NWA Bytesize: 31st August 2021

After a two week break due to round up shows and the double bill PPV weekend, Paul is back with all the fallout from NWA73!

NWA Bytesize: 31st August 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back again with another bytesized NWA review!

This past weekend saw the NWA PPV double bill of Empowerrr and NWA73. Both shows delivered top quality action, as new NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champions were crowned in Marti Belle and Allysin Kay, and the next night at NWA73, La Rebelion won the World Tag Team Championships from Stevens and Kratos, and Nick Aldis’ historic 1,044-day reign as NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion came to an end when Trevor Murdoch defeated him for the title.

I have no idea what to expect from tonight’s season premiere, so lets just get straight to it.

Promo time with Kamille and Latimer

Kyle Davis introduces us to Kamille and Thom Latimer, and Kamille says how dare the fans cheer her, but boo her man. She then talks directly to Billy Corgan asking him why he brought in Leyla Hirsch, who she beat, and then just 24 hours later, forced her to pull double duty and take on Chelsea Green, who she also beat. She further asks why he would then put Latimer in the most dangerous match possible (Latimer was part of a triple threat “Battle in the Lou” street fight at NWA73).

Latimer takes over and states it's Conspiracy Corgan all over again, only this time it’s not a conspiracy, its real life (Make your mind up Thom…) He tells Corgan not to test Kamille.

At this point, Kyle brings out the new NWA World's Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch, and seeing this, Kamille and Latimer leave. Trevor asks Kyle to “say the whole line” prompting Kyle to introduce him again as the new NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion.

Trevor says he heard that Nick Aldis isn’t here, as he requested a leave of absence, but he says that the two of them gave everything they had in their fight for the title. Trevor says he did things he didn’t know he was capable of, as did Aldis, and despite any personal issues they may have, Trevor says that Nick did everything right. He says he is not ignoring Aldis’ reign, and for that he has respect for Nick Aldis. He says that no champion lasts forever, and one day he will lose the title to someone bigger, stronger, and faster, but that makes Nick’s reign all the more amazing, and that fact is not lost on him. He says thank you to Nick Aldis, and that he is good for business.

Trevor ends by saying that NWA73 was a magical moment, and all he ever wanted to do was make Harley Race proud, and he now feels he has done that. This ends the segment as we go into… sigh… a Universal Wrestling College ad starring everyone’s favourite Ric Flair lookalike, Austin Idol…

Promo Time with…. F***ing everyone it seems!

Not gonna lie good people, there are a LOT of promos tonight!

This one sees May Valentine and Kyle Davis with Pope, Colby Corino and Jax Dane, and they ask what they are going to do with their title opportunities they won as part of the Champions Series?

Colby starts off by saying that he hasn’t heard a single thank you for winning the whole thing for his team, a team he wasn’t even picked for. But he won them the Series, and when he takes his opportunity, he won’t miss.

Pope then spouts a load of waffle (honestly, I couldn’t even remotely keep up with what he was saying). Something about good questions and stupid questions being the ones you don’t ask? I don’t know…

Anyway, Pope says he will take his shot when the opportunity presents itself.

Lastly is Jax Dane, as the Masked Man now known as Sion declined to speak, and Jax says he is a former World Champion, North American Champion, National Champion, and World Tag Team Champion. Trevor said himself, there is always someone bigger and stronger ready to take the Champions place. Kyle Davis starts to talk about Crimson, as Jax turned on him at NWA73, and Jax unconvincingly says he isn’t concerned as he looks around for Crimson.

Kyle then throws it over to the ring as we get our first match of the night finally!

Hogan knows best!

Kiera Hogan is making her NWA Powerrr debut, as she takes on the young upstart Skye Blue. Mickie James in on commentary for this one, and she talks up the success of Empowerrr.

In the ring, the two competitors are feeling each other out, with no one really in control. Skye takes Hogan down with a headlock takedown, and this is followed by both women attempting a series of roll ups (look away now JP).

Back on their feet, Hogan delivers a chop to Skye in the corner, before hitting a running corner kick for a two count. Skye hits back with a superkick for a two count of her own, but this is as good as it gets as Kiera then hits a series of kicks before hitting Face the Music, her finisher, for the three count.

Mickie James was discussing how Deonna Purrazzo seems to have an issue with her after she attacked her at the close of her match with Kylie Rae at NWA73, when Hogan confronts her and says she “heard what Mickie said”, so it seems something may be developing there…

Uh oh… Joshhausen will not be happy…. It’s a CarShield ad!!!

Speaking of Joshhausen, his latest ROH review is delayed due to him being unwell. Fingers crossed he is back with us soon!

More promo time…

Promo time again now, this time with Taryn Terrell, Jennacide and Paola Blaze. Kyle asks Jennacide a question, but as usual Taryn butts in and waffles on about how amazing she is. Honestly, she’s like a schoolgirl! She does then say that the women’s tag team titles should be with them, which prompts The Hex of Marti Belle and Allysin Kay to come out.

Marti Belle says that they did all the work to become champions, and this prompts Blaze to challenge them for the titles. Kay says no way, they have to earn it, so Blaze challenges her to a singles match, from here it descends into what I am dubbing “shouty chaos”. Everyone going at each other with Taryn doing her annoying “Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” thing.

