NWA Hard Times 2: 4th December 2021

It's been building up for weeks, and its finally here. Hard Times 2! Join Paul as he runs down all the action!

NWA Hard Times 2:  4th December 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, here with a special review of the NWA Hard Times 2 Pay-Per-View!   

It’s been building up for weeks, and December 4th we finally got the big card we had all been waiting for, with a total of thirteen matches on the card, and no less than eight Championship matches, not to mention two with Championship implications.   

Throw in the grudge match between Nick Aldis and Thom Latimer, plus Jax Dane v Matthew Mims, and we had a card more than worthy of shelling out £22 for the privilege of watching!   

There’s a lot to get through, so let's go!   


The Pre-Show   

It seems that no wrestling PPV can start without the mandatory “Pre-Show” these days, and NWA Hard Times 2 was no exception.   

What was interesting was that we had three matches on the pre-show card.   

First up was Matthew Mims taking on Jax Dane, with Crimson, now going by his real name of Anthony Mayweather, in Mims corner.   

Mayweather would play the coach role to Mims, and despite Dane’s dominance over his less experienced opponent, it was Mims who came away with the victory via a roll up.   

Next was the triple threat Women’s Tag Team Championship match, between Missa Kate and Natalia Markova, Kylie Rae and Tootie Lynn, and the Champions, Allysin Kay and Marti Belle.   

Before the match began though, Taryn Terrell came out and somehow got Jennacide and Paola Blaze into the match.   

Not that it did them any good, as The Hex would be victorious and retain their titles after hitting “Hex Marks the Spot” on Tootie Lynn for the win.   

Finally, in the final match of the pre-show, we had a “gauntlet match” (it was more akin to a Royal Rumble but with pins) as twelve men battled for the opportunity to go straight to the finals of the newly reinstated NWA World’s Junior Heavyweight Championship. Out of all the competitors, it was Homicide who came away victorious after pinning Kerry Morton to take the win.   

Matthew Mims bt Jax Dane   

The Hex bt Kylie Rae & Tootie Lynn, Jennacide & Paola Blaze, Missa Kate & Natalia Markova to retain the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championships   

Homicide won a gauntlet match to advance to the finals of the NWA World’s Junior Heavyweight Championship tournament.   

And now on to the main show!   


Of course, no NWA show would be complete without first getting a rundown of the card from the formidable commentary team of Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky.  

Match One: Austin Aries v Rhett Titus (NWA World’s Junior Heavyweight Championship Qualifying Match   

First Up is a Qualifying match for the NWA World's Junior Heavyweight Championship match.  

It's great to see some ROH talents getting a chance with NWA given the hiatus the company is soon to go on. To that end, Rhett Titus is getting an opportunity here. Aries refuses a handshake, and the two lock up. After a little back and forth, Aries takes control with a headlock takedown. Titus fights out and after some more back and forth takes control, hitting a shoulder tackle, then controlling Aries on the mat. It doesn't last long as Aries is soon in control again, before they once again trade moves.  

Titus hits a monkey flip on Aries in the corner, and after then finding himself in the corner delivers some blows to a charging Aries. It's a real back and forth match between two excellent competitors at this stage, neither one is really carving out an opening for more than a few moments... That is until Aries hits a suicide dive to Titus outside the ring, then a slingshot senton for a two count. Aries with some stiff shots to Titus now, but Titus retaliates with his own, but Aries gains the upper hand with a shinbreaker into a Saito suplex. Titus gets the boot up in the corner, then takes Aries down with a leapfrog bulldog, and after a little back and forth, Titus hits the shinbreaker/Saito combination himself. He tries it a second time, but Aries counters it into the Last Chancery, however, Titus makes it to the ropes.  

The two fight on the apron, and Aries goes for the Brainbuster, but Titus escapes and gets back into the ring. Aries hits the head clap, and Titus retaliates with a dropkick after a discuss clothesline attempt from Aries. Titus with a belly-to-belly suplex, but Aries gets his foot on the ropes to stop the pin at two. Big boot to Aries from Titus twice, gaining a two count, then he heads up top, but Aries knocks him down. Discus Fivearm from Aries, followed by a corner dropkick.   

