Major League Wrestling: Bytesize - December 1st 2021

Another week of MLW and this time It's time for the final of the Opera Cup 2021!

Major League Wrestling: Bytesize - December 1st 2021

Good timezone! Joshhausen here with your weekly dose of MLW madness! I hope you've all had a great week!

This week we have the finals of the Opera Cup 2021, which is sure to be a hell of a match! 

Let's dive right in!

We start off with a brief history of the Opera Cup, dating back 50 years. 

We then get thrown into our first match:


We get shown the events of last week where WARHORSE nutted Navarro.

The bell rings and they start with some quick acrobatics ending with a mid-rope dive from Navarro, followed by a top turnbuckle dropkick onto WARHORSE. Navarro rams WARHORSE into the turnbuckle before he proceeds to do it to himself. WARHORSE nuts Navarro and charges to him but meets foot, Navarro tries to dive off the top turnbuckle but gets a powerslam from WARHORSE instead. WARHORSE stomps Navarro in the corner, before delivering some harsh Ric Flair specials.

He tries to throw him against the ropes but he fails as Navarro attempts to roll up pin but it doesn't work and WARHORSE turns it into a knee lock. Navarro manages to reach the ropes and breaks out. Back on their feet, Navarro elbows and dropkicks WARHORSE, barges him, they have a turnbuckle whip exchange, Navarro hits a tornado DDT to a kickout at 2. Navarro climbs up to the turnbuckle and tries a splash but WARHORSE rolls out of the way, gets hit by a superkick but he rebounds with a lariat, Navarro kicks out at 2.

WARHORSE charges to Navarro's corner and knees his face, he climbs the turnbuckle and tries a stomp, but Navarro reverses with a sunset bomb and hits his finishing move, a running sliced bread for the 3 count.

Winner: KC Navarro
This was a good match for the start of the show! Nothing too special, really. Both wrestlers got a good showing, Navarro being slightly more impressive with his athletic style.

Replay from last week with Tankman and Kane, leading to an interview with Myron Reed asking if he was intentionally stirring the pot, Reed denies these claims.

A playback of the past of 5150 and Los Parks, setting up a Philly Street Fight for the MLW World Tag Team Championship next week.

Another surprise interview from Emilio where Cesar Duran just ignores him.

Top Dogs Vs Sea Stars

The bell doesn't even ring before the Top Dogs ambush the Sea Stars. They throw them against the ropes but Sea Stars manage to rally and perform a dual backstabber to a dual mid-rope dive. Davienne takes Delmi into the ring and pins her but gets only a 2 before dropping her into the turnbuckle and the tag team take turns tagging in and pummeling Delmi

Delmi tries to rally but Skylar quickly takes over again with a bicycle kick to the jaw and a german suplex from Davienne to a 2 count pin. Davienne tags out, Skylar takes out Ashley and then and barges at her in the corner. Skylar leaves the ring but quickly comes back in? Pointless.

Skylar tags out and Davienne drops Delmi. Skylar holds her down as Davienne dropkicks Delmi but only gets a 2 count as Ashley interferes. Davienne tags out and Skylar charges at Delmi but she dives away and tags out Ashley who dropkicks them both off the top rope then delivers some fairly weak looking Ric Flair specials. 

She fish hooks Skylar followed by a clothesline, but she only gets a 2 count. She tries to suplex Skylar but fails as Skylar and Davienne hit a tandem manoeuvre but only gets a 2 count as Delmi interrupts and tags in. She suplexes Skylar and the Sea Stars perform some kind of assisted rolling senton off the turnbuckle for the 3 count!

Winner: Sea Stars
This was an okay match. It seemed that the Top Dogs had this well in hand for almost all the match, dealing out so much damage to the Sea Stars, but somehow the Sea Stars managed to pull it back right at the end.

As soon as the match finished, Holidead comes down to attack Willow, they share slaps onto the chests before Holidead tries to hit Willow's head on the apron but this doesn't work as Willow counters it and rams her head into the apron, they travel up the ramp fighting before the screen shifts to the Opera Cup final advertisements. 

We now go to a backstage segment "Hidden interview style" from Emilio Sparks,  with Thing 1 and Mateo. Thing 1 opens a box to reveals Matanza's mask and Mateo quickly walks away.

Replay of last week where Alex Kane became the MLW National Openweight Champion.

Now we get taken to a press conference with Alex Kane and his Bodyguard, the belt is placed on a table surrounded by cans of MONSTER ENERGY! REFUEL YOUR DREAMS, RECHARGE YOUR HEART! #MonsterSponsorUs #MonsterEnergy #WeLoveMonster

Alex Kane says today marks the dawn of a new era, the greedy promoters won't control the game, he is establishing the Boomaye fight club. He says the world will chant it, he now has to go as he has a contract to sign with a gym in Atlanta.

Hammerstone Vs. ??? Next Week

5150 come on screen, doing their usual thing of literally just screaming into the mic about having a title shot. They say they're from the slums, they're gangsters, they quote Ghostbusters and at this point I don't understand what's going on here. They have a title shot, that's all you need to know.

Nzo debuts next week.. jesus fucking christ...

