NWA Newsround: 15th May 2022

It's Sunday, you know what that means... It's time for another look at all this week's NWA action!

NWA Newsround: 15th May 2022

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back again with another brand-new NWA Newsround! 

After last week's events, we have some really interesting matches to look forward to this week, as the team of Harry Smith, Doug Williams and Nick Aldis take on Mike Knox, VSK and Matt Cardona, as well as Jennacide taking on KiLynn King and Chelsea Green to determine a new number one contender to the NWA World Women’s Championship, and Matt Taven in action against Judais. 

Over on NWA USA there are two big matches this week, as Mike Bennett is set to take on Kerry Morton, while Caprice Coleman will take on the son of a man he faced many times before, Colby Corino. 

All in all, it looks set to be a great week of NWA action, so let’s dive in! 

This week's Powerrr sees Kyle Davis open the show with the Commonwealth Connection, Harry Smith and Doug Williams. 

Kyle asks Doug Williams about his long history with Nick Aldis. Doug says he does have a long history with Nick, they were a championship team, and he mentored him to be the World Champion that he should be today. He considers him family, and is here to back him up with Harry. 

Kyle says this is a chance for Harry to make a bigger name for himself. Harry says it is a huge honour to be part of the NWA, and puts over Doug’s skills. Harry says they’ve been dominating the NWA, and tonight, they will prove their worth to the Cardona family. Speaking of families, Harry smith knows a little about families, he is part of the Smith and Hart families. Mark his words, he has the heart, and as Winston Churchill once said “We will fight them in the beaches, we will fight them in the air, but in the end, the Commonwealth, and Aldis, we will conquer!” 

Great start! 

After the intro, Joe Galli and Velvet Sky introduce us to tonight's action while Austin Idol, who is this week's rolling turd (sorry, third, autocorrect...) rages about the “injustice” of last week where Tyrus was slammed by Mims. 

After all this, we go over to the ring for our first match of the show. 

Paola Blaze v Kamille 

Thom Latimer accompanies Kamille to ringside (Remember that, it's important later...) and it seems they have undergone a subtle face turn. 

The match begins and Blaze immediately leaves the ring, saying she isn't ready. She takes a Chapstick from (an obviously planted) fan in the crowd, then gets back in the ring, but Kamille is ready for her, and Blaze tries to run again. This time though, Kamille is ready and spears her into the corner, following up with a slam into the corner, then a powerslam for a one count. 

Kamille is dominating Blaze, hitting a spin kick after a series of moves, then picks her up for a backbreaker. Kamille ties her in the ropes, then begins clubbing the chest of Blaze. The crowd is dead silent as Kamille continues to beat down on Blaze. 

Kamille charges into the corner, but Blaze moves to avoid it, stunning her briefly, but not enough for Blaze to take advantage. As Blaze charges in, Kamille leapfrogs her, and seemingly injures her knee. The referee and Latimer are checking on her, and they call for a medical team. Latimer gets in the ring, and almost instantly takes a low blow from Blaze, who then goes after Kamille’s knee. 

Blaze seems to be on top now, keeping the injured Kamille grounded. Blaze continues to target the knee (and why shouldn't she?) then with Kamille seated in the corner she elbow drops the knee of her opponent. Kamille gets to her feet for a second but Blaze takes her down again. 

Blaze tries to get Kamille in position for a DDT, but Kamille counters with a Samoan drop. Both women get to their feet, and Kamille takes control. She throws Blaze into the corner and goes to stomp her, but her injured knee stops that, so she stitches to forearm blows, followed by a spinning neckbreaker. 

Kamille transitions a sidewalk hold into a head scissors, then heads up top, and hits a missile dropkick. Latimer is unhappy at ringside and with the referee distracted by him, Kamille hits a low blow on Blaze, then a spear. Latimer says it's not enough, so Kamille spears her again and picks up the win.

 Winner: Kamille 

Decent match but for me Paola Blaze is still quite green, as there were moments in this match where that was evident, but it’s easy to forget that she has not been wrestling all that long, so she is still very much on the learning curve. That’s not to say she didn’t give a very good account of herself here, and I think with time she will be a major player in the NWA. Kamille, as ever, was impressive. 

