NWA Newsround: 17th July 2022

Paul is back as he reviews all the action from this weeks NWA!

NWA Newsround: 17th July 2022

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul back again with another brand-new NWA Newsround! 

We’re on the road to NWA 74 now, with the two-night spectacular just over a month away, and over the next few weeks we will see how the card shapes up ahead of NWA’s 74th birthday! 

Before we get into this week's action however, we missed last week's due to this reviewer feeling a little under the weather, so before we get into the latest round of action, we will quickly recap what happened last week; 

5th July 2022

NWA World Television Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match: Odinson def. AJ Cazana and Judais 

Homicide offers to defend the Junior Heavyweight Title against Kerry Morton at NWA 74. 

Aron Stevens tells May Valentine that despite retiring, he will be around every week to protect her. 

The Cardonas speak during an interview and Chelsea Green says they put the NWA on the map, reminding people that Billy Corgan promised them all title shots eventually. 

Non-Title Match: NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch def. Thrillbilly Silas (with Pollo Del Mar) 

Da Pope comes out and congratulates Murdoch on his win and says he’s proud of him. He offers a handshake but Murdoch walks away. 

KiLynn King vs Sienna is announced for next week in a World Women's Championship #1 contender's match. KiLynn calls herself Kamille’s gatekeeper. 

Kerry Morton (with Ricky Morton) def. Jay Bradley 

Billy Corgan announces the Race to the Chase Tournament for an NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship match at NWA 74. The announced matches are; 

*Pope v Brian Myers 

*Thom Latimer v Chris Adonis 

*Nick Aldis v Tim Storm 

9th July 2022

NWA National Champion Jax Dane def. Anthony Andrews  

Nick Aldis appears and cuts a promo about how he always gives his all and won’t rest until he is the real World’s Champion again. 

May Valentine had a backstage interview with Magic Jake Dumas and Christi Jaynes. Dumas talks about the magic he brings to the ring. As far as his relationship with Jaynes, it’s nobody’s business. 

Jennacide def. Angelina Love by count out 

The Freeman Brothers call out Trevor Murdoch. 

May Valentine is backstage with Hawx Aerie, and Luke Hawx says he is going to get revenge on Colby Corino. 

Jamie Stanley has a talk show segment with Mercurio. It’s a standard back and forth between the two. The questions range from “Who do you think you are?” to “What’s with the hair?”. It dragged on way too long. 

Kamille tells May Valentine that she doesn’t need a gatekeeper. She doesn’t know what Kilynn King’s thinking 

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship: Homicide def. VSK to retain the title. 

Seems like a lot happened last week, so without further delay, lets jump right into this week's NWA Newsround! 

Race to the Chase Qualifier: Thom Latimer v Chris Adonis 

Powerrr kicks off by going straight into the match between Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis. 

After they shake hands, the action begins and the two are clearly very evenly matched. Austin Idol starts his usual blathering, and Velvet Sky says she will now be turning her headset off. 

Some breaking news comes through that Mike Knox has been given a bye to the Fatal Four Way match to determine the number one contender. Joe Galli and the rest of the commentary crew surmise that it is a hell of a gift to receive, or was it a pay off? 

Back in the ring, the former Strictly Business duo are still evenly matched, with Latimer momentarily on top, gaining a two count after some strong offense. Latimer has Adonis grounded, but he gets to his feet and frees himself with a jawbreaker. Latimer though, is quickly back on top and continues to dominate his opponent. Adonis though is able to cause some separation with a Samoan drop as Latimer comes off the ropes.  

Adonis with an atomic drop gives him the chance to build some momentum, which he does with some big moves culminating in a spinebuster for a two count. Latimer avoids a corner splash and hits a spear, going for his finisher, but Adonis counters into the Master Lock. Latimer though counters and hits a pop up powerbomb for the win. 

Winner: Thom Latimer 

Good opening contest, and I like how they just got straight into the action, saving the intro video for later. 

Mike Knox is with Kyle Davis at the interviewer's booth, and Kyle asks how he got a bye in the tournament? 

Knox says he has a kink in his back which he may have got from powerbombing Bully Ray through a table. 

He got a bye because Matt Cardona says so. Billy Corgan made a promise, if Matt Cardona relinquished the title, they all got something. VSK got a Junior Heavyweight title match, and he gets a bye in the tournament. 

