Mia Yim Talks Creative Freedoms with IMPACT Wrestling!

Recently Mia Yim spoke about the difference in creative freedoms between WWE and her new home at IMPACT Wrestling. Get the details below.

Mia Yim Talks Creative Freedoms with IMPACT Wrestling!

In a recent interview with Denise Salcedo on her podcast, Mia Yim opened up about the creative process since she joined IMPACT Wrestling. Yim went on to describe how her ideas were encourage and welcomed from the very start, something that she was not really prepared for after her WWE run. 


Not that we weren’t free before, but the minute I signed my contract, I got a text like, ‘hey, what do you want to do for your character? What do you want to do for your tron?’ I’m like, ‘these are just suggestions, you don’t have to go for it,’ but I’ve been sitting on these ideas for the past two years, so I tossed it to them and they were like, ‘Great, we’ll set everything up.’ ‘This is so cool.’ It was different. You’re used to pitching ideas, but then nothing ever happens. ‘This is an idea I pitched, but nothing happened.’ In my mind, I was like, ‘the fact that they straight up asked me what I want to do says a lot,’ and then the fact that they went about and did it, I want to retire at IMPACT. This is where I want to stay forever, at this point. It was definitely a different feeling, but I felt like I was being heard and listened to and they took my ideas, and even little tweaks, they would ask, ‘How do you feel about this?’ ‘You’re really asking me?’ It’s nice to feel like I’m respected as a human.” Mia Yim explained.

It seems being released from WWE has ended up giving another pro wrestler a new appreciation of their career. 

Right now the Pro Wrestling World is seeing a somewhat second coming of the Territory days. This is giving Wrestlers more opportunities to perform but it is also giving them much more freedom in where they work and more creative freedom to express themselves and who they are through their work. 

IMPACT Wrestling may not be in the higher end of the industry like WWE, AEW or NJPW but they are delivering an interesting and entertaining product which is an alternative to the big promotions. 

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