NWA By Any Means Necessary: Bytesize 9th November 2021

Part Two of the Special NWA Two-Parter is here and our resident "Belt Guy" Paul is here to tell you all about it!

NWA By Any Means Necessary: Bytesize 9th November 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back with part two of NWA By Any Means Necessary!

Today sees the continuation of the special show put on by Tried N True Wrestling School, run by NWA’s very own Crimson, as we continue to build towards NWA Hard Times. There are three matches on tonight’s show, so let’s get started!

Talky time with Crimson

But before we get to the ring, the show opens with Kyle Davis talking to Crimson about Jax Dane’s comments last week and the cage match.

Crimson says that all Jax does is run his mount, but he also ruined his biggest opportunity he’s ever had at NWA 73. He can’t let that go unnoticed, as there are consequences for his actions. He trusted Jax for years, travelled the roads with him for years and trusted with his life. He says that this ends tonight in the cage.

Kyle then says he sees that Crimson has his nine-year-old son with him and questions whether this is the best choice?

Crimson says he is sure other people are thinking that, but they had a long discussion, and he wants his son to witness accountability, and to show that his dad doesn’t back down from a bully. He is there tonight to learn.

Jaden gets caught in a Storm

The show begins properly with Kyle Davis in the ring with Tim Storm, as he is interviewing him about his match tonight against Jaden Roller. But before Storm can say anything he is blindsided by Jaden, who beats him down in the corner, before taking a mic and saying that he wants a No Disqualification match tonight.

Tim Storm gets to his feet and accepts, the match is on right now!

So, the match begins, as the two men slug it out in the ring, throwing forearms and kicks at each other. Jaden rips Storm’s shirt which Storm then uses as a weapon, wrapping it around Jaden’s neck and choking him with it. He then throws more hard punches.

Storm is dominating his opponent, and eventually throws him out of the ring over the top rope. Storm heads outside and pushes Jaden into the ringside barricade, slaps him hard on the chest, then rams his head into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Storm hits a scoop slam. He tries for a second but Jaden slips out and hits two consecutive low blows. Jaden then grabs a steel chair, hitting Storm in the gut and back with it. Jaden puts the chair between the ropes and tries to whip Storm into it, but Storm reverses. Jaden hits a boot to the face, followed by some forearm blows. He again tries to throw Storm into the chair, but again Storm stops it.

Storm turns the tides again, and tries for a neckbreaker, but Jaden shoves him into the chair, then follows up with a scoop slam and elbow drop for a two count. Jaden sets up the chair again and looks like he is going to try and finish the match with it, but Storm counters with a back body drop. Jaden drop toe holds Storm into the chair but misses a follow up axe kick. Storm DDT’s Jaden onto the chair and secures the win!

All through the match on commentary, Austin Idol shouted about how everything Storm did was illegal but was silent on Jaden’s illegal moves. Classic old school heel shtick.

Talky time with Trevor Murdoch and Nick Aldis

Backstage again with our man Kyle Davis, and he is stood with the National Treasure, Nick Aldis, and the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch.

Kyle says he is surprised to see them getting along as they are tagging up tonight.

Trevor says he wants to thank Nick, as he’s had an issue with Chris Adonis for a long time. Tonight is payback, and he gets that opportunity because of him, so he wants them to go out there and handle business like only they can.

Nick says its funny you mention business, as they have unfinished business with his former team. Tonight, it’s personal. His friend Thom Latimer, despite their long-standing friendship, decided to take the cheap road and make a name for himself at his expense, and Chris Adonis is just a sheep playing follow the leader.

Nick says they backed the wrong horse, and now two thoroughbreds are going to run over them. It’s not about titles or money, it’s about nothing buy payback, and tonight the World’s Champion and the National Treasure will strike down on them with furious vengeance. He ends it by saying that actions have consequences.

Kamille turns the Paige on Kenzie

It’s time for the World Women’s Championship match as Kenzie Paige takes on the champion, Kamille, and it’s a two out of three falls match.

Paige (no, not that one) is a great talent and definitely has the ability to be champion, will that be tonight?

The early match is mostly controlled by Kamille, using her power and strength advantage to throw Kenzie around like a ragdoll. She uses a slow, methodical style to unnerve her opponent. Every time Kenzie attempts to build some momentum, Kamille shuts it down.

A gutwrench suplex from Kamille launches Kenzie across the ring, then continues her assault. She slams Kenzie to the mat after ramming her into the turnbuckle. More hard shots from Kamille keeps Kenzie on the back foot. A second gutwrench suplex from Kamille before she throws Kenzie outside, throwing her into the ring post, then choking her on the guard rail.

