New Digital Media Champion Crowned at Indy Event!

IMPACT Wrestling’s Digital Media Championship changed hands recently at a Independent show, get all the details below!

New Digital Media Champion Crowned at Indy Event!

On Saturday at the Wrestling Revolver Vegas Vacation event in Las Vegas, former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion, Rich Swann became the new Digital Media Champion after he defeated defending champion Matt Cardona! Even though Swann is technically the new champion, Cardona was the one who left with the belt!


 Cardona won the Digital Media Championship on the February 3rd IMPACT Wrestling episode after defeating Inaugural Champion Jordynne Grace. Cardona then went on to hold the strap for 114 recognised days, or 127 days since the actual tapings occurred. This is Swann’s first run with the Digital Media Championship

FITE’s Josh Shernoff, interviewed Swann and Cardona after the match at TWR, Swann said that Cardona has taken the low road by taking the belt and has “Done messed up now” for causing a cut above his eye. Swanna also said that he will be coming for his gold when Cardona least expects it and that he will “Bust that ass” as payback. 

“When he least expects it, I’m coming back for my gold and when I’m done, I’m gonna show everybody that charisma, athleticism and raw talent that I’ve got, and I’m gonna party all night long,” Swann said.

 Cardona, never one to shy away from controversy or the microphone fired back stating the he is the true champion followed by saying that Swann has messed with his wife Chelsea Green and The Major Players, so this is what he gets in return. Cardona stated that while Swann may be a former World Champion, that he will never be a Digital Media Champion like Cardona is.



IMPACT Wrestling has stated that there will be updates on the Digital Media Championship situation throughout the week and on this week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling, where Swann is scheduled to face Matthew Rehwoldt. You can see a promo below from Rehwoldt who issued a warning for Swann after their confrontation.



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