Major League Wrestling Fusion: Bytesize 10th December 2021

MLW time has come round once again! Dive right back into the Fusion with Joshhausen!

Major League Wrestling Fusion: Bytesize 10th December 2021

Good Timezone! It's time for another week of MLW action! This week we're in for another treat as we have:

- Philly Street Fight for the World Tag Team Championship - Los Parks (C) Vs 5150
- Alex Hammerstone is in action!
- Cesar Duran's Briefcase Full of Cash Match: Arez Vs Aramis
- Nzo makes his debut vs Matt Cross

Let's dive right in!

We start with Mateo and Thing 1, asking if we're ready for a "Super Lucha", to find out who is ready for his "Briefcase full of American Cash"

Arez comes down to the ring accompanied by Holidead and Dr. Dax.

Aramis comes down to the ring next, looking like a blue power ranger.

The ref holds up the briefcase.. it looks like it's got some odd stains on it.

The bell rings and they trade some very athletic holds, flipping about the ring. Aramis tries a pin but fails. 

Arez tries to reach for a grapple but Aramis boots him in the gut. Arez gets thrown out of the ring, Aramis tries to capitalise with a springboard but ends up shouldering Arez in the gut, getting back in the ring and spinning him onto his back, Arez reverses and lifts Aramis but ends up getting hit by a hurricanrana to an ankle lock. They trade holds once again but end up on opposite sides of the ring. Some more athletics, a lot of leap frogs and they both end up on the apron, Arez climbs back in and tries a boot to the face, Aramis gets it in first, but Arez returns it.

Arez lifts Aramis out of the ring but fails the manoeuver first time, second time he runs up the ramp and launches Aramis onto it. He drags Aramis back into the ring and climbs the top rope, hits a double stomp but only for a 2 count. Aramis lifts Arez onto the top of the rope and headbutts his back, he tries to capitalize jumping off the top rope with a spinning attack but Arez counters and takes control of the match, at least until Aramis hits a enzuigiri and capitalises by diving on the outside of the ring.

We come back from a break and Aramis seems to be in control, he climbs up the top rope, misses a senton but lands on his feet, Arez kicks Aramis and heads up to the top but Aramis gains control, but he fails a manoeuver twice and Arez breaks free with an enzuigiri. Arez takes over with some pretty brutal kicks to Aramis and then they end up on the mat after trading kicks. Back on their feet, they trade kicks and end with a headbutt, knocking them to the ground.

Aramis lifts Arez and hits a spinning blue thunderbomb for a 2 count, he climbs up to the top but Arez rolls out of the ring, he jumps down and kicks Arez in the face, Aramis takes to the top rope again and backflips onto Arez. He throws Arez back into the ring, Holidead grabs his legs, creating an opening for Arez to hit a backstabber type move and plants him but only for a 2 count. Aramis locks Arez into an ankle lock but the ref is distracted, Holidead takes a moment to distract Aramis as Arez hits some variant of a pumphandle driver.

Winner: Arez
This match was fast-paced and entertaining to watch the whole way through, the interference anyone could see coming from a mile off considering that he was the only one to come down to the ring with any help.... The match overall while fun, felt quite low energy.

Backstage we go to Alicia and Willow. She says she's just trying to elevate the women's division but Holidead keeps picking on her, she says she's thrown the nice side of her out the window, if Holidead wants to fight, she'll show her Willow's darkside.

Myron Reed gets cornered backstage by the man who can't afford a camera, he says people want to know where his heads at, as he came very close to winning the national openweight championship.

Myron goes nuts at the guy constantly asking him to say his name like he's lost his memory. Now we go into some weird fever dream where some fortune teller tells him he's going to hit rock bottom but when he does she'll be there to pick him up.

Alex Hammerstone is about to be interviewed but Matanza attacks him then the screen goes to static. Quick ad break then we come back to Matanza beating the crap out of Hammerstone, but it then goes to silence and a technical issues screen.

