NWA Crockett Cup 2022: Night One

Our resident "Belt Guy" and "King of Real Rasslin" Paul is here with all the action from Night One of the Crockett Cup PPV weekend!

NWA Crockett Cup 2022: Night One

What's up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul here to give you the lowdown on all the happenings from this weekend's NWA Crockett Cup Pay-Per-View! 

NWA has been gearing up for this for weeks, and now it’s finally here we are set to see some great tag team action on night one as 15 teams battle to win the prestigious Crockett Cup, and then on night two it's all about Championships as all the NWA Titles (except the tag team titles as far as I can tell) will be defended, with Matt Cardona defending his newly won World Title against “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis! 

I’ve been excited for this show for weeks now, so I’m really looking forward to this. But before we get to the main show itself, let's take a quick at results from elsewhere this week, starting with PowerrrSurge, and then the Crockett Cup Pre show! 

NWA PowerrrSurge – 15th March 2022 

Throughout the show, Joe Galli, William Corgan, and Pat Kenney discuss the brackets and teams for the Crockett Cup tournament 

J Spade defeated Sal Rinauro with a sky high powerbomb. This led to Sal’s mental state seemingly getting worse 

Allysin Kay defeated Missa Kate with the AK47 

Judais defeated Jamie Stanley with the Crucifixia (Elevated Razor’s Edge) 

Nick Aldis and NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Matt Cardona have a heated confrontation at the commentary table. 

NWA Crockett Cup Night One Preshow – 19th March 2022 

Nick Aldis joins Kyle Davis at the interviewer’s podium to talk about his title match with Matt Cardona, and the Crockett Cup. He says that he’s going to send the Cardona Circus to Smashville. 

Magic Jake Dumas defeated Captain YUMA of the Ill Begotten with the Abracadabra (TKO). After the match, Jeremiah Plunkett and Danny Deals walked off leaving YUMA in the ring. 

The Tate Twins (Brent & Brandon) defeated Violence is Forever (Kevin Ku & Dominic Garrini), Rip City Shooters (Wes Barkley & Joshua Bishop), and The Heatseekers (Matt Sigmon & Elliot Russell) after Brandon hit Garrini with a top rope splash while he had Brent locked in a submission hold. This allowed Brent to roll him over and pin him for the win, and giving the Tate Twins the final spot in the bracket for the Crockett Cup. 

The Briscoe Brothers defeated The Now (Vik Dalishus & Hale Collins) in a Crockett Cup First Round match after Mark Briscoe hit the Froggy Bow on Collins following a great back and forth match. 

That brings us to night one of the Crockett Cup! So, lets dive in... 

Crockett Cup Night One 

Round One Match – Hawx Aerie v The End 

Hawx Aerie have been on something of a roll going into the tournament. They reached the final of a Tag Team Title Tournament recently, and PJ seems to get better every week with his dad Luke in his corner. 

Parrow and Odinson have been in a bit of a slump lately, and they don’t look like they're on the same page coming into this. 

And as the match goes on you can see this is the case. From the start Odinson begins the match, where Parrow usually does, and although The End give a good account of themselves, you can see something is off. Odinson is doing more than he usually does, as Parrow usually does most of the heavy lifting, but Odinson tries to keep control in this match for the most part. 

Things look grim when Parrow is suplexed on to Luke Hawx, and he plants him with a vicious chokeslam. Luke manages to stay in the fight, and when he and PJ are on the shoulders of Parrow and Odinson for the Supercollider, somehow PJ is able to counter and cause Odinson to spear Parrow. From here, PJ tags in, after a double back breaker, Odinson tries to get PJ up into an airplane spin, but PJ rolls through and gets the three count. Hawx Aerie win! 

Winners and advancing to the Quarter Finals: Hawx Aerie 

Following the match, Parrow and Odinson beat the crap out of Hawx Aerie, and as a result of the beating, Luke Hawx suffers a concussion which rules him out of the tournament. It’s a shame as I had Hawx Aerie down as an outside bet for this tournament, but it seems that will be it for them now. 

Billy Corgan talks backstage with May Valentine about the history of the Crockett Cup and his history with Jeff Jarrett who will be the Special Guest Referee for the World Title match on night two. 

Round One Match - The Cardonas (Mike Knox & VSK) v Da Pope & Big Strong Mims 

There is a lot of history in this match. Knox was responsible for Pope missing several weeks of ring time after a post-match attack put him out with a concussion. As his trainee, Mims took exception to Knox’s comments and challenged him to a match on Powerrr a few weeks back, and valiantly battle him but to no avail. 

The Cardona's seem to be the new big stable in NWA following their arrival at NWA PowerrrTrip.  

Initially, Pope has the upper hand, but VSK is able to turn the tables on him. Pope though reasserts himself and puts himself back on top. Mims comes into the match and VSK uses a cheap shot to try and tag in Knox, but Mims stops him and slams him hard to the mat. 

