Major update regarding The Briscoes ROH Future

Major update regarding The Briscoes ROH Future
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Dem Boys are coming home!

This coming Saturday, we have the first Death Before Dishonor for Ring of Honor under new owner, Tony Khan.

FTR defeated The Briscoes for the ROH Tag Team Championships back at Final Battle 2021, and now they will be facing off again in a 2 out of 3 falls match at Death Before Dishonor.

However, it has now been revealed this is not the last time we will see The Briscoes in ROH.

On a media call regarding the upcoming PPV, Tony Khan gave an update regarding their future:

“The Briscoes are under contract to Ring of Honor,” Khan said. “Long-term contract. I think there are some other developmental wrestlers, but really the key, probably the biggest names that are exclusively signed to Ring of Honor are the Briscoes. They are some of the biggest names in Ring of Honor history, they’re Hall of Famers. There are others, but I think that would be a great example of a key act. They haven’t really appeared in AEW yet, but they are signed to Ring of Honor.”

The Briscoes have served ROH for a long, long time and even held the Tag Team titles a staggering 12 times in total.

As of yet, it is currently unknown if they will appear on AEW TV, or if they will stay strictly with ROH.

Death Before Dishonor hits us this Saturday July 23rd @ 8pm ET and for us in the UK, July 24th @ 1am.