NWA By Any Means Necessary: Bytesize 2nd November 2021

It's the first of a two part special of NWA, and your resident Belt Guy is here to review all the action.

NWA By Any Means Necessary: Bytesize 2nd November 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another bytesized NWA review! 

But this week, it’s not just a regular episode of Powerrr, oh no, no, no... 

Tonight, it’s a special card, hosted by the Tried N True Wrestling school, and is entitled “By Any Means Necessary”! It’s also a slightly longer show, which means this will be an extended review! Aren’t you all just the luckiest people?! 

I have no idea what this show has in store for us, so let’s get right into it shall we? 

Talky Time with Jax Dane 

The show starts with Kyle Davis introducing Jax Dane, who then berates Kyle for not introducing him correctly as the former NWA North American, National, World Tag Team and World's Heavyweight Champion. 

Jax says a cage match is right up his valley as he gets to bring a level of violence never seen before. 

He’s going to do things to Crimson that the violence of which will be unparalleled. Leaving his wingman is unforgivable. Jax says he will pay for crossing him, and he can’t even put into words what will happen. 

Kyle then cuts him off and throws it over to the ring. 

Talky Time with Pope 

Pope comes out to the ring, introduced by Joe Galli, and Galli asks him how it feels to be in Kentucky? 

Pope says his phone was ringing, he answered and told them he’ll call them back because he is live in Kentucky! 

Pope takes the mic from Joe and says when he thinks about being here with these great fans, it makes him quiver and sends a chill up his spine. 

The big news he has, and he wants them to keep their eyes open, ears attuned, because Pope is Pimpin’ Daddy! 

At this point, Pope is interrupted by Colby Corino, who has the Fixers with him, which is Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky. 

Pope says he assumes he is out here looking for an opportunity at the expense of the Pope, but he tells him that when you step in the ring with Pope, he’s about to get the whooping that his dad Steve Corino should’ve given him. 

Is the Pope Catholic? We're not sure, but he's the winner of this match!

Pope and Corino lock up and Pope takes control with a wrist lock. Corino reverses it into a hammerlock, but Pope counters into a ground headlock. 

The two continue to apply and trade holds, with Corino getting a couple of pin attempts, but Pope eventually gets out with an arm drag, then socks him straight in the mouth!

Pope takes control of the match at this point, delivering several shots to Corino and leaving him down in the middle of the ring as the crowd cheers. Corino backs him into the corner and takes a cheap shot, switching the momentum as Corino starts to chop Pope, but this just fires Pope up and he quickly turns the tides, until Corino pokes Pope in the eyes to take back control. 

Corino goes up top and goes for a stomp, but completely misses, so Pope rolls him up for a two count. Corino hits a superkick, then after a one count transitions into a headlock. Pope again fights out and gets a two count with a sunset flip before Corino hits another superkick, getting another two count. 

Corino controls Pope on the mat, but the crowd fires Pope up and he’s able to free himself with a hip toss. Pope fires off several shots TO THE FACE!!! Of Corino, and takes him down with a cross body off the ropes. Corino is staggered, so Pope delivers some elbows to the head, Corino tries another eye poke but Pope blocks and hits Corino into the second rope. Pope hits a slingshot rope assisted senton, then goes up top. Pope hits a big crossbody for a two count. 

Corino gets a few shots in until Pope sends him into the corner and hits a second rope neckbreaker. Pope sets up for the Elijah Express, but the Fixers interfere and Bradley takes down Pope. Corino hits the Corino Crash, but Pope kicks out at two.  

The Ill Begotten come out and distract Corino, which is all Pope needs to take advantage while in an abdominal stretch and roll up Corino for the win! 

No time to breathe, this ones a Fixer upper!

After a short break we come back and we have an impromptu match between the Ill Begotten and the Fixers.  

