NWA Newsround: 22nd May 2022

NWA Alwayz Ready is just around the corner, and Paul is here with all this week's action

NWA Newsround: 22nd May 2022

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back once more with another brand-new NWA Newsround!  

With Alwayz Ready just a couple of weeks away, the action is ramping up as the NWA gears up for what will surely be a fantastic PPV event. As always there is a lot of action to get through this week, so let’s dive in, shall we?  

The show begins with a recap of a “media opportunity” that took place after last week's six-man tag match, with Nick Aldis and Matt Cardona having a war of words, and Nick Aldis proposed a steel cage match at Alwayz Ready. Nick says he has had to use every bit of restraint he has to stop himself from throttling him after he put his hands on his wife, but he wants the NWA World Title more than he wants to put Cardona in hospital. Cardona though countered with a match stipulation of his own, and being the self-proclaimed Deathmatch King, proposed a Deathmatch.   

It appears that no decision has been made as yet, but the NWA Board of Directors and Billy Corgan are working to resolve this.  

As ever we are introduced to this week’s show by the “Voice of the NWA” Joe Galli, who is joined by Tyrus and Austin Idol. Mickie James takes on Natalia Markova in the main event, as well as The Hex in action and a Team War match.  

Austin Idol then goes on one of his rants...  

Joe throws it over to Kyle Davis at the interviewer's podium, and he calls out Pope and Trevor Murdoch.  

Pope says he wants to talk to Trevor, so calls him out.   

Pope says he just wants Trevor to listen. They go back a way, they’re friends and brothers. But some way as he sits and watches Trevor’s actions, he is concerned. Somewhere along the way it looks like he is losing focus. Trevor has a guaranteed rematch for the title, and he gets somewhere along the way he was scarred and wounded, but the scab will never heal if he keeps picking at it.  

Pope tells him to remember the people who stand with him and willed him on to the championship, and not to forget what they stand for; Tradition. He carries the legacy of the former NWA World Champions, and if Harley Race was here, he would slap the hell out of him while slapping fire back into him. Pope says Harley would tell him the three “R’s”; Refocus, Recommit and Reclaim.  

After listening to him, Trevor Murdoch just walks away without any response.  

After a short ad break, we head to the ring for tonight's first match  

The Hex v Madi & Kenzie Paige – NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship  

Initially this was to be a non-title match, but it seems that Madi and Kenzie are now getting an opportunity to win the gold against the dominant team of The Hex as Billy Corgan decided to make it a title match.  

Kenzie tries to muscle Allysin Kay around unsuccessfully, and the two then trade holds for a spell. It's a fast-paced match as the two try to get the upper hand. Madi is tagged in and berates Kenzie, but Allysin Kay soon shuts her up, tagging in Marti Belle as the champions double team her.  

Belle and Madi trade shots until Belle hits a reverse Russian Leg Sweep for a two count.  

Madi distracted the referee and uses hairspray to blind Belle, then attempts to take the advantage, but Belle doesn’t give in that easily. Kenzie and Madi try to take advantage once more but Belle wasn’t born yesterday. Kenzie throws Belle into the corner and stomps her down, tagging in Madi, who continues to stomp down Madi. Again, the referee is distracted and Kenzie is tagged in, but Belle makes the tag to Allysin Kay. Naturally, Kay then cleans house, and they go for Hex marks the Spot, but Madi grabs the leg of Belle, and Kenzie rolls up Kay for a two count. Madi throws a chair into the ring and encourages Kenzie to use it, as Belle attacks her on the outside. Kenzie seems to not want to use the chair, and in the confusion, Kay rolls her up and secures the pin.  

A bit of a confusing match, but it seems that there is a lot of disagree8ment between Madi and Kenzie Paige. I feel like Kenzie needs to continue to push forward in the singles ranks, as she continues to get better each week.  

After another ad break, we had backstage as Velvet Sky is on interview duty this week it seems, talking with Taryn Terrell (here we go...)  

Velvet says that she understands Taryn has a big announcement.  

Taryn says how did Velvet go from commentating to being a backstage interviewer? She mocks her for her perceived “demotion”, and Velvet takes a second to recompose before asking for the big announcement?  

