NWA Crockett Cup 2022: Night Two

If Saturday night was good, then Sunday night blew it out of the water! Paul is here with the full rundown

NWA Crockett Cup 2022: Night Two

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul back with all the action from Night Two of the NWA Crockett Cup! 

Saturday night gave us some great tag team matches to set up the finals, but tonight is when we go all business as we conclude the Crockett Cup tournament, plus we have six Championship matches to look forward to! If you missed my review of Night One, you can find it here

This is going to be an epic PPV! So, without any further delay, let’s dive in! 

Before we get to the main show, however, let’s cast our eyes over the Pre show: 

NWA Crockett Cup Night Two Preshow 

Doug Williams and Harry Smith Talk about their chances in the Crockett Cup and how they will be going after the NWA World Tag Team Championships. They also state that they will have Nick Aldis' back in the main event tonight.

Big Strong Mims defeated AJ Cazana with the Big Strong slam after a competitive contest 

Darius Lockhart talks about his chances in the Junior Heavyweight Championship match. 

Cyon & The OGK defeated Magic Jake Dumas & The Fixers, and Gold Rushhh in a Team War match by last eliminating Jay Bradley  

Jax Dane talks about his upcoming match with Anthony Mayweather. 

PJ Hawx defeated Alex Taylor with a double leg submission. After the match, Alex Taylor beat down Captain YUMA and left him lying in the ring. 

And now, onto the main show! 

NWA Crockett Cup: Night Two 

Semi-Final match – The Briscoes v The Cardonas 

As the number 11 seeds in the tournament, the Cardonas are the surprise package in this match, whereas the Briscoes are the number 2 seeds, so this should be interesting. The Briscoes are almost certainly the favourites in this one. 

As the match begins, Mark Briscoe immediately begins schooling VSK, as he uses his superior experience to gain the early advantage. VSK is able to turn it around briefly until some redneck kung fu puts Mark back in control. From here, Jay Briscoe is tagged in and Dem Boys are in full control. 

The Briscoes are in full control of the match, knocking VSK around the ring like a ragdoll, but Mike Knox catches a blind tag and instantly turns the tables on Jay Briscoe. Knox is laying into Jay and distracts the ref so VSK can get a cheap shot in, then continues the assault. 

Jay fights out of the corner and gets the hot tag to Mark, who uses his special brand of kung fu to great effect. With VSK on the top rope he whips him off into a bomb. VSK turns the tables with some shenanigans, as he and Knox then take out Mark, but he kicks out at two. 

Jay and Knox fight outside the ring, then with Knox down hit a flying neckbreaker on VSK. They follow up with a Doomsday Device to seal the win! 

Winners and advancing to the Crockett Cup Final: The Briscoes 

Good opening match. You’re guaranteed at least a good match whenever the Briscoes are in the ring, and this was the right result. I’m looking forward to seeing who they will face in the final. Seems I won’t have to wait long as we’re going straight to the next semi-final match… 

Semi-Final Match - Commonwealth Connection v NWA World Tag Team Champions, La Rebelion 

It’s the number 4 seeds against the number 1 seeds here. Doug Williams is carrying a minor injury according to the commentary team, but he’s tough as nails so will work through it. 

La Rebelion have been dominant champions, so this will be a difficult match up for Smith and Williams. 

Williams takes down Bestia with a single leg takedown, but soon releases it as Bestia reaches the ropes. In the next lock up, the two men trade holds, looking for an advantage over the other. Williams is able to tag in Smith, and they look to control Besta. 

Smith with several hard moves to Bestia, scooping him up and slamming him down several times. Bestia wants to tag in Mecha Wolf but he is nowhere near his corner. Mecha Wolf turns the tide by hitting Smith with a chop block, and Bestia is able to use this to drag him to their corner. 

La Rebelion then con the ref into turning his back so they can double team Smith, and despite his best efforts, Smith is under the cosh, as the champions use quick tags to stay fresh. They target the knee of Smith, exploiting the weakness from previous round. 

Smith turns the tables with a powerslam, and struggles to his corner to tag Williams in. As this is the hot tag, Williams immediately gets the upper hand, throwing Mecha Wolf around. Williams hits the Tiger Driver for a two count, Mecha Wolf is able to bounce back and hit a springboard DDT. 

La Rebelion double team Williams and look to finish it with Mark of the Beast, but they got it completely wrong. Mecha Wolf puts Williams on the top rope and Bestia sets him up for a muscle buster, but Smith helps Williams get free, and Smith hits a top rope powerslam for the win! They’ve knocked out the World Tag Team Champions! 

Winners and advancing to the Crockett Cup Final: The Commonwealth Connection 

Well, I didn’t see that coming! I thought for sure La Rebelion would be in the final against the Briscoes, but the Commonwealth Connection have beaten the champs and put themselves in the Crockett Cup Final! 