The Fixers are beating down Freeman and YUMA as the referee rings the bell. Bradley hits a big boot on Freeman in the corner, followed by a Legursky wrecking ball. YUMA tries to take on Bradley but gets taken down easily, tagging in Legursky. They take their time on YUMA, with Legursky in control.  

Bradley is tagged back in, and the Fixers again take their time dissecting YUMA. Somehow, YUMA is able to fight back and nearly gets a tag, but Bradley is tagged back in and the assault on YUMA continues. Bradley stalks YUMA, whipping him into the corner, but YUMA avoids and tags in Freeman.  

Freeman cleans house on his opponents, and tries a belly to belly on Bradley, but fails, and the Fixers again take control. YUMA jumps on Bradley’s back, but Legursky grabs him by the throat, muscles him up and powerbombs him to the mat. The Fixers then hit a delayed brainbuster on Freeman and cover him for the win. 

Bradley takes the mic and says they are the Fixers. There is no problem they can't solve, or person they can't fix, anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and they’re for hire. 

Music then hits, and OUT COMES THE OGK!!! Matt Taven and Mike Bennett are in NWA!!! 

And they’re challenging the Fixers right now! 

OGK are A-OK!

The OGK take it straight to the Fixers, but get taken down quickly. Bradley rushes Bennett but ends up outside the ring, as Taven hits a flying dropkick form the top rope on Legursky. He follows up with a corner splash, then an enzuiguiri after avoiding a shot in the corner from Legursky. 

Taven continues to attack Legursky but gets taken down by the big man, with Legursky throwing him into the corner. He tags in Bradley, and the two beat Taven in the corner. Legursky comes back in as the legal man, and they deliver headbutts to Taven. After a corner splash attempt, Taven avoids it and fights his way out of the corner, and knocks Legursky out of the ring before hitting a suicide dive on Bradley, then another over the top rope to Legursky! 

Taven ascends the ropes, but gets pushed off by Bradley and straight into the body of Legursky. Bradley drags him to the apron and lays in some shots. Taven tries to get to his corner, but Bradley stops him and drags him back to his corner. The Fixers continue their assault on Taven, with Legursky tagging in Bradley. More heavy shots to Taven, with Bradly seemingly well in control. Another tag to Legursky and he whips Taven into the ropes, but Taven counters and tries for a Sunset flip. Legursky tries to sit out but Taven moves, then hits a knee shot. Taven finally tags in Bennett who takes the fight to Legursky, but he gets cut off.  

Bennett is determined though and tries for a double wrist lock, but ends up coming off the ropes and dropkicking the big man's knee.  He follows up with a rolling forearm and goes for the pin, which Bradley breaks up at two, earning him a superkick from Taven. The OGK double team Bradley, taking him out of the ring. They hit double superkicks on Legursky, but he just takes them both down with clotheslines. He rushes Bennett in the corner but gets a superkick for his troubles, followed by a big boot from Taven. From here, Bennett hits a spear, and Taven follows up with a frog splash to secure the win!

What a great opening to the show! that opening segment felt like it was never going to end!

Talky Time with James Mitchell and Judais 

Kyle Davis asks them about their match tonight with Sal Rinauro. 

Mitchell says Sal should be careful what he wishes for, because if he doesn’t beat Judais for his number one contendership to the National Heavyweight title tonight, then he won’t be able to challenge for it for eighteen months (Which James Mitchell then tells us is “6-6-6"). 

Mitchell says the only reason they agreed to this match is because unlike that filthy, drunken, white trash cowboy, James Storm, he had the common courtesy to ask permission. 

Mitchell tells Sal to take a good look into Judais’ empty, soulless eyes. They are twin portence of doom, and the future they foretell will be him spending the next eighteen months licking his wounds, and repairing his broken twisted body, courtesy of the high priest of punishment, Judais. 

Talky Time (Kinda) with Sal Rinauro 

We get a picture in picture promo from Sal Rinauro as he heads to the ring for the match. He says he’s in a box, because he has to put it all on the line to beat Judais, but it’s worth it. He’s been in NWA since Day One, and was in the first match of Powerrr. He can’t get left behind as the roster gets bigger and younger, he has to put it all on the line to prove he belongs here. 

