NWA Newsround: 14th March 2022

With just a week to go until the Crockett Cup PPV, Paul runs down all this weeks action in your NWA Newsround.

NWA Newsround: 14th March 2022

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, coming at you once again with a brand-new NWA Newsround! 

This week saw the final PowerrrTrip special and had two really big matches as Nick Aldis faced Thom Latimer in an “I Quit” match, and Trevor Murdoch defending the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion against Matt Cardona. 

NWA USA this week was a “PowerrrSurge special, showcasing some of the next generation talent that NWA has on its books. 

It’s likely that this coming weeks NWA shows will be “PowerrrSurge” specials too, as we are now just a week away from the Crockett Cup PPV! 

So, let’s take a look at this week's action, shall we? As ever, we will start with... 

As the show opens Kyle Davis is backstage with Austin Idol and the NWA World Television Champion, Tyrus. Kyle tells us that there will be an eight-man tag team match tonight between the Masked Man, Cyon and the Ill Begotten taking on IdolMania Sports Management. 

Idol and Tyrus joke about the fact that they’ll be the “Ill Forgotten” when they’re finished with them. Tyrus says he hasn’t forgotten Cyon though as he just doesn’t get it and keeps coming back. He likes a beating. Tyrus asks Kyle what he has to say about it, and Idol goes on a rant about how Kyle’s opinion doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is IdolMania Sports Management, and William Patrick Corgan needs to get that through his big, thick head. 

Playground insults never get old do they? 

Joe Galli is in the ring with Cyon as he announces the upcoming matches. 

He asks Cyon about his match tonight and says there have been rumours about who his father is, and will he tell them who he is? 

Cyon says ever since he told everyone his father was an NWA Champion, it's all anyone asks about, but in front of sold-out Kentucky crowd, they don’t want to see people talk, they want to see people fight, and see competition only the NWA can bring them. He says his future is a hell of a lot brighter than his past. 

Cyon & The Ill Begotten v IdolMania Sports Management 

Cyon’s team consists of Alex Taylor, Rush Freeman and Mims, Idol’s team is Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater, BLK Jeez, and Marshe Rockett. 

ISM seem to direct some threats towards Tim Storm on commentary as they approach the ring. This “match” has been going for nearly five minutes already and nothing has happened. Tyrus is on the mic telling people to keep the noise down as Jordan Clearwater removes his robe. I’m bored already. Even Joe Galli on commentary says “We have TV time; can we get to some wrestling please?!” 

After five minutes of build up the match finally begins, but I’ll be honest with you people, I’ve lost interest in this match. Cyon starts strong, throwing Clearwater around and generally controlling the pace. Taylor comes in and continues the domination of his team, then tags in Freeman, and we get a nice double team move from them.  

Clearwater creates an opening and tags in BLK Jeez, but Freeman quickly gains control and tags Taylor in. Taylor with a corner dropkick, but after a distraction from Rockett, Jeez takes Taylor out with a lariat. 

Tyrus is tagged in, and he delivers a corner elbow to Taylor. Tyrus, being the dominant big man he is, proceeds to throw Taylor around like a rag doll, before tagging Rockett in. Rockett continues the assault with a huge dropkick, but the resulting pin is broken at two. Clearwater comes back in and stomps Taylor, then hits a back suplex. Clearwater tries to mock Dirty Dango, but this just gives Taylor time to recover and hit a drop kick. Mims gets tagged in as does Jeez and Mims just throws him around, hitting a huge spinebuster. Clearwater breaks up the pin but gets taken out with a Death Valley Drier by Cyon, who then takes him out at ringside. But Jeez then flies over the top rope into Cyon. 

Rockett and Freeman are fighting outside the ring also, as we see Mims and Tyrus squaring off. Mims tries to pick up Tyrus and nearly succeeds, until Rockett helps Tyrus by pulling Mims down, resulting in Tyrus getting the pin. 

Winners: IdolMania Sports Management 

After the match, Tyrus hits Mims with a Heart Punch, then they cover him with the ISM flag. 

Well, that for me was not a great match, but I’d say it seems Mims is next in line for a TV title shot, and that I can get behind. 

After a few ads (NWA All Access, NWA USA, and Legacy Sports Nutrition) we get back to the action! 