Back to Cesar and Thing 1 with the box, they go to a warehouse of some kind? Cesar pulls out his big key and unlocks the door, saying it's time to unleash his brother again. He hands the mask to someone inside the room.

Opera Cup 2021 Finals: Davey Richards Vs TJP

TJP comes down to the ring, we get a video in picture from TJP saying that Richards has had 4 knee surgeries, he gets asked about the backlash he receives. He spits water out and just says "Good." and follows up with "I don't lose 2 in a row, ever."

Davey Richards comes down next, the crowd is in uproar for Richards, video in picture from him, he says TJP doesnt beat people he breaks their will, but he likes that violence. He says that he was born 400 years too late, he should have an axe. (I'd like to see this in a wrestling match.) 

The bell rings, they stall and slowly get into a grapple, Richards locks TJP up and tries for a pin but fails, TJP employs some locks of his own but these don't really go anywhere. The earlier portion of this match seems to be just rolling around trading grapples and locks.  TJP hits a headlock takeover and both get up to their feet. 

They grapple again and begin to share some locks again, TJP breaks out with an armdrag takedown but Richards gets him back in a lock quickly with a headscissors. TJP tries to break out of the scissors with a headstand but Richards nuts him and hits with a piledriver, TJP reverses into a leg lock.

TJP locks in a bridge lock but breaks it quickly and the ref unties them. TJP throws Richards against the ropes and knees him in the thighs dropping Richards to the mat. TJP throws Richards into the corner and begins stomping and driving his knee into Richards' face. He drags Richards back up, throws him into another corner, rinse and repeat.

Richards reverses and drops TJP into the corner, rubbing his heel across his face, runs against the ropes but doesn't help him as TJP dropkicks his knees and Richards falls to the outside. Richards climbs up on the apron and TJP stomps on his hand and Richards drops him face first onto the second hardest part of the ring, the apron. 

We come back from ads to see TJP slightly in control before Richards throws TJP into the guard rail and kick him in the chest, Richards climbs back into the ring, TJP follows and begins working on Richards knee. TJP puts Richards into a headlock but Richards powers out, TJP gets whipped against the ropes and tries to get him into a leg lock but Richards drops him to the mat but TJP reverses his lock into a knee lock.

Richards reverses the lock onto TJP but he quickly grabs the rope. TJP snaps Richards knee, climbs outside and hits a slingshot senton. He goes for a pin but doesn't even get a one as Richards gets his foot on the rope. TJP locks him into a figure four but also a headlock at the sametime, sort of like a butterfly submission. Richards manages to break out and the pair share strikes and kicks. TJP tries to capitalise by repelling off the ropes but Richards knocks him down with a clothesline.

Both men take a break at opposite corners and take their bandages off and start trading strikes again but Richards takes over, he whips TJP but TJP reverses it, tries to charge at him but Richards dives between the ropes and hits a dragonscrew on TJP. Richards tries a stomp off the top rope but TJP rolls out of the way, Richards locks in a trailer hitch, TJP reaches for the rope and manages to grab it, releasing the hold.

Richards drags him back to his feet and tries to hit a suplex but TJP reverses and hits a detonation kick but fails the pin. He crawls over to Richards, both men stand up on the apron, they share strikes and Richards tries to hit the exploder suplex, misses his attempt as TJP counters with a suplex, follows with a splash but only for a 2 count.

TJP drags Richards up, runs against the ropes and charges his ass into his face. He tries to do that again but Richards pops TJP up and kicks him in the face. Richards climbs up the turnbuckle, he hits a double stomp to TJP on the apron, he climbs up to the other turnbuckle and hits the double stomp on TJP in the middle of the ring but only hits a 2 count. He hits a brainbuster but again only for a 2 count.

He puts TJP in the ankle lock, TJP reverses, tries to lock him in a TJP clutch but he reverses into another ankle lock, kicking TJP in the back, TJP taps!

Winner and Opera Cup 2021 Champion: Davey Richards!
This match was incredible. It was a slow starter, TJP and Davey Richards both gave it their all, TJP seemed to be in control a lot of this match, really working on Davey's knee, but in the last quarter of the match, Davey dominated TJP and won the Cup, and rightly so.

Cesar Duran comes down to the ring with the Opera Cup, announcing Davey Richards as the winner. 

Richards grabs a mic. The crowd cheers for him and the "you deserve it chants" ring through the arena. He says that he feels like Philly and him have known him each other forever, he doesn't see fans, customers, etc he sees the only family he's ever known. They were there when he started out, when his family died, when he became world champ and now when he's won the Opera Cup.

He was told in the back that he should dedicate it to someone special to him, so instead he dedicates it to Philadelphia as they were there through thick and thin. He ends saying "This hunt never dies." (Pretty fuckin' cool catchphrase, to be honest."

That brings us to the end of this weeks MLW and the end of the Opera Cup championship tournament. Next week we have Alex Hammerstone in action, the MLW World Tag Team Championship match and Nzo's debut (Oh christ..)

I hope you enjoyed this weeks episode! Join me next week for another exciting episode of Major League Wrestling! Joshhausen out!