Taryn talks at a million miles an hour as ever, and says everyone is going to lose their minds.  

Velvet looks like she is about to lose her shit, and asks her once more what the surprise is? But Taryn says she can’t tell her because she is “just a backstage interviewer now”. Velvet mocks her “Byeeeee” shtick, and Taryn says that’s not how you say it.  

Velvet deserves better than this...  Hopefully this is the beginning of her return to the ring.

Colby Corino v AJ Cazana  

Colby starts fast with a rolling axe kick, and is quickly on top of Cazana. He trash talks Cazana as he stomps him all around the ring. He tries a standing 360 senton, but in his overconfidence he doesn’t notice Cazana roll away.   

Cazana then takes the advantage, tossing Colby down to the mat face first. Cazana continues to land hard shots on Colby, but Colby manages to roll through a bod drop attempt into a sunset flip, then a stomp to the chest.  

Colby is back in control, and methodically starts to pick apart Cazana, using his speed to his advantage. Colby is getting cocky, and tries a sunset flip again, but this time Cazana is ready and hits him with a spinebuster for two. Cazana gets Colby in the powerbomb position, but Colby uses a head scissors to send him over the top rope, and as Cazana is getting through the ropes, Colby hits a superkick, then heads up top.  

Big double stomp to the back of Cazana and this one is over.  

Winner: Colby Corino  

Good win for Colby over a larger opponent, and his build towards a shot at the Junior Heavyweight Championship continues. Cazana has a lot of potential and will be a big star for the NWA in years to come.  

After a recap of last week’s NWA USA we head back to the interviewer's podium as the Briscoe’s are with Kyle Davis.   

Kyle says they came so close to winning the tag team titles, so where do they go from here?  

Mark says it was the luckiest three seconds of La Rebelion's lives when they pinned Jay, but DEMBOYS are always coming for them, they have the titles, but tag team action is what they do better than anyone.  

Jay reiterates their luck, and he isn't sure when or where, but they will fight again. The titles aren't safe, hold them tight when you go to bed, hold them tight any chance you get, and give them a kiss before bed time and say prayers with them because it won't be long until the Briscoe’s take those titles.  

Last time they got lucky, but next time their luck runs out.  

Austin Idol goes on another rant on commentary about Tyrus, while Joe Galli informs us that next week sees the return of PowerrrTrip!  

Team War Match: The Ill Begotten (Rush Freeman, Jeremiah Plunkett, Alex Taylor) v The End & NWA National Heavyweight Champion, Jax Dane v Gold Rushhh (BLK Jeez, Marshe Rockett, Jordan Clearwater)  

Team War for those who are unaware is a nine-man elimination match. One man from each team in the ring at the same time, no tagging in or out. There has also been a rule change that Joe Galli informs us of, which is that one member of each team must be in the ring when the bell rings, after the Fixers tried to fashion an advantage at the Crockett Cup.  

The match is fast paced with people flying around, as Jeez and Plunkett try to team up on Dane, but to no avail. Jeez is eliminated after a huge lariat from Dane.  

Rockett comes in as he and Plunkett again try to take out Dane. Plunkett takes it to Dane, throwing him into the ring post, but walks into a spinebuster back in the ring from Rockett, and as Dane gets back onto the apron, he takes a dropkick from Rockett and hits the floor, and is somehow deemed to have gone over the top rope and eliminated (That didn’t happen, Dane has been done dirty...)  

Odinson comes in and dominates both men in the ring, submitting Plunkett with the torture rack, before being thrown over the top rope by Rockett. Alex Taylore comes in next and tries to go toe to toe with Rockett and Parrow, but is tossed aside as the two big men fight. A superplex from Parrow takes Rockett down, and Alex Taylore quickly follows up with a frog splash and the pin to eliminate Rockett!  

Parrow quickly eliminates Taylor by throwing him over the top rope, leaving Clearwater, Parrow and Freeman. Clearwater hits a stunner for a two count on Parrow, but is quickly choke slammed for a three count from Parrow.  

Freeman gets a two count on Parrow, as they slug it out centre of the ring, but gets his bell rung by Parrow, who then hits a sit out gut buster for the win.  

