips out and tags in Taven who cleans house on his opponents. Taven hits a cross Rhodes on Jay, who then takes a Death Valley Driver from Bennett, then a shining wizard from Taven for a two count.  

A chop battle ensures between Mark and Bennett, as the two battle it out. Superkicks all round, followed by a DDT attempt by Taven, but Jay counters into an Oklahoma Roll for the three count! 

Winners: The Briscoes 

Fantastic match to start this new season of NWA with two of the best tag teams in the world. These two teams never disappoint, and this was just another in a long line of fantastic matches. As the 2022 Crockett Cup winners, it makes sense that the Briscoes won here, but I don’t think this hurts the OGK. 

Backstage, May Valentine is with the NWA World Tag Team Champions, La Rebelion. 

May asks her reaction on the match they just saw. 

They say they don’t really care, and Mecha Wolf translates what Bestia says. He says what are the OGK even doing here? They’ve been trying so hard, and they don’t even care about them. Next week, they face The End, a great tag team, and that’s what they care about. 

May then asks who will they be facing next (they literally just said! But I assume she means for the titles?) 

Mecha Wolf says there’s been a lot of talk about the Briscoes coming after the belts, and that’s ok with them because they’re still the Tag Team Champions, and that’s all that matters. 

Trevor Murdoch v Brett Barche(?) 

I didn’t quite catch the fella’s name, but it doesn’t really matter as we all know where this is heading... 

Two minutes of kicking this poor fella’s ass all around the ring, Murdoch finishes him with a big piledriver for the win. Thanks for coming Brett. 

Winner: Trevor Murdoch 

Trevor is at the interviewer’s podium with Kyle Davis, who says it’s great to see him back in action. He says he spoke to him at the Crockett Cup, and he doesn’t seem like the Trevor he remembers. 

Trevor says: “Are you not entertained?” 

He continues by saying “Is this not what you wanted? You asked for it! I wasn’t good enough before, and now you want to talk to me, check on me, see how I'm doing? You asked for this, and this is what you're going to get. I have no more patience for this, or the horseshit I’m getting fed. You continue to feed me hacks, NWA the blood is on your hands, not mine.” 

After another short break which advertises the beautiful replica NWA World Title, we go back to Kyle Davis immediately following the Crockett Cup PPV, and he is with Mickie James and Nick Aldis. 

Kyle asks for their thoughts on the main event. Mickie starts by saying she wishes she could say she had regrets about what happened tonight, but the fact is tonight was a mistake, she didn’t and would not put her hands on Jeff Jarrett, she has nothing but love and respect for him and he knows that, she was just getting rid of Chelsea Green, her and Matt Cardona are the luckiest people on the planet, and this is far from over. 

Kyle says he’s never had to announce Aldis as not being the World Champion before. Aldis says the NWA may not have been in his family for as long as it has Jarrett’s, but for the last four years it’s been his entire life, and will run through his veins until his dying day. He says he understands his perspective and he hates how things turned out, but he doesn’t blame him. He warns the Cardona family that there is one thing that came into play and how he left with the title, blind luck. But his lucky will run out, and next time they meet, he is going to rip him limb from limb, and when he feels like it, he will take his title back, and Cardona can head back to the circus. 

Back in the now, Kyle Davis is with the NWA World Television Champion, Tyrus and Austin Idol, who is shouting his mouth off about how great Tyrus is. Kyle says he was told they have a big announcement so asks what it is? 

Idol says its none of his damn business. He asks Kyle who he thinks he is to ask him that? Idol tells Tyrus not to slap him as he’s ugly enough, then tells the crowd to shut up and listen to a genius. 

Kyle presses for him to share the announcement. Idol again says he will share when, where and how he wants, and reiterates is none of Kyle’s business. Kyle says he heard it’s about some kind of challenge. Idol says what sort of challenge? Slamming his Manster? It’s impossible, no one can do that. 

Tyrus says he cannot be taken off his feet, he cannot be moved, he dominates, and since no one anywhere will step up and challenge for the most seen title on the planet, you can google it but you don’t have to because they were on the cover of google, that’s how powerful this title is, so as a sportsman, because he gets bored easily, they boo him because they wish they could be him, he understands it hurts, and he picks on a guy in the crowd, and they just don’t get it. Everyone in the arena is 30% effort, and 70% excuses, where he is 95% effort, and 5% caring. He says anyone who can body slam him, he will give them a shot at the title. 

