New IWGP World Heavyweight Champion crowned.

Just days after being awarded the new title belt, Ibushi has lost it.

New IWGP World Heavyweight Champion crowned.
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Sakura Genesis has produced a shocking ending to the IGWP World Heavyweight Championship match as Will Ospreay defeated Kota Ibushi to win the championship, ending Ibushi's historic reign! 

This marks Ospreay being the second only man to hold the brand new unified championship. This also marks history within NJPW as he has become the first ever British Born star to hold the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.

Many fans had anticipated Ospreay winning the championship at some stage, following on from his heel turn which occurred late last year, but fans wouldn't have expected it to be this soon. 

Fans will likely expect these two stars to go toe to toe once again at some stage, but for this moment, this has certainly sent shockwaves throughout the NJPW world. 

Congratulations to the New IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Will Ospreay!