Nick Aldis to Leave National Wrestling Alliance!

The National Treasure has handed in his notice, but in a Social Media bungle also revealed it to the world! Get the details below!

Nick Aldis to Leave National Wrestling Alliance!
Pic Credit - Sports Illustrated

It’s official, Nick Aldis has handed in his notice and will become a free agent as of January 1st, 2023. This is a huge blow to the National Wrestling Alliance as Aldis has been a major player since Billy Corgan bought the promotion in 2017 and is a TWO-TIME N.W.A World Heavyweight Champion!

“The National Treasure” shared the important on Instagram but in a further twist, he thought it was a post being sent out to all of his paid followers, when in fact it went global! Aldis shortly took down the video post and shortly after made an official statement, which goes as follows;

“I released that video earlier but it was supposed to be for subscribers only. Wtf… anyway as you may have seen I gave my notice to the NWA. I’ll be a free agent on January 1st. Once I figure out how to do videos for subscribers only I’ll be back with more insight on the decision, conversations with Mickie and my agent and more…

Love you all.”

 As you can see Aldis will be sharing more details moving forward once he figures out the mechanics of Instagram by the looks of it.

Nick Aldis has a dcecent list of accolades which are detailed below. 

Two-Time NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion
TNA World Heavyweight Champion
Two-Time TNA World Tag Team Champion
GFW Global Champion
IWGP Tag Team Champion (w/ Doug Williams)
Pro Wrestling NOAH Tag Team Champion (w/ Samoa Joe).

There has been some speculated heat between N.W.A owner Billy Corgan, yes of the Smashin Pumpkin’s kind and Aldis ever since he was pulled from his scheduled World Title Match that was set for N.W.A 74 in August. On that night he was replaced by Tyrus. At this point in time there is no telling what has caused Aldis to walk away from a promotion he absolutely loved, but in the meantime check out the Podcast Interview Real Rasslin completed with him back in April on the Real Rasslin website and YouTube Channel.

We here at Real Rasslin wish Nick all the luck in the world moving forward and we will endeavour to keep you updated as more news becomes available.

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