Back from the break, Kyle Davis is with Matt Taven, and says that he and Mike Bennett, since coming to the NWA, have become hug fan favourites. 

Taven says the OGK are here to win the Tag Team Titles, but tonight they start a new trend, tonight he makes a statement because as much as he wants the tag team titles, he has always looked at the NWA World Title as the most prestigious title in all of wrestling. 

He says Matt Cardona wears purple, but everyone knows he looks better in purple, but more importantly he would look way better with ten pounds of gold around his waist, “Because he is I, I am him and I’M Matt Taven” 

Matt Taven v Judais 

As they lock up, Judais pushes Taven into the corner, but a quick turnaround sees Taven hit some chops. Judais quickly turns it around, only for Taven to again turn the tables. Taven tries to hit the Climax, but Judais avoids, Taven lays in some more shots, but Judais again changes the momentum, swatting him out of the air from a missile dropkick attempt.  

Judais then stomps the limbs of Taven, before stretching him in the middle of the ring. Taven breaks free and tries a sunset flip on Judais, but can't pull him down. He tries a crossbody, but Judais catches him and hits a fallaway slam. Judais starts choking Taven, but Taven again fights back before a knee to the mid-section shuts down Taven’s comeback. 

Judais is well in control, laying down some hard shots on Taven, tying Taven in the ropes and delivers a shoulder to the mid-section. Taven fights back, but gets whipped back into the corner hard. Judais again whips him into the corner, and as he goes for the chokeslam, Taven hits the Climax! 

Rather than go for the pin, Taven heads up top, only to be attacked by the newly dubbed Miserably Faithful’s Sal Rinauro and Gaagz the Gymp, so Taven is declared the winner.

Winner by DQ: Matt Taven 

Miserably Faithful continue the beatdown, but the Briscoes come out for the save, taking Sal Rinauro down with a double tackle, as Joe Galli tells us that due to a programming change, Gaagz and Rinauro will be in action after the break. 

Not sure how I feel on that. Taven gets the win by default, and it doesn’t cost Judais at all, but still, I’m not overly thrilled at the events that took place there. 

After the break, May Valentine (who seems to have recovered from her major breakdown last week) is backstage with the NWA World Television Champion, Tyrus, and she asks if his long hold on the title is under threat as a result of Mims winning the Slam Challenge last week? 

Tyrus dismisses this, but he doesn’t doubt that what Mims did was phenomenal, but that was the point of the challenge. He needs challenges, he is preparing himself, and is going to make history by unifying the World and TV Titles, and he can only do that by taking on the best. Yes, Mims got him up and slammed him, so he should be ready. May asks about the situation between Cyon and Austin Idol? Tyrus says he has no comment. 

Dirty Sexy Boys v Miserably Faithful 

Angelina Love comes out with the DSB, and Velvet goes mad about the fact that she didn’t tell her she was coming to the NWA, and now she comes out to the ring with her crush, Dango! Could we eventually see Velvet v Angelina? 

Anyway, JTG And Sal lock up, with JTG coming out on top. They lock up again, and Sal is thrown to the mat. JTG gives Sal a free shout, but dodges it, and Dango comes in and hits a hammerlock suplex on Sal. JTG tags back in and they continue to dominate Sal. JTG runs the ropes and takes a kick from Gaagz, so he knocks him off the apron, which gives Sal the opportunity to hit a dropkick. 

Sal stomps on JTG, then tags in Gaagz, who continues to beat down JTG. Sal chokes JTG on the ropes while the referee is distracted, then tags back in. Sal with a knee strike to JTG for a two count, then mounts JTG to keep him from reaching Dango. Sal backs JTG into his corner and tags in Gaagz, who unzips the mouth of his mask. Sal and Gaagz are all over JTG, but JTG is able to avoid an atomic drop, then cause a miscommunication between Sal and Gaagz to tag in Dango. Dango shouts at Gaagz to get down on the floor, and he does, clearly Dango knows his way around a gimp... 

