MLW: Fusion Bytesize - 15th December 2021

Joshhausen brings you a big bowl of breakfast cereal with the hidden prize toy that is MLW!

MLW: Fusion Bytesize - 15th December 2021

Good Timezone! Joshhausen back to bring you another action packed slice of MLW Fusion!

This week we have a special match recorded at All Japan Pro Wrestling for the World Middleweight Championship!

The match card for tonight is:
Tajiri (C) vs Atsuki Aoyagi (Middleweight Championship Match)
LA Park vs Homicide
Holidead vs Willow Nightingale

An official statement from "The Bomaye Fight Club" after Calvin Tankman's attack and then arrest on Alex Kane last week and we join the Von Erichs in Kauai as they prepare for their return to the ring.

We start the show with a message from our NEWWW MLW World Tag Team Champions 5150! Konnan says his opponents asked for a weapons match, and basically points out that despite what Los Parks tried, 5150 were on point, focused and inevitably win. They point out it doesn't matter who comes to MLW, they won't be able to get past them.

We kick off with our first match!

Holidead Vs Willow Nightingale

Holidead comes down to the ring with her gimp, looking like a zombie. On her way down to the ring we get a video package from her, she says that something bubbly and smiley has been rising up, and she can't wait to rip Willow's hair from her head and wear it as a necklace, she ends by saying "It's time for darkness to fall on Willow." 

Willow comes down to the ring all cheers and smiles, and when she's by the ring, she points to the top of the ramp, Blue Meanie's music plays and comes out, more than likely to keep Holidead's gimp at bay outside the ring.

The bell rings and Holidead goes straight in for a big boot but gets planted and pummelled by Willow. Holidead responds with a side slam to a dropkick but misses as Willow dodges and kicks her in the face. Holidead hides in the corner but Willow charges onto her, pulls her out, kicks her and hits a senton. Holidead trying to stand up, Willow climbs the turnbuckle but Dr. Dax grabs Willow's leg, Holidead recovers, pulls Willow off the turnbuckle and suplexes her. Holidead stomps Willow and elbow drops her. She then slaps Dr. Dax?

Holidead hits a few leg drops on Willow, pulls her onto the apron and hits some forearm strikes and then a guillotine leg drop onto the apron (the second hardest part of the ring.) Holidead tries to pin but fails. She tries an underhook suplex but Willow pulls out of it and clothesline's Holidead to the mat twice. She hits some Ric Flair Specials and throws Holidead into the corner, hits a running splash, climbs to the top turnbuckle and dropkicks Holidead.

Willow goes for a pin but Dr.Dax distracts the ref. Willow knocks Dr.Dax off the apron, Holidead tries to capitalize by putting Willow in a fireman's carry but it gets reversed by Willow who does the same, only to be reversed and pushed into the corner onto the ref who gets KO'd to the mat. Willow and Holidead fall outside the ring, Dr.Dax chokes Willow with a chain but Blue Meanie rescues Willow. Back in the ring Willow superkicks Holidead but the ref is still down, all 4 are in the ring but Willow and Blue Meanie take both down with double elbows. 

Blue Meanie gets taken out by Arez with a dropkick, but he then runs away again. Holidead takes advantage of the confusion and hits an angel's wing on Willow just as the ref recovers and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Holidead
This match was so one sided that it was obvious Holidead was going to steal the win through shenanigans. Willow was dominant through this match, completely in control, even the initial interference by Dr.Dax didn't interrupt  her. But a cheating interference by Arez and a sneaky dropkick managed to help steal the win.

Next we go to a promo from Mateo who seems to be on the phone to the Banker from Deal or No Deal, he is speaking to someone (maybe the banker?) saying their "asking price was too high", BUT THEN, 5150 enter screaming as usual. They say they're the tag team champions but Mateo stops them and provides them champagne to pour out. The screaming continues (they were so loud even our AEW Rampage reviewer Hev heard them down in Australia), claiming they were going to get injustice out of here and they did, then they said they're going to rob the house, which they did.

Mateo said he's already "summoned the right people" and he hopes 5150 don't disappoint him. 5150 ask if they're going to Mexico. (I think they are.) Then they all start shouting at Mateo... he then pulls out a deck of cards and the screen fades away... what in the hell was that?

