The world of professional wrestling is filled with monikers. Some people like Chris Jericho take on several like Ocho, The Wizard, Demo God, and many more. How well do you remember what nickname a wrestler used?

1. Sting

During his brief tenure in WWE he was called the Vigilante but in the wider scope of wrestling what is he known as?

The Icon
The Immortal
The Crow
The Nightmare

2. Hulk Hogan

Credited as the main that made wrestling popular in the 1980s this man has donned both red and yellow and black and white but what is his nickname?

Hulk Hogan
The Undying
The Immortal
The Maniac
The Stallion

3. Dustin Rhodes

In the WCW he was called the Nightmare before his brother took that mantle up recently. Now he has a new moniker in AEW do recall what it is?

Dustin Rhodes
The Artist formerly Known as
fka Goldust
Grandson of a Plumber
The Natural

4. Seth Freakin Rollins

He got this moniker for his involvment in the Sheild

Seth Freakin Rollins
The Builder
Major General
The Architect
The Founder

5. Kip Sabian

Probably one of the hottest wrestlers out there today and definetly one to watch on AEW but do you know the nickname given to this lad from United Kingdom?

Kip Sabian
Bad Boy
Box Head
Super Bad
The Bad Guy

6. Chris Jericho

He was mentioned in the description as a man of many monikers so I couldn't leave him off the list. Doing so may have gotten me on the list. Which of these is yet another moniker of Chris Jericho?

Chris Jericho
Corazón de León
The Man of a Thousand Holds
Ice Man