More Possible Roster Cuts Ahead for WWE & NXT?

Reports indicate that there could be further Roster Cuts made at WWE and information divulged into the inner workings of WWE's plans for NXT moving forward.

More Possible Roster Cuts Ahead for WWE & NXT?

Last Thursday in what was a huge shocking development, WWE released 18 superstars from their contracts, sighting budget cuts, despite the fact that the company brought in profits of over 200 Million Dollars in the last quarter. If fans think that they were the only releases at the moment, then they may very well be in for another huge shock.

Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio has reported that the “Powers That Be” over in Stamford had further plans to cut another 10 superstars in the last round of releases, that were, for the time, being saved from unemployment. Meltzer also stated that those 10 superstars are considered to be “On the Bubble”, which simply means that its possible they could still very well be released soon.

“Of all the people that were cut, there were probably about 10 others that were in strong discussion about being cut. Pretty much everyone that was not being used well was on the bubble and they were considering cutting. I’m gonna guess when I saw the list of the people that were originally looking at being cut but were not, that a lot of those people I can see them being cut. Essentially everyone at NXT that’s a veteran that you don’t see on TV. All of those guys," said Meltzer. (H/T

Superstars included in last Thursday’s cuts were former NXT Champion Karrion Kross, Former NXT Champion and Former NXT North American Champion Keith Lee, Nia Jax and Mia Yim, just to name a few. The news of the releases sent shockwaves through the wrestling community as many of the released talent were considered to be top stars or future top stars within the company.

WWE has made some considerable changes as of late, mostly in relation to the developmental brand of NXT with the show now heavily featuring younger talent such as Bron Breakker and Von Wagner. Dave Meltzer has stated that WWE is moving in a more youthful direction, which could in fact be another reason for the recent roster cuts. Moving forward WWE with be reviewing and evaluating NXT talent on a 6-month basis in an effort to weed out any talent that they consider to not have shown any improvement as envisioned by the company. Meltzer provided more details regarding WWE’s new direction moving forward.

“Before, the idea was that NXT was gonna be this touring brand and they were looking for guys that could be really good workers to have really good road shows and now that is not the idea. The idea is to get young guys in there. Ciampa and a few others might be safe just because they’re kind of legacy stars and you still want them on television just to kind of ease the transition. Although eventually with the direction they’re going, Ciampa doesn’t fit. They may keep him but a lot of the other ones like Danny Burch or [Timothy] Thatcher, those kind of guys. I’m not saying going to be cut but they are on the bubble. Their names were definitely considered also. Everyone in their 30s that’s not on TV right now was in a discussion of who let go,” added Meltzer.

The roster of WWE is filled with some of the most talented wrestlers in the world, with each one containing massive potential to rise through the ranks and become the next big star the company needs. These new plans moving forward cast a dark shadow over some of the talent as it seems that WWE is firmly in the mindset that if a superstar is not performing as desired, then their days are numbered with the company. With the news about questionable creativity as of late, one is to wonder if it will be a case of the superstars in question not performing as desired, or in fact the creative team who are unable to come up with anything substantial for their in ring talent to keep them around and build towards WWE’s future.

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