Winners: Jax Dane & The End  

Team War matches are always chaotic, but fun to watch, and this was one of the better ones for me. I did hold out a little hope that the Ill Begotten might win, but in the end the raw power of Parrow sealed the win for his team.  

Backstage again with Velvet Sky who is with Father James Mitchell and Gaagz the Gymp. Angelina Love quickly comes into shot to support Velvet.  

Velvet asks how did this come together? Where does one acquire a gymp?  

Mitchell says he was found under a bridge performing unspeakable acts for $5 a pop, but that’s a long story... (shout out to Angelina for covering Velvet’s sensitive ears here, this was comedy gold!)  

The fact is he appreciates classical literature, such as Dracula and Frankenstein, Victor Von Frankenstein had his unstoppable monster, which he has in Judais, Dracula had Renfield, which he has in Sal Rinauro, but Dr Frankenstein also had an Igor, a broken huddled man, desperately seeking approval from a master, a harsh master in fact, someone who will be stern to him, make him feel sweet, beautiful pain, someone who revels in humiliation. That’s why Gaagz in useful to him. There is a place in the world for people like Gaagz. He needs someone to clean his moat, and give him a pedicure with his teeth, and Gaagz has volunteered to do these things and until he has outlived his usefulness, he will continue to do so.  

Angelina cuts in and says she has a question. If he needs someone to talk down to the gymp, Velvet and Angelina know how to do that, or does he just answer to him? Father James Mitchell says he only answers to him.  

Velvet throws it back to ringside, clearly a little disturbed...  

Natalia Markova (w/ Taryn Terrell) v Mickie James  

Well, it seems Taryn’s big surprise is that she is Natalia Markova’s manager now. That’s not going to faze “Hardcore Country” Mickie James though.  

Mickie proves this by taking early control, much to Markova’s displeasure. The two women trade holds until Mickie grounds Markova with a Thesz Press, followed by a neckbreaker for a two count.  

Markova crawls to the corner and as Mickie charges she hits a high kick, followed by a cutter for a two count. Markova looks to take control, whipping Mickie into the corner and continuing to throw shots at her, choking her with the boot.  

Mickie quickly turns the tables and gives Markova a taste of her own medicine, before taking a big clothesline from Markova for a two count. Markova applies a headlock, but Mickie fights out, only to be locked in another. Again, Mickie fights out, but ends up in a sleeper hold.  

Mickie counters with a back drop to free herself, and fires up, taking down Markova with several clotheslines. Mickie is feeling the effects of the holds, but quickly recovers, hitting a flapjack, then kipping up, heading to the top rope, and hitting a seated senton for a two count.  

Mickie goes for the Mickie DDT, but Markova counters into the Jazz Stinger, getting a two count!  

Markova senses victory, and they trade kicks. Mickie catches a kick and throws Markova into the splits, with Mickie then following up with a superkick. Markova crawls to the corner, and as Mickie charges in, Markova avoids it, and tries to land the Beautiful Disaster, but Mickie dodges it, and nails Markova with a spinning DDT for the win.  

Winner: Mickie James  

To quote our resident quizmaster, P-Nut, I never claim to be unbiased, and anytime I see Mickie James in the ring, to me it is always a good match. Mickie is easily one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world, and she always delivers in any match. Markova is getting very good as well, and it won’t be long until she is in title contention.  

That’s it from Powerrr, and overall, another good showing from them once again. With that, it’s time to move on to NWA USA!  

NWA USA kicks off with May Valentine talking to Sal the Pal. She says they have a lot of history, but lately he seems to have found a new friend?  

Sal says “Friends? How many of us have them? Let’s be friends!” then laughs manically. “May, friends are fun, but the Master is funner... There’s one for me and one alone, and now I sing my happy song; “There is a house in New Orleans, they call the Rising Sun...””  

 Sal walks off leaving May speechless.  

Creeeeeeeepy...... (And yes, he actually said “funner”...)  

Joe Galli’s broadcast partners on this week's NWA USA is Velvet Sky and Billy Corgan, and we get straight into the first match  

BLK Jeez v Homicide – NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship  

Jees is taking his shot at the title held by Homicide. Corgan tells us that Jeez specifically asked for this match, and that Homicide only wants title matches.  