The commentary team talk about how they couldn’t lift him, before we head to the ring for a title match with big stipulations. 

Paola Blaze & Jennacide v The Hex – NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship 

If Blaze and Jennacide don’t win this match, they will be forced to disband as a tag team for good. 

Blaze shoves Belle to start the match before they start throwing hands. Kay is quickly tagged in and the champs go in hard on Blaze. Blaze manages to tag in Jennacide and she and Kay start duking it out. Jennacide gets a big spinebuster on Kay after a series of back-and-forth strikes. Blaze tags back in and the two land several corner strikes. The referee was slow to the count and Taryn Terrell tells him so. Jennacide comes back in and lays in a series of stomps to Kay before a one count. 

Jennacide ties Kay up centre of the ring, bending back Kay’s fingers. Kay gets a weak roll up for one but Jennacide is straight back on the attack, grounding Kay. Jennacide again prevents Kay from getting the tag to Belle, and works on her shoulder. Kay tries to fire up but Jennacide shuts her down. After a quick boot to Jennacide, Kay is put in the tree of woe as her opponents continue to attack. Blaze comes in and misses a meteora, giving Kay the opportunity to tag in a fired-up Marti Belle. 

Belle cleans house, planting Blaze face first into the canvas, but Jennacide breaks up the pin and drags Blaze to the corner to tag in. Belle attempts to take out Jennacide, but she can’t, and Jennacide plants her in her corner, putting her on the top rope. Blaze tags in with Belle on Jennacide’s shoulders as she hits a TKO. She goes for the pin, but she’s not the legal woman. Blaze ushers her out and instantly gets rolled up by Belle for the win! 

Looks like they're done as a tag team then. JEnnacide leaves both Terrell and Blaze in the ring. 

Decent match, but I still don’t rate Paola Blaze very much. I’d like to see Jennacide get a big singles push now, as she could be a real threat to Kamille’s Women’s Title. Another successful title defence for The Hex means they continue to build the prestige of their titles. 

After another break where they plug NWA All Access, May Valentine is backstage with the new NWA National Heavyweight Champion, Jax Dane. 

May congratulates him on his win but says Mayweather deserves better. 

Jax says he doesn't care what the fans or Mayweather want. Does Mayweather deserve better? No, because he was the weak link, and the one who continued to let him down, so he did exactly what he told the world he was going to do. So, you can bury Mayweather, because he murdered him. They carried him out of the building, and he left with the title. Unlike anyone else, Dane’s mouth writes checks his ass can cash. He tells May she is welcome for his time. 

Back to the interviewer’s podium and Kyle is with Thom Latimer and the NWA World Women’s Champion, Kamille. 

Kyle says he’s heard the rumour backstage so he’s guessing that’s why they’re out here. He asks them to clarify if Strictly Business is done? 

Latimer confirms that the faction is done. All good things must come to an end. He was sat at home, and he realised he doesn’t need anybody, he writes his own destiny and is too talented to be held back, so it's not “Strictly Business”, it’s personal. The only person he needs is his beautiful fiancée, Kamille. 

Kamille says she told Thom to get rid of Chris Adonis a long time ago. She knows Latimer is strong and all, but you can only carry dead weight for so long. It’s tiring on the body and he needs to be fresh and ready, because it's his time to be the star, and for everyone listening backstage, its them against everyone. 

The commentary team discuss what the duo of Latimer and Kamille just said, before we head to the ring for the main event! 

Homicide v Austin Aries – NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship 

See I distinctly remember J Spade winning a match to get the FIRST shot at the Junior Heavyweight Championship, and yet here we are with Austin Aries getting the first shot. So much for consistency! 

They circle each other before locking up, Homicide gets a headlock takedown three times which is countered each time by a head scissors from Aries. 

As they lock up, Aries with a headlock takeover, but Homicide rolls him up three straight times for a two count. Aries attempts a brainbuster but homicide slips out and rolls him up for two. Homicide then tosses him outside the ring and they continue the fight around the ringside area. Homicide uses his usual array of dirty tricks to gain an advantage. 

Aries is on the top rope and Homicide follows him up going for a Koji Cutter, but Aries pushes him down and hits a rolling elbow for a two count. 

Aries takes charge from here and stomps Homicide in the corner. Homicide fights out and whips Aries into the corner, but Aries avoids the following charge and takes out Homicide with a Side Ukrainian Leg Sweep (which Aries says he wants to call it in support of Ukraine, who we are fully in support of also!) 