Aries then hits the Brainbuster for the win.  

Winner: Austin Aries  

Good opening match. Aries seemed the obvious winner, but Titus gave a great account of himself.  

Match Two: The OGK v Aron Stevens & Kratos – Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship   

The story of this match was less about the titles, but more about Aron Stevens seemingly descending into his previous heel character. Early on in the match he accidentally caught Mike Bennett with a thumb to the eye, and while on this occasion he did apologise to Bennett  and they shook hands, this seemed to awaken something in Stevens. Throughout the rest of the match, he would begin to use more cheap shots and bend the rules more to try and get the win, to the encouragement of his tag team partner, Kratos.  

OGK are no slouches though, and they gave as good as they got, using their superior ring chemistry and teamwork to great effect. Whilst they didn't necessarily have an answer to Kratos' power-based offence, they were more than able to give as good as they got from Stevens, despite his questionable antics.  

OGK's fast paced offence was difficult for Stevens and Kratos to handle, and they would use any shortcuts they could to try and gain the upper hand, but to no avail, as OGK would continue to take the fight to their larger opponents. Kratos was easily the most dominant man in the match, using some heavy offensive moves to put his team in the driving seat.  

As the match wore on, Stevens and Kratos would act more and more heelish, and Kratos would suplex Taven halfway across the ring. At this point Stevens came in and the aggression was clear to see. Stevens had snapped, and it was evident he was willing to do anything to win the titles. Taven though was able to make the tag to Bennett after fending off a two-on-one attack, and in came a fresh Mike Bennett, clearing the ring. Bennett tried to get Kratos up on his shoulders, and did so at the second attempt hitting a Death Valley Driver for two. A Superkick/Spear combo from OGK to Kratos got a two count, but Kratos would come back and hit his own Death Valley Driver, with the pin broken up by Bennett.  

Taven and Kratos traded shots in the ring, and Stevens would blind tag himself in, but this ended up being the beginning of the end, as Kratos was then sent tumbling to the outside. Bennett tried to get Stevens on his shoulders from the corner, but Stevens would rake the eyes, with a maniacal look in his own. Stevens with a roll up, but Bennett hit him with a forearm, giving Taven the opportunity to roll up Stevens for the three count.  

Winners, and STILL ROH World Tag Team Champions; The OGK  

The story told in this match was excellently done, and the action itself was good. Aron Stevens proclaiming that he has "Never been better" over and over after the bell further gave evidence of his fall back down the rabbit hole.  

Match Three: Colby Corino v Doug Williams   

This was one I was personally very excited to see as I am a huge fan of Doug Williams, and this was his first match back on American soil since he returned from his retirement at PROGRESS Chapter 76: Hello Wembley in September of 2018. And with his opponent being the son of former NWA World's Heavyweight Champion, Steve Corino, he was up against a tough test in "The Last Bastion" Colby Corino, who also had the Fixers, Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky, in tow.  

Doug with the power advantage muscles Corino back into the corner, then backs off to allow him back to the middle. Again, they lock up, and again Williams muscles Corino around. Corino takes Williams down to the mat with a headlock takedown, and after escaping a leg lock, begins to twist the ankle of Williams, but he expertly reverses it into a headlock. The two trade holds for a spell, with Williams maintaining control despite Corino's efforts. Corino climbs to the top rope to force a break, then jumps over an advancing Williams. He tries to attack Williams but he is quickly taken down by an arm drag, and back into an arm lock by the masterful Williams.  

Corino escapes three straight pins, then bridges out of a fourth, applying a leg scissors to Williams, who quickly turns it into a suplex. Corino with a quick roll up for two, then Williams back to controlling the arm. Corino escapes and drops Williams across the middle rope, then hits double knees to the back, gaining a one count. Corino then mounts Williams and lays down some ground and pound.   