Kenzie manages a fight back, as she hits a chop, but Kamille soon takes over again. Back in the ring, Kamille gets Kenzie in a headlock. Kenzie gets free but takes a jumping leg lariat from Kamille for a two count.

Kamille gets her up on her shoulder but Kenzie gets out and starts delivering hard shots to Kamille and gets a roll up for two. A big boot from Kamille once again shuts Kenzie down as she hits a neckbreaker, then pins her for the first fall.

The second fall begins and Kamille tries to hit a spear straight off the bat, but Kenzie avoids and Kamille hits the ring post hard. The action spills outside as Kenzie throws Kamille into the guardrail, then suplexes her on the ramp. Kenzie tries to get a count out fall, but Kamille gets back in just before the ten count. Kenzie gets a two count. They then trade blows centre of the ring, but Kenzie attempts a roll up, then a backslide for two, before hitting a superkick, then a Samoan drop! But again, Kamille kicks out at two. Kenzie goes up top, but Kamille cuts her off. Kenzie shoves her off, however Kamille recovers and throws her off the top rope. Again, Kamille attempts a spear but Kenzie avoids and goes for a roll up again, getting a two count.

Kenzie attempts a superkick again, but Kamille catches it and spins her around. As Kenzie turns back around, Kamille hits the spear and get the second fall to retain her championship.

Great showing from Kenzie Paige though. She showed great ability throughout the match. She’s definitely one for the future.

As Kamille is celebrating her win though, out come Strictly Business, with Latimer carrying a cake complete with unicorn candles. Turns out its Kamille’s birthday.

Latimer tells Kyle David to get in the ring. Kyle says happy birthday to Kamille but tells Adonis and Latimer that they have a match up next against Murdoch and Aldis, and wonders if this is really the time for celebration.

Latimer says he’s already kicked Nick’s arse once and put him on the shelf, and tonight he and Adonis are going to kick both their arses and put them on the shelf for good.

But tonight is a celebration. He demands everyone sings happy birthday with him to the most beautiful girl in the world, his fiancée, Kamille. He says he expects it on the count of three, and on three the crowd starts singing. He shakes his head, tells them they suck, and to shut up (I think he was expecting to be booed…)

Latimer says he has a better idea and calls Kyle over. He tells him to get on his knees and sing for everyone now.

Kyle does so, in a clearly intimidated way, fortunately for him though Nick Aldis’ music hits and out comes the National Treasure, followed by the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch.

The Champ and the Treasure take care of business

As the match gets underway, Latimer instantly tags out to Adonis, clearly wanting nothing to do with Aldis. Murdoch is tagged in and the match begins properly. Murdoch getting Adonis in a headlock. He then tries a shoulder tackle off the ropes which Adonis no sells, then flexes over. Murdoch tells him to try, which he does, but Murdoch takes him down with a drop toe hold.

With Murdoch firmly in control, he finishes a combination of moves with a Russian leg sweep, then tags in Aldis. Adonis tags in Latimer, and the two circle each other. Kamille tries to interfere, and Latimer tags Adonis back in. Whilst this is going on, we learn that Aldis’ lawyers had a cease-and-desist letter sent to Latimer to strop using the name “Strictly Business”, but Latimer was a step ahead and got it trademarked beforehand.

Storyline folks!

After some corner shots, Latimer is tagged back in, and with Aldis in the corner goes for a monkey flip, but Aldis lands on his feet. Latimer turns round and hits the deck in shock, rolling out of the ring, with Aldis giving chase. Kamille would interfere, right in front of the referee, which would get her ejected from ringside.

Adonis attacks a distracted Aldis from behind, then Latimer joins in to continue the beat down. Latimer continues laying into Aldis, mounting him and landing punches. Latimer continues his assault on Aldis, keeping him grounded and under control. Aldis gets free and tries to attack but is taken down again by Adonis, who then tags in.

Adonis traps Aldis in a headlock, and gouges his eyes, tagging Latimer back in. the two use some double team offense to continue to pick apart Aldis, Latimer attacks Murdoch after a scoop slam to Aldis, but the brief distraction works against Latimer as while he is climbing the top rope Aldis pops up and superplexes him.

Both men tag in their partners, and naturally its Murdoch who initially has the upper hand off the hot tag. Latimer though turns the tides with a clothesline from the apron. Latimer gets tagged in and goes to work on Murdoch, but he fights back. Latimer hits a back suplex for a two count, then gets Murdoch in a headlock on the ground. Murdoch though uses a jawbreaker to free himself, but Latimer reasserts with another clothesline. Dragging Murdoch back to his corner, Latimer tags in Adonis who immediately goes to work on Murdoch.

