NWA Newsround: 11th April 2022

It's a new week (yes it is?) and what better way to start it than with a round up of all the latest NWA action?!

NWA Newsround: 11th April 2022

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back with a brand-new NWA Newsround! 

With the Crockett Cup now firmly behind us, it seems we are going to see some progression in the story between the NWA World Tag Team Champions, La Rebelion, and the 2022 Crockett Cup winners, the Briscoes. Not only that, but Matt Cardona has called out former NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm, and challenged him to a match with title implications. 

And of course, no week would be complete without our usual helping of NWA USA, so as ever let’s not waste any time and dive straight in! 

The show begins with a video package highlighting the feud between Matt Cardona and Tim Storm following the latter's actions at the Crockett Cup PPV, and the subsequent challenge put forward by Cardona. As the show begins, we have our usual introduction from the commentary team of Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, and this week Austin Idol stepping in for Tim Storm. As ever Idol makes it all about himself... 

We are told about what to expect from tonight's show, but first off, we are heading straight to the ring, as we are kicking off with Matt Cardona v Tim Storm! 

Tim Storm v NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Matt Cardona 

A stale mate in the first standoff between the two leads Cardona to back off slightly before beginning to take control. At least, until Storm knocks him down and he rolls out of the ring. Cardona slowly walks around the ring, trying to break any momentum. He offers a handshake to Storm as he re-enters the ring, but Storm doesn’t fall for it, catches the quick kick and lays in some strikes. Cardona tries a kick but again Storm recovers quickly, and ends the sequence with a big boot for a two count. 

Cardona with a jawbreaker as he rises off the mat, and a big boot to a charging Storm. Cardona comes off the top and seemingly tweaks his knee, begging off and asking for the referee’s help, then while the referee’s back is turned blasts Storm to take control. 

With Storm grounded, Cardona rips his shirt off and chokes Storm with it, then splashes him in the corner after Storm makes it to his feet. Mounted punches in the corner from Cardona, but Storm counters with a powerbomb for a two count, and now Storm is rallying, hitting some strikes, followed by a big boot, then the Perfect Storm! He goes for the pin, but Cardona gets his foot on the ropes to break it at two. 

Storm charges Cardona in the corner but he dodges it, and Cardona hits a trio of replay kicks (Drive by) He then pins Storm for the win. 

Winner: NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Matt Cardona 

Following the match, Cardona continues to beat down Storm, and is ready to blast him with the title belt when Nick Aldis comes out for the save, beating the hell out of Cardona, and hitting him with the title belt! VSK comes out next and instantly gets blasted with the belt, with Mike Knox in tow looking hesitant. Knox helps Cardona up and VSK is tossed towards them by Aldis, who throws the belt to Cardona 

Pretty energetic opener, and nice to see Tim Storm in action as he rarely is these days. It obviously served as a way to further the story between Aldis and Cardona, and I for one look forward to what seems will be an inevitable rematch between the two. 

After a short break, Kyle Davis is plugging some NWA merch when Pope rocks up and says he wants him to stop shilling this stuff because Pope wants to say something. He has been patient and waited long enough, and people have been saying that the NWA needs change, and he agrees. Pope is cashing in his Champions Series title shot on Matt Cardona!  

He doesn’t exactly say when he is using it though... 

Darius Lockhart v Rhett Titus 

They start with a handshake, then lock up, with both men attempting to gain the advantage with some nice chain wrestling, with a clean break in the corner. 

They continue to try and get an advantage over each other, with Titus beginning to look slightly more dominant, before another clean break in the corner. They lock up again in the middle with a test of strength, as Titus gets Lockhart down for a pin attempt. The crowd is dead for this though. 

More technical wrestling from the two, with neither man gaining a significant advantage. Titus begins to take control, countering a kip up from Lockhart by dropping to the mat for a pin attempt. 

With the two on the ground, Lockhart gets to his feet, and the two attempt hip tosses, but Titus then spikes Lockhart with the head scissors, keeping his legs locked to create a submission move. Lockhart tries to bridge out but Titus keeps him grounded for a spell until Lockhart gets to his feet 

This has been a very back and forth match, no one has hit any significant moves and both men grapple for control. Definitely one for the fans of technical wrestling, which it seems this crowd isn't particularly a fan of given their selective mutism. A suplex from Titus livens things up briefly, as Titus then grabs a spinning toe hold. Lockhart gets a two count from a counter until Titus goes back to the toe hold, taking a kick from Lockhart, which then makes the match explode into life as both men start throwing bombs at each other. Both men are throwing punches, but Lockhart gets Titus in the corner, and keeps punching, causing the referee to disqualify him. 

Winner by DQ: Rhett Titus 

After the match, Titus offers the handshake and the two square off, as Titus goads Lockhart by saying he got in his head. 

