Mickie James working on an all women NWA PPV

“It’s my time to give it back to the wrestling business”

Mickie James working on an all women NWA PPV
Credit: WWE

Former WWE superstar Mickie James surprised a number of wrestling fans by appearing on NWA Powerrr this week, where she announced that she will be working with NWA very closely to produce an all women Pay-Per-View, that is set to be shown on August 28, 2021 ahead of the NWA's big summer show, NWA 73, both live on FITE TV.

As well as having the chance to work on producing this historic Pay-Per-View, she also will be working extremely closely with the NWA's women's division to help build some new stars within wrestling. 

She went on to say that it's "incredible" that she now gets to work with NWA, as she has been watching the product for quite some time on the sidelines as her real life husband, Nick Aldis, is also part of the NWA roster and the current NWA World's Heavyweight Champion.

The product or show itself is quite raw and unique to what everybody else within the wrestling business is currently producing. She went on to say that this is the type of wrestling she herself grew up with and loves the fact that it changes and evolves over time.

All these factors and the uniqueness of the NWA product should also reflect within the women's division and the word 'wrestling' should still belong within that.

"There’s so many things that we can do and I think that the beautiful thing is that we’re all friends here, I don’t want bad blood with anyone here and I think Billy’s the same way and I think that’s why there’s so many open relationships here and so there’s the potential to do some really, really cool stuff that you’re not gonna see anywhere else. There’s going to be tons of opportunity to build women’s wrestling the right way and I think in the 80 years of wrestling on television,” James explained, “we’ve only seen it from a male’s perspective and we’ve only seen women’s storylines from a male’s perspective. And that’s okay, that’s how we’ve got to the here and now, but I think that at this time and this day and age, there’s an immense amount of uber-talented and knowledgable women who know how to make money in this business and can help build the foundation and really be that core that helps grow women’s wrestling as a whole.”

We all know that Mickie James has a long serving history within the wrestling business. She has been with a number of wrestling promotions and it is because of these previous opportunities that have led to working with NWA.

it's amazing to see that Mickie James gets to give back to the wrestling business, the fact that she can be a part of something big is a credit to her body of work, and we can't wait to see what happens with the women's division, and also to see how this Pay-Per-View pans out.

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