Corino has a waistlock applied, then drops an elbow, followed by the Colby Crush senton for a two count. Williams gets a few shots in before Corino takes him down and applies a stretch hold. The crowd are fully behind Williams, as Corino transitions into a pin for a one count. Williams hits a series of European uppercuts, before Corino takes him down with an enziguiri. Williams rolls outside and the Fixers advance, but Corino tells them to step off. Williams takes advantage with some forearms, but Corino gets back in the ring. After a kick to Williams, Corino goes for a suicide dive, but Williams hits a European uppercut to an airborne Corino!  

Corino gets back into the ring by a count of nine, and Williams attacks. Corino though fights back and the two counter each other until Williams comes off the ropes and hits a back elbow. Williams with an exploder suplex for a two count, then goes for the Chaos Theory, but Corino rolls through and stomps the chest for a two count. Corino cannonballs Williams in the corner, but he fights back and hits a Tiger driver for a two count. Williams attempts the Chaos Theory again, but The Fixers prevent it, and after Williams tries to charge Corino in the corner, he ends up colliding with the ring post, giving Corino the opportunity to hit his finisher on Williams for the win.  

Winner: Colby Corino  

A good match here, and it does Colby Corino the world of good getting a big win over someone with the experience of Doug Williams. For Williams, this is what I imagine he wants to do at this point, put over younger talent and use his experience to help the next generation, and there is no better place for that than in NWA.  

Match Four: Kiera Hogan v Mickie James – Impact Knockouts World Championship   

It's the first of two Women's Championship matches now as "Hardcore Country" Mickie James takes on Kiera Hogan.  

They hug before the match begins, then they lock up, neither in control. The lock up ends in a stalemate. They go back to a lock up and this time Hogan takes control with a wrist lock, which Mickie transitions into an arm drag takedown. Again, they trade holds, with Mickie rolling through a snapmare attempt by Hogan. Hogan is able to get to her feet, but Mickie with a quick headlock takedown takes her down again. Hogan is able to escape and transition to a leg scissors around Mickie's neck, which she athletically escapes from. Strong start so far.  

A test of strength puts Mickie down to the mat, but she uses the head scissors to bring Hogan down also. Hogan escapes, and they go back to the test of strength. Mickie transitions out, but Hogan kicks her in the midsection, but Mickie follows up quickly with a snapmare then a boot TO THE FACE!!!  

Mickie once again in control, using a wristlock to great effect as Hogan tries to fight her way out. She gets Mickie down to the mat and goes for a soccer kick which Mickie ducks, but she can't avoid the back kick for a two count. Hogan with a corner splash, then a second, but Mickie avoids the third and uses a tilt a whirl head scissors. Kiera rolls out of the ring and Mickie follows with a baseball slide. She throws Hogan back into the ring, but as she is climbing back in, Hogan hits a leg drop across the middle rope, then hits a suicide dive to take out Mickie.  

Kiera tries successive pins which only get two, then goes after Mickie again, who is in the corner. Hogan is trash talking Mickie, and is controlling the pace at this time. Mickie reasserts herself, giving Hogan some shots in the corner, and a boot to the throat, but again Hogan fights out. The two trade blows in the centre of the ring, avoiding kicks until they both catch each other in the head with kicks. Mickie gets to her feet first, and lays a flurry of forearms on Hogan who hits her with a knee to the midsection, which Mickie follows up with a Thesz press. Mickie with a succession of lariats, then hits Hogan with a neckbreaker for a two count.  

Mickie goes for the Mickie DDT, which Hogan counters into a roll up for a two count, and rocks Mickie with a succession of strikes and kicks. She stacks Mickie up for a two count. Mickie with a jack knife cover for two, Hogan attempts a kick but Mickie avoids it and hits a flapjack, then heads up to the top rope. Mickie misses the top rope dive and Hogan hits a superkick, heading up top herself and hitting a crossbody, but Mickie rolls through the crossbody and get the surprise three count.  

Winner and STILL Impact Knockouts World Champion; Mickie James   

This was a pretty good technical match up. They work well together and put on a good match with a lot of skill on show. However, the end was a little disappointing, as I feel it deserved more than just a roll up victory.  

Match Five: Tyrus v Cyon – NWA World Television Championship   

Time for the first men's singles Championship defence of the night as the Masked Man Cyon takes on Tyrus for the NWA World Television Championship.  

