New statement issued by Ivelisse on AEW Departure and comments on Thunder Rosa.

New statement issued by Ivelisse on AEW Departure and comments on Thunder Rosa.
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Yesterday, we had posted an article regarding Ivelisse's departure from AEW. 

In an update that followed, we can now reveal that AEW Talent knew of Ivelisse's incoming departure going back to mid March. Fightful Select had recieved a statement from Ivelisse after her announcement on Twitter.

She had revealed that the mistreatment claims had come from a coach within the company. She would also speak about alleged slandering of her name by Thunder Rosa.

Here's what she said below: 

“I spoke up about mistreatment from a Coach, even to other women too, there were witnesses and I was the one suspended and left in limbo and just now let go, and nothing has been done at all the entire time about (Thunder Rosa) slandering my name the entire time in AEW and doing everything to sabotage my position there, I kept quiet, (Thunder Rosa) also has a history of getting involved with officials in order to get ahead which there was a lawsuit and everything in (Lucha Underground).”

Speaking more on the matter, she had spoken more about Rosa in a tweet she posted: 

“Nope, it was her being unprofessional, she had done the same thing in LU as well, and was unprofessional hurting my tag partners jaw the next match and slandering my name the entire time at aew [thumbs up emoji],”

She had responded to a fan and argued her point about the issues with Rosa. Another fan had commented the Ivelisse seems to have the same issues with other promotions that she has worked for. The fan had also advised her to look in the mirror at some point. 

Ivelisse had responded to the fan with this:

 “Nope I dont, only major companies plagued by politics”

The interactions didn't stop there, as another fan had commented and had suggested that she make a statement, so that word of mouth and rumours wouldn't overtake the truth. 

Ivelisse had responded with: 

“Too mentally drained to deal with it all, and statement or no statement no one has a right to slander about people or situations they know nothing about”

Ivelisse had not been booked by AEW due to an issue with the veteran talent and “a few” AEW coaches. That report came as she deleted a tweet to a fan where she said, “If only I could speak.” in response to a question on why she hadn’t been appearing on AEW TV. 

It would appear that there's more to this story, as more information becomes available, we will keep you updated! What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments!