MLW Fusion on Thanksgiving - November 26th 2021

Despite the lack of turkey, stuffing and cranberries, Joshhausen has still brought another week of MLW Action to the table!

MLW Fusion on Thanksgiving - November 26th 2021

Good timezone! Joshhausen here with your weekly dose of MLW action! I hope you've all had a good week, I've been a bit under the weather, so apologies for this review being a tad late!

After last week's WAR CHAMBER episode, I'm understandably excited for where this MLW journey will take us next, and this week seems to be Thanksgiving themed! Despite it being late, I and all of us at Real Rasslin hope that our friends overseas have had a wonderful thanksgiving!

Let's get this show on the road!

Before anything else we're given a playback of the events from WAR CHAMBER, including Contra's defeat at the hands of Hammerstone and the Hammerheads, and the subsequent breakdown of Contra as Mads Krugger and Jacob Fatu go nuts on each other!

We get informed of tonights events:

- Ladder match for the National Openweight Championship
- Opera Cup Semi-Finals
- We'll catch up with Hammerstone via Alicia Atout.

Perk(ins) up! It's time for the lady to sing in the Opera Cup Semi-Final! TJ Perkins Vs Calvin Tankman

TJP makes his way down to the ring as they show a replay of his win in the last round via a sneaky roll up using the ring ropes as leverage.

Tankman comes down to the ring next, they also show the replay of his win in the previous round, but also his ambush at the hands of Alex Kane and King Mo, leading to doctor's telling him to rethink taking part in this match.

The bell rings and the louder side of the crowd seems to be on Tankman's side. They do the lock up dance and TJP gets launched into the corner. They lock up again and TJP tries to force Tankman into the corner but instead gets lobbed to the other end of the ring.

Tankman and TJP tease a lockup but TJP dropkicks Tankman into the corner and starts with an uppercut, followed by a failed Irish whip as he gets launched once again into the turnbuckle.  Tankman starts with the Ric Flair specials on TJP before tossing him by the neck to the other end of the ring. TJP is being chucked around like a goddamn ragdoll here! 

TJP on his feet again gets immediately whipped into the other end but manages to rally, dodge Tankman's charge and hits an assault of a barge, jab and a chop to Tankman in the corner, before employing a headlock (and having a conversation as you can clearly see TJP giving instructions.)

He uses the turnbuckle for a takeover and they roll around on the floor like a couple of cute kittens. Back on their feet, TJP tries to knock Tankman down with barges off the ropes but it does literally nothing. 

They share a couple of slaps (Oh you bitch!) and TJP tries to build up some momentum by throwing himself off the ropes but ends up sliding out of the ring. TJP takes a few seconds to have a break, sip of water, think about his dinner, you know how it is. (I heard he had steak fajitas.)

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Back in the ring, Tankman has TJP in the corner and continues to treat him like a ragdoll. TJP lands on the apron and Tankman tries to run at him but he pulls the middle rope down and Tankman falls out. Tankman grabs TJP's ankles and pulls TJP out, throwing him against the fence.

Tankman attempts to dive over the top rope but stops short as TJP fucks off under the ring! Tankman looks at the ramp as Alex Kane shows himself, slowly walking down the ring. TJP emerges from under the ring and squirts water in Tankman's face, he climbs up the turnbuckle and hits a crossbody followed by a few strikes to the head.

TJP delivers some stomps and a decent assault while Alex Kane edges closer to the ring, he follows up with a submission, ending in snapping Tankman's leg. TJP is firmly in control of this match at this time, Tankman quickly gains advantage again though, as he picks up TJP in a fireman's carry, but this doesn't help him as it gets reversed into an octopus hold.

Tankman drops to the outside of the ring as TJP hits a dropkick. TJP distracts the ref as Alex Kane attacks Tankman, driving him into the post and kicking him to the ground, Tankman is KO'd on the outside as TJP relaxes on the ropes. 

Tankman is now back in the ring, sat in the corner as TJP scrapes his boot across Tankman's face, he tries to do a running dive into Tankman but he snaps back to life, dives out of the way and plants TJP on the ground, he throws TJP into the corner and charges but meets a boot!

TJP tries another crossbody but Tankman catches him and hits a backbreaker for only a 2 count!

Tankman tries for a suplex but TJP reverses, hits an enzuigiri, tries to capitalise but Tankman hits a pop-up spinning back fist. Tankman seems very much in the zone, tries to a chop to the back of TJP's head but he dodges and fails a pin at 2. 

TJP counters Tankman's charge with a tornado DDT. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and get slapped by Tankman, dazing him. Tankman climbs up and grabs TJP trying for a suplex but TJP nuts him and tries to do a crossbody but Tankman catches him, TJP holds onto the turnbuckle and rips it loose, Alex Kane comes back into the ring and rams Tankman into the exposed turnbuckle.