It's no disqualification, and no time limit (as usually TV Title matches have a 6:05 time limit) and to make it more interesting, former Champion Da Pope will serve as special guest referee.  

Naturally, Tyrus is accompanied by his entourage of BLK Jeez, Jordan Clearwater and Austin Idol, but Pope is all over it and immediately ejects Jeez and Clearwater from ringside (although that seems pointless in a no DQ match). They of course argue it, but Pope is adamant, and they eventually leave the ringside area.  

Initially they just stare each other down, then Cyon slaps Tyrus and the match kicks into gear. Cyon with a flurry of quick offence takes down Tyrus and continues the assault with quick kicks and strikes. Cyon keeps the pressure on Tyrus with strikes, so Tyrus rolls out of the ring. Cyon grabs a chair and whacks Tyrus with it, then starts throwing in several chairs. Cyon attacks Tyrus' arm then grabs a trash can. He continues to beat down Tyrus, but Tyrus picks up a charging Cyon and drops him across the interviewers' desk, then throws him into the ring post. Tyrus then starts pummelling Cyon on the outside, then bodyslams Cyon onto the concrete floor.  

He is trying to remove Cyon's mask, but it won't budge, so Tyrus goes back to the ring with him. continuing to inflict damage to Cyon. He splashes Cyon in the corner, then throws him across the ring. Tyrus goes for the pin but Cyon kicks out at one. Cyon gingerly gets to his feet, and floats behind Tyrus when he picks him up, hitting a DDT. Cyon with elbow strikes to the neck of Tyrus, then whacks him in the back with a steel chair. The fans chant "One more time", so Cyon happily obliges. Tyrus isn't down long though as he gets back to his feet and hits a hard lariat to Cyon, turning him inside out!  

Tyrus now has a trash can, and places it over Cyon's head, kicking it then following up with two elbow drops. He tells the referee to count it, but Cyon is still in the can, and his shoulder is clearly up. Tyrus sets up four chairs, and drags Cyon to the corner, propping him on the top rope. Cyon tries to fight back, but Tyrus ends up slamming him through the chairs! Cyon is clearly in pain after that one, whereas Tyrus is just moving on to his next implement of torture, ripping Cyon's mask.  

Tyrus goes for the Heart Punch, but Cyon hits a low blow, then hits him with the trash can lid. Cyon grabs a table, sliding into the ring with it, but Austin Idol tries to stop him, so Pope ejects Idol from ringside! Cyon sets up the table (which looks really weak) but gets chokeslammed for his troubles. The weak table is confirmed when Cyon nearly goes through it just by being placed on it., so he rolls to the floor and Tyrus goes up top. Cyon quickly gets to his feet and powerbombs Tyrus through the table, but only gets a two count!  

Suddenly, Idol, Jeez, and Clearwater are back, and despite taking out Clearwater with a Death Valley Driver, Jeez takes him down with a dropkick. Tyrus seems to have recovered, and gets in Pope's face. Pope takes off his gloves and starts laying into Tyrus, ending with the 4UP. Tyrus is in the corner, and Pope fires up the Elijah Express, but at the last second Tyrus moves, and Pope hits Cyon. Tyrus says "Pope, this is for you" and hits Cyon with the Heart Punch, and a reluctant Pope counts the three, before being forced to reluctantly raise Tyrus' hand in victory, goaded all the while by Austin Idol.  

Winner and STILL NWA World Television Champion; Tyrus  

Decent match until the shenanigans at the end ruined it, but it was kind of predictable. It's another successful title defence for Tyrus, pushing him closer to the "Lucky Seven", while Cyon seemingly goes to the back of the line. Shame really.  

We get an appearance from the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley next, and he basically talks to the crowd a little bit about when he wrestled for the NWA, recounting stories of when he hit a 17ft elbow drop, and Arn Anderson telling him "Son, you don't have any sense." Mick replied "Sir, I don't have any dollars!"  

He talks about the past, but he wants to look to the future of the NWA. he talks up Mickie James and Kiera Hogan, and that he will be watching for the rest of the night, and if anything untoward happens tonight, then maybe you'll see Mrs Foley's baby boy involve himself.  