Mims and Pope look to be in control, picking apart VSK with a variety of moves and holds. Mims hits a huge powerslam as Knox distracts the referee, but it starts to break down as Knox runs into the ring and attacks Mims from behind, giving them an opening. Knox begins to take control as he beats down on Mims, with VSK using a distraction to the ref to cause some damage from outside. 

The assault on Mims continues, but Mims gets free with a jawbreaker and tags in Pope, who cleans house and catches VSK mid-air for a powerslam. Pope is enraged as Knox comes in and beats down on both him and VSK with Dusty Rhodes inspired offense. 

Pope and Mims hit a Doomsday Device, but Knox breaks up the pin just before the three. Pope takes him out of the ring, but Knox throws him into the ringpost, then hits a Cross Rhodes type manoeuvre, followed by a frog splash from VSK for the win.

Winners and advancing to the Quarter Finals: The Cardonas 

Another decent match, personally disappointed that Pope and Mims didn’t win, but it furthers the story. We are then informed that PJ Hawx will take on La Rebelion in the Quarter Finals by himself. 

That’s him screwed then. 

Kyle brings out Kamille and asks her thoughts on her title match. 

Kamille says she respects Kylie Rae, but wonders how she went from being in a tag team to getting a shot at her title. As for Chelsea Green, she’s going to be nice and bring her some chapstick as her lips must be crusty as hell from all the ass she’s been kissing.  

Kamille alleges that Billy Corgan is conspiring against her by putting her in a triple threat match for the NWA World Women’s Championship seeing as no one can beat her one-on-one. She says people celebrate being multi time champions, but she will be a one-time champion as she is never losing. 

She says that Latimer and Adonis will win the Crockett Cup. 

First Round Match JTG & Dirty Dango, Dirty Sexy Boys v Aron Stevens & ??? 

Due to travel issues, Kratos was unable to make the show, so Aron Stevens had to find a new partner. Aron antagonises the crowd by calling Nashville a cesspool of fights and bad music, and the people have filthy mouths and bad attitudes. 

He calls Nashville a festering wound on the right buttock of Tennessee. He says in a wedding you need something old, which is the NWA, something new, which is his jacket, something borrowed, he points the video wall borrowed from a production company, and something blue, something EXTREMELY BLUE.... OUT COMES THE BLUE MEANIE!!! 

Meanie comes out doing the Razor Ramon walk and flicks a toothpick, that’s a really nice tribute. 

Blue World Order representing tonight! 

There's a moment as Stevens and Dango have their jackets whipped off by their respective partners, then the match gets underway. 

Stevens starts aggressively, but Dango fires back as he and JTG trade Stevens about with punches.  

DSB look to be on top, so Stevens slides out of the ring, then gets back in to tag Meanie in. Meanie does the Meanie Dance then locks up with JTG, tickling JTG in the corner, then JTG does the same to Meanie, saying “Let's get weird!” 

From here we go into a real back and forth contest, with both teams using their abilities to try and secure the win. Meanie and Stevens actually seem to be working well as a team, which is somewhat surprising. Stevens dominates for a spell, but gets caught with a boot by Dango as he comes off the top rope. DSB take control from here as JTG comes in, but Blue Meanie gets a good spell of offense against JTG, until they trip up Meanie with Dango on his knees behind him at JTG hits a dropkick. JTG then secures the win. 

Winners and advancing to the Quarter Finals: The Dirty Sexy Boys 

Decent match, but to be honest this was all about the spectacle of the Blue Meanie. The right team won here, and another high number tournament seed is out. Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, and Tim Storm do the Meanie Dance on commentary. That’s a nice touch. 

First Round Match – Strictly Business (Thom Latimer & Chris Adonis) v Gold Rushhh (Jordan Clearwater & Marshe Rockett) 

This is an interesting matchup. Two heel teams squaring off against each other, and I’m not sure which team is preferable to win here. 

As has become customary, Tyrus gets on the mic before the match and tells everyone to be silent while the Golden Boy removes his robe. Jordan Clearwater slowly removes his robe and gyrates to the crowd, then, mercifully, Chris Adonis locks Clearwater in the Masterlock. The match hasn’t officially started though. Marshe Rockett breaks it up and drags Clearwater to the corner so he can tag him in to start the match. Clearwater is too beaten up though and doesn’t make the tag in time, allowing Latimer to come in and dominate. 

Strictly Business are dominating early on, throwing Clearwater around like a ragdoll, and beating him down with some vicious strikes. After escaping a submission hold with a jawbreaker, Clearwater makes the hot tag to Rockett, and he cleans house on Strictly Business. Rockett goes for a lariat, but Adonis dodges and locks him in the Masterlock, but BLK Jeez distracts the referee as Rockett taps. Tyrus then throws Adonnis into the ring post as Latimer picks up the TV Title. Rockett hits a low blow, then Clearwater nails Latimer with the title belt and gets the pin. 