TJP capitalizes and hits a frog splash for the 3 count!

Winner (by extreme shenanigans): TJP!

This was a great semi-final! TJP got to show off his signature offence whilst really embracing his heel side. Tankman was in control for the larger portion of this match and any time Tankman got his hands on TJP, he was tossed around like a rag doll. As much as I love TJP, he wouldn't have won this match if it wasn't for the two interferences by Alex Kane. 

TJP advances to the Final round of the Opera Cup against Davey Richards.

MLW announce open door policy starting with Ho Ho Lun making his debut on January 21st 2022 at MLW Blood & Thunder!

Next we go backstage where Alicia is talking to WARHORSE, she asks how it feels to be Parts Unknown's most interesting person of 2021. He says it feels great when he's given an award plaque, but it's spelt wrong as it's spelt Warhorse not WARHORSE as it should be shouted. Next incomes KC Navarro, they begin shouting at each other, KC not really sure why as he really likes WARHORSE but he gets nutted nonetheless and it all spills out into chaos!

Moving away from the interview, we get shown a replay of the end of the previous match before they go backstage where Tankman is getting pressured asking if he joined Alex's fight team, Tankman tells him to get out of his face, he tells him that Alex Kane is "fucked", he busted his ass since he came to MLW, earned a world title shot, this was his opportunity, he's been proving himself for the last 6-8 months but Alex Kane ruined that.  Myron Reed comes in and pulls Tankman away, saying "Eye for an eye, but it's not the time."

Another announcement of the Ladder Match tonight, but before that, the debut of "Big Beef" Gnarls Garvin.

An ad for Nzo debuting in 2 weeks... couldn't give a shit.
Von Erichs come on screen (not like that!) wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, announces his latest son being born! They say they're coming back and Mateo Duran needs to get the fuck out of the way.
They continue saying they've had a 40 year drought, no title matches in Dallas for the Von Erichs, but they want that to end.

Another announcement, (hopefully we'll get to the content soon), MLW World Middleweight Title Match in All Japan Pro Wrestling of Tajiri Vs Atsuki Aoyagi.

Big Beef's Big Budd!

Budd Heavy is in the ring, waiting...and in comes "Big Beef" Gnarls Garvin looking like a Trailer Park Boys reject. 
The bells ring and he goes nuts pummeling Budd, Budd gets nutted, thrown and dropkicked before Garvin hits a crossbody onto a Budd resting on the ropes. He hits a side suplex to a 3 count. 

Alicia meets Garvin on the ramp who sends Alicia away to fetch him a.. "cup of corns"?....The man sounds exactly what you'd expect him to sound like. He says he's here to "Chew 'em up and spit 'em out." he says he doesn't care who's in the locker room he'll eat them for breakfast, dinner and lunch. (The man doesn't know the correct order of daytime meals, c'mon man..)

Winner: "Big Beef" Gnarls Garvin

Literally expected nothing from this. It was a debut, the other guy didn't even get an entrance, Gnarls came in like a raging lunatic and just stomped him in seconds. To be  honest it was barely worth calling. Not really impressed by Garvin..

Another replay of the events of WAR CHAMBER, followed by an interview with Hammerstone and Holliday, asking them how they felt after WAR CHAMBER and how they feel potentially ending Contra.  Hammerstone says that it's not potentially signaling it, but definitively. Holliday interrupts him saying he knew that the babyfaces prevailed, Hammerstone says he's a tweener at best.

Holliday says they should ask between the Holidays and the Hollidays, they're doing at the families house / winter residence. They then start arguing about... milk? And Thing 1 brings in a box of Rolex's from Cesar Duran (Mateo.) Holliday says he wants them for a date on Friday, Hammerstone says "It's a no" and walks away.

Another reminder that MLW returns to Dallas Texas on January 21st for MLW Blood & Thunder!

Announcement for TJP vs Davey Richards for the 2021 Opera Cup Championship Final next week!

Another interview now where Alex Kane announces the new member of his team, Mr Thomas ( I think? ) Then Tankman charges in being held back by security, he gets dragged back by security shouting "I'm dangerous!" Alex Kane calls him a hoe and says "He wasn't serious" then proceeds to explain how he plans to win "one suplex at a time."

We go backstage to Mateo with the two reporters, asking why he needs them both, asking them to convince him of their worth. Alicia explains she's been doing this since she was 16, and loves figuring people out. The other reporter says Mateo doesn't want cute, he knows what's going on, MLW isn't all sunshine and rainbows, he's in the trenches doing war-time reporting.

Mateo looks like he's had enough of their shit before Mateo's mystery lady comes in and says they're "cute" and "fearless", she suggests locking them in a room and seeing who comes out alive.
They reveal they love what they're both doing, and to keep doing what they're doing. (If that's the case what the fuck was the point in that segment?) Thing 1 brings back the Rolex's as the screen fades away..