Standard stuff from Mick there. Onto the next match!  

Match Six: Judais v Chris Adonis – NWA National Heavyweight Championship   

Of all the matches on the card, this was the one I had the least high hopes for. I can honestly say I haven't seen Chris Adonis wrestle a long match since he debuted for NWA, and as for Judais, I haven't seen much of him in the ring to really have much opinion. That said, the two put on a decent match for the National Heavyweight Championship. Judais of course was accompanied to the ring by the "Sinister Minister", Father James Mitchell, so the odds of shenanigans drastic went up, according to Professor Steiner...  

The match began with some back and forth between the two, with neither man in control initially. Judais would get some shots in on Adonis, delivering a large number of hard shots to the midsection. Some more back and forth between the two as they attempted to wear each other down. Judais was in control, but after missing a big boot, Adonis was able to take control, and began to target the leg of Judais.  

Adonis would continue to target the leg of his opponent, dropping an elbow and twisting it in different directions. Adonis would place Judais' leg on the ropes then stomp down on it, causing further damage. With Judais on the mat, Adonis would begin to twist the ankle further, which would take away the power base of Judais' offense. Adonis was proving adept at keeping Judais down, and locked in a single leg Boston Crab. Judais would reach the ropes, forcing Adonis to break the hold. Adonis went straight back to stomping Judais, then followed up with a big body slam. Adonis went for a leg drop, but Judais rolled out of the way, and was able to turn the tides by locking a sharpshooter on Adonis, but was forced to break the hold when Adonis reached the ropes. A back rake to Adonis was followed by a big slam from Judais for a two count.  

Judais sensed the end and attempted a chokeslam, but Adonis broke out and hit a deep spinebuster for a two count. Adonis called for the Master Lock, and attempted to lock it in on Judais, but was unable to lock his hand. This gave Judais the opportunity to bounce him off the ropes and hit a big boot. Judais goes up top, but Adonis cuts him off, he attempts to superplex him, but Judais shoves him off, then hits a big lariat off the top. Unfortunately, on landing he damages his leg even further, meaning he can't capitalise on the window of opportunity.   

Adonis sense the end now, and he goes for the Master Lock again, this time locking it in with Judais on his knees. The referee lifts Judais' arm, which falls straight back down and he calls for the bell.  

Winner and STILL NWA National Heavyweight Champion; Chris Adonis  

Overall, an ok match. Not amazing, but nothing offensive either. Perfectly Acceptable Wrestling.  

Match Seven: The End v La Rebelion – NWA World Tag Team Championship   

La Rebelion are set to make their first defence of the NWA World Tag Team Championships they won back in September... 30-day rule anyone?...  

Their opponents are the winners of the tournament that took place on Powerrr, Odinson and Parrow of The End.  

The End attack before the bell and try to gain an advantage, but it doesn't work as La Rebelion end up taking the advantage themselves, albeit briefly. A suicide dive to the outside by Mecha Wolf ends with Parrow dropping him to the floor. Parrow focuses on Bestia in the ring, throwing him into the corner and tagging in Odinson. who hoists Bestia up for a suplex while Parrow runs the ropes, then assists the suplex with a kick, getting a two count. Odinson drops the knee on Bestia twice, then hits a twisting uppercut to the back of the head. Parrow gets tagged in and splashes Bestia in the corner, followed by Odinson with a flying European uppercut, then a spin out belly to belly, before hoisting up Parrow in a fireman's carry and dropping him onto Bestia. Mecha Wolf breaks up the resulting pin.  

Parrow stands over Bestia and picks him up, and Bestia tries to fight back but gets battered by a nasty looking lariat. The End hit the Blood Eagle (Elevated backstabber) but Mecha Wolf stops the pin just before three. Odinson then takes an enziguiri from Mecha Wolf on the apron, as Parrow charge Mecha Wolf off the apron. Parrow has Bestia up on his shoulder, but he escapes and tries a tilt a whirl, but Parrow puts him back on the shoulder. Bestia though is able to counter into a DDT.   

