NWA Newsround 25th September 2022

Paul is back after a busy week to provide all the action from this weeks NWA offerings!

NWA Newsround 25th September 2022

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, coming to you once again, live and in colour (sort of) with a brand-new NWA Newsround! 

With last week being ridiculously busy I did not have a chance to even watch NWA, so I am playing catch up. 

It seems like everything is gathering pace though as we head towards Hard Times 3 in November, so let’s get straight to it and find out what happened this week! 

Dak Draper v Brian Myers – NWA National Heavyweight Championship Semi Final Match 

The tournament to determine a new number one contender to Cyon’s title continues with this match, with the winner advancing to the final of the tournament. 

Draper starts well, but with Myers being the “Most Professional Wrestler”, you can never count him out for too long. 

Draper though, to his credit, seems to have an answer to everything Myers throws at him, causing him to roll out of the ring to gather his thoughts. Draper goes out after him, but this is a trap from Myers who uses the ropes to his advantage to put himself in control. 

Myers is in full control, picking apart Draper with targeted attacks to his limbs, then grounding him with a headlock. Draper fights out and gives himself some breathing room, and very nearly secures the win. Myers though fights his way back and tries to secure the win by using the ropes for leverage, but the referee sees this, and seconds later, Draper rolls up Myers for the win! 

Draper will face either Magic Jake Dumas or Chris Adonis in the final. Decent opening contest here, nothing offensive, just a nice little appetiser to go into the show with. 

Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, and Tim Storm talk about what is coming up on Powerrr this week, with Adonis set to face Dumas, and they discuss Bully Ray’s search for a tag team partner to take on the Cardonas. 

As the intro finishes, Joe Galli is shown with Bully Ray in the arena before the show begins and asks him about his match with the Cardonas and if he was able to find a tag team partner. 

Bully says he thought he had the perfect partner lined up, but they said no. He’s not the most popular person in the industry, but he got to where he is for a reason. Cardona challenged him, and if he has to go it alone, he will. He never backs down, and will do what he has to do. 

May Valentine is then backstage with Mike Knox and Matt Cardona, and asks for their thoughts on Bully’s comments and their match tonight? 

Cardona says not only is he Alwayz Ready, but he is always a professional. Knox and VSK can handle themselves, and while he will be at ringside cheering them on, he promises he won’t get physically involved (Yeah right...) 

May asks Knox if the animosity towards Bully Ray is because he can’t accept that he lost to him at NWA 74? 

Knox asks why everyone keeps saying he lost, and are not seeing the bigger perspective; He hit Bully ten times with a chain, five times with a chair, and beat him all around the ring, with Bully begging him to get off him, that is not a loss as the segment ends. 

Calling it now, Trevor Murdoch will be Bully’s partner in this match. 

Kyle Davis then speaks to us from the NWA Control Room, and confirms that Trevor Murdoch will defend the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship against Matt Cardona at NWA Hard Times. Also, due to Rolando Freeman’s successes recently, the Spectaculars will face the NWA United States Tag Team Champions, The Fixers, for the titles at Hard Times.  

Kyle then informs us that there is a rumour that a certain, unnamed NWA Champion is planning to do some international travel, involving in ring action, but as yet there is no word on who that is. 

Magic Jake Dumas v Chris Adonis – NWA National Heavyweight Championship Semi Final Match 

Magic Jake Dumas has been steadily building his reputation for a while now, whereas it seems Adonis has been treading water a little recently, so this should be good as both men have something to prove. 

Adonis gets the upper hand early on, but Dumas does not back down, offering a test of strength, which Adonis accepts, and quickly wins.  

With Dumas down on his knees, he kicks himself free and tries to control the wrist of Adonis, transitioning into a headlock. Dumas then takes advantage and stomps Adonis in the corner, but Adonis quickly turns it around and takes Dumas down with a back elbow. 

Adonis seems to be in control, but Dumas backs him into the corner and delivers some shoulders to the mid-section, turning the momentum back in his favour. 

Dumas gets a close near fall after a side Russian leg sweep, and Dumas calls for the Master Lock! Adonis breaks the hold, and takes Dumas sown with a flying shoulder tackle into a spinebuster for a near fall. 

Adonis appears to be in control, but Dumas turns the tables again, heading up top. Adonis tries to cut him off, and locks in a Master Lock on the second rope, but Dumas knocks him down.  

Dumas pulls a playing card out of his pocket, but he takes too long, and Adonis pulls him down into the Master Lock, and despite his attempts to use the card, he succumbs to the Master Lock, giving Adonis the win. 