Now we have another promo from 5150, Konnan saying he's "Easy like sunday morning", he's "calm as the coming storm", but continuing this we're treated to the usual gaggle of his screaming tag team.They say they're going home champions and they're not going to jail? The championships stand for everything they ever had and the other "silverspoon bitches" say they're "jumping the line" and they're right.

A brief history of Contra on how they started until their apparent end at the hands of Hammerstone and the Hammerheads at War Chamber and how Cesar has dismantled them because they're the biggest threat to his power. Contra have now disbanded and they give a brief description of where they all are. 

We go back to Hammerstone and Matanza duking it out, they're seperated by security and we go to our next match.

Matt Cross Vs nZo

Matt Cross comes down first dressed like a punk Tommaso Ciampa. Next comes down a man I'd hoped to never have to see on my screen again, nZo... He looks like a mulleted homeless man in a leopard skin trenchcoat... Christ. The crowd chants "How you doin'?" Awful crowd. Just awful.

I agree random fan, I agree.

The bell rings and they lock up. nZo forces Cross into the corner of the ring, Cross returns it. nZo breaks out and they lock up again, he gets Cross into a headlock and barges Cross to the ground on the rebound. Two headlock takeovers one after the other into a headlock, Cross steps on the back of his knee and the pair trade holds. They lock up yet again and Cross gets barged down, again. He drops nZo with a dropkick.

Cross cartwheel back elbows to a springboard on nZo but it only hits a 2 count. nZo trips Cross into the turnbuckle and delivers some stomps to Cross. When we come back from a break nZo has Cross in a headlock, he drives Cross into the corner. Cross jumps onto the turnbuckle but nZo drags him off the turnbuckle. nZo snaps Cross' leg and hits a suplex but only gets a 2 count. He gets Cross into the corner and delivers some barges and Ric Flair specials. He throws Cross into the opposite corner, and slingshots him into the bottom rope, again pins but only for a 2 count.

Cross was sat in the corner and nZo grabs his feet, pulls him out, but Cross backflips and hits the superhero landing! He knocks nZo back into the corner, gets thrown out to the apron but hits an enzuigiri, climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a double stomp to nZo's back, but only gets a 2 count. He steps over nZo and tries to climb to the top but nZo wakes up and hits a razor's edge to a backstabber off the top turnbuckle, he tries to follow up with a crossbody but Cross knocks nZo down with a kick.

He tries to climb up the turnbuckle but nZo jumps up and delivers some strikes, he climbs up the turnbuckle and prepares for a suplex, Cross tries to fight back and manages to push nZo off, he tries a shooting star press but nZo moves, tries to counter but fails, Cross hits a springboard cutter but only hits a 2 count. Cross drags nZo back into the middle of the ring pulling on the apron, the referee removes it from nZo's hand and as he moves it back to the outside, nZo kicks Cross in the nuts and hits the eat defeat for a 3 count.

Winner: nZo
While it was unsurprising in the least that nZo was going to win in his debut for MLW, I have to admit that since I last saw nZo on the screen he has definitely improved in his wrestling ability, he was actually enjoyable to watch. However, without a doubt, Matt Cross was the star of this match, in my opinion. He was in control for most of the match and was the most enjoyable to watch.

KC Navarro comes down to the ring, passing nZo, but then nZo runs back down and throws KC into the ring guardrail. He lifts KC and drops him nut first onto another guard rail. He hits a razor's edge into the ring post and nZo runs into the back.

Richard Holliday is backstage with Alicia Atout, saying he got her a gift. He got her a Dynastic Coffee Mug, but now Hammerstone and Matanza come through still fighting. Hammerstone takes the coffee mug and smashes it over Matanza's head, he grabs a chain, wraps it around his fist and beats Matanza's head in. Also.. why the hell is Holliday always wearing air pods?

I don't know about coffee, but that'll wake Matanza up for sure!