Main Event time! National Openweight Championship Ladder Match: Alex Shelley Vs Alex Kane Vs Zenshi Vs Myron Reed Vs Wild Card: ACH

The bell rings and all four men start pummeling Alex Kane. Shelley and ACH try to bring Kane down by throwing him into the ropes but they get knocked down by a double clothesline.

Reed and Zenshi try to hit a double suplex on Kane but he reverses it and suplexes them both. Kane's bodyguard throws the ladder in. ACH is back on his feet, hits a couple of Ric Flair specials but Kane knocks him to the ground, runs to the ropes but Shelley grabs his leg and drags him out, ACH hits a baseball slide.

ACH dives over the top rope, knocks down Kane and Shelley but Kane throws him into the guard rail.

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Back in the ring Zenshi is the only man in the ring, but Kane is on the outside pulling another ladder out from under the ring and throwing it into the ring, he gets it onto the apron but Zenshi and Reed dropkick into the ladder taking out Kane. Zenshi hits a 619 on Reed and tries to grab the belt by jumping off the ropes but fails!

Reed and Zenshi exchange an acrobatic assault before Reed takes Zenshi down. Reed sets up the ladder but Zenshi grabs him before he can climb, Reed trips onto the ropes and Zenshi stomps his back.

Zenshi goes to climb the ladder but Reed tips it over, Zenshi lands on the ropes and jumps to the other end of the ring. Reed charges at him but Zenshi moves, Reed falls out and ACH & Shelley twat him with a ladder, before repeating the same to Zenshi.

ACH grabs Shelley and throws him into the guard rail. ACH then climbs into the ring alongside Shelley, and starts pummelling him. ACH starts climbing the ladder but Shelley grabs him and hits a dragonscrew through the ladder. Shelley leg drops ACH who's still tied to the ladder. Shelley starts to climb the ladder but gets a back suplex from Alex Kane.

Alex Kane starts climbing the ladder but gets brought down by ACH who throws a ladder in his face before hitting a lariat and a kick to Kane in the corner followed by a tornado DDT. ACH sets up the ladder again and starts to climb before Reed pulls him down and tries to throw him out of the ring but ACH reverses and rams Reed's head into the ladder. This doesn't stop him as when ACH tries to climb again, Reed hits him with a cutter off the ladder.

Zenshi tries to push a ladder into the ring and has his hands underneath it, but Reed stomps on the ladder crushing Zenshi's hand. Reed tries to climb the ladder but Shelley hits an STO into the ladder. Shelley sets up the ladder with his eyes on the title but Kane comes in only to receive a jab to the eyes, Reed tries to assault Kane, he tries to go for a chokeslam but fails. Reed tries a springboard but only receives a cutter onto the ladder from Kane. Zenshi capitalises by diving onto Reed over the top rope. 

Reed falls out of the ring, Zenshi struggles to climb the ladder before Shelley pulls him off and trips him into the bottom of the ladder. Shelley traps Zenshi between the ladder, climbing it and dropkicking Zenshi in the ladder-scissors.

Shelley throws the broken ladder out and takes his sweet time setting up the good ladder, which means Zenshi recovers, grabs the other end and rams Shelley into the corner with it. He climbs it and strikes Shelley in the head but ACH suplexes Zenshi off the ladder and out of the ring. 

Kane capitalizes and suplexes ACH onto the ladder. Reed tries to hit Kane from the top turnbuckle but fails, Kane tries to suplex Reed but he counters and Kane ends up outside the ring. He climbs back onto the apron and half in the ring but Reed leg drops him, dives over the top rope and cross bodies Kane and his bodyguard.

Reed starts setting up a ladder next to ACH who is also setting up a ladder, Reed and Zenshi join them both on the ladder as the four share strikes. Zenshi gets a hand on the belt but Reed distracts him, Zenshi rolls over on the ladder and throws Reed off the ladder with a headscissors, knocking them both off.

Shelley climbs up the ladder and reaches for the title but misses, Kane chokes Shelley out and tosses him out, Kane climbs the ladder and retrieves the belt!

Winner AND NEWWWWWWW MLW National Openweight Champion: Alex Kane

Immediately after the match, Tankman charges his way down to the ring but this amounts to literally nothing as he's pulled away by security.

This match was a clusterfuck of action and I loved it.  All men got a good showing of their ability in this match, especially Alex Shelley with that inventive assault on Zenshi with the ladder. Sadly though, all the way through the match it never really felt that any of the others had a real chance. It seemed right from the outset that Alex Kane was pretty much guaranteed to win.

This brings us to the end of another week of MLW! I hope you enjoyed it, the main event was absolute madness but it was certainly enjoyable, the return of ACH was very nicely done, I look forward to seeing more of him in the future! Join me next week as we dive right back into more MLW action! Have a good'un, Joshhausen out!