Speaking about putting Bully Ray through the table, Knox says he’s an old man now and has been around a while. Bully has fooled him long enough, he used to think Bully was cool but he’s just in it for the money, so every time he gets the chance, Knox is going to beat him up. He sees Bully everywhere, and starts to refer to Kyle Davis as looking like Bully Ray. Kyle begs off, and Knox snaps back to himself, and says anytime he sees Bully Ray, he’s going to hurt him. 

May Valentine is backstage with Kerry Morton and talks about Homicide’s offer to face him for the title at NWA 74.  

Kerry Morton says it very humbling. They had his back at Alwayz Ready, and for him to be offered the opportunity is amazing. His dad once held that title, and now he gets a shot. It’s been his goal to win the Junior Heavyweight Title, and it will be surreal to have the opportunity to step in the ring with one of the best, but at the end of the night, his arm is getting raised. 

May says she hopes that happens for him. 

Race to the Chase Qualifier: Brian Myers v Da Pope 

The match begins with a lock up, and neither man gets the advantage as they go to the ground, then back up to their feet. Pope gets a brief period of control but Myers turns it around. 

The commentary team talk about how Pope is a great wrestler, with even Austin Idol giving him credit for being a great performer. 

While this is going on, Pope has managed to gain the advantage and is on top of the match, grounding Myer with an arm lock, then after an exchange pope hits a hip toss, then an atomic drop, and drops the fist on a prone Myers. 

Pope is well on top, so Myers forces him into the ropes, then uses the ropes as a weapon against Pope. Myers uses the opportunity to ground Pope and lock in a crossface. The crowd rallies behind Pope who gets free briefly, but Myers trips him and takes him down, continuing his assault on his opponent. 

Myers is pretty confident, and drops the elbow on Pope twice for a two count, then straight back to the crossface. Again, the crowd gets behind Pope and he begins to fight back, getting a two count off an inside cradle, following up with an atomic drop and a leg sweep for a two count. 

Myers hits an enziguiri, followed by a flatliner for a very close near fall. Myers sizes Pope up from the corner, charging at him, but Pope cuts him off and hits a DDT for another close near fall. 

Myers backs Pope into the corner, and yells at him asking if he knows who he is? Myers slaps Pope and this fires him up, delivering a series of shots in the corner. Myers is seated in the corner, and Pope goes to pull him up, but Myers rolls through and grabs the ropes for leverage, securing the pin! 

Winner: Brian Myers 

Fairly standard match here. Pope has been done dirty there, and it looks like it’s all coming up Milhouse for the Cardona Family with two of their men in the fatal four way, giving them a pretty good chance of walking away with the title shot at NWA 74. 

We head backstage again now to our girl, May Valentine, as she is with BLK Jeez, Jordan Clearwater, and the NWA World Television Champion, Tyrus. May says Tyrus’ reign as champion has been outstanding and his success as a host, journalist, and best-selling author is incredibly inspiring to her. 

Tyrus thanks May and asks if she has read his book? She says not yet, but she will. He says as an artist often times you don’t get recognition but it means a lot to him as she is a journalist too. She says she also thinks he is strong, smart, and handsome. 

Jeez takes over and says if she wants to talk to the champ, she has to talk to the Church is Money. This is about business, and that the title means success and money, and Odinson is the number one contender.  

Tyrus says Odinson is here for a reason, he’s in the NWA and the #1 contender. He asks if he knows what happened to the last #1 contender? Clearwater cuts in and says he ended up in a wheelchair, and Mims will never taste gold. 

Clearwater ends the segment by saying “speaking of Gold” then proceeds to undo his robe and show off his body... joy... 

Allysin Kay v KiLynn King 

Women’s action now as the former NWA World’s Women’s Champion, Allysin Kay, faces off with a woman with her own title aspirations, KiLynn King. 

Kay initially takes control, but the two battle back and forth looking for an opening. They trade shoulder blocks until Kay takes King down to the mat. King however is quickly back to her feet and takes Kay down. 

King gets a near fall as the commentary team discuss their credentials, as well as talking about King calling herself Kamille’s gatekeeper. 

Back in the ring, Kay is in control, delivering a series of chops to King in the corner. She drags King to another corner, and King turns the tables, delivering chops of her own. Kay takes control with chops, a series of knees to the face, then a spinebuster for a two count. 