We now go to the Von Erichs in Kauai... one of them is playing PacMan. Another comes in and says something has arrived, it's a contract for a Championship for Blood & Thunder, marking the 40 year anniversary of the Von Erichs last title match in Dallas. They say they're going to get back in the gym and get "jacked" for their match against 5150.

Homicide Vs LA Park

Homicide comes down first, they mention how he is an MLW original and show a clip of him in action back in 2002. 

LA Park comes down next, carrying a chair, they call him "The Chairman" (a name I thought belonged to Shawn Spears?) and they show a clip of their brawl from the tag team match last year.

The bell rings, they go to the side of the ring together, listening to the crowd. LA Park pushes Homicide into the corner and hits some strikes before Homicide escapes. He charges in but gets thrown onto the turnbuckle by LA Park. He kicks him a few times and then hits a dropkick, knocking LA Park out of the ring.

Homicide dives through the ropes with a senton onto LA Park. He throws LA Park back into the ring and climbs to the turnbuckle. He splashes onto LA Park but he catches him, struts, drops him and then just nuts him. He charges at him and hits a running knee, knocking Homicide out of the ring. Outside of the ring, he hits Homicide with a chair, sits him in it, gets back in the ring, whips himself off the other side and dives through the ropes onto Homicide still sat in the chair. He throws Homicide back into the ring and goes for a pin but only gets a 2 count.

LA Park charges at Homicide and hits a DDT, goes for a pin but only gets a 2. Homicide whips LA Park into the corner, runs to the other corner but LA Park follows and charges into him, he follows up with a clothesline to a 2 count pin. Homicide kicks him in the gut then hits an exploder suplex, gets a 2 count pin. LA Park hits a clothesline to another running knee strike to a 2 count. Homicide hits a dropkick to his knee to a neckbreaker to another 2 count pin. 

Homicide hits the gringo cutter to another 2 count pin, he grabs LA Park by the head and climbs to the top turnbuckle, it doesn't work as LA park throws him across the ring. Homicide gets up and LA Park spears him to a 3 count pin.

Winner: LA Park
This match was pretty good. Both sides got some pretty good spots, the dive through the ropes onto the chair was a high spot, the finish seemed kinda sloppy and felt a bit premature. Not a bad match overall though, the feud will continue.

An update on KC Navarro after his attack from nZo. He apparently has a neck fracture, he'll be transferred to NY for further testing.

Promo from EJ Nduka, says Dallas is his stomping ground. His time in sports has made him determined, talks about his academics and says it makes him "smart and savage." I can't honestly say what the point of this promo was?

A recap of Tajiri winning the MLW Middleweight Championship against Myron Reed ahead of our championship match tonight.

Ring of Honor World Women's Champion, Rok-C will be making her MLW Debut at Blood & Thunder!

We had an interview with the ring cameraman of MLW and formerly ECW, and a congratulations to Charlie Bruzzese for being inducted into the Hardcore Hall of Fame.

A message from Alex Kane saying that Tankman's actions have hurt them, and their lawyer STEPHEN P. NEW! Is going to help them make sure he stays in prison for a long time. BUT ALSO, THEY TOOK THE TIME TO MAKE SURE THERE WAS AN ADVERT FOR MONSTER! MONSTER ENERGY, RECHARGE YOUR HEART, REFUEL YOUR DREAMS!

A word from Calvin Tankman: He says "Nothing happened. He's been setup, saying he's been thinking about whats happened. All he did was make things worse, when he gets out of there, he's putting his hands on him, nobody will save him, not even the President. (SOUNDS LIKE A CHALLENGE TO ME MR. BIDEN! GET THE PRESIDENTIAL TRUNKS! IT'S TIME TO GIVE HIM THE PRESIDENTIAL ELBOW!)

He says he's going to be released soon and that we'll see what happens soon.

First look at the main event for the new MLW weekly mini-series and spiritual successor to Lucha Underground, MLW Azteca! (Don't worry, I'll be reviewing this one, too!)

Main Event: Tajiri vs Atsuki Aoyagi (Footage from All Japan Pro Wrestling)

Atsuki Aoyagi comes out to a My Hero Academia theme tune (if you don't know it, look it up, you won't regret it!)

Tajiri comes out next, he looks as menacing as he always does, but as usual he looks like he needs more sleep, poor fella. 