The match itself was fairly good. There were a few moments that looked a bit out of place, and the big botch as La Rebelion went for their finisher, but overall, nothing too bad here. 

That means that my two picks to win this tournament are in the final! This should be one hell of a match! 

Kyle Davis has Da Pope at the interviewer’s podium. Kyle asks Pope about his feelings regarding the cup? Pope bigs up being live in Nashville. He says things didn’t go their way, however, last night was a reflection of the life and times of Pope, he’s been knocked down, but he still gets up. 

Kyle asks his feelings on Matt Cardona defending the World Title tonight and reminds Pope he has a guaranteed title shot from winning the Champions Series. Pope maintains, as he has for weeks now, that he will let everyone know at the same time. Joe Galli reminds Velvet Sky she has a title shot also as the winning coach. 

Jax Dane v Anthony Mayweather (c) - NWA National Heavyweight Championship Match 

This feud has been going for some time and finally seems to have reached boiling point. This will be Mayweather’s first title defence since winning the championship just over a month ago at PowerrrTrip. 

Before the match even officially starts, Mayweather takes down Dane. He gets a few shots in before the ref pulls him away, then starts the match officially. 

Dane and Mayweather instantly go at each other, you can see the bad blood between these two coming out in their offence. Neither man really has the upper hand, and Dane decides to jump out of the ring to stall. Mayweather gives chase though and beats Dane all around the ringside area before throwing him back in the ring. Dane rolls out of the ring the other side and again Mayweather gives chase. 

The brawl continues once more, with Mayweather looking on top. He goes for a dive from inside the ring but Dane hits him with a forearm. Mayweather reverses his attempt to suplex him, so Dane heads outside again, and this time Mayweather nails the suicide dive. 

Back in the ring, Mayweather gets a nice overhead toss, but Dane begins to target his left knee. Dane then pulls his opponent into the ringpost. Mayweather is struggling to get to his feet due to the knee injury and Dane takes full advantage, manhandling him around the ring and using the ring itself to inflict more damage to the knee. 

Dane wrenches at the knee with a half crab, but Mayweather holds on long enough for Dane to change tack, slamming the knee into the canvas. Mayweather pops to his feet, but Dane knocks him back down. Mayweather tries for a backslide, but Dane is too strong, but he does manage to land a spinebuster on Dane. He heads up top, but Dane pushes the ref into the ropes, knocking Mayweather down. 

Mayweather lands a top rope elbow drop to a downed Dane, but due to the knee injury can’t capitalise with a pin, or the follow up spear and slam attempts. Dane rips off the knee pad and begins stomping away on the injured knee. Dane elbow drops the knee, and Mayweather quickly grabs him and locks in an armbar, forcing Dane to tap! 

As Mayweather celebrates the win, Dane looks on bewildered from the corner. But Dane doesn’t look upset. He’s smiling, then winks at the crowd. 

As Mayweather is helped out of the arena, Dane gives chase and continues to assault Mayweather as well as the security staff. He drags Mayweather back to the ring, and traps him in the ring apron after slamming him into the ring steps. 

Dane then takes a spare turnbuckle from under the ring, and smashes Mayweather’s knee several times. Dane then grabs a referee and tells him he is cashing in his Champions Series shot! 

Jax Dane v Anthony Mayweather (c) - NWA National Heavyweight Championship Match 

This is shameful! Mayweather can’t even get to his feet, much less defend himself! 

One massive lariat later, Jax Dane pins Mayweather to win the National Heavyweight Title. 

Anthony Mayweather’s been done dirty there by Dane, he’s stolen the championship from him at a time when he was unable to defend himself. You can bet there will be retribution on the mind of Mayweather once he recovers.  

The commentary team are equally as disgusted at what just transpired as they discuss it at ringside. 

The Hex (c) v Kenzie Paige & Ella Envy – NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship 

This is Ella Envy’s NWA debut as she teams with Kenzie Paige. They are a well-known team on the independent circuit it seems, going by the name Pretty Empowered. The Hex will be no pushovers though, having just returned from a European tour defending these very titles. 

Marti Belle and Kenzie Paige begin the match, and straight away Belle is in control. Paige tries to fight out but ends up on the mat after a shoulder tackle. Belle counters a hip toss into a pin, then tags in Allysin Kay with Paige in the corner. The champions continue their domination of the young upstart Paige. 

Kenzie gets a brief spell of offence but Kay catches her from a crossbody attempt to retake control. Ella Envy tries to switch out with Paige using twin magic, but it's just a ruse so Paige can attack from behind. Paige tries the crossbody again, and again Kay catches her, and just like last time Paige begs her not to slam her. The please fall on deaf ears as the champions once again take control. 

