NBCU's Peacock lands exclusive WWE Network streaming rights.

Vince scores more money!

NBCU's Peacock lands exclusive WWE Network streaming rights.
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NBCUniversals Peacock will soon be the only place to stream the WWE Network in the USA. 

NBCU and WWE managed to reach a multi-year deal giving Peacock the exclusive rights to stream the Network for its American veiwers. The top sports entertainment company average is about 1.1 million in the USA, and will be migrated to peacock premium, where they'll still get access to the WWE Network but will be paying 50% less each month all while getting Peacock premium tier that comes with ads. 

The planned launch date will be March 18th 2021, where Peacock will be rolling more than 17,000 hours of WWE programming. This will include original shows, and library programming. (Including on demand and a brand new 24hr channel) 

The NBCU streaming service will have WWE live events (at no additional costs) which will include Wrestlemania and SummerSlam with Fastlane being the first show to stream on peacock on Sunday March 21st. (Fans of WWE, will still have the option to order PPV events the traditional way should they wish).

The WWE network will be available on Peacock Premium (this includes ads) for $4.99 which is half the price of the current WWE Network subscription charge which currently stands at $9.99 monthly. 

The No commercial peacock plus plan is currently $9.99 monthly and will include the WWE Network. 

The companies plan is to share details of current WWE Network subscribers in the U.S who will be switched to Peacock (where they'll be automatically switched and subscribed to peacock.) In the coming weeks, nothing will be changing for subscribers outside the U.S.A. 

However, no financial details of this agreement have been disclosed. 

Nick Khan (WWE's president and chief revenue officer) had this to say about the new agreement. 

"We feel great about the financials, otherwise we wouldn't have done the deal." He goes on to say "To have Wrestlemania in particular - which is our super bowl - [at no extra cost] on Peacock is quite different from other models you're seeing"

Rick Cordella , Peacock's EVP and chief revenue officer said this: 

"We have a lot of data that shows live events and sports drive alot of user acquisition, the bet is that there exists a much larger total available audience [for WWE programming] than is on the WWE Network" 

NBCU and WWE have had a partnership for going on almost 30 years which started in 1993 with *Monday night Raw* on USA. 

Cordella added "WWE has always tapped into the cultural zeitgeist with spectacular live events and larger than life characters, and we are thrilled to be the exclusive home for the WWE Network and it's millions of fans across the country" 

What do you think of this new agreement? Do you think it will work, or do you think it's a bad move? Let us know in the commens below! 

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