If Sal Rinauro wins this match, I’ll eat my hat... 

No Sal-vation as Judais dominates

...Well, my hat is safe. 

Sal starts the match avoiding Judais, rolling around and trying to stoke up the crowd. Mitchell talks to Judais, and he finally gets hold of Sal, clubbing him in the back. He then puts him in the corner, raining down blows, then overhead throws him to the middle of the ring. Judais again with the heavy shots, then the throw out of the corner again. Judais continues to beat down Sal, and Sal briefly fights back, only to be planted with an overhead slam. 

Sal is down centre of the ring as Judais stomps his limbs, following up with an elbow drop. Judais goes for the cover and gets a two count. He puts Sal in the corner and begins raining down blows again. The referee tries to back Judais out of the corner and ends up getting dragged away by the big man, as he then hits a flying clothesline to a slingshotted Sal. Judais then hits a face wash kick. 

He drags Sal to the centre and covers him, but Sal kicks out at two. Sal fires up and fights back, using his speed to his advantage. Sal hits a springboard stunner, then a superkick, followed by a springboard clothesline! Sal nearly gets the win (and I nearly fetch the salt and pepper) but Judais catches Sal from another springboard attempt and slams him to the mat, followed by the El Crufixia (Crucifix Toss) for the win. 

After the match, Judais looks like he is about to continue beating down Sal, but James Mitchell whispers something to him and he drops him, then leaves the ring. 

Sal looks dejected as he now can’t challenge for the National title for eighteen months. Oh yeah, and Danny Deals was there too...

Allysin and Marti are having a Hexcellent time...

Time for a World Women’s Tag Team Title match! Tootie Lynn and Thunderkitty are challenging The Hex. 

It was supposed to be Kylie Rae teaming with Tootie Lynn, but since she is taking some time out to deal with her mental health, the 100 year old womens wrestling prodigy that is Thunderkitty stepped up.

Thunderkitty and Allysin Kay start off, but Kitty tags Tootie Lynn in straight away. 

Lynn takes the initiative with some strikes at Kay, taking her down with a head scissors. Kay quickly reasserts after a tilt a whirl attempt with a side slam. Marti Belle tags in and they double team Lynn. Kitty tags in, and circles Belle, who attempts several pin attempts. Kitty ends up taking a knee TO THE FACE!!! 

Kitty gets some offence in, getting a one count, then throws Belle into the corner, hitting some forearms. Belle reverses though and delivers some forearms of her own, before Kitty reverses again. 

Belle avoids Kitty’s attack and rolls her up for two, then Kitty takes control with a scissor lock. Belle gets to her feet and pushes her into the corner. Lynn tags in, hitting a roundhouse kick for a two count. Kitty tags back in and tries to stop Belle tagging Kay in, but is unable to. 

Kay cleans house on Kitty, with several hard blows. She sets up for Hex marks the spot, but Lynn stops it, only to get beaten down for her efforts. Kitty tries to fight back, but the two on one is too much, and the Hex hit the Hexclamation Point, which is sort of a double underhook facebuster, for the win. 

Kyle Davis congratulates them on their win and says seeing as they have reached the top of the mountain, where do they go from here? 

Marti Belle says they are going wherever they want, whenever they want, to fight whoever they want. 

Kyle asks “What exactly is The Hex?”  

Belle says something in Spanish (I think), before Allysin says they are the Hex because they will ruin your damn life. Hex marks the spot. 

We get a recap/hype of Cyon’s promo aimed at Tyrus, hyping their match at Hard Times, and Tyrus’ response. They are building this up to be a big match. Something is bubbling beneath the surface on this one, and I am very intrigued to see what it is. 

Mims valiant in defeat to Cyon

Main event time now, as Big Strong Mims is set to take on the masked man, Cyon.