The bell rings and Tajiri moves around like a child in a swimming pool for the first time.

They lock up and Aoyagi moves him to the ropes. They break up and lock up again, trading locks. Tajiri grounds Aoyagi and gets him in a leg lock but it doesn't last for long as they trade holds again. They break up once again and then lock up once again trading yet more holds. Aoyagi gets some takeovers in leading to an arm lock hold, Tajiri tries to break out with a takeover but Aoyagi keeps the lock in and starts driving his elbow into Tajiri's arm. Tajiri almost breaks out again with another takeover off the ropes but it doesn't work.

Tajiri finally reverses the lock but it instantly gets reversed. They trade wristlocks again for a time. Tajiri pushes them both back into the ropes, forcing a break, before turning around and elbowing Aoyagi in the jaw. He whips Aoyagi into the opposite corner, misses the elbow and Aoyagi does another takeover, some nice athletics but ending with a neckbreaker from Tajiri leading to a 2 count pin. Tajiri elbows Aoyagi twice and hits another neckbreaker to another failed pin. Tajiri has Aoyagi in a headlock and drives him back to the mat. Aoyagi elbows Tajiri in the gut and the pair trade some strikes before Aoyagi whips himself off the ropes but Tajiri elbows him in the gut and drives him back to the mat in a headlock. Tajiri releases the hold, tries to pin and fails, then pops Aoyagi back in the hold.

Tajiri drags Aoyagi back to his feet and Aoyagi breaks out with some elbows to the gut followed by a back suplex. We go to an ad break but when we come back both competitors are on the ground. Both get back up at the same time then they trade strikes. Aoyagi takes over the strikes and whips Tajiri into the corner, follows up with a charge, Tajiri breaks out but Aoyagi leapfrogs over him, jumps off the turnbuckle and armdrags Tajiri. He tries a dropkick and Tajiri dodges, he then tries to do a handspring stunner but Tajiri pushes himself away and out of the ring.

Aoyagi gets back to his feet, climbs to the outer turnbuckle and hits a moonsault on Tajiri from the outside. Aoyagi back on his feet first rolls Tajiri back into the ring, hits a missile dropkick off the top rope to a standing moonsault but fails the pin at 2. Aoyagi climbs to the turnbuckle and tries a moonsault but he lands on his feet after Tajiri moves. Tajiri locks in the tarantula in the corner but broke the hold, misses the big kick and Aoyagi retaliates with a handspring kick for a 2 count pin. Aoyagi climbs up to the top turnbuckle and fails a moonsault again as Tajiri moves out of the way. He tries a buzzsaw kick but Aoyagi counters with an enzuigiri, he hits a corkscrew roundhouse kick, he climbs to the turnbuckle, tries to hit a rolling senton but misses, Tajiri tries to lock in a submission but Aoyagi misses and tries to pin, but fails at 2.

Tajiri hits a piledriver for a 2 count, he gets up, hits the buzzsaw kick, and covers Aoyagi for a 3 count.

Winner AND STILL MLW Middleweight Champion: Tajiri

This match was great. It was a slow burner at the start, but really picked up, it gave an amazing showing for the young up and comer Atsuki Aoyagi, and showed that despite his age, Tajiri is still an amazing performer.

After the match, Tajiri kneels down to his opponent and skitters around him like a cat on ice before leaving the ring holding the belt up high.

We come back to Mateo being interrupted by Holliday, wanting to talk to him about NFT's... fucking hell... he says that a Holliday NFT will make him lots of money. He says get his lawyer to talk to his business associate Budd Heavy.. (I don't think that's his actual business associate.)

He then gets approached by "Big Beef" Gnarls Garvin. He says he's willing to fight for no money if he needs to because he's just angry and willing to fight. Mateo tells him to stop, he says he likes his ambition and he will have many opportunities. Hammerstone distracts him once again, says for a guy who wants to build his trust, sending Matanza after him was the wrong move. Hammerstone says he doesn't have time for poems or limericks and if he tries this again it won't work out well for him. 

The show ends here, and that means so does my review! This was a good episode of MLW this week and I thoroughly enjoyed the Middleweight Championship match from Japan! We have the announcement of the new show coming in January, which I will be sure to be reviewing, too!

Until next time, Joshhausen out!