NJPW President Takami Ohbari Discusses Partnership with IMPACT and AEW.

NJPW President Takami Ohbari Discusses Partnership with IMPACT and AEW.
Image credit: newsweek.com

In a recent interview with NJPW's website, Ohbari discussed the partnership with IMPACT Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling. 

Here's what he said below: 

“I think [talent crossing] is something that doesn’t just apply to STRONG but NJPW at large. For me to say ‘NJPW is doing business with company X, so you need to go over there and wrestle’, that’s backward to me. I will say this until I’m blue in the face: this is a star driven business, and the wrestlers are the focus.

So if our wrestlers say ‘I want to wrestle that guy’ ‘I want to test myself against that guy’ ‘I want to show that I’m better than that guy’. Then it becomes our job as a company to do what we can to back them, make it happen and make it successful. We’re in the dream business. Presenting them, and making them real. Having a linear approach to business, that only restricts us and it stops fans getting invested,” he said.

In having cross promotional matches, it gives fans a wider range of first time matches and brings a fresh and exciting feel. With so many "dream" matches available, it leaves it up to the imagination. Professional wrestling has always been about the fans and their voices being heard. 

Current AEW star and former AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley is the current holder of the IWGP United States Championship and is set to defend the title against NJPW star Yuji Nagata on May 12th on Dynamite, this shows that matches like this can happen with this working relationship both companies have. It also opens the door to new stars fans may not have seen before. 

This could open up a bigger picture into what could be possible in the future. 

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