Matt Hardy delivers heartfelt message on Dynamite

He’s going to be ok.

Matt Hardy delivers heartfelt message on Dynamite
'Broken' Matt Hardy

Having suffered a major fall in a match with Sammy Guevara at All Out this past weekend, Matt Hardy delivered a message to his fans on Dynamite this Wednesday night.

In his speech, delivered amid a Matt Hardy chant breaking out amongst the crowd, the Broken one said:

"It's so amazing to actually be in an arena with a live audience, real people and to just revel in your emotion. You are a part of magic, thank you. To all the people out there watching Dynamite across the globe, thank you. Saturday at All Out I suffered a very, very scary fall. I know it frightened a lot of people and over the last couple of days the outpouring of love and support has truly been overwhelming and humbling. I can't believe how much love I've been shown. Thank you all."

On his condition Matt said:

"I'm very happy to stand in here in front of you all and to tell you that after a myriad of tests that I'm expected to make a 100% full recovery."

He would go on to deliver an apology to his wife Reby, who was in the audience at Dynamite, saying " I'm a lucky man because I have a beautiful family. My wife Rebecca with our newborn - I have this amazing family and I am sorry for putting you through that on Saturday night."

He also apologised to the fans, adding "To all the wrestling fans that were worried about me, I am sorry about that as well. You really showed how much you care about all the wrestlers that sacrifice"

If you missed the news of the fall you can catch up on that here

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