As the two men come out for their match, Cyon confronts Austin Idol on commentary, with Velvet Sky begging him to take Austin away. The hatred between these two is real! 

The two lock up, and neither can get the advantage. Cyon catches Mims in a headlock, but he quickly gets free. They then challenge each other it seems, and are taking their time, weighing up their next move. 

After some grappling, trying to get control of the match, Cyon gets Mims down on the mat, but Mims bridges up and back to his feet. Cyon breaks the knuckle lock with an uppercut, with Mims answering back with a big chop. A forearm battle then ensues, with Mims seemingly getting the better of it until Cyon uses a cheap shot to take control. Mims ends up outside, and Cyon runs the apron trying to kick him, but Mims trips him, then slams him onto the apron, which, as we all know thanks to JP, is the hardest part of the ring. The two then battle around the ringside area, with Mims ending up being thrown into the steel steps. 

Cyon gets him back in the ring, and continues to beat down Mims, then hits a series of scoop slams. He goes for the cover, getting a two count, then locks in a ground headlock. 

Mims battles out, and gets to his feet, fighting off Cyon. Mims hits the ropes but runs straight into Cyon’s back elbow. Mims tries again to fightback but Cyon is in control.  A Northern lights suplex from Cyon puts Mims back down. Cyon then hits some strikes in the corner, with Mims finding no response. Cyon gets him back on the mat with the headlock. 

Cyon continues to stalk his opponent, throwing him into the corner hard. Cyon gets a two count. He continues to target Mims neck, hitting him with some hard shots and short arm clotheslines. Mims then gets planted with a belly to back suplex. Cyon then locks in a bicep cutter variation, which Mims rolls into a pin attempt for a two count, but Cyon keeps the hold locked in. Mims uses his strength to get to his feet and lifts Cyon while he maintains the hold, then slams him to the mat. 

Both men are down, but get to their feet by a count of seven. Mims gets some offence in, ending with a massive lariat. Mims then hits a side slam, going for the pin and gets a two count. Mims is still struggling with his neck, but makes his way to the top rope. Cyon recovers though and catches him off guard, then hits a superplex to Mims, he goes for the cover, but Mims kicks out at two! 

Cyon goes back to the neck, then locks in the headlock as Mims tries to get to a vertical base. Mims backs him into the corner, but Cyon comes out and hits Mims with a Death Valley Driver! Cyon goes for the pin, but Mims again kicks out at two! 

Cyon is clearly frustrated, and Mims takes advantage hitting a headbutt, then goes for a suplex, but Cyon grabs the top rope. Cyon hits a twisting neckbreaker, then locks in a cross-face variation he calls the Mask of Pain. Mims tries valiantly to get to the ropes, but Cyon stops him, then cranks back on the neck of Mims, who passes out. The referee calls for the bell and Cyon is declared the winner. 

Cyon once again gets in Austin Idol’s face, and Idol tells him he has no chance of beating Tyrus for the TV Title. Both men looked good in this match. Mims looked like a credible threat at times, whilst Cyon continues to impress whenever he is in the ring. I wouldn't bet against him beating Tyrus for the TV Title at Hard Times.

And that brings us to the end of this episode of NWA By Any Means Necessary. 

Bit of a wild ride this one. Some unexpected appearances and some good in ring action, and this is just part one! 

The opening segment, if you can call it that,was brilliant. Total Nonstop Action (see what I did there?) with not one, but two impromptu matches, not to mention the surprise appearance of Mike Bennett and Matt Taven.

It's possible we may see more of them in NWA going forward what with the shutdown of ROH, but then it could also be a one off. Either way, time will tell.

The advancement of both Judais and Cyon was really good with both men being built to look like credible contenders to their respective championships, and The Hex always look good in the ring. Nexxt week we will see the anticipated cage match between Jax Dane and Crimson!

Thanks for joining me once again, and come back next week for part two of By Any Means Necessary!