Nick Aldis v Thom Latimer (I Quit Match) 

Latimer is out first, and tells Kyle to get into the ring. He says he’s never been good at quitting and he isn’t going to start tonight. He says this ends tonight, and he will make Nick squeal “I Quit”, and then he will be the face of the NWA and he will fear him. 

Latimer waits with a chair as Aldis comes out, and goes straight for Latimer. The two begin brawling around the ring, with Aldis landing a Thesz Press. Aldis seems to have Latimer’s number early on as he is avoiding all Latimer’s offense. 

Aldis tries a penalty kick on the apron but Latimer catches his foot and throws it back, sending Aldis into the ring apron face first. Latimer tells the ref to ask him, and Aldis says to get that thing out of his face. 

Latimer forces Aldis’ face into the middle turnbuckle, but Aldis doesn’t quit, and Latimer uses a spare turnbuckle as a weapon. Aldis says he’ll never quit, as Latimer puts him in the Camel Clutch, then puts the turnbuckle hook into Aldis’ mouth and stretches it. Aldis manages to wrestle the turnbuckle free and hit Latimer over the head with it, then goes under the ring and grabs a length of chain. 

Latimer avoids an attempt from Aldis to hit him with the chain, then Latimer gets it and wraps it round his fist, hitting Aldis with it. He ties Aldis arm in the chain then wraps it around the ring post, but still Aldis doesn’t quit. Aldis gets the chain and pulls Latimer into the ring post with it, and when asked if he quits, Latimer says “Piss off”. 

Aldis throws some chairs into the ring, then picks up Latimer and throws him into the ring. As Aldis is entering, Latimer kicks the ropes into Aldis’, shall we say, “delicates”, and again the ref asks him if he wants to quit. Again, Aldis does not quit. Latimer starts hitting him with a chair, then sits him in it to continue pummelling him. As Latimer is climbing to the top, Aldis with a low blow, takes him down, then gets a Gory Stretch on Latimer, then hits a Gory Bomb through the chair! Again, Latimer does not quit. 

Aldis tries for the figure four, but Latimer kicks him off then hits a basement dropkick to Aldis outside the ring. The match continues as they brawl around the outside, with Latimer using the steel steps as a weapon. He then smashes Aldis’ arm with a steel chair while trapped in the steps. Latimer continues to beat down Aldis, again using the steps. The ref asks Aldis, and he stares at Latimer, telling him “You hit like a bitch!” 

An irate Latimer grabs the chair, and Aldis pulls his arm free from the steps just in time, then hits a running Latimer with the chair. Again, Latimer does not quit. Aldis on the apron runs at Latimer, then uses a crossbody to put him through a table! Both men are down, and the referee asks both men, and they both say no. 

Aldis is first back in the ring, and they start slugging it out. Aldis goes for the Cloverleaf, but Latimer rakes the eyes, then hits a spear. Latimer with a chair, lays it down to attempt the piledriver, but Aldis sunset flips him into the chair himself. Aldis puts the chair over Latimer’s head to choke him with it, then stomps on it! The referee asks Latimer and he says “I’ll never quit; you’ll have to kill me”. 

Aldis then hits the chair with another chair, seemingly knocking out Latimer, and with his head still in the chair, Aldis locks in the Cloverleaf. Latimer says he’ll never quit, but Kamille comes down and throws in the towel, giving Nick Aldis the win! 

Winner: Nick Aldis 

This was a great match! Both men gave it their all, and it was a fantastic spectacle. This feud isn’t over though, there’s going to be more to come from this. 

More ads follow as we get ads for the Crockett Cup and Fandu Belts NWA Replica Title Belt. 

As we come back, Joe Galli tells us about what happened during the break, and a video shows Thom Latimer going mad and attacking security staff at ringside. Velvet Sky says she understands why Kamille did it, but Tim Storm says that both men are obsessed with winning. 

Trevor Murdoch v Matt Cardona (NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship Match) 

Cardona is out first, and he looks very confident. Murdoch is out next and he looks more than ready for a fight. 

Cardona leaves the ring saying he’s not ready yet, as he walks around ringside arguing with the fans in attendance. Cardona then says he’s “Always Ready”, and gets back into the ring gingerly. 