Adonis bullies Murdoch for a spell, but Murdoch hits a top rope cross body on Adonis, Latimer interfering before he can take any kind of advantage. Adonis gets back to his feet and tags in Latimer, who goes after Aldis again, before whipping Murdoch into he ropes with Adonis’ help. Murdoch though kicks Latimer and throws Adonis out, then avoids a corner splash from Latimer giving him the time to tag in Aldis, who goes to town on Latimer, then flapjacks Adonis onto Latimer, following up with a tombstone piledriver on Latimer. Aldis up top, hits a big elbow drop! The resulting pin Is broken up at two.

Adonis and Murdoch fight outside the ring as Latimer distracts the referee and low blows Aldis in the ring. Adonis is tagged back in, and Latimer calls for a piledriver, but Aldis reverses it, then gut punches Adonis off the top rope. Aldis takes an implant DDT from Latimer for a two count, then Murdoch hits a pop up powerbomb on Adonis, then taking one himself from Latimer, who then takes a powerbomb from Aldis, who then takes a spinebuster from Adonis! That was a crazy moment!

Adonis protests the two count that follows, then heads up top. Aldis catches him and applies the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf! Adonis is in trouble, but Kamille reappears and helps Adonis reach the ropes. The referee doesn’t throw the match out, which would usually happen in this instance, and Aldis gives chase to Kamille. Adonis attempts a Masterlock on Aldis but he frees himself with a jawbreaker, then Kamille, who was intending to spear Aldis, ends up spearing Adonis!

Aldis throws Kamille into Latimer, then Murdoch hits the top rope bulldog for the three count! A pretty good match, with some good storyline advancement.

It seems this weeks bytesize review is going to be bigger bytes than usual, as we now have the main event of the two part show: Jax Dane v Crimson in a Steel Cage match!

Dane leaves Crimson with a Crimson mask

After the usual video recap/hype reel of how we got to this moment, the match begins.

Jax Dane is out first, and waits for Crimson on the ramp, but Crimson jumps him from behind, coming through the crowd! Crimson drops him with a suplex on the ramp, then throws him around the ringside area. The two continue to brawl around the ring side area, bouncing each other of various inanimate objects and choking with cables, until Dane climbs into the ring. Crimson follows him in, the door is locked and the match is underway!

Crimson with a huge lariat after a kick from Dane, and Crimson appears to be on top. Crimson is dominating as the bell finally rings. The two slug it out in the centre, with Dane coming out on top and throwing Crimson into the cage wall. Dane is trying to remove a turnbuckle pad, but it turns out he had something in the ring pad which he uses to nail Crimson.

Dane in full control here, brutally beating down Crimson. Whatever Dane had hidden did its job, as Crimson is bleeding from the head. Dane is picking apart Crimson, stomping his limbs and head. Dane grinds Crimson’s face into the steel mesh of the cage, seemingly causing him to bleed even more, as the crowd chant “You suck!”.

Mounted punches in the corner to Crimson, but after four he fights back and powerbombs Dane! Dane wastes no time reasserting himself with a big clothesline, getting a two count. Dane digs his fingers into Crimson’s open wound. Crimson fights back though and a hard back forearm from Dane seems to fire him up as he starts throwing Dane around the ring.

Crimson hits a big Spinebuster, then heads up top, hitting a big elbow drop, getting a two count.

Crimson picks up Dane in a fireman’s carry, but Dane reverses it and hits a Samoan drop. Both men are down and trying to get to their feet, but Crimson grabs the steel chair. Dane spears Crimson, but he has the chair in place, so Dane hits the chair full on. Crimson hits the Death Valley Driver on Dane, and as Crimson gets to his feet it appears Dane has a bag of chalk dust or something in his hand. Dane throws it in Crimson’s eyes then hits a clothesline, getting a two count. Dane now has rubbing alcohol and squirts it directly into Crimson’s face. Dane hits another big clothesline and pins Crimson for the win.

You could say that Jax Dane won By Any Means Necessary…

The referee raises Jax Dane’s arm in victory on the ramp and Crimson is helped from the ring as the show comes to a close.

All in all, a really good two-part show. This second part had a lot more action and certainly had the fans behind it a lot more. It’s good to see Nick Aldis back in action, the story between him and Thom Latimer looks set to rumble on for some time.

But we are only a few weeks away from NWA Hard Times and still no idea who will be challenging Trevor Murdoch for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. Based on tonight’s actions, I would say it seems likely to be Jax Dane, but time will tell…

Thanks for joining me, and I’ll see you all back here on Friday for NXTUK!