NWA Empowerrr: Bytesize 26th October 2021

It's a special women's only episode of NWA Empowerrr! Join Paul as he recaps all the action!

NWA Empowerrr: Bytesize 26th October 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back with a special edition of NWA, and it’s time to get Empowerrred! 

All the matches this week are from the NWA Women’s Division as we see Chelsea Green, Kylie Rae and Melina battle it out for the number one contendership to the World Women’s Championship, as well as the Champion herself, Kamille, taking on Tootie Lynn, and the NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champions, The Hex, taking on Paola Blaze and Jennacide in their first title defence in an NWA ring. 

But that’s not all, as in the main event, we will see the new Impact Knockout’s Champion, Mickie James, take on Kiera Hogan after she called her out a few weeks back. 

Should be an interesting show, let's get into it! 

As ever, our commentary team of Joe Galli and Velvet Sky start us off, and our rolling third is Pope! 

Melina rolls with the punches, leaving Chelsea Green with envy... 

As the match begins, it seems Chelsea is taking the brunt of the hits, but Kylie attempts a roll up on Melina, but it doesn’t take as Melina soon takes control, hitting a nice DDT. Chelsea drags her out of the ring though and hits a couple of nice headbutts. Back in the ring, Chelsea tries to dominate Kylie but gets nowhere with it as Kylie hits a sick superkick, following up with a dive to the outside where Chelsea has vacated the ring to, but Chelsea uses her wrist cast to knock Kylie out. 

A meeting of the minds next between Melina and Kylie as Chelsea knocks their heads together, then suicide dives them both! Two count from Chelsea on both Kylie and Melina. Dropkick to Melina by Chelsea is followed up by a superkick by Kylie, then a facebuster to Kylie from Melina, before she locks in the California nightmare on both women! 

It doesn’t help though as Melina is hit with a neckbreaker from the countering duo. Chelsea breaks ranks and tries to hit the Unprettier, but Melina rolls her up with a small package for the win! Melina will face Kamille at NWA Hard Times! 

Talky time with Kamille! 

May Valentine is with Kamille, and asks her why she chose to face Tootie Lynn? 

Kamille said she had to be on Empowerrr, and needs to keep her skills up, so she figured she’d pick a kid from the crowd and throw her around a bit. 

May asks what’s going on with Tom and Nick? Kamille says she doesn’t care as she is focused on her match. Kyle Davis announces that if Tootie Lynn can beat Kamille here, she will get a shot at the World Women's Championship. Kamille is not  happy about this!

Kamille says Tootie-loo to Lynn 

Tootie tries to win fast with a roll up, but Kamille kicks out at one. Kamille rolls out of the ring and goes after Kyle Davies protesting. Reluctantly she heads back to the ring to stop the count at eight. 

Tootie tries a crossbody, but to no avail as Kamille hits a backbreaker. She then ties Tootie in the ropes and clubs her in the chest, following up with a snap suplex. Kamille goes for the pin and this time it's Tootie who kicks out at one. 

Kamille continues the assault, hitting a running powerslam. Kamille follows up with a neck crank to the grounded Tootie Lynn. Tootie gets free but runs into a back elbow for her troubles. Kamille with a running clothesline in the corner, but misses a second, giving Tootie a chance as she hits a knee lift. Tootie with a crucifix pin for a two count.  Spear from Kamille! It’s over. 

Skye Blue given the cold shoulder by Lady Frost 

Lady Frost takes on Skye Blue now in a “Burke Rules” match: No closed fists, no over the top rope, and no using the top rope for any offence. This should be good. 

They lock up and Frost forces Blue into the corner. Frost went for a closed fist then pulled back. Blue with a schoolboy pin for a one count, then another roll up for two before a series of arm drags. Frost goes outside to compose herself before she locks up with Blue again. Blue with some nice moves to reverse the hold, then Frost with some equally nice moves, using the top rope to assist herin escaping the hold. Apparently, thats ok. While Frost showboats, Blue hits a superkick and gets a two count. 

Frost fights her off then hits a dropkick to the back of the head, locking her in a camel clutch. Blue tries to get to her feet, but settles for grabbing the middle rope to break it. Frost goes to throw Blue over the top rope but the referee stops her. Blue rolls Frost up again for two, and Frost follows up with a knee to the gut, then throws Blue into the corner, following up with a nasty kick to the head.  

Frost wants to go for the moonsault but once again can't, so Blue takes advantage and drops her onto her knee, then a knee lift, followed by a nice dropkick. Blue goes for the cover and gets a two! 

Frost with a spin kick, then she heads up top, ignoring the referee. Blue knocks her off the ropes, but ends up getting rolled up (with a handful of tights) by Lady Frost for the three count! 

Talky Time with... Kratos?! 

Woah, woah, woah! Is this not an Empowerrr episode?! What’s Kratos doing here?!  

Sadly, it’s not to out himself and announce he’s joining the women's division... 

May says she is not sure where Aron Stevens is but she hears that they will be involved in an upcoming Empowerrr show. 

Kratos says sometimes he and Aron are sometimes on the same page, and sometimes not. He says Aron has a decision to make. He’s not going to put up with the insecurities and keep losing. Wrestling is his life. As far as Empowerrr, he doesn’t usually give credit to anybody, but he gives credit to the women’s division for rocking the house. The crowd cheers this. A cheap pop that the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley, would be proud of!

As far as the tag team title match, they’re all great competitors, but he’s pulling for The Hex. 

Parrow and Odinson come out next, and Parrow calls out Kratos for trying to put himself over on Empowerrr, Kratos asks if he is jealous, and he says yes, he is. He is the only gay man on the roster! He and Odinson are an actual team whereas Kratos and Stevens are two boys playing their dream. Parrow comes out and earns his spot every week whereas Kratos was given everything. 