Then, just to make it more confusing, the new World Tag Team Champions, La Rebelion, come out, Mecha Wolf calls Kyle over and just says “Champions”.

This show is confusing! Fortunately, we’re going back to the ring now.

The Rude Boys beat down the Captain and Rush outta there!

Apparently, this is a qualifier for a tournament to declare new number one contenders to the tag team titles. It’s the Rude Dudes of El Rudo and JB Stanley against the Ill Begotten of Rush Freeman and Captain YUMA.

And basically, it’s all the Rude Dudes. They use quick tags and some solid tag team offence to keep the larger Rush Freeman at bay. Rudo hits a body slam and a double underhook suplex on Freeman, but after a brief period of control, Rush counters with a back body drop and tags YUMA in.

After some strikes, YUMA hits a Tornado DDT and tags freeman back in, but shortly after, The Rude Dudes hit a double team finisher on Freeman for the win.

There may well have been more to this, but by this point it was all I could do to keep up with it…

Guess what? MORE PROMO TIME!!!

Everyone has something to say tonight!

First off, May Valentine and Kyle Davis give some more details on the tag team tournament. Nine teams will compete to crown new number one contenders.

La Rebelion are stood with them listening, and Mecha Wolf says after a hard-fought match, they won the titles, and now there’s going to be a tournament, full of teams they have already beaten, to see who faces them next? Mecha Wolf says that while this happens, they are taking the titles back to Mexico, and will only come back when there is real competition for them.

Before anymore can be said, Chris Adonis appears with Melina, and says how dare NWA not have a legend like Melina on the show. Adonis says its yet more Corgan Conspiracy work.

At this point, Kyle Davis loses it a little and says Strictly Business can’t blame everything they don’t like on some alleged conspiracy, and I commend him for it, it was getting boring!

Melina says something about hating hearing Kamille talk, which is odd seeing as that is Adonis’ stable mate, but then Father James Mitchell appears with his new prodigal son, Judias (full disclosure, I initially reported this as the former “Judas Mesias”, but I was, to quote Corey Graves, slightly less than accurate, and it is in fact the former “Murphy” of TNA fame).

The Sinister Minister tells Adonis that to win the National title once is great, but to do it twice puts him in the pantheon of the Gods. He then states that Judias went through twelve other men to become number one contender, so he should enjoy what time he has left with the title, as Judias will soon take it from him.

Adonis asks is he supposed to be intimidated? He’s Chris Adonis, and he is in Strictly Business. If you mess with one, you mess with them all. He turns to Melina and says, “And that includes Kamille”.

Was that a thinly veiled threat?

Match time again!

Chelsea is Green with envy as Kenzie turns the Paige!

The match begins with a little back and forth before an arm drag battle ensues. Chelsea eventually takes control, and hits Kenzie with a penalty kick for a two count.

Chelsea then sets Kenzie up for the Unprettier, but Kenzie counters and rolls through to pick up the shock win!

As Kenzie leaves the ring and celebrates, Chelsea is in the middle of the ring losing her sh*t.

She looks up, and it appears that the Hot Mess is back! She grabs her Womens Invitational Cup she won at Empowerrr and leaves, shouting “I WON! I SHOULD BE CHAMPION!”

Good thing she’s with Matt Cardona, he’s Alwayz Ready to deal with her tantrums…

I know, I know, moving on!


Seriously, what the f**k?!

Next up, James Storm is with May Valentine, and she asks what we can expect from the Cowboy?

Storm says that he’s always lived his life his way, and during the pandemic (there’s a pandemic? No one has mentioned anything…) it became clear to him that no amount of money is worth more to him than his family. He got to spend time with his wife and kids, doing things they didn’t have time to before…

He doesn’t get any further along that train of thought though as Austin Idol appears.

He takes over the mic time, and says everyone wants to hear from him, and he has some breaking news! Tonight, we will see Tyrus’ first World Television Title defence, and they searched the world over to find his opponent.

Out comes Jordan Clearwater, accompanied by BLK Jeez, and it seems it will be Jordan who will take on Tyrus. But it turns out it will actually be BLK Jeez.

Jeez, that was quick!

Now, you may be thinking that BLK Jeez has absolutely no chance of winning this match. He is a good foot and half shorter than Tyrus, and at least 100lbs lighter.

And you would be right! Tyrus beat Jeez in less than two minutes, but not before BLK Jeez put on a hell of a show in the opening minute, hitting two dropkicks, a frog splash, DDT, and Missile dropkick which all gained two counts.

But it was all to no avail, as Tyrus was able to get back to his feet and counter a crossbody attempt by Jeez into a headbutt. Tyrus then hit a fisherman’s suplex and finished the match with a devastating Heart Punch. Tyrus pins Jeez nonchalantly and that brings the show to an end…

Holy f**knuggets! That was a chaotic show to say the least!

That said, it kept it interesting as you never knew what was coming next, and the crowd in attendance definitely helped make it easier to watch. It was nice to get back to action after the last two weeks of round up shows, and it feels like NWA are really hitting their stride now.

The build-up now begins to Hard Times in December, so join me next week as we see more fallout and fighting with NWA Powerrr!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!