New Details Emerge Regarding Shane McMahon’s WWE Departure!

Post Royal Rumble it was reported that Shane McMahon departed WWE after he was facing heat from the way he booked the Men’s Royal Rumble Match. New details have come to light regarding Shane McMahon’s departure from the company, get the details below!

New Details Emerge Regarding Shane McMahon’s WWE Departure!

Shane McMahon parted ways with the company in February after his chaotic and embarrassing booking of the men’s Royal Rumble Match, which upset many members of the roster. Shane did not shy away from the responsibility of how the match was booked and fell on his sword over the situation, taking full blame for the situation. It was reported that Shane tried to make changes to the iconic match, which became and huge point of tension for WWE Superstars including Brock Lesnar with confusion specifically targeting Shane’s actual entrance into the match which was a spot that had already been reserved for Randy Orton.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has since gone on to report that Vince McMahon was the one who made the call to remove Shane from the company after the blunder of a match, with some sources event noting that Vince was so angry that he made it explicitly clear that Shane “would never get another pop in this company as long as I’m around.” These sources have also noted that they believed the message was conveyed in the heat of the moment and that they didn’t necessarily thought the decision would stick. These sources also reported that Vince McMahon’s frustration was at extreme levels at this time and that they felt it was fully justified considering what went down with the match and Shane’s involvement.

Additionally it seems that Brock Lesnar’s thoughts about the matter may have been the reason the axe was dropped on the McMahon heir as it has been reported that Lesnar’s feelings about Shane’s involvement may have been the catalyst for Vince’s actions towards his son. Shane has not appeared on WWE Television since his involvement in the men’s Royal Rumble Match, he was previously scheduled for Elimination Chamber and Wrestlemania 38 but as we all saw he was not featured on either events as these plans were thrown out once WWE cut ties with oldest McMahon child.

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