Personally, I like a good technical match, but this crowd didn’t seem into it which was a shame. Nevertheless, it seems we could be seeing a story develop here, and I’m sure that they will expand on this on NWA USA, the home of the Junior Heavyweights (Little bit of shameless plugging for them there...) 

Short ad break time again, and afterwards May Valentine is with the Briscoes, congratulating them on their Crockett Cup win and last week's win over OGK. 

Mark starts things off by saying Demboys are right here in the NWA, then Jay cuts in saying they're on the roll, and they can't see anyone stopping them. Jay passes it over to Mark who says they need the straps, and Jay makes the challenge official, they are challenging La Rebelion for the NWA World Tag Team Championships! 

Kyle Davis is with Chris Adonis and the National Heavyweight Champion, Jax Dane. Kyle asks Chris about the break-up of Strictly Business and what he’s thinking? 

Adonis says don’t worry about this furry bird Jax Dane over here, because he is the greatest wrestler to ever hold the National title, and the hottest man in NWA. 

Dane says those are big words, and he is surprised he knows any big words. Dane say “Let me remind you who I am” (to which an absolute genius in the crowd shouts “a furry bird!”). 

Dane says he is a former World’s Heavyweight Champion, World Tag Team Champion, North American Champion and current two-time National Champion. He says if he wants a shot at the title, he’ll put Adonis on the shelf just like he did Crimson. But he says in the NWA, they let the big dumb ones like him spend most of their time doing challenges. 

Adonis takes this to mean he is up for challenges, to which Dane replies he is. So, Adonis challenges him to the Masterlock challenge. Dane says no way, the title can't change hands on a challenge, and he isn't paid for challenges, so he refuses as he walks off. Adonis tries to goad him further but to no avail. 

After an ad break and a recap of last week's NWA USA, we get back to the action on Powerrr. 

Trevor Murdoch v Garrison Creed 

Creed tries to jump Murdoch at the bell, but Murdoch nonchalantly avoids it, then puts Creed away within thirty seconds with a piledriver. 

Winner: Trevor Murdoch 

Kyle asks him what's going on in his mind. 

He tells Kyle that he is here to focus on himself only. Maybe if he had focused more on himself, he would still be World Champion. 

Aron Stevens comes out and says he’s not supposed to be out here, but since he lost the title, he doesn't return his calls or texts, and they don’t sit together, he spent thanksgiving with his family. 

He says Trevor won the title, and he needs to get out of his head. He knows what's going on inside him, like his souls been ripped out, and he doesn’t want to look at himself in the mirror, and doesn’t want to lace his boots up because he doesn’t feel like it, but he says the Trevor he knows keeps going. Stevens says “What is that not good enough?” then breaks into his character and says: 

 “Well, it is obvious that your public-school education did not teach you critical thinking skills. I am saying this, because you, sir, need to hear it. For the last few weeks, you’ve been out here talking about patience, saying you have no patience for anyone, well you sir need a little patience.” 

Stevens begins to sing the song “Patience” as Trevor tries to get a word in, which ends with Trevor socking him straight in the mouth as the segment ends. 

After a quick recap of the previous segment, May Valentine is with Billy Corgan, and is going to let him address whatever he needs to as there is a lot going on in the NWA right now. 

Billy says he does have a lot to address, so bear with him as this is complicated. 

He didn’t like what he saw from Darius Lockhart tonight, he was about to give him a title shot, but has instead decided to give it to Rhett Titus. 

Regarding Nick Aldis, he doesn’t get another title shot. He had his shot at the PPV, but is now at the back of the line. 

Trevor Murdoch has a title shot, he is entitled to a rematch, but he’s not sure where his heads at. 

Pope has a Champions Series shot, but he wants it on the biggest stage. However, Billy will likely book it on Powerrr. 

Regarding Matt Cardona, he is the World Champion, and the face of the company like it or not. He needs to work with him no matter what anyone thinks as he needs to do what's best for the NWA. He’s fine with people pushing for a title opportunity, he wants the best and they should want those opportunities, but he has to make the decisions, and those decisions have to be to the best benefit of the NWA. 

Cyon v Tyrus Bodyslam Challenge 

Cyon comes out while Austin Idol is talking to Kyle Davis for this challenge. Austin Idol explains the rules: 

Cyon gets three attempts. If he were to slam Tyrus, he will get an automatic shot at the NWA TV Title. Idol says that is fair and reasonable, so let's see what he can do. 

Tyrus comes out and Idol bigs him up, saying no one in the universe can slam him, or words to that effect, you know how Austin Idol likes to rabbit on... 

Into the ring we go as the referee rings the bell for some reason. 

Attempt one is a flat-out failure as Tyrus pushes him away. The commentary team surmise that maybe Tyrus is worried he can slam him. 