The match begins, and Jeez flies straight out of the blocks, slamming Homicide and following up with more offense. Jeez with a snap suplex, but Homicide gets out of the pin before one and slides out. Corgan tells us that h enjoys being on commentary, but Austin Idol was supposed to be out here with them, however he made an excuse as to why he couldn’t (I’m ok with that).  

Back in the ring, Homicide tries to regain control but Jeez turns the tides on him and continues to deal out shots. Jeez gets taken down by a belly-to-bell suplex for a two count. Jeez quickly follows up with a back suplex, and continues to stalk Homicide.  

Jeez is all over Homicide, and climbs to the top rope. He takes too long on the top though and Homicide recovers, going for the superplex, but Jeez pushes him off and lands a missile dropkick for two.  

They trade blows in the centre of the ring, and after raking the eyes, Jeez drops Homicide with a scoop slam. He heads up top but again Homicide dodges the top rope stomp, and lands a double underhook suplex for a two count. High angle suplex from Homicide to Jeez gets a two count.  

The two men jostle for position, and after a two count from a roll up by Jeez, he takes Homicide down with a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Homicide fires back with the three amigos, a tribute to the late great, Eddie Guerrero, and locks Jeez in the Boston crab, but Jeez gets to the ropes.  

Homicide goes for the Cop Killa, but Jeez reverses into the Flatliner, and almost gets the pin, but Homicide kicks out just before three.  

Jeez looks to finish it, but Homicide counters with a small package for a two count, then the Northeast Bomb, but again Jeez kicks out at two. Jeez goes for the Monkey flip, but Homicide catches him, places him on the top rope, then hits the Koji Cutter from the top rope for the win. Great match!  

Jeez looked good in this match, but Homicide continues his impressive title reign.  

Back at the Interviewer’s podium, Kyle Davis is joined by Nick Aldis, and he wants to know what's on his mind regarding Matt Cardona, and it is clear that Nick has plenty to say;  

 “I stand before you today, not as a professional athlete, or a slightly cocky, brash cool as a cucumber oh so debonair National Treasure that you’ve come to know. Today I stand here as a man, husband, father and as somebody who loves professional wrestling.   

To be a professional wrestler, I think of all the guys and girls in the dressing room who are tired, that are beat up, held together by athletic tape, running on fumes and they're going to come out here and they're going to bust it for you. That makes me proud to be a professional wrestler!  

I think about the great Doug Williams, my teammate, my mentor, my friend, teaming up with Harry Smith and tearing the house down in one of the best tag team matches I've ever seen with the Briscoe's that makes me proud to be a professional wrestler. I think about Ricky Morton. Who's been selling out buildings before I was even born, still putting on the tights. Still lacing them up tight and telling everybody who will listen “Hey, when Ricky Morton's on the card, those people know they're going to get their money's worth.” That makes me proud to be a wrestler.  

 I think about his son Kerry. I think about Colby Corino, all these young kids coming up, giving it everything they have to prove to everybody that they belong in the sport of professional wrestling and then coming back and we have to follow that. That makes me proud to be a wrestler!  

So, I'm asking you all. If you can find it in yourselves, because you make me proud to be a professional wrestler, so I'm asking you. If you can find it in yourselves, to get behind me, one more time on my quest to be the world's heavyweight wrestling champion.   

Because Matt Cardona, you don't make me proud to be a professional wrestler! You know, my wife said to me, “Matt Cardona must have a horseshoe around his neck to be as lucky as he was to escape Nashville with the world championship.” I said, “Babe, that horseshoe wasn't around his neck, that horseshoes right up his ass!  

 And it's about time I pulled it out and bumped him over the head with it. It's about time that I took back sweet Charlotte, the ten pounds of gold, and it's about time that I made everybody proud to be wrestling fans again! So, Matt Cardona, look at me when I say this to you. The time is coming, and when the time comes, you will be looking up at the lights. And you will realise this is the NWA, and then you will look at me and say that's the national treasure and the REAL World Champion!  

Great promo from Nick Aldis!  