The two lock up, and Cardona gets headlock, Murdoch slings him into the ropes, but Cardona takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Murdoch then takes Cardona down with a hip toss, but when Murdoch goes for a body slam, Cardona gets free and bales out of the ring. 

Cardona gets back in, and offers the test of strength to Murdoch, but kicks him in the mid-section and grabs a headlock. Murdoch reverses into one of his own, then hits a shoulder tackle off the ropes, followed by a hip toss. Murdoch then with a toe hold take down and another hip toss, and Cardona bales out of the ring again. 

Murdoch gives chase, and walks into the standard trap of taking shot as he gets in the ring. Murdoch reasserts, but Cardona with a poke to the eye to slow him down. It doesn’t work though as Murdoch hits a Full Nelson Slam for a two count. Again, Cardona leaves the ring. Murdoch gives chase and throws him back into the ring, but Cardona kicks the ropes into the groin of Murdoch as he gets back into the ring. Cardona then with a Double Arm DDT on the exposed floor outside the ring.  

Murdoch is busted open, and Cardona hits a basement dropkick to Murdoch outside the ring. Murdoch is out of it on the ground, and Cardona continues to target Murdoch’s head. Cardona grabs a chair, but the referee tells him to put it down. He put it in the corner, then continues to attack Murdoch, choking him with his shirt. More head shots from Cardona. 

Cardona with a neckbreaker, but Murdoch kicks out at two. Murdoch tries to fight back, but Cardona is able to shut him down quickly. Cardona is stalking Murdoch, grinding his head into the mat, then delivering a headbutt. He charges Murdoch in the corner, but Murdoch hits a spinebuster then heads up top. Murdoch with a huge crossbody, but Cardona kicks out at two! 

Murdoch tries for a piledriver and hits it, but Cardona again kicks out at two! Murdoch charges Cardona in the corner, but he dodges it and Murdoch collides with the previously set up chair head first! Cardona hits the Radio Silence, and the referee counts the pin! We have a NEW NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion! 

 I feel like they've done Trevor dirty here. His reign has been a relatively short one, and I don't personally feel he was given enough time with the title to build something hugely meaningful. That said, I enjoyed his reign, and I hope it's not his last time holding the Ten Pounds of Gold.

Mike Knox, Chelsea Green and VSK all come out to celebrate with Matt Cardona, the new NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, as Trevor Murdoch is attended to on the floor. Cardona and his crew stand in the ring celebrating, then Cardona gets a mic and mockingly says “Can someone check on Trevor, is he ok?” 

He then says “All hail the Death Match King! All hail the NEW NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion! Don’t worry Billy, I’m not gonna do what Shane Douglas did with this title. I want to thank everyone who is responsible for this memorable night... me! 

Thank you, Matt Cardona, for being a self-made superstar, for changing the business, and making all my dreams come true.” 

He then thanks Chelsea, Mike Knox and VSK, and then the NWA Universe for always believing in him, and he is going to save NWA And take it to new heights, and to be the greatest NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion ever. He says he is never going to lose this title and there is no one who can stop him. 

Nick Aldis’ music hits and out comes the National Treasure! 

Nick says “This isn’t the NWA Universe, this is the NWA son, and these people are wrestling fans! We don’t need your buzzwords; this is where men settle their business in the squared circle! 

As the former World’s Champion, for over 1,000 days, being the champion comes with a great deal of responsibility and leadership, and on that note, he is taking the responsibility of everyone connected to NWA to tell him he is an arrogant, self-righteous son of a bitch. Aldis says last time he wrestled with the title on the line was against Murdoch in St Louis, which means he has a contractual title rematch he never took. Don’t get too comfortable with the title, because the REAL World’s Champion is taking it back at the Crockett Cup! 

The show ends with Cardona and co shouting at Aldis as Joe Galli announces what will be on PowerrrSurge next week. 

These three PowerrrTrip specials have been fantastic and really showcased what the NWA is capable of. The show felt more special with the addition of ring music and a focus on the in-ring action rather than loads of pull away segments and interviews. A lot of people will argue that NWA’s concept is outdated, but when it leads to quality action like this, the build-up on Powerrr/USA makes it looks so much better. 

So, with PowerrrTrip done, let's move on to... 


