More Details Emerge About Bryan Danielson's Rampage 'Injury'

Further details have come to light about the incident at AEW Rampage that saw Danielson supposedly injured.

More Details Emerge About Bryan Danielson's Rampage 'Injury'
Credit: AEW

Social media was ablaze with concern over a potential injury to Bryan Danielson last night, as fan footage quickly spread of him apparently suffering a freak accident at the AEW Rampage tapings.

Fans at the show shared video of Danielson seemingly trapped by the set, his leg stuck between the ring and the entrance ramp, requiring crew to spend over five minutes trying to free him from the predicament. Once out, Danielson was reported to be limping, prompting worry.

Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio, however, believes that this worry is unfounded.

‘His leg was between the ring and the ramp and for 5, 6 ,7 minutes. They worked to extract him and then he made his way to the back without assistance, and I am strongly given the impression this was all a work from start to finish, so I suppose if we hear otherwise we will let you guys know. But I think he just came up with a whacky idea and thought it would be funny. It was weird, I mean it was a long time that he was in there and if you watched the video, I mean it looks like you know Moxley and everybody are there and they don’t seem overly concerned and they appear to be playing it up with him, and I was told by somebody there that they actually laughed about it, so I think one way or the other we can tell you that he does not appear to be seriously injured and I think the whole thing was a work.’ (H/t: WrestleTalk for transcription)

This is not confirmation that the incident was a work but it does offer some insight. The fact that the talent involved themselves seemed in good spirits about it, laughing, indicates that it’s perhaps not as serious as some on social media were making it out to be. 

Time will tell, of course, and if there is any reports of injury to Danielson then we will be sure to share it.

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