Sixty Seconds with Thom Latimer  

You want me to do what? Talk about myself for 60 seconds. You know, I've got a dog that loves me. dogs pretty cool, you know. Born in the UK, been wrestling a long time. Not many people here like me, but it is what it is. You know what I mean? Like me or not, it is what it is you know, I'm still gonna kick your ass, I'm still gonna cash those cheque. My bird’s cool. She's pretty sweet, Kamille, she’s the champ around here in case you didn’t know it. And you know damn, I mean, I really like chocolate. I've got real soft spot for chocolate, though. Anyone in the UK send us some chocolate. And, I'm a Big Dipper. I dip a lot, I like my chewing tobacco, it's how I keep my teeth looking nice and British. Am I done?”  

Insightful stuff from the Maniacal King of all Evil!  

The Ill Begotten (Alex Taylor & Jeremiah Plunkett) v Rodney Mack and Brett Buffshay  

Taylor starts with Mack, talking smack to him, so Mack smacks the taste out of his mouth. Taylor tags Plunkett back in, and Mack goes to work. He dominates Plunkett then tags in Buffshay, and they hit a double shoulder tackle.  

Plunkett rams Buffshay into the turnbuckle and tags in Taylor, who is quickly taken down by Buffshay who tags in Mack. Buffshay and Mack start to dominate, but Plunkett cuts off the momentum briefly until Buffshay hits a knee lift.  

Plunkett them trips Buffshay and Taylor tags him in. Taylor with a snap suplex followed by a senton from Plunkett for two. The Ill Begotten then begin to pick apart Buffshay, tagging in and out and taking shots at the dazed Buffshay.  

Plunkett is the legal man and starts laying in punches. Buffshay tries a sleeper hold, but Plunkett counters with a back suplex. He goes for a senton, but Buffshay avoids it and tags in Mack who just cleans house. Big belly-to-belly to Plunkett, followed by a body slam to Taylor. At this point it breaks down with all four men in the ring, ending with Taylor taking a massive spinebuster.  

Mack then locks in the Euthaniser (Cross Chicken Wing) on Taylor who taps out fast.  

Winners: Rodney Mack and Brett Buffshay  

This was a fast-paced match but the action was good and Mack picked up a good win for his team. You do have to wonder when the Ill Begotten might start picking up some wins though.  

After a quick break, it’s on to our NWA USA main event.  

Sal the Pal v Gaagz the Gymp  

Both men crawl out to the ring together. This is gonna get weird...  

Father James Mitchell had demanded they fight each other as some form of punishment. Sal keeps chanting “Father’s mad”.  

They stand centre of the ring, with Sal continuing to shout “Father’s mad”, and as Gaagz tries to undo the zipper on his mask, Sal stops him, then attacks, then sits and rocks in the centre of the ring.  

Sal with severe stomps to Gaagz in the corner, but Gaagz is up, so Sal whips him into the corner then hits a hard clothesline. Sal grabs the hands of Gaagz then begins stomping him, with Gaagz seemingly enjoying his punishment, and Sal continuing to chant “Father!”  

Gaagz hugs Sal, who continues beating him down. Sal looks like he’s going to slam Gaagz on the ring apron, but Gaagz bites his thigh to escape, then has Sal tied in the ropes and pulls back on his face.  

Hanging DDT attempt from Gaagz but Sal counters and forces Gaagz into the corner, delivering several headbutts.  

Gaagz suddenly fights back with palm strikes to Sal, all around the ring, then starts trying to pull his hair out. Gaagz takes Sal down to the mat, then chokes him on the middle rope. Gaagz goes for the finish, but Sal fights back and hits the Springboard Cutter, but Gaagz isn't done and opens the zipper, sticks out the tongue and locks Sal in a Guillotine for the submission win!  

Winner: Gaagz the Gymp  

Sal is on the mat chanting to himself and Gaagz runs backstage quickly as the show ends.  

Once again, another very good week of TV from NWA. The feud between Aldis and Cardona is being built perfectly, but if I had to make one criticism, it would be that I would like to see some of the same focus put into other title divisions as well, as I feel like the National Title doesn’t get that same treatment currently.  

Now usually this is the point where I say “See you next week!”, however I am taking a well-earned holiday so will not be present for the next two weeks of NWA TV.  

With that, my next review will be of NWA Alwayz Ready! So, until then, thanks for reading, and I’ll think of you all while I am sat poolside sipping many beers (I won’t.)