MLW Initiates Open Door Policy

Who needs the Forbidden Door anyway?

MLW Initiates Open Door Policy

It looks like things are about to get much more interesting in Major League Wrestling!

in a statement issued by the company today, they outlined their institution of an "Open Door Policy" in relation Free Agents

Below is the statement in full:

Major League Wrestling (MLW®) today announced that the league will install a new open door policy. The policy, engineered to deliver dream matches against MLW’s top contracted competitors, will commence this December.

Recognizing an unprecedented free agency market, MLW will open its doors to all who think they have what it takes to be major league and take on MLW’s greatest grapplers and champions.

While the majority of MLW’s roster features contracted competitors, a percentage of each card will now feature free agents, ensuring exciting and unpredictable matchups.

“Why allow your career to be at the mercy of the whims of a billionaire?” said MLW Matchmaker Cesar Duran. “I’ve always welcomed the hottest free agents to my arena. An open door policy gives MLW fans exciting dream matches against MLW’s best!”

With a wave of new, exciting free agents unexpectedly finding a need for work, MLW’s open door policy ushers in an era where MLW contracted talent will face the most in-demand freelancers.

“Whether they fight one night or 10 years in MLW, the open door policy will showcase and give exposure to a wide variety of talent and create the best cards for fans while creating…. opportunities,” continued Duran. “Who will step forth? Let’s find out!”

MLW Owner Court Bauer went on record as saying that with this announcement, the possibilities are endless.

This could certainly lead to increased excitement in the MLW brand, and paella the way for stars of the future to get more exposure, hopefully developing into stars in their own right such as previous MLW alumni MJF and Lee Moriarty.

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