Moose teases return to NJPW

Moose teases return to NJPW
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After his surprise championship win at Bound By Glory in September, Moose has now made it clear that he doesn't just have his eyes on IMPACT anymore, he would also like to go back to NJPW.

Moose, the well-known favourite wrestler of our very own Adz and master of the sharpshooter, has teased that he would like to take part in Wrestle Kingdom and even stated his pride in the matches he has had with NJPW stars Ishii and Juice in the past. He has also expressed a desire to work with Tanahashi, Okada, Naito and has even made clear he would love to go up against Will Ospreay.

At this moment in time, with NJPW stars such as Minoru Suzuki coming to the US for a tour in companies such as AEW and IMPACT itself, it's not completely impossible for this to be a possibility.

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