Winners and advancing to the Quarter Finals: Gold Rushhh 

Strictly Business have been done dirty here. Great heel work from Gold Rushhh, but I would like to see them doing a little more actual wrestling than all the antics. 

May Valentine is backstage with the Fixers and asks them about their chances of winning. Jay Bradley says they have the momentum and are gonna win it all. Legursky calls out Sting and Muta, and is told they are not in the tournament. 

Bradley says they only need to win three matches to win the tournament, and they have new merch. Terrific stuff... 

First Round Match - Doug Williams & Harry Smith v The Ill Begotten 

The Ill Begotten are competing using the Freebird Rule, and Captain YUMA thinks he is going to start this match, but Danny Deals and Jeremiah Plunkett send him to the back.Plunkett, Alex Taylor and Rush Freeman talk in the ring, and it seems Taylor and Freeman will be in this match. That’s handy since they have matching gear... 

Doug Williams comes out with his partner, Harry Smith, who was a late replacement for Nick Aldis. 

Williams and Smith get the jump on the Ill Begotten as Williams starts the match. Doug Williams is the ambassador of British Wrestling and he shows this here by easily taking on both men before tagging in Smith. 

The newly dubbed Commonwealth Connection throw their opponents out of the ring and the Ill Begotten have a huddle at ringside. Freeman re-enters the ring, and Smith wastes no time taking him apart. 

Williams comes in and continues the beat down to Freeman, but Freeman makes an opening and turns the tables. With Williams in their corner, Taylor tries to keep him there, but ends up taking an overhead throw from Williams. Plunkett pulls Smith off the ring apron as Williams goes for the tag, to which Smith knocks him down with one punch. Captain YUMA comes down to argue with Plunkett, saying that’s not how they do things, and Plunkett flattens him with a punch, then drags him out of the arena.  

Back in the ring, Freeman suplexes Williams and locks in a half camel clutch, but Williams battles out, heads up top and hits a European Uppercut. Smith comes in and cleans house on Freeman and Taylor, and after mounted punches, hits a HUGE overhead toss on Taylor. Smith continues to beat down Taylor, then takes Freeman out of the ring. Smith tags win Williams, hits a running powerslam, then Williams hits a top rope headbutt for the win. 

Winners and advancing to the Quarter Finals: Doug Williams & Harry Smith  

Good match here, with some good storyline advancement in the Ill Begotten. As a Brit, I am thrilled to see these guys win and hope they can go all the way. 

First Round Match - Tate Twins v NWA World Tag Team Champions, La Rebelion 

This is the Tate Twins second match of the night, having come through the play in match to take the final spot. Dalton Castle’s former Boys must be hoping for a big win here. 

La Rebelion come out holding the original NWA Tag Titles as well as the current version. Hopefully they’ll replace the god-awful current ones with the original ones. 

Bestia gets the early advantage on Brent, trying to control the pace, but Brent is too quick for him and knocks him off balance. Mecha Wolf comes in and reasserts their dominance, knocking Brent around the ring. The Tate Twins are able to turn the tables as Brandon tags in, and they used their speed and agility to give themselves the advantage. They go for a double Tope Suicida, but La Rebelion move out of the way. 

Mecha Wolf tells them to slow down, then tries to sucker them in with a handshake, which Brent naively believes, allowing La Rebelion to take control again. Bestia continues to work over Brent’s arm, as he tries to free himself, but Bestia keeps him down. 

La Rebelion are dominating the Twins, utilising quick tags and combining them with some vicious shots. Brent attempts a fightback and briefly gets free, but La Rebelion slam him to the mat and hit double knees for a close near fall. 

Brandon is tagged in and cleans house for a spell, hitting a beautiful sliced bread #2, and with La Rebelion outside, finally hit their Tope Suicidas! 

The Twins attempt the Space Jam (double facebuster), but Bestia breaks it up. They then break up La Rebelion’s double team move and hit the Space Jam, but Bestia breaks up the pin. With Brandon on the top rope, Brent tries to take control of Mecha Wolf, but Bestia runs in and absolutely waffles Brandon with a massive enziguiri. Following this, Mecha Wolf fights out, and the champions hit the Mark of the Beast for the win. 

Winners and advancing to the Quarter Finals: La Rebelion 

A valiant effort by the Tate Twins here, but in truth they were no match for the Tag Team Champions. Despite a few moments where they could have scored the upset, this was always going La Rebelion’s way. 

With that, the first round came to end and the bracket looks like this: 

Backstage again with May, and she is with VSK and Mike Knox, as she asks them about their win tonight and how they feel about facing the Fixers. 