Parrow says he is going to hurt anyone who steps to him, whether it's a man, woman, or Billy Corgan, he will hurt everyone!

Geez... I have to be honest, I like all these guys, but this promo made less sense than most of Vince McMahon’s recent booking decisions! 

Side note: Joe Galli talking about reaching for a Busch (NWA are sponsored by Busch Beer now...) as Taryn Terrell walks out wearing a very tight and skimpy outfit? Pure accidental comedy gold! 

Hex really does mark the spot 

Tag team title match now! The Hex are defending their titles against Jennacide and Paola Blaze. Kenzie Paige evens out the numbers, joining The Hex at ringside. 

Marti and Paola start the match, and they lock up. Marti with the better of the early exchange. Allysin in next, and some double team offence from the champions results in a cover on Paola but gets nowhere. Paola tries a crossbody on Allysin, but she just catches her nonchalantly and hits a backbreaker. Marti tags back in and hits Paola with a big kick. Jennacide breaks up the resulting pin, and Taryn tries to interfere while the referee is distracted. Paola hits Marti with an X-Factor and gets a two count. 

Paola tags in Jennacide, and they try to do the Hardy Boyz step up manoeuvre, but Paola botches it completely. Jennacide quickly takes over and beats down Marti Belle. Jennacide with a series of squats before slamming Marti to the mat. Paola back in, and Jennacide dumps her onto Marti. Back into the corner, and Jennacide is back in. Crossbody from Jennacide gets a two count. 

Jennacide stretches Marti out on the mat, but she fights to a vertical base and attempts a crucifix pin, then a sunset flip, Jennacide pulls her up for a powerbomb attempt, but Marti reverses into a DDT! 

Both women crawl to their corner to tag their partner in, and it seems Paola and Jennacide are somehow strategizing as Paola and Allysin are tagged in. Allysin takes control with some hard shots, hitting a Samoan drop, with Jennacide breaking up the pin. Marti knocks Jennacide out of the ring, and Kenzie Paige takes care of Taryn. Paola Blaze gets double teamed with a Hex marks the Spot as the champions retain! 

Talky Time with Melina! 

Oh goody! It’s my favourite woman on the roster... 

May Valentine asks Melina how she feels about becoming number one contender? Obviously she feels terrible May! Who on Earth would want to win a Championship?!...

Melina says she has those moments where she wonders if she can still do this, and tonight the universe told her she was meant to have this moment. 

The first title she held three times was from the NWA, so she knows she is going to do everything she can to get the NWA World Women’s Title as she believes she was meant to hold it, and she is going to do everything she can to make sure Kamille’s reign ends. 

May tells her that she deserves it, and they hug. Aww, so sweet. Someone please pass me the sick bucket...

Joe Galli and Velvet Sky are discussing Melina on commentary but Pope’s phone starts to ring. Pope answers, then quickly leaves the commentary table. Ooooh what’s going on there then?! 

Hogan doesn’t know best! 

Main event time! Mickie James taking on Kiera Hogan. This should be good! 

They start with a nice hug. They lock up and Mickie takes Kiera to the mat. Back on their feet, and they break. They lock up again and have a test of strength, with Mickie initially winning, but then Kiera takes Mickie down with a trip. Very technical start from these two. 

Kiera keeps trying to pin, but Mickie keeps bridging out. Belly to Back suplex from Mickie who then starts working over Kiera’s arm, wearing her down. Kiera again reverses though and attacks Mickie’s arm, taking control with a wristlock, but Mickie cartwheels out into an arm drag for a two count. Mickie continues wearing down Kiera’s arm, but again Kiera gets to her feet. Mickie has a hammerlock applied but Kiera takes her down and turns the tables. 

Mickie with a roll up for a two count, then back into the side headlock. Headlock takedown by Mickie, this has been a really good technical bout so far! 

Mickie continues to control the pace with the headlock, but Kiera manages to lock in a leg scissors on Mickie. Mickie rolls out and flips to her feet, but Kiera takes her back into a headlock, then the takeover. There is so much back and forth action between these two, it’s a real technical battle as they trade holds and submissions. Mickie with a shoulder tackle to Kiera, but she misses a dropkick, which Kiera tries to take advantage of, but she also misses a dropkick, with Mickie getting a two count. 

Another roll up pin attempt from Kiera gets a two count. Back to Mickie working over Kiera’s arm, but again Kiera fights her way out and hits a forearm to Mickie. Kiera hesitates following up, which results in a back elbow from Mickie, followed by a headscissors takedown. Mickie goes for the Mickie DDT but Kiera escapes and throws Mickie into the bottom turnbuckle. Kiera with a splash in the corner, a back elbow, then a baseball slide dropkick, two count from Kiera! 

Kiera lines up Mickie, hits a mid-section kick and goes for the Mickie DDT, but Mickie quickly rolls her up and gets the three count for the win! Great match, but a slightly disappointing ending for me given how good the match was. 

And that ends this week's episode of NWA. This was a pretty good show, the in-ring action was solid, and a great advertisement for women’s wrestling. There’s some good, raw talent in the NWA Women’s Division, with enough experienced heads there to help them blossom and push their careers forward. 

But what really stuck out for me tonight, was that for the first time since I started reviewing NWA, not a single sight of Austin Idol! There really is a God out there!

Next week, we get the start of the two-episode special, “By Any Means Necessary”. Make sure you join us back here next Tuesday for that! 

But for now, thank you for once again joining me for NWA Powerrr, and I will be back on Friday for NXTUK! 

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