Attempt number two, Cyon nearly gets him up, but Tyrus leans into the ropes, thereby wasting Cyon’s second attempt. Cyon gets in his face, clearly angry. Joe Galli says he sees trepidation in the face of Tyrus, while Velvet Sky, says all Tyrus has to do is stand there. 

Austin Idol is at ringside and gives his word he isn't going to do anything, to which I say yeah right... 

Idol then whispers something to Cyon as Tyrus shives the referee out of the way, then to the floor as Cyon has his back turned. Whatever Idol whispered to Cyon, it seems to have disturbed him, as he loses his focus, and as he turns round, Tyrus hits him with the Heart Punch. The referee throws the challenge out as the show ends. 

Overall, not the best episode of Powerrr in my opinion, and no women's action this week which was somewhat surprising. Not even a promo. The matches seemed a little light, although to be fair the crowd really shit on the match between Darius Lockhart and Rhett Titus by staying so silent. 

Still, Powerrr is usually pretty consistent, so they will likely bounce back from this below average week. With that, we move on to... 

As ever we get a backstage interview to start the show, and this week its Chris Silvio, Esq. For those unaware, he is apparently Jax Dane’s legal representative. 

May says it’s nice to see him but she assumes he is not just here to say hello. 

Silvio says it is nice to see May too, but she’s right. He didn’t come here for her or to say hello. He’s here to talk about the biggest miscarriage of justice he has ever seen in Professional Wrestling or even in law. With two tag teams having one match and someone gets a shot at Jax, it's so convoluted he can’t understand it. He says as it has never happened before, it has no legal precedence, and as a result he and Jax don’t care who wins because it won’t count, and the Dane Event will only face someone he actually wants to face. 

Kyle Davis is at the interviewer’s podium with Colby Corino. Davis reminds everyone that Corino was part of the four-way match to determine a new Junior Heavyweight Champion at the Crockett Cup, but Colby says he doesn’t want to talk about that. The crowd boos him and Colby tells them to shut up, and that he can wait. 

He asks if we know what his name means in wrestling, and the weight the Corino name carries, for anyone who doesn’t he will be happy to inform the uneducated and lift the veil so they can see who they're dealing with.  

At 12 years old, he became the youngest person to win a match in the NWA, and at 14, he became the youngest to challenge for an NWA World Title. And at 25 and in his prime, he is going to win his first World Title. He’s not disregarding Homicide, he respects him, but he says if it had been a one on one between them, he would not have won. 

He admits that Homicide is tough, but his last name is not Corino, and from what he remembers, he doesn’t have much luck with Corino’s. He wants him to watch out, as he is here to make a statement, and he is going to be the next NWA World’s Junior Heavyweight Champion, and the last. Before we go to a break, Kyle states that Colby has a match coming up next. 

Colby Corino v “Action” Mike Jackson 

So, what physical specimen is Colby taking on this week? Why, it’s a 72-year-old man... 

No, sadly, I am not kidding... 

Corino backs off into the corner to start, but quickly takes Jackson down with an arm drag. He backs him into the corner, then backs off himself. 

Jackson with some nice technical work to get out of a hammerlock and arm drags Corino. Jackson seems to be gaining momentum, and has Corino reeling, but Corino is able to reassert himself, putting Jackson in the corner and punching him in the face. He whips Jackson to the other corner, but Jackson gets the boot up, then a back elbow, followed by a neckbreaker for a two count! 

Jackson gets whipped into the corner again, but avoids the Corino spear, sending him into the ring post, then hits a flatliner. Jackson gets a wrist lock and goes up to the top ropes, walking across the top rope Undertaker style, before delivering an elbow to the arm. Corino goes outside, and Jackson tries to pull him back in, but he cheap shots him and hits a slingshot spear, before choking him on the ropes. 

Corino gets an Angle slam, then a Colby Crush, but Jackson kicks out at two. 

Corino heads up top and goes for a Swanton bomb, but Jackson avoids and fires up, pulling down one of his singlet straps (well, now we know where Kurt got it from...) 

Jackson is all over Corino, but as he goes for a dive to the outside, Corino pulls something out of his trunks and uses it to knock JAckson out for the win. 

Winner: Colby Corino 

That was a surprisingly decent match. Jackson began wrestling in the seventies and is a ten-time U.S Junior Heavyweight Champion, so there is no doubt he has some pedigree, but I’m not sure about the direction they’re looking to take with Corino here. If he is just going to beat up old timers for the next few weeks then this build up will likely fall pretty flat, but let’s wait and see. 

Sixty seconds with Natalia Markova now, and she says she is the best of the best. Girls don’t like her, but guys do, throwing all their money at her. She knows why girls don’t like her, they're jealous. They're not her and never will be. They just need to accept it, they will never be on her level, and that’s ok, that’s life, so just roll with it. 