Kay puts King in a half crab, but King reaches the ropes to break the hold. Kay stays on her though, and the two trade kicks, with Kay still on top. King tries to turn the tables and they end up clotheslining each other to the mat. 

The referee starts the count as both women struggle to their knees, then begin trading blows as they get to their feet. They each duck kicks, but Kay hits a second one, only for King to shortly respond with one of her own. King hits a snap German suplex for a close near fall. 

King tries for a back suplex, but ends up transitioning into a sort of exploder suplex for a two count. 

King heads up to the high rent district, but Kay cuts her off and attempts the AK47, but King stops it. King heads to the corner as Kay charges her, and King tries a roll up, but Kay stops her momentum and turns it into a reverse piledriver for another close near fall! 

Kay is frustrated, and goes for a powerbomb, but King reverses it, going for a kick, but Kay catches the foot and turns it into a half crab. King fights her way out, and hits the Excalibuster for the win! 

Winner: KiLynn King 

This was a really good match. Both women are supremely talented in the ring, and the match flowed really well, with Kay looking strong and giving King the rub in the process. Great in ring work. 

After the match, Kyle Davis speaks with KiLynn King and congratulates her on her win, and asks her about establishing herself as a gateway to Kamille, and wants to know what her reasoning for this is? 

King says it's very simple, she was advised that staying close to the champion was in her best interests? Kyle asks who advised her that, and she says Bully Ray was the one who advised her of this. Kyle gets cut off here though as they have to go to a break, but he says he is going to follow up on this. 

Backstage we go again to May Valentine who is with the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch. 

May says it is so nice to see him back here and says its admirable that he worked behind the scenes to have Tim Storm’s championship ban lifted (For those who may not recall, Tim Storm lost a match to Matt Cardona that meant he could never again challenge for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title a few months ago). 

May asks Trevor why he did that? 

Trevor says he did the right thing, he righted a wrong. May asks who he would like to face the most at NWA 74? He says he doesn’t care who he faces, he’ll take everyone on, but he warns his opponent, whoever it may be, that they will be going to hell and back with him. 

Race to the Chase Qualifier: Nick Aldis v Tim Storm 

Joe Galli and Austin Idol argue about Tim Storm’s inclusion in the tournament as they come out to the ring. Galli says Tim Storm deserves it, whereas Austin Idol obviously disagrees, because he’s Austin Idol... 

The match begins and they shake hands, which is a nice show of sportsmanship. They initially lock up and back each other into the corners. They head back to the centre of the ring and continue their feeling out process. Storm with a headlock on Aldis, but he throws him into the ropes with Storm knocking Aldis down with a shoulder tackle. 

The match kicks into life as Storm seems to be on top, but Aldis leapfrogs him in the corner, and Aldis slaps him across the face. The whole complexion of the match just changed, as Aldis shows remorse, and they shake hands again. 

It’s short-lived though, as Aldis lays into Storm with kicks and another slap in the face, as he heads outside. Aldis is getting in Storm’s head, and the two begin to trade blows outside the ring, with Storm ending up going face first into the ring post. 

Aldis throws Storm back into the ring, and hits a suplex, going for the cover, but Storm kicks out at one. 

Aldis is right back on top though, as he locks in a headlock to a seated Storm. He keeps it locked in as Storm gets to his feet, and tries to break free, which he does briefly, but Aldis locks it back in. However, Storm hits a back suplex to break the hold, following up with a boot to the face into a neckbreaker for a near fall. 

Storm has some momentum now, and has Aldis on the back foot, with Storm hitting a big boot. Aldis gets to his feet and slaps Storm across the face for the third time, so Storm floors Aldis and mounts him, laying in punches. The referee drags him off, and Storm gives chase, only to be hit with a DDT by Aldis. 

Aldis heads up top, and lands a big elbow drop to the spine of Storm, he then locks in the Kings Lynn Cloverleaf. Storm, clearly in pain, manages to reach the ropes, forcing the break, as Aldis looks frustrated. 

Aldis tries for a suplex, but Storm counters into the Perfect Storm! Storm goes for the pin, but Aldis gets his foot on the rope at the last millisecond. 