Mecha Wolf is tagged in and immediately gets to work with some offense on Odinson, hitting a springboard forearm, followed by another, then a big flapjack. Bestia is tagged back in and splashes Odinson in the corner, then a Hardy-esque "Poetry in Motion" and some nice double team moves to take some control of the match. They continue the double team offense which culminates in an assisted blockbuster. Parrow breaks up the pin before two.  

Bestia tags in Mecha Wolf, and they continue the corner assault, again going for Poetry in Motion, but this time Odinson hits it on Bestia. Parrow comes in and Bestia is seated on his shoulders as Odinson goes up top. Bestia slides down and dropkicks Parrow into the corner, knocking Odinson off balance. Big double team assault on Parrow, then a top rope hurricanrana to Odinson from Bestia. More shots to Parrow in the corner, and as Mecha Wolf is whipped towards him Odinson pounces and knocks him down. Bestia attacks Parrow in the corner, but he ends up in the last ride position, as is Mecha Wolf on Odinson, and hit the Supercollider on them in the middle of the ring.  

They again go for their finisher, but Bestia stops them and Mecha Wolf slides off of Parrow's shoulders. Mecha Wolf with an enziguiri to Parrow, and Odinson is shoved off the top rope into Parrow. Bestia with a frog splash, then Mecha Wolf with a 450 splash as Bestia hits a suicide dive on Odinson outside!  

Mecha Wolf gets the three-count following the 450 splash.  

After the match, JTG comes out and Dirty Dango is with him! They stare down La Rebelion, making it clear they are targeting their titles.  

Winners and STILL NWA World Tag Team Champions; La Rebelion  

Really good match this. Both teams put on a great performance, and whilst I didn't truly believe The End would win, there were moments where it looked like they might. Good win for La Rebelion.  

Match Eight: Nick Aldis v Thom Latimer   

Before the match, we get a video recap of the relationship breakdown between Nick Aldis and Thom Latimer. From Nick's son's birthday party to Thom nailing Nick with a piledriver in the ring. This one is going to get personal.  

An added stipulation to this match is that if either man is disqualified, then both will be suspended for two months. Supposedly this will guarantee a result.  

Aldis is all business in this one. As the bell rings, Latimer rolls out of the ring. Aldis gives chase and ends up taking a drop toe hold in the ring. Latimer celebrates like he's won the World Title, then says he's a better wrestler than Aldis. The two then go back and forth with holds and blows until Aldis is whipped into the corner by Latimer. Latimer with a monkey flip but Aldis lands on his feet. Aldis hits a clothesline, then a body slam. Latimer runs the ropes but gets taken down by a Thesz press. Latimer tries to escape the ring, but Aldis pulls him back by his trunks, which exposes the arse of Latimer (Shout out to Velvet Sky for saying that Latimer might be "em-bare-assed). Aldis kicks Latimer's legs out from under him multiple times, then hits an atomic drop and a lariat. Aldis goes for the Cloverleaf but Latimer escapes and pulls his trunks up.  

Latimer whips Aldis into the corner, and Aldis stops short as he nearly collides with the referee. Latimer uses this distraction to poke the eyes of Aldis, then hits a piledriver! Aldis kicks out at two!   

Latimer now controls the match, with Aldis suffering the effects of the piledriver. The match has slowed down to a snail's pace as Latimer methodically picks apart Aldis. After a series of heavy shots, Latimer grabs the ring bell hammer, but the referee talks him out of using it. Or so it seems. As the referee's back is turned, Latimer hits a low blow. Latimer heads up top and goes for a senton, but Aldis rolls out of the way and Latimer hits the mat hard.  

Both men get to their feet and Latimer charges Aldis in the corner, but Aldis moves. A second charge ends up with Latimer arm dragged into the turnbuckle. After a couple of forearms, Aldis hits a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Latimer follows this up with an implant DDT for a two count of his own. Aldis now with a powerbomb, then locks in the figure four leglock. after several moments, Latimer reaches the ropes, and as Aldis charges him in the corner, Latimer hits a back elbow, then a pop up powerbomb.   