As this is a PowerrrSurge special, there will be some names we haven’t heard much of here, so it will be interesting to see what these next generation guys and girls can do. 

Joe Galli hosts the show from an office, and reminds us the Crockett Cup is one week away. 

Galli tells us this first match went down before any fans were even allowed in the arena, so this will be the first time anyone has ever seen it. 

De’vin Graves v Miguel Robles 

Graves is making his NWA debut in this match. 

The two shake hands, then lock up, with Graves getting the best of the first exchange. Robles with a waistlock, but Graves shrugs him off. Robles gets frustrated and shoves him, but Graves isn’t biting. Robles ends up sending Graves into the turnbuckle and attempts a splash, but Graves catches him and tosses him to the ground, then splashes Robles in the corner. 

Robles gets a two count of a roll up, then walks into a clothesline from Graves. Graves locks in a headlock on the ground, and knocks Robles back down when he fights out. He goes back to Robles' neck and cranks on it, Robles fights out but is slammed back to the mat after attempting a crossbody. Robles avoids a splash from Graves, and goes for a clothesline on Graves, but it two clotheslines, a dropkick and a couple of Irish whip attempts, but Graves delivers a headbutt to take Robles down.  

Graves gets caught with a neckbreaker by Robles and the referee counts the pin. Robles wins! 

Winner: Miguel Robles 

After a short ad break, Joe Galli introduces us to tonight’s second match. 

Magic Jake Dumas v AJ Cazana 

This is Cazana’s debut match, whereas Jake Dumas was formerly Fable Jake. This match took place at the PowerrrTrip show. Cazana is also a third-generation wrestler, with his father Joe having wrestled for the NWA as well as his grandfather, John, who also wrestled. Not only that, but he was trained by Dr Tom Pritchard, so he definitely has a bit of buzz about him. 

Dumas tries to light a cigarette as the match starts, and he dominates early on. Dumas is well on top in the match, but Cazana does get to his feet, only to be taken down again with a reverse DDT by Dumas. 

After a cocky pin, Dumas showboats to the crowd, giving Cazana an opportunity to get some offense in. Dumas reasserts himself with a crossbody, and after a TKO, he secures the win. 

Winner: Magic Jake Dumas 

We get another short ad break before Joe Galli once again introduces us to the next, and final match of the night. 

Mims v Diante 

It’s another debut as Diante, a former pro boxer, takes on Mims back at the GPB Studios in Atlanta. Both guys are Anthony Mayweather’s students. 

The two lock up and trade holds in the beginning, with Mims taking control with a side headlock. Diante transitions into one of his own, but Mims transitions into a foot hold. Diante gouges the eye of Mims to escape. 

Mims tries to break out of Diante’s headlock, Diante rolls through to maintain the headlock. Eventually though he gets out and hits three successive shoulder tackles. Diante hits a nice shot to Mims mid-section, and keeps on top of him, putting Mims down in the corner. He continues with stomps, as Mims crawls out of the corner. 

Diante is on top, with several hard shots. Mims is struggling to hit back, as Diante shrugs off a couple of headbutts. Mims gets free, but again Diante takes him down for a two count. Diante whips Mims into the corner, but Mims didges the resulting charge, so Diante collides with the turnbuckles. 

Mims with a huge headbutt, then a corner splash, followed with a devastating clothesline. Mims hits the Big Strong Slam and this one is over. 

Winner: Mims 

Joe Galli thanks us for joining him, and the show ends with him hyping the Crockett Cup. 

As NWA USA goes, this was alright. Given that this particular show didn’t include the main talent, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a throw away episode, but it gave much needed TV time to up and coming talent in the NWA, and that’s the kind of experience that money can’t buy. 

Overall this week's NWA was pretty good. The PowerrrTrip specials have been great to watch and I feel like they have kicked NWA into another level. NWA USA was ok, but as it was a PowerrrSurge special, most of the matches shown were likely dark matches on the night, not that that's a bad thing, but I think that NWA USA is hindered slightly by it being only a 30-minute show, if they incresed it to 45 minutes I think it would do a lot better (even if it would make my life more difficult for reviews!).

Anyway, that's all from me. Thanks for reading this week’s review. Next week’s review will be an extended one with Tuesday’s PowerrrSurge results rolled into the big weekend review of the Crockett Cup! Don’t miss it!