Storm tries to whip Aldis into the ropes, but Aldis reverses it, and on the rebound, Storm accidentally takes out the referee! Aldis immediately tries to take advantage, but Storm hits the Perfect Storm again, only there is no referee to count the pin.  

As Storm looks around for the referee, Aldis gets to his feet and slaps Storm across the face again. Storm finally loses his cool and boots Aldis right in the Mummy-Daddy Button, but unfortunately for him at this point the referee got to his feet and saw it, so calls for the bell. Aldis wins by DQ. 

Winner: Nick Aldis 

Aldis smiles on the mat as his plan seems to have worked perfectly. This means it will be Mike Knox, Brian Myers, Thom Latimer and Nick Aldis facing off for the chance to take on Trevor Murdoch at NWA 74. 

As for the match itself, I always enjoy seeing these two go at it, their feud for the title at the back end of 2017 was one of the best programs in professional wrestling at that time, and they always seem to be able to pick up where it left off. 

That brings an end to Powerrr, so now it’s time to move on to NWA USA! 

Gustavo Aguilar v Rhett Titus v Matt Vine 

It seems NWA want to get straight into the action these days as USA begins with this triple threat match. 

Titus offers the handshake, which Aguilar accepts, but Vine, who is making his NWA debut, does not. Aguilar and Titus do some dancing, and Vine throws him into the corner. Titus goes after Vine and the action begins as the two grapple back and forth. 

Vine lifts Aguilar with a Greco-Roman knuckle lock, but Aguilar fights back with a rope assisted arm drag. Aguilar then takes down Titus with a flying head scissors, until Vine takes him out with a blow to the back of the head. 

Vine is in control as he has taken both men down, and goes after the smaller Aguilar, slamming him on to Titus for a one count. 

Vine is in full control, throwing both men around the ring, then locking in a double sleeper hold on the mat. Both Titus and Aguilar get to their feet and fight out, and eventually hit a double back drop on Vine for a two count. 

Vine ends up in an ankle lock/surfboard, but Titus transitions into a dragon sleeper on Aguilar, but this leaves him open to a back drop from Vine, who then superkicks Aguilar, gaining a near fall as Titus breaks up the pin. 

Titus and Vine fight in the corner, and Titus goes up top, hitting a flying crossbody for a two, but Vine transitions into a pin of his own, gaining a two count. The two men grapple for position, but Aguilar gets in and attempts the sliced bread on Titus, who catches him and uses him as a battering ram on Vine. Aguilar rolls through into an inside cradle for a two count, then Titus hits a huge dropkick into a Northern lights pin for the win.

Winner: Rhett Titus 

Decent opening match, and a graphic pops up of Jamie Stanley shaking his head next to the NWA USA logo, as Joe Galli keeps referring to the episode as Powerrr, which is a nice light hearted comedy moment. A nice win for Rhett Titus, and you rarely see people win with a dropkick these days, so that was nice to see also. 

The commentary team note that a “violent incident” took place earlier today involving Tyrus, to which Austin Idol takes exception as usual. They also inform us that Colby Corino will take on Luke Hawx later in the show. 

As the credits stop rolling, May Valentine is backstage with VSK and Chelsea Green. She says to VSK that he had his title opportunity and she’s sure it didn’t go as planned, but Chelsea has an opportunity on an upcoming empowered episode of Powerrr against Kamille. 

Chelsea says Billy Corgan made a promise that they would all get title shots if Cardona relinquished the title. She says Corgan isn’t losing sleep over Kamille v Chelsea Green, and after she beats her, she will be the face of the NWA Women’s division. 

Next up, Jamie Stanley has his talk show segment again, Stanley’s Drill, and this week's guest is Gaagz the Gymp. Stanley is not happy about it. 

He asks him “What is your deal?”, “Why do you wear a leather mask?”, “What's your favourite part about Jamie Stanley?” but gets no answers. Gaagz spends the time looking at a pizza on the desk, offering it to Jamie Stanley. Stanley declines and asks why he has a zipper on his mouth? Gaagz undoes the zipper and pokes the tongue out. Stanley is sickened by it and walks off, as does Gaagz. 


As we come back from the break, Joe Galli talks about how it's been a hot episode of NWA USA so far, and Austin Idol says it’s because the people want him (he is wrong). He carries on as Galli and Velvet facepalm themselves. We then go to the video footage of the violent incident involving Tyrus, recorded by the mother of NWA star, KC Roxx. 