Backstage again Arez, Holidead and Dr. Dax are celebrating, saying they're going to buy new collars, new knives, etc... quite odd.. then 5150 turn up asking about Emilio's shoes. What the fuck is going on? 

We now come to the Main Event: Philly Street Fight, 5150 Vs. Los Parks for the World Tag Team Championship.

5150 come down to the ring first, making a ruckus, back in the ring they're shouting again and basically announcing they're here to win the titles. Considering they're in a title match, this feels kind of unneeded, but it makes me feel they're going to win. Los Parks come down next, they don't have as elaborate an entrance as 5150, but I do like their ring gear and entrance gear. It's like Halloween Assassin's Creed.

The bell rings and things get underway, El Hijo gets thrown out of the ring and they swap places when Jr dives out of the ring. El Hijo throws Rivera out of the ring and into the guard rail and drives a steel chair into his gut and over his back. Jr hits Boogie with a chair too. El Hijo hits Boogie over the back with a rake. Jr is hit with a hockey stick by Rivera. El Hijo breaks it up and drives a trolley into Rivera's gut. El Hijo drops him onto the guardrail nuts first. 

El Hijo continues by nutting Boogie and then throwing Rivera back into the ring. Riveras runs into the corner. Rivera counters with an enzuigiri, we go to an ad break and we come back to El Hijo and Boogie in the ring, Boogie hits a fallaway slam and El Hijo rolls out. Jr and Boogie trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Boogie whips Jr into the corner but gets thrown to the apron, flips over the top rope and German suplexes Jr. El Hijo comes back into the ring and he and Boogie trade strikes. Boogie whips himself off the ropes and gets met with a forearm, El Hijo tries the same and gets met with a boot. 

El Hijo hits a leg lariat and chops Boogie against the ropes, attempts a whip, gets countered but manages to hit a sunset flip, pin gets interrupted by Rivera who tags in. El Hijo and Rivera trade strikes and El Hijo touches his balls? What the fuck? Rivera doesn't like this and hits a running spanish fly. LA Park hits a surprise spear, not knowing he was in the building! Jr and Boogie take each other down with a clothesline, on the outside of the ring Homicide drags LA Park out from under the ring and they brawl up the ramp. El Hijo in the ring hits Boogie with a chair, him and Jr then whip boogie and hit a combined powerbomb backstabber!

Rivera throws a chair at Jr, he catches it and Rivera kicks it into Jr's face, he falls out of the ring. El Hijo hits a sunset bomb to Rivera but only for a 2 count. El Hijo pulls out a... door? And sets it up on the corner. He leans Rivera onto the table and taunts him but Boogie spears him into the door as Rivera dives out of the way. Boogie lifts Jr onto his shoulders and they hit a combined stomp death valley driver for the pin!

Winners AND NEW MLW World Tag Team Champions: Rivera and Sliced Boogie of 5150!

This was a good match with some decent surprises. I can't say for sure which team really seemed the most dominant in this match, both sides got a really good showing but ultimately, it wasn't enough from Los Parks as the team of Rivera and Sliced Boogie won the day and the championships.

As the show comes to a close we see Alex Kane and his new bodyguard pulling up in a car but they get ambushed by Calvin Tankman, and drive off again at speed! It'll be interesting to see where this goes!

So that's it for another week of MLW action! This was a good episode! Hammerstone wasn't exactly "In Action" as promised, but my God was it a very entertaining few segments of the episode. I won't soon forget that cup smash! 

Loved the tag match between 5150 and Los Parks, I just wish i'd begun reviewing earlier so I could have seen this feud in full!

Aside from that, I was pretty upset to see nZo back on my screen, I will be Real with you, I'm not his biggest fan, but he has 100% improved and I actually kind of look forward to seeing him more, that being said, Matt Cross has gained a new fan.

I hope you'll join me next time for more MLW action! Until then, Joshhausen is out of here!