Personally, I would have preferred a Magic Jake Dumas win here, but it was not to be. It was a decent match though. 

Backstage we go again with May Valentine as she is with Marshe Rockett, Jordan Clearwater, and BLK Jeez. 

May asks how they plan to overcome the dominance of the Fixers to claim the United States Tag Team Titles? 

Clearwater tells May to look at him, as he is the most physically dominant competitor in the NWA, he is 240lbs of pure gold. 

Rockett says he is the hybrid athlete of the NWA, and that The Fixers are not Gold Rushhh. 

May asks Jeez for his thoughts on Tyrus using his “Lucky Seven” shot to vacate the TV Title in order to challenge for the Ten Pounds of Gold? 

Jeez says he’s not thrilled. Tyrus made the TV Title the most seen and sought-after title in wrestling. He likes the idea of going after the World Title, but why not be “Two Title Tyrus”? 

He says that they do things as a team, and he feels that Tyrus will be the next NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion. 

Wait, I’m confused. Has Tyrus cashed in his opportunity? Nothing official has been said. More on this when we get it. 

Joe Ocasio v Marshe Rockett v Eric Jackson 

Who doesn’t love a random, thrown together out of nowhere, triple threat match now and then? 

Not this writer! 

Ocasio tries to from an alliance with Jackson, but it was just a ploy to knock him out cold with a kick to the back of the head. Ocasio then goes after Rockett, but he shuts him down quick. 

Jackson comes back and hits a crossbody off the top rope to Rockett, then attempts to dive through the ropes onto him, but Rockett cuts this off. 

Ocasio and Jackson then double suplex Rockett into the ring, with Jackson then following up with a sling blade on Ocasio, who counters with a headbutt, into a gutbuster for a two count. 

Ocasio tries to take out Rockett, but he gets taken down with a huge dropkick, followed by a Rockett Kick to Jackson for the win. 

A very quick match here, really not much to say about it. It was obviously put together to give Rockett an impressive looking win. I’m not sure it worked. Tim Storm was apparently called away to deal with something in his role as NWA USA commissioner during this match. I wonder if we will find out what that is all about? 

Backstage again to May Valentine, who is with Ricky and Kerry Morton, and she asks them how they feel about The Fixers reaching out to them to make peace? 

Ricky says he learned a long time ago in this business to never trust anybody, because they’re all after the same gold. 

Kerry says he agrees, and wonders if the reason they’re making peace is because they’re afraid the Morton boys will beat them again, but he says if The Fixers are cool with them, then they are cool with The Fixers. 

Mike Knox & VSK v Bully Ray & ??? 

The Cardonas comes out first, heading to the ring looking very confident. 

Bully Ray comes out next, and it seems he hasn’t found a tag team partner. Cardona goads him, saying he has no friends here, as the match begins. Looks like it’s a handicap match. 

VSK tries to control the wrist of Bully Ray, but he clocks him and takes him down, then begins hitting some hard chops to VSK. Bully is dominating VSK, then goes after Knox. VSK tries to take advantage, but Bully shuts him down. Cardona distracts Bully long enough for VSK to tag in Knox, who turns the tables on the former Dudley boy. 

Cardona interferes while the referee’s back is turned as the Cardonas take control of the match, utilising frequent tags to control Bully Ray, who tries to fight back, but to no avail. 

VSK makes a mistake leading to an opening for Bully Ray, as Knox is tagged in, hitting a big boot TO THE FACE!!! Of Bully Ray. 

The two big men then take each other down with clotheslines, as Thom Latimer runs out to get into the match. It’s still a tag team match, so the referee allows it, and Bully tags in Latimer! I guess I was wrong, it’s not Trevor Murdoch! 

Latimer is in control, taking down both Knox and VSK, clotheslining Knox over the ropes, then hits a pop up powerbomb on VSK for the win! 

Bully Ray is shocked as Thom Latimer offers him a hand and pulls him up as the show ends. 

Another good story driven match, which in NWA they do really well. While some of the action might seem basic, the stories that each match tell are what carries them. NWA do this really well. 

This was a good episode of Powerrr, and it will be interesting to see what happens with Thom Latimer going forward. 

I’m rooting for Dak Draper to win the National Title Tournament, as I think it would be really good for NWA to build a new star in him. Adonis would lose nothing in defeat to him, whereas a win for Draper and subsequent title shot against Cyon would do wonders for him. It’s still a shame he’s not facing Magic Jake Dumas though. 

With Powerrr all wrapped up, let’s move on to NWA USA. 