Latimer tries to lock the Kings Lynn Cloverleaf in on Aldis, but Aldis reaches the ropes. Latimer pulls him away, but it forced to break the hold by the referee. Latimer trash talks a little while attempting the figure four, so Aldis is able to kick him off into the turnbuckle, before hitting a piledriver on Latimer! Latimer kicks out of the pin at two. They trade blows centre of the ring, but Latimer takes control, with heavy uppercuts. Aldis seems out of it, and Latimer hits several knee strikes. Latimer goes for the piledriver again, but Aldis counters it and rolls into a jack knife cover for the win!  

Winner: Nick Aldis  

Another disappointing match ending. This should have had a definitive win, but a quick roll up is never decisive. Good action from the two heavyweight Brits, but a better finish needed in my opinion.  

We then have an in-ring segment to celebrate the career of the recently retired former NWA World's Women's Champion, Jazz.  

Pretty standard segment here from Jazz. Talking about her career and thanking the fans for supporting her. A touching tribute for sure as the women's division surround the ring.  

But anyway, lets wrap up the match action with the final two matches; This review is getting pretty lengthy! Kudos if you've made it this far!  

Match Nine: Melina v Kamille – NWA World’s Women’s Championship.  

I feel like this feud has been rolling on for years! Melina is finally getting her shot at Kamille's Women's World Title.  

This is Kamille's 8th defence of her title, having beaten the likes of Kenzie Paige, Leyla Hirsch, and Chelsea Green previously.  

Melina charges straight at Kamille and takes her down, with Kamille rolling out of the ring to escape her. Melina attempts to chase but gets hit by Kamille. Melina then with a dropkick, then clotheslines Kamille over the ropes. Melina attempts a cross body, but Kamille catches her. Melina gets free though and shoves Kamille into the ring post. Back in the ring as Melina comes off the ropes, Kamille hits a spinebuster. Kamille takes Melina into the corner and pulls her up by her hair, then tosses her to the mat. What a fast start!  

Kamille with a rough rider, taking Melina down and getting a two count. Kamille continues the assault on Melina, laying in some heavy blows. Kamille with a gutwrench suplex to Melina, followed by a prolonged attack in the corner. With Melina on the mat, Kamille attempts to pick her up, but Melina with a couple of shots before she is taken down again by Kamille. The champion then chokes Melina on the middle rope, following up with another series of blows in the corner. Another gutwrench suplex from Kamille. Back elbows to Melina in the corner, but Melina chokes Kamille with her own hair!  

Melina then with a top rope Thesz press for a two, which Kamille rolls through into a two count of her own. Melina with Eat De-Feet, but Kamille is still on her feet, so Melina continues her attack with several hard shots. Snapmare to Kamille, with Melina then bending the arm backwards, slamming it into the mat. Two count for Melina. The challenger then driving the knee into Kamille's arm, then locks in an arm bar. Kamille escapes, and both women are down. They trade blows in the centre of the ring, with Melina then tying Kamille in the ropes and stretching her around them. Kamille repays the favour, but can't take advantage. Melina runs at the ropes and Kamille takes her out with a lariat.  

Melina again kicks the shoulder and takes Kamille down with an arm whip to the ground. For a second it seemed she had the three count, but Kamille just kicked out. Melina locks in the California Dream, but somehow Kamille reaches the ropes, forcing the break. Melina kicks the arm again, and slides outside to slam Kamille's face into the ring apron. Melina grabs the arm and wraps it around the ring post, intending to cause further damage, but Kamille pulls her into the ring post face first. Kamille with some heavy blows to Melina, being dragged away by the referee. Kamille gets Melina on her shoulders and hits the steamroller. Kamille hits tries the spear but Melina avoids it so Kamille goes into the ring post. Melina then sits on Kamille's back, and attempts the Code Red, but Kamille holds on to the ropes to block. Both women are spent, and Kamille is trying to lock in a leg submission, wrenching back on Melina's leg. Melina bites Kamille's ear to get free.  

Melina rips off her knee brace and charges at Kamille, but Kamille hits the spear on the unguarded Melina and gets the win.  

Winner and STILL NWA World's Women's Champion; Kamille  

Decent match, and Melina proved herself as a threat in this match. But Kamille's reign rolls on as Melina is helped from the ring.  

