Nicole Savoy Announces Retirement!

The SHIMMER, MLW and Ring of Honor Wrestler announced her retirement, thanking everyone. Get the details below!

Nicole Savoy Announces Retirement!

It is that time in the career of Nicole Savoy where the difficult decision was made and she is now hanging up her boots, thus retiring from Professional Wrestling competition.

Nicole Savoy has competed across the world for promotions such as SHIMMER, Major League Wrestling and Ring of Honor. Savoy also performed on the first ever Wrestling Army Show and she has also participated in AEW’s Deadly Draw Tournament back in 2020 and she also competed in WWE’s Mae Young Classic in 2017.

The veteran women’s wrestling career ended after he match at HOODSLAM “Mutagenesis” event which was held on Saturday May 14th, 2022. It was there that she teamed up with Dark Sheik against Brittany Wonder and Juice Lee.

Nicole Savoy address the news by commenting that she had “No sadness.” Before he went on to also thank everyone she has met while in the industry for making her wrestling journey “awesome.”

Lenny Leonard was among others who responded to the retirement news by complimenting Savoy, her talent and what she brought to each show she competed at and each locker room she entered before stating he was happy that she got to retire on her own terms.

We here at Real Rasslin wish Nicole Savoy all the best in her retirement and thank her for the years of entertainment and the credibility she brought to women’s wrestling.

What do you think about Savoy’s retirement?

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