The Fixers v Gold Rushhh – NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match 

USA starts strong this week, as The Fixers attempt to make their first defence of their newly won titles. 

Legursky and Clearwater start off, and the fans are behind The Fixers, despite Clearwater’s claims that no one cares. 

Clearwater tries to gain the upper hand but Legursky soon puts a stop to that. He then tags Jay Bradley in, who rams Clearwater’s head into Legursky’s armpit... 

Rockett gets tagged in, but it doesn’t change Gold Rushhh’s fortunes any, as The Fixers continue to dominate. Bradley heads up top, but Jeez distracts him long enough for Rockett to avoid the intended splash. 

Gold Rushhh start to build some momentum now, as Clearwater throws Bradley into the corner chest first. A scoop slam/Knee drop combo follows for a nearfall. 

Gold Rushhh continue to build some momentum, with Rockett hitting Bradley with a powerslam. They isolate Bradley from Legursky, but Clearwater gets too cocky and Bradley reverses a suplex attempt. Bradley gets to his corner and in comes the Wrecking Ball! 

Legursky cleans up, throwing everyone in the ring on top of Clearwater. Rockett fights back, but The Fixers hit their double powerbomb for the win. 

There was no threat of a title change here in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t great to see The Fixers retain. Hopefully they have a good long reign as inaugural champions. 

This episode sees a number one contender to the Junior Heavyweight Championship decided as well as the final entrant to the National Title tournament final. 

After the opening credits, we are shown an “Earlier today” segment as Joe Galli speaks to the NWA World Television Champion, Tyrus, in an empty arena. 

Joe says that he understands Tyrus has some things to get off his chest, and that everyone remembers the brutal war he went through with Trevor Murdoch at NWA 74. 

Tyrus cuts in and tells Joe he knows he wants to say it; That Trevor Murdoch beat him at NWA 74. He says it's all anyone wants to talk about. 

Joe says that’s not what he wanted to ask at all, Tyrus has answered those questions already. He wants to know what's next for Tyrus? 

Tyrus says there is no next. He was undefeated, he sold out the arena, he flew in his family, his mentor was there. Trevor Murdoch may have pinned him, but he didn’t beat him. He was down, had nothing left, Jeez was telling him to do it, and Tyrus made the biggest mistake he ever made; He hesitated. He wants to do it the right way. He says the right way to do it would have been to plant the ring bell so hard in his head he would still be asleep, and they’d be calling him “Two Strap Tyrus”. 

 But they’re not. He hasn’t spoken to his family, or answered is phone. There's only one thing for him, and that’s to get another shot, and if he has to give up the thing he loves most... Dusty Rhodes was his mentor, the TV Title was his, and when he saw Pope smiling down the hallway with it, it was all he thought about, and he should have been content to be the greatest TV Champion in NWA history. But the funny thing about Championships, is there is really only one, the Ten Pounds of Gold, and he blew his shot. 

He tells us this is a life lesson; Sometimes you have to give up what you love the most, to get what you want.” 

 Tyrus is cashing in his “Lucky Seven” title opportunity to put himself in the main event match at Hard Times! The World Title match is now a triple threat match! 

Wow! I did not see that coming! Tyrus had always said he would never cash in that title, but it seems he is desperate to get his hands on the Ten Pounds of Gold! 

Kyle Davis appears in the control centre and confirms that Tyrus has indeed cashing in the TV Title for a shot at the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship, and the match is confirmed for Hard Times. 

As for the TV Title, a tournament will be held to crown a new champion, and Tyrus will hold on to the title itself until a new champion is crowned. 

Judais (w/ Father James Mitchell) v ThrillBilly Silas (w/ Pollo del Mar) – NWA National Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi Final 

I can see this being a dominant victory for Judais. 

Thirty seconds into this match and it appears I am dead wrong; Silas is giving as good as he gets, and is actually slugging it out on an equal footing with Judais! This is unexpected. Judais may actually have to work for this victory, 

Judais rams Silas’ head into all four corners of the ring, then hits clubbing blows across the chest of Silas before choking him with the ring apron. 

Pollo helps her man to his feet, and gives Judais a few choice words, giving Silas the opportunity to hang Judais on the ropes. Silas then whips him into the corner and hits a back suplex, followed by an elbow drop for a near fall. 

Father James Mitchell does not look happy at ringside, as Judais and Silas duke it out in the centre of the ring. Judais eventually comes out on top and hits a fallaway slam, but only gets a one count! 

