Luke Hawx Injured at NWA Crockett Cup

The Hawx Aerie member sustained injury during first round match

Luke Hawx Injured at NWA Crockett Cup

Last night saw the start of the NWA Crockett Cup, a two night tag team tournament. Amont the many teams to appear were The Briscoe Brothers, The Fixers, The Tate Twins, and many more.

While the tournament matches began on the pre show,the main show began with Parrow and Odinson of The End facing off against Luke & PJ Hawx, Hawx Aerie.

After a great back and forth match, Hawx Aerie picked up the surprise win against one of the favourites for the tournament, when Odinson was pinned by PJ Hawx.

As the father/son duo celebrated their win, Parrow and Odinson attacked them, seeking revenge for their unexpected loss. Unfortunatelty, it was during this post-match beat down that Luke Hawx would suffer an injury,

According to NWA Commentator Joe Galli, Luke Hawx sustained a concussion and was subsequently ruled out of any further action in the tournament. As a result, PJ Hawx was forced to go it alone in the Quarter Final match against the NWA World Tag Team Champions, La Rebelion.

Despite a valiant battle, PJ was unable to overcome the odds and would lose to the champions after taking two "Mark of the Beast" finishers.

As for Luke, no further information has come out at this time, but it seems safe to say he will miss several weeks of action while he recovers.

All of us at Real Rasslin wish him a swift recovery and hope to see him back in the ring soon.