Back to ringside with Joe Galli and Velvet Sky now, who has some breaking news from Madusa. The apparent title shot for the victor of the tag team match tonight is not sanctioned, so it seems as though Jax Dane’s title is safe for now... 

Ariya Daivari v Sal Rinauro 

Looks like Sal has dropped the crazy routine. 

The two lock up and look for an opening, and it seems Sal has the better of Daivari to begin, playing mind games with him and getting a succession of near falls before hitting a dropkick. Rinauro suddenly flips a switch and turns, becoming a more sadistic fighter, but Daivari takes control. 

Daivari ties him to the tree of woe and starts stomping Rinauro. Daivari follows up with a couple of kidney shots, then gets Rinauro in a sleeper hold. Rinauro seems to be out, so the referee starts the arm drops, and of course Rinauro keeps his arm up on the third. 

Rinauro nearly gets free but Daivari starts ramming him head first into the corners, and Rinauro’s turn to the darkside in this match is complete, hitting a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. 

Rinauro heads up top, avoids a charging Daivari and hits a Sal Stunner for a two count. 

Rinauro starts shouting for “Father”, and with the referee distracted Daivari throws the rug he carries at him, then hits a superkick, followed by a hammerlock into a clothesline. 

Daivari then hits the Magic Carpet Ride for the win. 

Winner: Ariya Daivari 

I’m not sure I have much to say about this match. Let's just move on. 

Kyle speaks to Daivari and says that was an impressive win even if the carpet did come into play. He asks Daivari if he is looking to win gold here in the NWA? (Stupid question. EVERY wrestler should be looking to win championships or what is the point?!) 

Daivari says first of all, get that piece of garbage Sal Rinauro out of the ring. He didn’t come to the NWA to play nice; he won't wait around for an opportunity; he will create one for himself by calling out the top dog. He calls out Nick Aldis, and says for the last ten years he’s been really friendly with his brother Shawn., and every time he sees him, he asks about Shawn, but never asks about him, because he thinks he is less than his brother. 

Ariya Daivari calls Nick Aldis out, and tells Billy Corgan to make it happen. 

After a break, May Valentine is backstage with Ricky Morton, and asks if he thinks his son Kerry has what it takes to become champion? 

Ricky says it's great to be here. It takes years to get to the top, you don’t learn this business overnight. His son has a great future in the business, and will be a champion one day, but not right now. He’s looking forward to being in the NWA and having a lot of fun. 

The Fixers v Marshe Rockett & ??? 

So, who is Marshe Rockett’s mystery partner? Well before we find that out, apparently it is now official, whichever team wins, one of them gets a shot at Jax Dane’s National Heavyweight Title. 

So, who is his partner? It’s Jax Dane himself. The furry bird! 

After a lot of dithering, the match finally begins. Bradley and Rockett start off, with Bradley in early control. Rockett gets a foothold in the match and begins to build some steam, but Bradley reasserts himself. 

Legursky comes in and the assault of Rockett continues. Rockett tries everything to get Legursky down but is unable to, ending up getting sandwiched by the Fixers. Jax doesn’t seem interested in tagging in to this match. 

The Fixers are dominating Rockett, but Bradley seemingly injures his knee. This gives Rockett the chance to tag in Jax Dane, who then takes Bradley outside and batters him around the ringside area. Dane distracts the referee, ending the count, and giving Rockett the chance to cause more damage to Bradley before throwing him back in the ring. 

Dane targets Bradley’s limbs with stomps, then locks in the nerve pinch. Bradley gets to his feet, and manages a back body drop to Dane. Legursky is tagged in and lets loose on Dane, splashing him in the corner, then hits a body slam. Rockett tries to intervene but gets thrown out of the ring, and the Fixers try for a double suplex, but Rockett interferes and distracts the referee to that Dane can hit a low blow.  

Dane hits a Samoan drop on Legursky, and Rockett hits a Swanton bomb for a two count as Bradley breaks it up.  

Dane and Bradley are brawling outside as Legursky tries a big splash on Rockett, but he avoids it and hits the Rockett Kick for the win! Rockett gets a title shot! 

Winners: Marshe Rockett & Jax Dane 

I guess this served a purpose in getting Rockett a title shot, but aside from that I was not overly excited by this match. It seemed a little clumsy to me, and almost predictable, but then that happens a lot in wrestling so it’s not like it’s something exclusive to NWA. 

Overall, not a great week for NWA for me personally, everything felt just a little bit lacklustre, and a step behind, but after such a successful PPV, it’s inevitable that it might feel a little off. The lack of any real presence from the women's division was also a big disappointment for me personally. Hopefully back to form next week. 

Well, that’s all from me for this week’s NWA Newsround. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you right here again next week!