Mick Foley to Launch “Foley is Pod” Wrestling Podcast with Conrad Thompson!

It seems Mrs. Foley’s baby boy is looking at getting into the podcast game and who better to venture into that world than with Conrad Thompson! Get all the details below!

Mick Foley to Launch “Foley is Pod” Wrestling Podcast with Conrad Thompson!

There is no doubting that Mick Foley doesn’t put every ounce of himself into whatever he does. From putting his body through all that pain and chaos into the ring, to writing bestselling books and creating the unique and out there Cameo videos for his fans; Mick Foley is never one to do things half assed and there is no doubt in the world that he would treat creating a podcast any differently. Foley who is 56 has announced that he is launching a weekly podcast title “Foley is Pod” alongside Conrad Thompson on his ad free show, family of podcasts which starts June 3rd. The debut episode of "Foley is Pod" will go into detail about Foley’s retirement match against Triple H for the WWF Championship inside Hell in a Cell at No Way Out 2000.

Foley, as we all know grew up on Long Island will be going the extra distance with this new venture, travelling over an hour every couple of weeks from his home near Nashville to Thompson’s mortgage office in Huntsville Alabama to record all of the shows, alongside Conrad, in person! During his stay Foley will record three episodes each visit, which varies differently from other podcasts that Thompson records which are mostly done remotely.

“With Mick, he doesn’t do things for business, he does this out of passion and that was apparent when you saw his wrestling,” Thompson said. “Nobody drops the elbow on concrete night after night after night because it’s a smart business decision. They do it because they are passionate about putting forth the best product and Mick has approached the podcast that way.” Thompson explained.

Foley and Thompson already have approximately 13 episodes ready to air for the podcast and recording them in person is something that Foley wants to continue doing for the life of "Foley is Pod". With the face to face interaction comes opportunity for them to use a Green Screen for special effects, a boom mic and 4K video to enhance the podcast for their subscription customers. Thompson has stated that it has resulted in “some of the best podcasting that I’ve ever been a part of” and Foley has seen the benefits.

“It’s been a really natural chemistry and something I enjoy very much,” Foley said. “Especially for those people who are in-depth fans who choose to get the video in addition to the audio, they will see the smile on my face is very genuine and it’s very obvious that I enjoy doing the podcast.”

Conrad Thompson planted the seed for this venture as far back as 2018 when he was a guest at one of Foley’s one man shows in Huntsville. However the Hardcore Legend took some time before he come around to the idea and jumped head first into the podcast industry. Foley has stated that one of the reasons he was so slow on the uptake and accept the invitation was because he is not an avid podcast fan himself and that Thompson felt he (Foley) didn’t believe strongly enough in the business model at the time. Thompson has since created a podcast empire, which began with Bruce Pritchard’s “Something to Wrestle With” and has expanded greatly to include some of pro wrestling’s biggest and most prolific names such as Eric Bischoff, Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Arn Anderson, Kurt Angle and even recently has included Jeff Jarrett, “Diamond” Dallas Page, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Thompson’s own father-in-law, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. When Foley made up his mind, Thompson convinced him that his show would be unique and not get lost in the shuffle.  

“I realized I really enjoyed telling my stories on the stage across the country and different countries around the world,” Foley said. “I think it just took a little bit of encouragement that there was a market for taking a stroll down memory lane through my career.”

Thompson has stated that he hopes that "Foley is Pod" will take a more autobiographical approach and will delve into Foley’s career in WWE, TNA, WCW, ECW, Japan and the end of the territory days, while also being able to touch on subject matter outside the world of professional wrestling such as Foley’s writing, movie and TV roles. At this time Thompson is nowhere near concerned with oversaturating the podcast as “there’s something for everybody.” Thompson feels that Foley’s unique career, ability to tell a great story and the fact that he is a “genuinely nice guy” is the perfect mix that Foley’s fans have come to love and respect about him, which will transition well into the world of podcasting.

“Man, it jumps off the screen how passionate he is about his career in the industry and his recall is phenomenal,” Thompson said.


Foley being the creative genius he is, mixed with his fun whacky nature has also added his own Foley like twist to the close of his podcasts where he has filmed a Cameo video that will usually come with a song, mostly “Happy Birthday.” But the Hardcore Wrestling Legend has also turned other songs, most notably “My Way,” into a birthday song.

“They are unlike anything else that I’ve ever seen on Cameo, my man has a soundtrack and he makes a custom song and does lyrics and there are wardrobe changes like it’s a J.Lo concert,” Thompson said.

Mrs. Foley’s baby boy has created and composed approximately 10 different birthday songs for the podcast, in another example of the meticulous care he pours into whatever he does so he can continue to have such a deep, meaningful and unique connection with all of his fans.

 “I think one of the things that really helped me in my career is that fans felt they knew me and liked me not just as a character, but as a person,” Foley said. “Therefore, I think they will feel like they are spending some time with an old friend.”

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