MJF Update Pre-AEW Dynamite on June 1st!

It has been a HUGE news week for MJF and the updates keep on rolling. Get the latest details below!

MJF Update Pre-AEW Dynamite on June 1st!

Moving into this weeks AEW Dynamite, fans are asking the question “What is happening with MJF after Double or Nothing?”. This week AEW is making its debut in Los Angeles and according to PWInsider there has been reports that MJF has been spotted at LAX. Does this mean he is confirmed for this weeks Dynamite? While PWInsider are reporting that he is confirmed for Dynamite this week, at this time there is no way to verify if he will appear on the show. MJF’s spotting at LAX could have been due to other commitments or possibly a meeting with AEW President Tony Khan to continue negotiations regarding his contract demands.

To refresh your memory, please see a detailed timeline below regarding this situation.

  • MJF no-showed a meet & greet on Saturday night and wasn’t picking up his phone, and was spotted playing slots in a Mandalay Bay casino when the meet & greet was supposed to be happening
  • It then emerged that a flight out of Las Vegas to Newark had been booked in MJF’s name
  • MJF didn’t board said flight, and stayed in Las Vegas
  • Throughout Sunday before Double Or Nothing, AEW took down, and then put back up, previews of his match against Wardlow, as there were still doubts over whether it would be happening
  • The match did happen and opened the show – MJF was squashed and stretchered out, leading to speculation he’d been written out of AEW, either permanently, or at least until the situation is resolved
  • After the show, it emerged that MJF showed up at “the last minute” – while the Buy-In was on the air to be specific – and left straight after the match was finished
  • In the post-show media scrum, Tony Khan declined to comment on the situation
  • PWInsider then reported that MJF is not expected to be attending AEW shows for at least several weeks, possibly longer
  • This all stems from a contract dispute from a couple of months ago that seems to have developed into even more general unhappiness and conflict between parties
  • This situation did not start out as a work, but if both sides come to an agreement and make good with each other, it could be turned into one

 At this time it is up in the air as to what is going to go down with this situation. I think one thing can be agreed upon though, is that the wrestling world will be watching this all unfold very closely.

What do you think about the MJF/AEW Situation?

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