Judais hits a big boot on Silas then heads up top, and hits a flying clothesline. Judais goes for the chokeslam and hits it, but doesn’t capitalise on the pin as Silas rolls out of the ring. Mitchell tries to interfere, but Pollo stops him. 

Back in the ring, Judais charges at Silas, but he counters into the Thrill Ride and gets the win! 

I did NOT see that coming at all!  

Silas Mason reaches the final and will face Dak Draper and Chris Adonis for the right to challenge Cyon for the NWA National Heavyweight Championship at hard Times. 

I think most people would have expected Judais to win this match, but that was not the case.  

As for the match itself, it was pretty good. The interaction between the two managers at ringside made for an interesting dynamic. Maybe we’ll see more of this in the future? 

Backstage, May Valentine is with Anthony Mayweather. 

She says he has had many ups and downs this year, but she senses that now he is focused on becoming champion? 

He agrees, and says 20222 has been a hell of a year. Before he goes any further, he notices Chris Silvio trying to hide in plain sight, and says if he has anything to say to him, stop spying on him and say it to his face. 

Silvio tells Mayweather not to accuse him of espionage, and if he wants to listen to his “little promo” he will, so tells him to make his point. 

Mayweather says Silvio is like an ass pimple that won’t go away. He wants nothing to do with him or Jax Dane, as he is focused on entering the TV Title Tournament. He tells Silvio to get his life partner, Jax Dane, go get a beer, some popcorn, and watch him do what he does. 

Silvio says the difference between Mayweather and Dane is the fact that Mayweather has no one by his side who actually likes him or wants to see him succeed. To him, he’s more like Fairweather. Sometimes he’s here, sometimes he’s not, but you know who is in the tournament? Jax Dane, as he was the first to sign up. 

Silvio begins to lament Mayweather for lying, and this tips Mayweather over the edge, and he grabs Silvio. Suddenly, security descends on the scene to break it up as the segment ends. 

This feud is far from over! 

Joe Alonzo v PJ Hawx v Colby Corino v Mike Bennett v Kerry Morton v Peter Avalon – Scramble Match for the #1 Contendership to the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship 

Boy, this is going to be tough to write up! 

Avalon hasn’t been seen in NWA for some time, since he signed with AEW more than likely. It’s the first time I can recall seeing him on NWA TV since I started these reviews over 18 months ago. 

Avalon does his “Pretty” Peter shtick before nailing Hawx with a superkick, the knocking Bennett out of the ring. 

From here it is a revolving door in a sense, as the two people in the ring rotate as each man looks to get some form of offence in. It’s very had to keep track of, I won’t lie. 

PJ Hawx gets the first nearfall on Corino, but Avalon comes back in and they double team Hawx. PJ fights back, taking out Corino, but no such luck with Avalon. 

Bennet comes back in and trades blows with Avalon, with Bennett seemingly coming out on top, until Avalon hits a kick to the gut. Bennett though won’t be stopped and suplexes Avalon, but Corino hits Bennett with a flying knee. Corino charges at Avalon, who gets the boot up, but Corino hits the Colby Crash on Avalon, right on top of Bennett. 

PJ Hawx comes back in and goes after Corino, with both men ending up outside as Joe Alonzo hits a suicide dive to the duo. He then battles with Morton in the ring as both men try to secure the win, Alonzo nearly gets it, but Morton counters and hits the Kiss it Goodbye to take the win. 

This was the right result in my opinion. 

After what went down at NWA 74, this will be Kerry Morton’s redemption, and I am almost certain he will emerge from Hard Times as the new NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion. 

The match itself was fine, multi man matches like this are always tough to get anything out of though, as they’re essentially designed for a quick finish with lots of high impact moves. It served its purpose and gave everyone moments to shine, and gave Morton the all-important win. 

Some really good stuff from NWA this week.  

As one tournament nears its end, so we have another one lined up for the now vacant World Television Title. With Tyrus cashing in the “Lucky Seven” opportunity it adds another layer to the triple threat match at Hard Times, as well as an interesting dynamic. 

I’m still hoping Dak Draper win the National Title Tournament, but I will be happy as long as it’s not Chris Adonis, as it’s time to build new stars, which Draper and ThrillBilly almost certainly can, and will, be. 

And it was great to see The Fixers get their first successful title defence, so here’s hoping we see more of that. 

That’s all from me this week, next week’s episode is a PowerrrSurge special, and in a change to the regular schedule this will be reviewed this Wednesday as I will be away next weekend working at the Doncaster Dome for 1PW: A New Twist of Fate! We hope to see you there! 

Thanks for reading, and we will see you at the matches!