Dango tries a Crucifix bomb, but Gaagz gets free and tags in Sal, who nails Dango with a superkick, then takes out JTG. Gaagz with a top rope crossbody misses, Dango gets a two count on Sal with an inside cradle, then hits a Falcon arrow on Sal for the win! 

Winners: The Dirty Sexy Boys 

After the match it seems like Angelina and Dango have a thing going on, which seems to piss Velvet Sky off even more. My Spidey senses tell me something is gonna go down with this... 

We are shown footage of “Earlier Today” where Kyle Davis is talking with Pope. Kyle asks him what's on his mind, and Pope says Trevor Murdoch is on his mind. His brother, friend, someone he has travelled the roads with, he’s concerned about him. He understands things haven't played out well for them both with the World Title, and he could talk forever about this, but he wants to talk to Trevor face to face next week, to let him know what's in his heart. 

Jennacide v KiLynn King v Chelsea Green – #1 Contenders Match 

Chelsea immediately tries to take on both women and fails, and KiLynn asserts herself very quickly. KiLynn and Jennacide exchange blows, with Jennacide hitting a big boot to the face of KiLynn. Chelsea tries to steal a pin and fails, and Jennacide begins to dominate. 

Chelsea heads up top, but Jennacide throws KiLynn into the corner. KiLynn hits a flying knee strike to Jennacide, then gets taken out by Chelsea as she tries a suicide dive. Big dropkick from Chelsea, who tries a crossbody off the apron, but Jennacide and KiLynn catch her and hit her with some hard shots on the apron. Both try to roll in to get the pin, but stop each other, leading to Chelsea almost getting the win after using the middle rope to gain an advantage. 

Chelsea is in control in the ring, with Jennacide outside, as she continues to beat down KiLynn, stomping her face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Chelsea locks a Camel Clutch on KiLynn, but Jennacide locks a sleeper on Chelsea! 

Jennacide gets her up on her shoulders, but a big boot from KiLynn sends all three women to the mat. KiLynn hits a cutter on Jennacide, then Chelsea hits a neck snap on KiLynn. Jennacide then hits Chelsea with a TKO, following with another move on KiLynn before Chelsea breaks the pin. Chelsea goes for the Unprettier on KiLynn, but she reverses into the Excalibuster for the win! 

Winner: KiLynn King 

A quick match, but a good one, there was a lot of fast paced action, and a surprise winner. Jennacide’s wait for a title shot goes on, while Chelsea took the pin in this match meaning she must be far away from a title match now. 

The Cardonas v Commonwealth Connection & Nick Aldis 

This should be a very interesting match... 

Doug and VSK start us off, and Doug takes control with a wristlock straight away. VSK tries to wrestle his way free, but Doug keeps him grounded. Som really nice technical transitions here as VSK tags in Knox. 

Knox has control, but Doug gets free and tags in Aldis, who immediately takes the fight to Knox, but gets taken down. Cardona tags in but quickly tags back out when Aldis gets to his feet. Smith is tagged in as he and Knox lay into each other, but Smith gets him up for a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. 

Doug is tagged back in as he and Smith double team Knox with a big scoop slam, followed by an assisted senton for a two count. Knox creates an opening and tags in Cardona, but as Doug gets close to tagging in Aldis, Cardona tags out to VSK. Doug tags in Smith who dominates the smaller VSK, hitting a high angle back suplex, then a double underhook suplex for a two count. 

VSK rakes the eyes of Smith, tagging in Cardona, who hangs Smith in the ropes then immediately tags in Knox, who along with VSK double teams Smith. VSK with some hard shots to Smith, he tags in Cardona, who takes one punch then tags in Knox.  

Knox is choking Smith on the ropes, and with the referee’s back turned Chelsea gets involved too. Knox continues to dominate, then tags in VSK, who hits a lovely over the top rope senton for two. VSK with a headlock on Smith, but he fires up and gets to his feet, freeing himself, but CSK shoves him to the corner, and Cardona tags in, tries to take a cheap shot, but Smith catches him with a boot, knocks down both Knox and VSK, then tags in Aldis. Cardona is not happy, and is going to be even less happy when he turns around and sees the National Treasure... 