Aries follows up with an elbow to the head, then locks in a neck crank. Homicide gets to his feet and fights his way out, then goes for a Koji Cutter again, but Aries avoids it and the two men crash into each other. They trade blows in the middle of the ring, with Homicide coming out on top and hitting a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count.  

Aries tries to get Homicide up for the brainbuster but Homicide counters into the Koji Cutter, but Aries gets his foot on the ropes at two. 

Homicide locks in an STF, as Aries tries to crawl to the ropes, which he reaches, so Homicide releases the hold. Aries rolls out of the Cop Killa, and rolls Homicide up after a rolling fivearm for a two count. Aries locks in the Last Chancery, but Homicide just reaches the ropes! 

Aries throws Homicide out to the apron, and tries to go for a Death Valley Driver, but Homicide gets back in the ring. Aries though spears him through the ropes then snaps his neck on the ropes, and follows up with a corner dropkick, then a brainbuster, but Homicide gets his foot on the ropes at two! 

Aries heads up top, but Homicide knocks him off balance. Homicide head up top and hits an Avalanche Koji Cutter for the win! Homicide retains! 

Really great match, these two are experienced hands so were always going to deliver the goods. Homicide gets to continue his reign, and Aries presumably moves to the back of the line for a title shot. 

Overall, a really good episode of Powerrr. A lot of good story advancement and some really good matches made this a great start to the new season. As mentioned earlier, I would like to see Jennacide move into singles competition now, and I think La Rebelion’s time as Tag Team Champions could be coming to an end with some really strong teams making a play for the titles now. 

With that, let's move on over to... 

Kyle Davis opens the show with Homicide, saying that the first season was all about the path to the title, but now we have a new champion, and asks him how he feels to be the new NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion? 

Homicide says he is happy and privileged to be the new champion. He asks Kyle to feel how heavy this belt is. He says everyone talks about the ten pounds of gold, but it's all about the 1.8.7 pounds of gold now. This is the future, and no offense to people in the past, but he represents everything the title means. He says he is going to be the champion for a long time. 

Joe Galli and Velvet Sky introduce us to the new season of NWA USA, as they tell us Marshe Rockett will take on Jay Bradley for the number one contendership of the National Heavyweight Title, Kerry Morton will be in action, and Homicide will defend the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship against the Ambassador of British Wrestling, Doug Williams (J Spade’s title match seemingly forgotten about again...) 

Doug Williams v Homicide – NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship

Second defence of the week for Homicide. 

They start with a fist bump, and apparently Homicide has stated he will not do non-title matches, in every match he has the title will be on the line. How very noble. 

Technical start from both men. Williams has control of the wrist, but Homicide tries to counter. He catches the leg and takes Williams down, but he is quickly back to his feet. 

They lock up again and Homicide puts him in the corner, and bites Williams's ear. Williams is quickly back on top though, controlling the arm. Arm drag takedown from Homicide gets a one count. Williams hits a European uppercut off the top rope onto Homicide. 

Williams whips homicide into the corner and hits a clothesline, followed by an exploder suplex for a two count. Williams then locks in a Rings of Saturn type submission hold, but Homicide is able to reach the ropes with his foot. 

Williams on the offensive but Homicide fires back. Homicide eventually goes down after an uppercut. Williams goes for the Chaos Theory, but Homicide grabs the tag rope, and then hits the Koi Cutter for a two count. Homicide follows up with the Northeast Bomb (sort of a combination of a fisherman’s/exploder suplex) for the win. Homicide retains once again. 

Decent match, but it was obvious Homicide wouldn’t lose here. That said, I’m always glad to see Doug Williams in action, he fully deserves his moniker as the Ambassador of British Wrestling. Nice touch from Homicide helping Williams up at the end and showing respect. But, despite all this, once again J Spade has been overlooked as he was supposed to get the first shot at the title, whereas now he seems to be way down the pecking order.  

Still, at least this way he has more chance of winning it, I guess... 

We now get sixty seconds with a surprise new roster member it seems, Caprice Coleman! 

He says he has been part of this sport for 27 years, honing his craft and helping others become who they are. He realised that the things he has been teaching people, he can do at a high level. 

He has a rookie body, a veteran mind, a silver tongue, he’s the ageless one. He's the show-stopping, crowd-popping, body rocking, pulse pounding, heart racer, the handsome faced heart breaker. 

