Nick Aldis Suspended By NWA Due To Recent Comments.

Nick Aldis Suspended By NWA Due To Recent Comments.
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In an earlier article, we had published that Nick Aldis was set to leave the NWA. 

Now, it appears that Aldis has since been suspended by the company due to the recent statements Aldis has made. On Sunday, He announced that he had given his notice and would be a free agent as of January 1st 2023. This, as well as other comments aimed a the creative direction of NWA, hasn't sat too well with the NWA since he made his feelings public. 

The NWA issued a statement of their own, here's what they said: 

Pursuant to the recent comments made by Nick Aldis, the National Wrestling Alliance, has suspended Aldis from the main roster and effective immediately Aldis will not appear for the Hard Times 3 PPV and Revolution Rumble television tapings in New Orleans, LA on Nov. 12, 2022 and Nov. 13, 2022.

As such, the National Wrestling Alliance reserves its right to comment on this matter at a future date.

Aldis was scheduled to compete at Hard Times 3 but following his suspension, he was pulled from the show. This has left Odinson without an opponent and the NWA haven't yet made an announcement on who will replace him. 

Following the suspension, Aldis and Billy Corgan have exchanged tweets on Twitter which seems to fuel the fire between the two. 

What do you make of this news? was Aldis in the right to make his feelings public, or do you think it should have remained a private matter? Let us know in the comments below!