Knox feels great about their chances, but addressing Pope he says he and Mims fought valiantly, and he urges him not to get back in the ring, for the sake of his health. This feels really insincere... 

Regarding the Fixers he says they are big and strong, but dumb, and he is not. 

In response to the allegation that they are not a real team, VSK says they won their first match, and the Cardonas are here to take over NWA. 

Knox comically says it's because they need matching pants as the segment ends. 

Quarter Final Match – The Fixers v The Cardona’s 

Legursky comes out first clutching a box of Cookie Crisp cereal. Apparently, he wants to eat cereal out of the Crockett Cup... 

With cereal flying everywhere, Velvet Sky starts obsessing over the cereal. No, I am not kidding. 

The Fixers beat Matt Taven and Mike Bennett of the OGK at PowerrrTrip to reach the Quarter Finals, while the Cardona’s beat Da Pope and Big Strong Mims earlier in the night. 

The Cardona’s come out and the match gets underway. 

Again, we have a heel versus heel dynamic, which always makes for an interesting, if not occasionally awkward contest. The commentary team are STILL talking about cereal... 

The Fixers go straight after The Cardona’s as the bell rings. 

VSK uses his speed to avoid Bradley’s attacks but it doesn’t last as eventually Bradley throws VSK into Mike Knox. Legursky enters the ring and climbs to the top rope as Bradley takes out the Cardona’s at ringside, it seems it was a distraction. 

The Fixers are dominating their opponents, tagging in and out to remain fresh. Bradley with some hard headbutts to VSK in the corner. VSK tries to fight his way out but has no luck, and Bradley taunts him to tag in Knox. 

Legursky charges VSK in the corner but he gets the boot up. However, The Fixers grab his ankles and pull him into the ringpost. Hope he wasn’t planning to have kids... 

Out of nowhere, Knox crossbody’s Bradley as Legursky hits a sidewalk slam on VSK. Some back and forth between Legursky and VSK ends with Bradley being tagged in and stalking VSK. Bradley gets him up for a powerbomb but VSK reverses it and tries to make the tag, but doesn’t make it. 

Again, the Fixers dominate their opponent, and go for a double vertical suplex, but Knox chop blocks Bradley’s knee. Legursky slams VSK to the mat then goes to the middle rope for a Vader Bomb, but VSK avoids it. Knox with two big boots, a superkick from VSK, then a Cross Rhodes from Knox, followed by a frog splash from VSK wraps up the win! 

Winners and advancing to the Semi Finals: The Cardona’s 

I didn’t think much of this match to be honest; I thought the action was a little poor in places and the pace was quite slow. It’s a shame for the Fixers that they didn’t get through, having beaten the OGK in the first round, but that’s the way the cookie crisp crumbles I guess... 

Quarter Final Match – Dirty Sexy Boys v The Briscoe Brothers 

The Briscoes beat The Now on the pre show to reach the quarter finals, whereas DSB defeated Aron Stevens and Blue Meanie to get here. 

The Briscoes for me are the favourites to win the tournament, so I’m hoping for a win from Dem Boys here. 

Good back and forth from Dango and Mark to begin, these two teams are packed full of talent and experience so this should be a great match. The action is coming thick and fast in this one as both teams end up fighting outside the ring, with Jay Briscoe carrying a chair. He tosses it to Mark in the ring who uses it for an assisted top rope dive on DSB. 

The Briscoes keep up the pace on the DSB, staying in control and laying down a beating to Dango. There are some brief responses from Dango however, allowing him to tag in JTG, who is easily the more damaging of the two. JTG has really stepped up his game since leaving WWE and looks like he could be a top star now in his own right. Shad would be so proud of him. 

Back in the ring, The Briscoes are once again in control, with Jay stomping all over JTG. Mark is tagged back in and the assault continues. JTG tries to fight his way out but finds himself in the Muta Lock, courtesy of Mark Briscoe. Mark puts his hand in JTG’s mouth and is forced to break the hold. 

JTG with a roll up on Jay but only gets a two, and Jay once again straight back in control. JTG drops Mark Briscoe and gets to his corner, tagging in Dango, who comes in en fuego! 

Big Falcon Arrow to Mark from Dango, then hits an Air Raid Crash/DDT combo on Mark and Jay. Dango with a dive over the top to the Briscoes, then he throws Mark back in. Snake eyes to Mark, but he avoids the follow up, hitting Dango outside. Mark and JTG trade blows, but as JTG runs to the corner, Jay spears him. The Briscoes follow up with the Blended Boogie for a close near fall as Dango saves the match by breaking up the pin. 

It does nothing to prolong the match though as Dango is sent outside the ring with a hard forearm strike, then Jay hits the Jay Driller, followed by Mark’s Froggy Bow for the win!