He’s the man with the style, the grace, the shape, and the face. He’s an innovator. Crowd motivator, commentator, complicator. He’s more devastating than a space modulator. People look at him and say he doesn’t age. Can you imagine a man that is able to do what he was able to do years ago with the mindset he has? The NWA has welcomed him here, now he’s home; he has watched this since he grew up, now it’s time for him to change the game! 

Might have been only sixty seconds, but it took me about ten bloody minutes to get all that down! 

Still, it’ll be good to see Caprice Coleman in the ring again, always impressed me in ROH. 

Kerry Morton v Gustavo Aguilar 

So, it’s the “Future Legend” versus the “Latin Lover”. I’m sensing a quick win for Morton here... 

Aguilar charges right at Morton from the bell, but Mortin avoids it and rolls him up for two. Aguilar tries an arm drag, but Morton stops it, throws him into the ropes and hits a back elbow. 

Morton follows up with a corner elbow, followed by a delayed vertical suplex. Morton charges Aguilar in the corner, but he gets the boot up, and gets a two count after a sunset flip. 

Morton with a quick stiff dropkick, Aguilar follows up looking for a tilt a whirl head scissors, but Morton counters with a discus forearm. Massive “Kiss it Goodbye” knee strike from Morton! It’s over! 

Winner: Kerry Morton 

Wow, that was fast! Kerry Morton finished him off in record time, and looked good doing it. Aguilar wasn’t buried here though, and came out looking good in this short match. Great stuff. 

After a Fandu Belts break, May Valentine is once again with Jax Dane, and asks him how he feels about tonight's number one contender's match? 

Dane says how do you think he feels? What has either man done to deserve a shot at his title? Nothing. He’s not sure if it’s the Corgan Conspiracy, he’s been dealing with it since day one, but neither of those guys have climbed the ladder enough to step into the Dane Event for the NWA National Title. He doesn’t want this match as neither man deserves the opportunity, but if his legal representation makes him move forward due to contractual obligation, he’ll do what he has to do, but neither man is in his league, and don’t deserve the opportunity. 

Joe Galli tells us we don’t want to miss next week's Powerrr as La Rebelion will defend the Tag Team Titles against The End, The Cardona’s take on the Ill Begotten, and on NWA USA, Caprice Coleman makes his debut, and in the main event Mims takes on AJ Cazana, but now it's time for this week's Main Event. 

Jay Bradley v Marshe Rockett 

Hmmm heel versus heel to take on a heel champion? Interesting... 

Oh! Joe Galli has just addressed the J Spade issue! Apparently due to travel issues he was not able to make it to the arena to take his shot at Homicide’s title, so it will take place on a future episode. Galli praises Madusa and Tim Storm for their work on NWA USA, and references how they are strictly enforcing rules on in NWA USA, hence why Legursky is not out with Jay Bradley, as he is not an officially licensed manager. 

Bradley and Rockett lock up, with Bradley getting the first hold, but Marshe quicky fights back. Bradley has a double knuckle lock on Rockett, keeping him down, but again Rockett fights back and gets a headlock on Bradley.  

Bradley shoves him into the corner and charges but Rockett jumps over him. Bradley gets a boto up to a charging Rockett, and hits a shoulder tackle off the middle rope. With a waist lock applied to Rockett, Bradley gets an elbow to the face, before delivering one of his own, then hitting a backbreaker on Rockett for a two count. 

Bradley pulls Rockett to his feet, but he counters with a jawbreaker, then lays in a flurry of strikes, before Bradley throws Rockett to the mat, and delivering a diving headbutt for a two count. 

Bradley gets Rockett on his shoulders, and say this next one is for Velvet and blows her a kiss. He dumps Rockett on the mat and goes up top, but Rockett quickly pulls him off the top rope, then hits a missile dropkick. 

Rockett is in control now, delivering punches to Bradley, followed by a corner splash. Rockett goes for a suplex, but Bradley blocks and goes for his own, but Rockett lands on his feet and hits a superkick. Rockett charges at Bradley, but he gets Rockett up and delivers a huge slam. The referee is about to count the three, but BLK Jeez puts Rockett’s foot on the ropes. The referee sees this however and tries to talk to Jeez, it turns into an argument, and Bradley gets in the referee’s face, so the referee disqualifies them both! Legursky comes out to stand with Bradley as Rockett is helped backstage by Jeez.