Kenzie creates an opening and tags Envy in, and the two of them begin to gain a foothold in the match, with Envy having superior upper body strength. Kenzie tags in and continues the assault of Belle, and the duo utilise quick tags to keep fresh. 

Belle gets to her feet and tries to get to her corner, but Envy pulls her down by her hair and re-establishes control. Paige and Envy are laying into Belle, gaining a near fall. Paige gets frustrated and becomes more vicious in her strikes, but Belle fights back once more. Paige isn’t having it though and locks her in a chinlock. 

Belle gets to her feet and frees herself, again going for the tag, but again Envy stops her. Paige holds her for a kick from Envy, but Belle evades it and Envy ends up knocking out Paige. Belle gets the tag to Kay who takes out Envy with some stiff shots, followed by Hex marks the Spot, giving them the win. 

On commentary they talk up the abilities of the Hex and praise their fighting spirit. 

After this we get a recap of the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship tournament, which leads us nicely into the next match. 

Homicide v Colby Corino v Austin Aries v Darius Lockhart – NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship 

I’ve really been looking forward to this one! The tournament has been really interesting to watch and to see it finally culminate here at the Crockett Cup fills me with anticipation. I have a feeling it’ll be Colby Corino who emerges victorious... 

With all four competitors in the ring at the same time, this is going to be somewhat difficult to follow, but I’ll give it my best shot! 

The match gets underway and the competitors don’t immediately make a move. Homicide taunts Aries, and then the match begins as they take shots at the younger competitors. 

It looks like we’re going to see some “anything you can do I can do better” from the veteran competitors, as they compete to outdo each other before throwing some shots at each other. Homicide is left alone in the ring but ends up taking a spear from Corino, who take a huge crossbody from Lockhart. 

The action picks up fast here as Lockhart and Corino go at each other. Corino ends up getting splashed by Lockhart, giving him the momentum.  

Corino turns the tide and drops Lockhart with an Olympic slam variant, then a standing 360 senton. Aries and Homicide come back in and the focus shifts to them as they stomp down on Corino and Lockhart. And once again the competing begins with chops. Homicide ends up biting Corino, but Aries won't do that. Corino drops Homicide with a cutter. 

Corino and Lockhart go at it with each other again, with Corino getting a near fall. He tries to lock in the sharpshooter (or as we call it here at Real Rasslin, the Sharpmooser, shout out to Moose!) Homicide tries to break it up but ends up in Aries’ Last Chancery. Both Lockhart and Homicide reach the ropes though. 

Corino now faces off with Aries, and the two trade insults and blows. Aries begins to get the advantage while Lockhart and Homicide clash outside the ring. Corino hits a piledriver on Aries for a near fall. Homicide tries to get the Cop Killa, but Lockhart rolls them both up and tries to pin them. Lockhart with an Asada Driver to Corino for a near fall, then gets into it with Aries. 

Aries counters Lockhart into a shinbreaker/back drop combination, but as he charges at a cornered Lockhart, he takes a big boot. Aries and Lockhart continue trading strikes as Aries lands a corner dropkick, then the brainbuster! Homicide breaks up the pin at two. Aries and Homicide counter each other until Aries hits a dropkick. Rolling forearm to Corino by Aries, who walks right into the Koji Cutter from Homicide.  

Homicide then hits the Cop Killa on Corino for the win and the title! 

Really good match, and a big win for the veteran Homicide. Wouldn’t have been my pick to win, as I was pulling for Corino, but I’m interested to see where he takes this next. J Spade up next for him! 

Kyle Davis is with Trevor Murdoch. He asks Trevor how he feels about everything that happened.  

Murdoch say he isn’t happy. Initially, he was ok with Nick taking on Cardona, but the more he thought about it as he sat at home, Aldis didn’t take one minute to check on him as he stepped over him to take his shot at the title. 

He talks about Cardona, and says he took everything from him. For the last year and a half, he has either chased or been the World Champion, and in one moment it all changed. Then he went on every podcast to bury NWA and him, and he wants to let Cardona know he is coming to kick his ass. 

The other elephant in the room, is the whole time Cardona was chasing him, the fans cheered him on. When he lost the World Title, all he heard was cheering for Cardona. They made him feel worthless, but now he has nothing to lose. He’s been fired from every company he’s been in, but if he gets fired from here, he is going out on his terms. 

At the end of the main event, he says both men are going to have to face him. 

Intense words from the former Champion there! 

Kamille (c) v Chelsea Green v Kylie Rae – NWA World Women’s Championship 

Kylie Rae was supposed to challenge for the title at PowerrrTrip but was unable to make it due to travel issues, so she gets her shot now. Chelsea Green was added to this match by demand of her husband, Matt Cardona Kamille has been champion for over 280 days so far. 

