NWA Expansion Plans Revealed

Get a load of this announcement!

NWA Expansion Plans Revealed

NWA have announced today they have struck a new partnership with FITE TV.

The historic promotion have penned a deal with FITE to bring us weekly programming plus every PPV NWA Run for one price.

NWA announced that they're changing the game by offering a $49.99 annual "All access" subscription service. 

The service is a one time payment of $49.99 )about £38) and it includes early access to every episode of Powerrr plus the newly conceived NWA USA which debuts Saturday Jan 8th. 

What makes this even better is that Powerr and USA will now be free to watch via YouTube, although will be a number of days later, so the $49.99 for pay per views alone is a massive saving.

I for one will be paying close attention to the promotion from now on. This is a massive call and we've only just started 2022! 

Head to FITE TV for more details, or see their announcement by clicking the link 


See y'all soon and HAPPY NEW YEAR!