Nick with forearms then a Michinoku Driver to Cardona, but the match then breaks down as everyone enters the ring. After a flurry of activity, Cardona hits a re-boot on Aldis and goes for the Radi Silence, but Aldis counters into the King Lynn Cloverleaf, but VSK breaks it up and tag in. Doug shoves VSK off the top rope and Aldis traps him in the Cloverleaf, forcing VSK to tap out! 

Winners: Commonwealth Connection & Nick Aldis 

Cardona hides behind Chelsea as Nick tells the belt is coming home as the show comes to an end. 

Good Powerrr this week, a lot happening in a short space of time, but none of it was overbearing, and nothing was too bad. Nick Aldis is definitely getting another title shot it seems, and I would like to see Commonwealth Connection get a shot at the tag team titles sometime soon. 

KiLynn King won't be beating Kamille for the Women’s Title, but she’ll provide a strong opponent for Kamille to take on, so with all this it looks like the next PPV will be pretty stacked. 

Anyway, that’s enough from Powerrr, it’s time to move on to NWA USA! 

NWA USA opens with May Valentine talking to Jennacide. She says she must be disappointed about missing out on a shot at the World Women’s Title, but asks about her challenge against the debuting MJ Jenkins tonight? 

Jennacide says she is pissed; it was her first shot as a singles competitor to show what she can do. She says Chelsea and KiLynn are tough, but no one pinned her, so she’s still going for the top. She wants the best competition to come here, such as MJ Jenkins, she is big and tough, and she wants it to be hard, brutal, and she wants it to be vicious and beautiful violence, because that’s what she brings to the NWA, and what she wants to show to everyone. 

Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and this week’s third, Madusa, introduce us to the show and let us know what we can expect from tonight’s show. (Joe Galli is obviously confused as he calls it NWA Powerrr...) 

Mike Bennett v Kerry Morton 

Kerry starts with a waistlock takedown, and uses his technical ability to control Bennett. It doesn’t last though as Bennett gets free and starts chopping away at Morton’s chest. Bennett tries a suplex but Morton counters and gets a two count off a roll up.  

The two begin trading chops, and Morton takes control until Bennet reasserts himself and gets a two count after a Death Valley Driver to Morton. Bennett tries to hit a neckbreaker, but Morton again counters into a roll up for two. Bennett rolls out of the ring after a kick in the corner, and is hit with an axe handle smash by Morton. He goes to throw Bennett back into the ring, but he spins around and delivers a huge forearm smash to Morton’s face! 

Bennett throws him back in the ring and charges him in the corner, but Morton gets his feet up. However, Bennett then hits a spinebuster for a two count. 

Bennett is in control, chopping Morton in the corner, and they begin trading chops in the corner, after several rounds Morton hits Bennett with a Pele kick. Both men are down, but Morton is first to his feet, and after Bennet reverses a whip into the corner, Morton hits a crossbody for two. 

Rolling elbow into a steamroller from Morton, and the crowd are behind him. Morton goes for Kiss It Goodbye, but Bennett dodges, hits a superkick, then a sit out Urunage Slam for a two count! 

Bennett gets Morton in position for a powerbomb, but Morton transitions into an “Eat Defeat” for a two count. Bennet though is too tough for Morton, and after brainbuster and rolling elbow, Bennet gets the three count. 

Winner: Mike Bennett 

Bennett helps Morton up and they shake hands as we go to a break. 

Really good match this. Kerry Morton has serious talent, and at some point, will be a big star for the NWA. Bennett is always impressive, and I think WWE really dropped the ball with this guy, but it’s great to see him really getting his name out there now and having people appreciate his work. 

After a short break, we get... 

Sixty Seconds with Gaagz the Gymp 

Gaagz says nothing for the full sixty seconds, just awkwardly shifts and looks around. He eventually opens the zip on his mask and sticks his tongue out, and the segment ends. Terrific.