KC Roxx is in the ring with Aron Stevens, and Jeez tells Tyrus that Roxx was badmouthing him. He gets in the ring and after a verbal altercation chokeslams KC, whose mother then gets in the ring to check on him and says she will press charges. Tyrus responds by saying “Get your damn child out of a grown man’s ring!” 

Tyrus and Jeez leave as KC’s mother continues to call for help. 

Not exactly what I would call a “Violent incident” but I can see what they were getting at. 

After a couple of ads and a Powerrr recap, May Valentine is backstage with Jennacide. She says she has made no secret of her displeasure at not being involved in the Women’s title picture. 

Jennacide says she’s pissed off. Natalia Markova slithers in like a snake and gets the opportunities, which is mind boggling to her. Taya Valkyrie comes in and gets an opportunity, and she understands that things happen and people get shots, but she is still here, with her eye on the prize, she came to NWA to be a champion, and she doesn’t care who she has to beat to get there. 

Luke Hawx v Colby Corino 

Luke Hawx is very angry, and has been waiting to get his hands on Corino since Alwayz Ready. 

The match begins as they circle each other, but Hawx quickly backs Corino into the corner, who ducks into the ropes to force the break, then leaves the ring. Hawx chases him around the ring, and avoids a kick as he follows Corino back into the ring, then comes off the ropes with a shoulder tackle. 

Hawx is quickly on top of him raining down blows, then hits a big belly to belly suplex. Hawx is laying into Corino hard, as he escapes to the outside. Corino again tries to get Hawx to chase him, but Hawx fakes him out and catches him as he gets back into the ring (I can already tell exactly how this match is going to go, and I’m sure you, the reader, have figured it out too...). 

Hawx hits a big snap suplex for a two count, then locks in a cravat. Corino get to his feet, trying to fight out, but Hawx clubs him in the back. Corino slips out of a slam attempt by raking the eyes and takes Hawx down, hitting a neckbreaker. 

Corino is now the man on top, as he beats Hawx into the corner, and hits an enziguiri for a two count. Corino quickly locks in a crossface, then transitions into a front chancery. Hawx tries a back fist, but Corino dodges it and hits an Olympic slam, he boasts to the crowd, then goes for the Corino Crush, but Hawx avoids it and lays in a couple of elbow drops for a two count. 

Hawx is on top again, hitting a spin kick on Corino, then hits a Pumphandle slam for a two count. Corino is on the ropes, with Hawx all over him, as Hawx slams him to the mat, then delivers a knee TO THE FACE!!! of a grounded Corino, but Corino kicks out at one. 

Hawx ends up going face first into the turnbuckle as Corino stomps away at him, then hits a cannonball. Corino heads up top, and goes for a crossbody, but Hawx catches him and hits a backbreaker, shoulderbreaker, and them a power slam for a two count. 

Hawx charges at Corino, who pulls down the top rope and sends Hawx rumbling outside, then dropkicks him through the ropes. Corino then tries to slingshot through the middle rope, but he ends up being slammed (albeit awkwardly) to the floor by Hawx. 

The two jostle for position as they try to throw each other into the ring steps, but it’s Hawx who succeeds, as they then both try to get into the ring before the referee completes the ten count. 

They both get in at eight, and as the referee is checking on Corino, Hawx tries to go after him, but the referee stops him. Corino reaches into his trunks for his trusty knuckles, and swings at Hawx, who catches the fist, so Corino decks him with the other. 

Corino then hits the Sunsetter for the win. 

Winner: Colby Corino 

The commentary team talk about Corino’s use of a weapon as Austin Idol says he didn’t see anything. Corino leaves the ring to a chorus of boos as the show ends. 

A really good contest between these two, Hawx is a hell of a wrestler, and should probably be a bigger star in my opinion, and Corino is a top heel who can get anyone to hate him. The two put on a good TV match with plenty of hot moments to look back on. 

Overall, this was a good week of NWA TV, some great matches and developments as we head into NWA 74, with next week’s show promising to determine a #1 contender to the World Title, amongst other things. The action is hotting up in the NWA, that’s for sure! 

That’s all from me, thanks for reading, and I will see you next week for another NWA Newsround!