Matt Riddle undergoes name change; now going by “Riddle”

WWE have dropped his first name.

Matt Riddle undergoes name change; now going by “Riddle”
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According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon made the decision on Thursday to rebrand Matt Riddle as just "Riddle".

The former NXT Tag Team Champion and SmackDown Superstar is now a remember of the RAW roster, and Vince McMahon was reportedly very complimentary of his match with Sheamus on last week's SmackDown! broadcast.

Another reason for the name change is likely due to the ongoing lawsuit brought forward by Candy Cartwright against Matt Riddle and the WWE over sexual assault allegations she has made towards Riddle, and WWE are cautious not to want people typing his full name into Google and finding out the full details.

Riddle is said to be fully behind the name change, and tweeted the below:

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