Match Ten: Mike Knox v Trevor Murdoch – NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship   

After the usual video recap of how we came to this point, Mike Knox comes out first, followed by the NWA World's Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch.  

This is Mike Knox's debut in NWA, while Murdoch makes his second NWA World Title defence.  

The two men start slugging it out before the bell rings, and Murdoch takes initial control. Knox bales out of the ring and gathers himself. Murdoch of course gives chase, and Knox tries a cheap shot but Murdoch is ready for him and blocks the forearm. Hard chop from Murdoch to Knox, then a leg drop on the apron. Knox gets some shots in, but Murdoch turns it around with a drop toe hold, then some hard forearms TO THE FACE!!!  

The crowd are solidly behind Murdoch, who lifts Knox to his feet and mounts him in the corner, hitting some forearms until Knox gets free, then hits a crossbody off the ropes. Knox in control now with mounted punches. Knox in full control as Murdoch is tossed around the corners of the ring, with Knox hitting some hard shots, a splash, and then a hip attack to a seated Murdoch in the corner. Murdoch rolls out of the ring as Knox works the crowd.  

Knox continues the assault as Murdoch gets back in the ring, and whips him to the opposite corner. Murdoch gets the boot up to a charging Knox, but Knox fights back with a knee to the midsection and then a boot TO THE FACE!!!  

Knox chokes Murdoch on the floor, and pulls him up to lay in more shots, then an abdominal stretch. Murdoch takes some kidney shots, but then dodges a clothesline attempt from Knox, taking advantage of the confusion b hitting a pop up powerbomb. Both men are on the mat, as they get to their feet by seven. Murdoch with a lariat off the ropes, followed by another, then a DDT, which gets a close two count!  

Murdoch heads up top, as Knox gets to his feet. Knox pushed the referee into the ropes, unbalancing Murdoch, and Knox hits a superplex on Murdoch! 1-2-no! Murdoch kicks out just before the three. Knox hits a sister Abigail, and gets a two count as Murdoch grabs the ropes. Knox misses an elbow drop, but lands some blows in the corner as he lifts Murdoch to the top rope. Murdoch with some headbutts, then hits Knox with the bulldog from the top rope to get the win!  

Winner and STILL NWA World's Heavyweight Champion; Trevor Murdoch  

A decent match, though it probably should have been longer. World Title matches for me should be a minimum of 12-15 minutes. Also, Murdoch slightly botched his finisher, or Knox didn't sell it right. Either way, Murdoch retains and his historic title reign continues.  

The Aftermath:   

Mere moments after the bell, the crowd is stunned as Matt Cardona appears, seemingly to congratulate Trevor Murdoch. He distracts Murdoch long enough for Mike Knox to hit a low blow. Mick Foley comes out and say "Whereas Santa Claus might say Ho Ho Ho, Mick Foley says No No No. Thats not how we do things in the NWA. First of all, Matt Cardona. You suck. you're a disgrace to Long Island. As for you Mike Knox, let's just say Santa has an early Christmas gift for you."  

Da Pope comes out and makes a beeline for Knox, getting in a couple of shots before Cardona attacks him from behind. Cardona then rocks Pope with a hard forearm TO THE FACE!!! then throws him into the ring steps.  

Trevor Murdoch is out of it on the mat as Cardona asks him if he is alright? Murdoch gets to his feet and then Cardona steps back, allowing Knox to hit a big boot. Cardona holds the NWA World's Heavyweight Champion over Murdoch, then lays it on him as the show ends.  

And that, dear people, is the end of NWA Hard Times.  

What a show. It was a long one, with thirteen matches, but some of the action was really good. The show dragged in places, and certain moves were botched or done sloppily, but the commitment and spirit was there and sometimes that covers for any inadequacies.  

If it was me, the National Heavyweight Title would have been won by Judais, and I maybe would have given Doug Williams the win over Colby Corino, but overall, this was a thoroughly enjoyable show.  

Thanks for joining me, and I will be back Wednesday with the first episode of a new season of NWA Powerrr!  

Until then, thanks for reading and I'll see you next time!