MLW Kings of Colosseum News & Updated Card!

MLW has announced new match ups for the Kings of Colloseum event which is set to be held on May 13th, 2022 in Philadeplia, as well as the return of a familiar face. Get the details below!

MLW Kings of Colosseum News & Updated Card!

MLW are continuously rotating fresh faces into their product to ensure the fans are enthralled and that their product stays fresh in the eyes of the Pro Wrestling fans across the United States and the world. One of MLW’s latest moves is to bring Taya Valkyrie back to Major League Wrestling, as you can see by the Tweet below!

Taya, also known as La Wera Loca, has competed for MLW is the past, lastly competing for them in 2019. With MLW developing the Women’s Featherweight Division, with a matching championship on the horizon. Taya Valkyrie could be looking to make her return a golden one. Taya’s return to the company will also mean a reunion with Cesar Duran, who has also gone by Dario Cueto in Lucha Underground, where Valkyrie has also performed. At this time there is no opponent set for La Wera Loca but ever since MLW started to dip their figurative toe back into the world of women’s wrestling they have featured such talents as Ashley Vox, Holidead, Willow Nightingale, Delmi Exo and Miranda Gordy, just to name a few, so her first opponent could be any one of those talented women.

In further news, TWO Official Matches have been added to the Kings of Colosseum event, both matches are sure to deliver the heavy-duty goods too as Alex Hammerstone will be defending his MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Richard Holliday. The two men used to be close, in fact you’d say they were bros but championship aspirations and envy drove the men apart when Holliday violently turned on his Dynasty stablemate. Hammerstone will finally get his chance for payback while Holliday gets what he’s wanted all along, a shot at the gold!

The second HUGE match up announced is the long-awaited bout between former CONTRA stablemates, Jacob Fatu and Mads Krugger, who will compete in a Weapons of Mass Destruction Match! When Contra disbanded these two monsters went to war! The stakes have increased as the two men look to finally settle the score once and for all! The match stipulation is as follows “The ring and ringside perimeter will be militarised with weaponry all around and inside of it”. You can be sure to expect bloody carnage when these two monsters collide!

Tickets for Kings of Colosseum are already on sale and are currently available at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia!

What match up are you looking forward to the most? Who would you like to see Taya wrestle in MLW? Do you think Hammerstone can walk away with the belt?

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