As this match gets underway, all three women come to blows. Chelsea sends Kamille outside the ring, then focuses on Kylie. Kylie though is no slouch and hits a flurry of offence on Chelsea. 

Chelsea rakes Kylie’s eyes, then gets pulled out of the ring by Kamille. Kylie can feel Kamille behind her, and eventually decides to attack. Kamille though suplexes her to the mat for a two count. Kamille with a gutwrench suplex, and Chelsea tries to steal a pin, but Kamille breaks it up. 

Kamille is back on the offensive, as she and Kylie trade blows, with Kylie stomping her in the corner. Kamille hits a big boot on Kylie, and Chelsea breaks up the pin. Kamille and Chelsea now trade blows, with Chelsea ramming Kamille face first into the top turnbuckle. She heads up top, and hits a double dropkick on Kylie and Kamille, however she is unable to pin either. 

Chelsea in control at this point, punishing Kamille by choking her on the ropes, then switches her attention to Kylie. All three women trading blows now, but Chelsea still appears to be on top as she hits double elbow drops to her opponents' backs. 

Chelsea curb stomps Kamille into the turnbuckle for a two count, and in frustration goes after Kylie with a chinlock. Kylie gets but herself free, and eventually gets Chelsea in the crossface. Kylie sees Kamille coming, so breaks the hold, trips her, and then locks them BOTH in the crossface! Neither woman taps though as they reach the ropes. 

Kylie ends up driven into the corner by Kamille, who puts her on the top rope, then heads up herself. Chelsea joins them but is knocked down, but comes back and powerbombs Kamille who superplexes Kylie! Still no pin! 

All three women have a chop battle. Kamille and Kylie chop Chelsea who hits the mat. Kylie offers Kamille the high five, which she takes, then Kylie nearly knocks her head off with a superkick! Chelsea hits a faceplant DDT, so Kamille hits Chelsea with the Radio Silence, but Chelsea grabs the ropes at two! 

With Chelsea in the torture rack position, Kamille inadvertently knocks out the ref, and the resulting spin out powerbomb pin goes unanswered. Kamille ends up outside the ring, then Kylie hits a stunner on Chelsea, who kicks out at two! 

As Kylie argues with the referee, she turns round straight into a spear from Kamille(albeit not a very good one), who picks up the win. 

Great match! This was as good as any women's match I’ve seen this year. Kamille looked vulnerable in this match and has an air about her that she can be defeated, which will make the next challenger very interesting. Thom Latimer comes out to celebrate with Kamille as she stands with her title aloft in the ring. 

Tyrus (c) v Rodney Mack – NWA World Television Championship 

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen Rodney Mack wrestle for years, aside from his brief showings in the recent Team War tournament, so I am interested to see what he is like in the ring nowadays. It seems he’s been a part of NWA for a while now, so he must have become more prominent in the month I took off from reviewing. 

As for Tyrus, this is defence number six of his Television Championship. For those who don’t know, NWA operate a “Lucky Seven” rule with the TV Title. Anyone who successfully defends the title seven times can vacate the title in exchange for a shot at the World’s Heavyweight Title. 

Austin Idol comes out with Tyrus, and as ever starts waffling on. Long story short, he’s not going to accompany Tyrus to the ring for this match, as he knows what he has to do. Idol keeps on talking as Tyrus heads to the ring. Will someone please make him stop? 

The two men face off, and they shake hands before they begin. They circle each other until Tyrus backs him into a corner, but Mack slips out. With both men having a striking background they are keeping the pace slow and methodical. 

Mack gets Tyrus in the corner and lays in some punches. Mack seems to have the upper hand now, until Tyrus throws Mack into the corner, then throws him shoulder first into the ringpost. Tyrus then dominates Mack and throws several punches. Mack tries to get free, but Tyrus shuts him down. Tyrus then hits a Fishermans suplex before splashing him in the corner. Mack kicks out at one. 

Tyrus has Mack grounded, and continues to stomp away at him. He clubs Mack in the back, then squashes him in the corner. Tyrus again continues to hammer away at Mack, locking in another submission hold. 

Mack gets to his feet and starts laying in more punches, which seem to have started to have an effect on Tyrus. Mack is making some headway until Tyrus cuts him off with a suplex, but again Mack kicks out at one. A scoop slam from Tyrus to Mack puts him down, and Tyrus heads up top. Mack is up though, and he lands a massive superplex on Tyrus! 

Both men are down, and Mack tries to crawl over to get the pin, but Tyrus gets his foot on the ropes at two. Tyrus gets up, and hits the Heart Punch. It’s over.